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Proof Congresswoman ilhan Omar is a Racist Liar Who Married Her Brother

These aren’t rumors, but facts backed up by pictures/screenshots and official documents. Wikipedia is falsely claiming it’s a conspiracy theory. There’s even some wacko know-it-all “ex-lawyer” (great credential!) “Charles” on quora making a faps3 and absurd lie that “the press corps” (what the hell is that?!) disproved this with DNA, wow, just lies!

Key smoking gun (besides the pictures and social media admissions by Ilhan’s brother: her first known husband, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, has the same birthdate as a man with the same name that his fellow students say had the same dad as Ilhan (as in the dad has the same name), the same as that of her brother (who in social media posts twice was pictured with Ilhan), a brother she has not publically disclosed as a sibling/brother (and she will not give out the last names of her family, why? Because their real last names is ‘not’ Omar, but ‘Elmi’). Ilhan and others of her family lied about their last names in order to claim relationship to the Omar (Somali) family for quick access to U.S. and U.K. citizenship. Ahmad was apparently intelligent enough stay outside of America, probably realizing that if he were found out would be the target of harassment and would have had a chance of being arrested by ICE (the immigration police).

New Evidence Supports Claims That Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother

100% Proof Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother

ilhan’s Brother Caught Lying About His Education

Why Is This Now New News? Omar Charged With Fraud

INCEST OMAR: Loomer Launches New Merch to Raise Awareness About Ilhan Omar Marrying Brother

Star-Tribune wrote it, “could neither conclusively confirm nor rebut the allegation that he is Omar’s sibling.” in February 2019, said “the evidence uncovered thus far isn’t definitive enough to come down on one side or the other.”

For those of you liberals who wonder why I care, it’s because 1. I’m Jewish, or consider myself so as my dad is Jewish (I do not care that in Judaism the mom only counts – it’s a racist doctrine, as Abraham was called the first “Jew” and yet is an Assyrian, and Moses’ wife was an Ethiopian, yet clearly God had considered Moses’ future family line as being sufficient as Jews when God pretended he was about to wipe out most of or half the Jews who were rebellious). 2. Laura Loomer is Jewish and racists within the liberal community are persecuting her and calling her a conspiracy theorist on Wikipedia. 3. On Quora I see a shady guy calling himself “Charles” and an “ex-lawyer” with an unbelievable “24,000+” answers on (and a significant yet underwhelming following of 9,900 followers) gave a very suspicious answer about Ilhan, by outright lying and using the infantile and illogical claim that to consider a false accusation is “old hat” that is (possibly) 9 years old (what matters is if it’s true, and it’s coming to light in mass as she became a government official whose opposing the president, all Jews and who can sabotage America via its immigration laws). Something of an interesting side note is that the expression/term/phrase, “old hat” is sexist:

“slang. The vulva. Also: sexual intercourse; a woman regarded as a means of sexual gratification. Now arch. and rare.” – Oxford Dictionary. Ironically the very term “old hat” there is claimed to be a near extinct phrase, itself, old. It originally seems to have meant, “a woman who was only good for sex due to her uselessness and old age” or “a female only good for sex as her vagina has been repeatedly used for sex by more than one male, in otherwords, a “slut”. Shouldn’t Charles, playing know-it-all ex-lawyer (he’s a writer for Apple Inc., too, allegedly) have been careful not to use a sexist expression? It is evidence that Charles is carelessly posting answers. Further evidence is that the expression the way he implied it shows an illogical and criminal state of mind as it’s meaning morphed to, include, “colloq. In predicative use: something considered to be old-fashioned, out of date, unoriginal, or hackneyed.” Since when would wondering about a recently discovered accusation be, “unoriginal” or “old-fashioned”. “Out of date” is an expression itself that refers to style and as such is itself discriminatory/prejudiced then against clothing choice, makeup and hairstyle and by extension then, the treasured doctrine of “liberal diversity”. So, Charles isn’t even using the term correctly and ironically one that itself is considered “out of fashion” to even use and not original/no longer new. Charles meant however, “old news” (apparently trying to force a new meaning to sound clever, original and wise by using a rare term – talk about “weird” and nonsensical”!)

