New Cat Breeds – Faithful Bobcat Catdog Cattery

Hello to those interested in new exotic and traditional but owner-faithful public-friendly cat breeds.

I’m starting my cattery and intend to create eight distinct new cat breeds.

Breed type 1 is intended to be a very vocal, fun, loving, faithful yet friendly cat with large clear eyes. The appearance will vary as personality and vocals are the main feature of this breed.

Breed type 2 is the same as type one only mixed with Bobcat, as in the wild cat.

Breed type 3 is meant to combine type 1 traits into a beautiful short hair black cat but without a focus on large-sized eyes (due to time constraints in breeding).

Breed type 4 is intended to be like type 1’s but with a thick winter coat, clear blue eyes and without a focus on large eyes.

Breed type 5 is intended to breed a cat like the type 1’s, with blue green and yellow eyes, without a focus on large eyes, short hair, with the attempt to incorporate very specific personality traits if possible: a tail that gyrates wildly and slaps the ground when the cat is relaxed lying down and happy from being petted/stroked/tickled, that quickly digs to bury it’s potty and that prefers very high ground (a tree cat).

Breed type 6


is intended to be like the type 1’s without a focus on large eyes, a Bobcat mix with a very soft but not bunny-soft long-haired coat and any eye color but olive.

Breed type 7 is intended to be like type 1’s but with a striped tabby coat, blue eyes and Bobcat genes/appearance and no focus on large eyes.

Breed type 8 is intended to be like type 1’s with an entirely black or black tabby coat and blue or yellow eyes and without a focus on large eyes.

Breed type 9 is intended to be like type 1’s but with a cat-to-cat loving personality, that is a cat that loves to cuddle with other cats. It may turn out to be a cat that is crossed between Birman and common black short-haired cats.

To pre-order these cats $5,000 of $10,000 must be put down with a wait time of up to 3-5 years to achieve the desired type and if the type of cat intended is not specifically achieved a refund of half is returned, half, because of the time and effort commissioned for the job (I’m not working for free in other words).

  1. November 7, 2015 at 8