Does it’s older use matter? Of course it does, because in a very large population who seeks information on everything and regarding a very controversial topic in tbe major news people will end up digging into everything, and ironically this topic was something that required some deep digging!

Anne Curzan, an English professor at the University of Michigan claims that the obsolete (pardon this side-topic pun) use of words and phrases no longer counts as what the meaning was replaced with, which true or not, doesn’t excuse Charles’ dually wrong use 1. It’s more modern use applies to fashion 2. He meant it to mean “a topic so old everyone knew about it and that’s been disproven”. 1. It was never a widely known topic as Ilhan herself was obscure and rarely in the news. 2. Again, a thing’s age has nothing to do with it being true or false, it’s grossly childish thinking, like saying, “the Bible is old, so we should completely ignore it” or “climate change”, “rape”, “homosexuality”, “lying”, “evolution”, “evil”. It’s as childish as the expression “judgmental”, itself in it’s modern usage a nonsensical phrase.

The 3rd reason I care about Ilhan’s criminal acts and words, specifically her unlawful marraige is that I don’t think this news has gotten the attention it deserves, as it shows how gullible people, liberal or not, can be in accepting someone merely for the sake of “diversity” (which seems to me to be a word liberals are using out of their dislike for the traditional liberal pretentious ideal of total “unity”/agreement, which truly just meant, “agreement with liberal beliefs/philosophy” – but of course has a conotation of accepting even Christian fundamentalist beliefs which liberals despise, so, they switched to “diversity”, meaning in liberal context, “you don’t have to agree with everyone and any claim like that blacks are mentally inferior, but treat everyone equally under the law, like gays who wish to have the same marraige rights as hetros”, which itsef is hypocritical and impossible as liberals cannot even agree when human life becomes human, and so denies the rights of defenseless babies, and cannot agree when even a preteen child – if at all – should have the right to suicide or have an so called “sex-change”!).

Liberlism is very convoluted. I think too conservatism is too, and perhaps worse, as it seems to imply the Bible sanctions free speech, even lying of the kind liberals use to destroy conservatism. What conservatives fear is their “free speech” to question anything held sacred or “mainstream” or to blaspheme or make statements that merely over being disagreeable, being used to prosecute, censure and execute them over, a fear or concern due to the Catholic Church (a Christian-pagan cult, with an anti-Jewish streak) having used religious doctrines they held sacred (and the Puritans who misused evidence of witchcraft) to do such things. But the conservative and liberal method of dealing with the Catholic and Puritan misuse of religious doctrine is no better. It should never be legal to sanction what traditionally is considered blasphemy or malicious speech that is meant to incite violence or strife, especially random, like a verbal dirty bomb. Example, if I say, “Liberals and conservatives are both fags” or, “Christians are deluded liars”, it should be a criminal slander offense, but ones being broad like that with no direct blasphemy should have a death penalty, just some fine, community service, public rebuke, or a three days in jail. The worse the maliciousness the worse the punishment. Example, if I said, “kids should be tortured for fun”, I’d say that’s six months slaving in some farm, or a year in jail, second offense, double, third, triple, and so on or being committed to a maximum security mental institution until it can be determined by twelve psychologist that whoever said that is not a psychopath or narcissist (two types of mentally ill humans I believe should be in prisons for the insane and pathologically dangerous).

Ilhan’s crimes merit deportation back to Somalia. However, if she admitted the truth, recanted that Jews have magically put the world in a trance (much of the world is disgusted by Jews, so how would that even come close to being true?) and was willing to spend a year in a prison in her home state learning to tolerate Jewish diversity and hear the Bible read each day, I’d say let her stay. That is merciful, unlike Sharia-Muslim law, requiring upwards of 80-200+ lashings with a pronged whip, and even being stoned to death. The Bible only calls for forty lashes for FALSE WITNESS and stoning only by someone who is considered morally pure – part of God’s wise and merciful way of “checks and balances”, till Christ’s return.

Why the Feds (Homeland Security) Bought Massive Amounts of Ammo

September 20, 2012 3 comments

They are prepping for:

A national or world wide cataclysm: solar flares, sudden worldwide earthquakes or an “unlucky” event in which a mix of major and minor disasters all happen to the nation at once, which might set off an economic collapse and an ongoing surge of riot-looting, and even groups which specifically form for the purpose of looting and anti-government attacks, which they may, in their stereotyping of Christians, fear will come due to their belief that God is with them and would have them get rid of the government during such a time when it would be vulnerable to a more successful overthrow. They may fear that these potential rebel Christians would quickly gain followers, who though not agreeing with their Christian or quasi Christian beliefs, would join them just to have a chance at forming their own type of government, somewhere in America. They may also fear that foreign provocateurs/infiltrators/plants from Russia, China, Venezuela or Cuba would use such situations to foment a successful overthrow and/or to pressure America into falling in line more with/becoming passive to their policies in the name of world peace and prosperity (something the anti-Christ would try to do the Bible implies, so that he could more easily take advantage of them) . A false messiah or messiahs also might try to take advantage of disasters or overthrow events that result from them. Drug lords may also join in or be hired by foreign enemies to help in an overthrow attempt. They might get Mexico and Venezuela to help take over New Mexico, Arizona, California and the lower half of Texas.

And since the world may see that Obama hates America and wants to diminish America’s power to make the world more equal, these things may especially happen if he wins his run for the presidency again. The CIA and military-industrial complex may go along with Obama in hopes to draw out all the most willing enemies of the country to crush them, for self centered or not reasons, perhaps they are hoping to gain new technology through a new world war like they did when they defeated Germany and are hoping Mexico will come up with some revolutionary tech in the fight, or perhaps that some Americans will, perhaps they are hoping Venezuela will join in, to make the spoils greater).

The feds and liberal state governments may also try to pull off something evil during a war against foreigners, like enslave all Christians who refuse to participate, or force them to fight to defend them or hope that while everyone is distracted by the foreign attacks, send out death squads to eliminate districts who oppose liberalism.

The feds may also be preparing to fend off China and Russia and possible Muslim allies from Jordan and Saudi Arabia who would help Russia and China if they thought that the US was going to stop buying mideast oil. Such forces would surely attempt to take over the White House and Pentagon.

Such forces may even have EMPs prepared to use as a surprise attack, especially if they think they are on the verge of losing their take-over attempt.

They may also be buying such large amounts, in addition to those reasons, if some fear an alien invasion, and because in a economic collapse, the price of ammo would become higher, and the government is already in bad economic condition. One more reason may be to send money into ammo companies in hopes that those companies will show liberals favor in the future, and that includes Obama at the election polls, and side with the liberals in any overthrow attempts, as in sell to them only, and reveal to them any of their enemies attempting to buy ammo from them. There are no other logical reasons for buying such large amounts of ammo, except insanity.

More Evidence You Can’t Trust the U.S. Government or Muslims

18 March 2011 Last updated at 11:13 ET
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Pakistan: Calls for revenge after US drones kill 40

Pakistan may now find it easier to put off a full-blown assault in North Waziristan
Continue reading the main story
Taliban Conflict
Make-or-break year ahead
Can Afghan forces step up?
Who are the Taliban?
Pakistan’s very unhappy new year

Tribal leaders in the Pakistani region of North Waziristan have vowed revenge against the US after drones killed more than 40 people near the Afghan border.

“We are a people who wait 100 years to exact revenge. We never forgive our enemy,” the elders said in a statement.

Thursday’s attack has caused fury – most of the dead were tribal elders and police attending an open-air meeting.

Observers say anger over the botched drone raid may help Pakistan delay an assault on the Taliban in Waziristan.

The Pakistani military has so far resisted US pressure for such an assault. It is already fighting militants in a number of other parts of the country’s north-west.

Tribal leaders described the horror of the attack in Peshawar

The BBC’s M Ilyas Khan in Islamabad says Thursday’s casualties will also add to pressure from Islamabad on the US to scale back drone strikes which regularly target Waziristan.

The area is an al-Qaeda and Taliban stronghold and a launch pad for frequent attacks on US-led forces in Afghanistan. – More here

If Muslims never forgive, or whichever this sect is, aren’t they sinning against their own version of God, “Allah,” who commands that they don’t merely kill or hate, but convert others into their religion (direct them to Allah for forgiveness)? If they don’t obey their own holy book, can they claim to be holy, righteous, decent or people who love truth? Can they claim to be trustworthy and worth saving? So, God put the U.S. Army and Governments and Muslims (are there any Muslims accusing these unforgiving Muslims of disobedience to the Quran?) to the test again, and again they all failed. Also consider the absurdity of never forgiving: you would hate yourself, your own family, even kids, and so become more and more hateful, becoming like Satan and the other demons with him. Is it any wonder Muslims have such a hard time progressing in wisdom of any kind?

For more evidence against Islam, read 20 Questions Muslims Can’t Answer

Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk – Video and Transcript

Video. Transcript:

6/14/2010 — A college student reporter ask the simple question: “Do you fully support the Obama agenda?”

The entire conversation:

Student: “Hi Congressman.”
Etheridge: “Hi.”
Student: “How are you?”
Student: “Do you fully support the Obama agenda?”
Etheridge: “Who are you?, Who are you?” (Etheridge goes beserk and proceeds to assault the student. He then grabs the student and won’t let go.)
Etheridge: “Who are you?, Who are you?” “Tell me who you are.”
Student: “Just here for a project sir.”
Etheridge: “Tell me who you are.”
Student: We’re just here for a project.”
Etheridge: “I don’t care.” (still holding the wrist of the student)
Student: “Will you please let go of my hand.”
Etheridge: “Tell me who you are.”
Student: “I’m just a student sir.”
Etheridge: “From?”
Student: “We’re just students”
Etheridge: “I have a right to know who you are.”
Student: “All we are are students.”
Student: “We’re in a public place.”
Etheridge: “So am I. Who are you? Who are you?”
Student: “Please let go of my arm.”
Etheridge: “Who are you?” (then grabs the back of the students neck and pulls him close to him.)
Student: “Sir, sir, sir, please sir.”
Etheridge: “Who are you?” (Student breaks free).

Why ACLU’s Head Honcho is “Disgusted” With Obama

by Nick Baumann
6/11/2010/11:16 A.M. PDT

Anthony Romero, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, is “disgusted” with President Obama,” he told a conference of progressive activists on Wednesday. Politico’s Josh Gerstein has a short piece on the quote, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The ACLU has been the central bulwark against the relentless weakening of civil liberties protections since 9/11. Civil liberties activists fervently hoped that Obama, a former constitutional law professor, would be different. I talk to people in this community often, and there is definitely a sense of despair now. Think about some of the things Obama has done (or not done) that affect civil liberties:

1. He hasn’t closed Guantanamo.

2. More important, he hasn’t ended the indefinite detention without trial that makes Guantanamo so controversial.

3. He’s still using military commissions instead of the federal court system, and has backed away from plans to try the 9/11
suspects in New York.
4. He seems to believe he can order the “targeted killing” of American citizens, without trial or other due process.

5. His Justice Department has mounted a wide-ranging investigation of the Guantanamo defense bar. That investigation is
reportedly led by Patrick Fitzgerald, the US attorney that some civil liberties activists wanted to investigate the Bush
administration’s torture and detention policies.

6. He hasn’t authorized a full, independent investigation of torture, let alone a criminal probe of the people who supposedly
authorized it.

7. He has embraced the use of the state secrets privilege in order to shield the government from inconvenient lawsuits.

8. He has launched an all-out war on national security whistleblowers and leakers.

9. He’s pursued the right to detain anyone indefinitely, without formal review, in Afghanistan—even if they weren’t captured there.

10. He’s reauthorized controversial Patriot Act wiretapping provisions.

11. He pushed for and signed a new law allowing Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to block the release of photos of detainee


The True Rulers of America: The Military-Industrial Complex

February 14, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve been listening to Alex Jones’ rebroadcasts for a while for two days, while listening to his repeat on depleted uranium munitions being used by the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, and about twenty minutes ago thought, “We have a zombie government.” What massive incompetence, to use highly radioactive weapons that explode objects that then give off deadly highly radioactive dust, knowing that it’s virtually impossible to avoid by sight after hitting an object, that it gets blown around in the air for hundreds of miles and spreads into the ground and water. It’s like talking about some typical scifi story about a powerful government that’s become insane. It’s as bad, if not much worse, than those murderers in the Middle East to deliberately use bombs against little kids and babies. But it’s not just because of hearing about CIA agents and Army personnel selling weapons and banned drugs to American citizens in order to buy more deadly weapons for other countries, mostly entirely corrupt countries, but for all the other evils our federal and state governments allow and participate in, including the oppression and genocide of the Native Americans, still withholding billions of dollars owed to them, meanwhile the value of the dollar has dropped severely over the decades, not punishing bank owners when they deliberately cause harmful depressions and inflations,  allowing police to repeatedly get away with crimes, hiring bad police officers, giving money to evil organizations like ACORN, banning drugs like alcohol (the prohibition) which only made alcoholism worse and lead to the creations of murderous gangs, banning marijuana and safrole, which are hardly dangerous, and using Darwin’s teaching, giving us the eugenocide (which hit North Carolina hard) and lead to the abuse, sterilization and deaths of tens of thousands of children and adults, testing bacterial weapons, in secret, on millions of it’s own citizens, not just a few, allowing the criminal businesses that sold weapons to the Nazi’s to prosper, bringing in Nazi criminals to work at Area 51, while shutting out decent and good citizens, turning Area 51 into a separate government, hiding alien technology far superior to our own, keeping funds away from the superior technologies like those listed in Peswiki, where just about all of them are listed, pushing inefficient solar panels on us and profit-sapping corn ethanol (and the ethanol scam lead to mass starvation in poor countries like Haiti which needed cheap corn from us), the ozone hole scare scam, telling everyone that CFC’s were destroying the ozone layer and making the hole bigger, and so banning CFC’s and trying to get it replaced with an even more expensive chemicals (and no doubt that was to make them money too) which poor countries could hardly afford to buy, then the global warming hoax, wasting our time with anti-CO2 propaganda, getting people to waste huge amounts of money capturing carbon (how stupid!), and that decades old Darwinism and the Big Explosion dogma wasted who knows how many hours that could have been spent learning something useful, instead it deceived millions into living life carelessly, brutally aborting millions of babies and going off to fight people in other countries  like they were nothing, and many people end up killing themselves from having wrecked their life or because some other careless evolution-brainwashed person wrecked it.

Our leaders also mislead us into believing that poisonous aspartame, fluoride and toxic vaccines and pills were good for us. An example was AZT and Nevirapine that supposedly fought off AIDS. Instead they mimic AIDS so that if I person never had it, it would appear as if they did. They have fooled us into taking cancer causing therapies too, like chemotherapy, which wrecks the immune system that fights off cancer. Other examples are brain-altering medications like Prozac and Ritalin were safe and good for us while warning us that they could cause a person to suddenly commit suicide. There was also the Swine Flu vaccine hoax.

They hardly said a word about the dangers of eating high amounts of white sugar and hydrogenated/trans fats, and telling us that radon, cholesterol, ephedra, stevia, all kinds of cancer-curing and fighting substances, DDT, dragon armor, and for many years, ridiculously, that fat and safrole was bad, and repeatedly telling us not to do “bad” drugs, knowing that by doing so it would provoke American’s to turn to them in their frustration so that they could then rob them of their property if they found drugs on them, and putting them in prison for years to rot and become true criminals, and calling that “rehabilitation, and maddeningly, in contradiction, banning a drug that can break drug addiction, harassing for decades other countries, helping to brutally murder millions of people in those countries to gain control over the rest of them and their resources and legalizing the  brutal murders of countless millions of babies and vilifying the ones that were born by rape, as if those babies were the ones who committed the rape.

Add to that F.D.R. allowing Pearl Harbor to be bombed and lying about not letting America be drawn into another war, leading to the death of over 100 million people in the world, faking an attack fro Vietnam leading to the Vietnam War which lead to tens of thousands of deaths more and deaths continue to this day because of the left over land mines and chemical weapons used in that war, and the Korean War, the Oklahoma City bombing hoax (which was meant to get non-Christians to treat Christians like villains in an attempt to destroy Christianity, thereby allowing liberals and their friends to no longer have to experience guilt from hearing God’s word), and the 9/11 hoax, in which certain greedy sociopath elitists orchestrated the demolishing of deadly asbestos packed buildings in New York, having them rammed with giant aircraft, killing over 1000 people from the poisonous dust and smoke and poisoning thousands more from the left over residues, and by pretending it was because of hateful Muslims and in so doing slandered millions of Muslims and Arabs of the world and then using the “terrorist” attack as en excuse to go to war with Iraq, leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of American troops, and recently creating the Underwear Bomber hoax, giving American’s life destroying vaccines for years, and even on the American troops either before or after they were subject to the radioactive ammunition, wasting dozens of billions of tax dollars every year, and as if all that weren’t bad enough giving billions of dollars to evil banks (who also greatly helped to wreck Argentina) when they were finally on the verge of dying and letting go of their oppressive claws on us all! The evil elitists of America’s federal government virtually resurrected the very banks, the very shadow government, that was strangling us all to death!

How many good, righteous or just decent governors are there? Everyone knows about Ron Paul, who at the very least is very honorable, but how easy is it to name others? I will try to publish the names of the decent leaders of America’s government soon.

America’s government is like dead rotting corpse, crawling with maggots in and out, with a few living cells within, but nearing death, and spreading diseases to the living bodies that hold the corpse up, hoping that it can be brought back to life by injecting it with healthy living cells, and then dying themselves.

And there is the Roswell cover-up. Everyone knows the military lied about what happened. The FBI knew they had a crashed disc, at least one, but Hoover who was in charge of the FBI at the time said they wouldn’t let him see it. And it’s been about 60 years now since it happened, and what has the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about after the crash, done with the technology? Have the used it to benefit Americans at least? The majority doesn’t know. Why can’t we know what happened? If China has spies doesn’t the M.I.C. know that by now they would have already figured it out? But apparently our government is filled with jealous, arrogant, control-maniacs and paranoids. And now, with the NDAA bill having been signed, so that the military can arrest an American it wants, whenever it wants, and imprison them without any trial or clothing, the MIC has even greater power, effectively: they are now the rulers of America.

From all the evidence I’ve seen, clearly Satan has an incredibly strong grasp on all the government’s of the world, especially Japan, Russia and the other former states of the Soviet Union, Burma, India, Brunei, China, Sudan, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Canada, Britain and most of all: America. I say America, because the corrupt ones in this country have no excuse for their ignorance: they have libraries with Internet access, bookstores and churches everywhere, and so much money, even when in massive debt, that even if homeless and jobless, can get enough money for enough food for a day from others.

American liberals sign petition to ban criticism of President Obama and world government

This is the spiritual pledge of the liberals of America, who support The Corpse:

I pledge allegiance,
to the Zombie Government
that pretends to love the
United States of America,
(but which actually wants
to eat it’s flesh),
and to the evil dogmas
for which it stands:
one Nation, divided,
with Slavery and Injustice
for all.

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FBI Agent “Joe” Says FBI and Albuquerque Police Dept. Won’t Do Anything About Cyber-stalking

According to an FBI Agent Joe of the Albuquerque division of N.M., if a U.S. citizen is being harassed and stalked on the Internet the F.B.I won’t do anything about it and the (A.B.Q.) police department “definitely won’t do anything”, and that even if someone from another country says they are going to come over and kill you (or tries to extort money from you) that they won’t do anything either because “other countries hate the U.S.”. He also said that he’d only used the Internet twelve times on his laptop and never intends to use it again because of the bad things he’s heard about it including identity theft and various other things. He also blames whoever is stalked on the Internet for being stalked because they must have done something to piss the other person off, and if they did it’s their fault. He also said he’d never dealt with a cyberstalking case (backing up his claim that the FBI doesn’t deal with such things). He said that people have a right to say whatever they want on the Internet because it’s a place of  “free speech”.

When asked if stalking was harassment, he hesitated for a moment, and then, said “well yeah”, apparently having forgotten the meaning of the word. I have the impression from his tone and beliefs that he’s someone who would call himself a non-practicing Catholic or an atheist, perhaps an agnostic.

Joe said these things on 6/2/2009, on about 8:25 A.M. Hmmm, could his apathetic attitude towards cyber-stalking and, his stereotyping of every single person of every other country and his blame-the-victim attitude be one of the reasons that many people of other countries who aren’t citizens of the U.S. hate the U.S.? Alex Jones your nightmare is becoming more real.

This reminds me of a mormon I once met online named Bree. She was extremely beautiful and flirted with me a tiny bit at one point, but when I asked her to give some evidence for some things about Mormonism she took offense. She was a top member of a pofile site where I had refuted her emails against my religion which were refuting hers. She was friends in person with the moderators there, and they showed her great favoritism. Being unable to refute me and having enraged her with a website I made exposing her hypocrisy, the moderators allowed her to become a moderator of the forum of their site, and she dedicated a thread to attacking me and attempting to spin my website on her as a “hate site”.

She was eventually so humiliated, with apparently a member of the same site saying about me, “the ‘stalker’ is right” after I had refuted a Wiccan defending Bree who claimed Wiccan’s had no written laws after I said they did and proved it, was the straw that broke Bree’s back, that she resorted to publicly trying to incite everyone on her side to burn my house down. The moderator deleted her comment after allowing it to remain for many hours (the forum moderators were her personal friends and favored her). When I pointed out her hypocrisy it seemed to get her threat deleted, but no surprise, this anti-religious profile site didn’t delete her account. The male moderator in charge did however have me repeatedly banned and being unable to defeat me tried to contact others about how he could prevent me from coming back to that forum using technological means. Bree was extremely beautiful, one of the most beautiful I’d ever seen, and she was as mormon as any mormon I had ever met, fiercly defending that her religion was right.

After repeatedly showing her that her that her religion was wrong and was founded upon racism in part, I noticed she eventually stopped talking about being a Mormon on her profile page. The moderator in his attempt to justify Bree and Mormons (arbitrarily, to get me to get me to shut up) made an accidental comment that made it okay for blacks to be discriminated against. When I pointed out his error, he had the entire thread that Bree made deleted, in an attempt to prevent his and Bree’s errors from becoming well-known obviously.

Bree eventually sent me an email on that site saying she was lost cause (meaning I would be unable to lead her to Christ successfully) because she had been ruined by others (which she apparently meant had harassed and deceived her).

After a few years went by, Bree eventually deleted her profile, and I could it was from people against Mormonism and harassment from people against religion. Despite her atheist moderator friends being against all religion, she remained a defender of obeying God, sadly, only with her mouth. What she believes now after she deleted her profile, I don’t know.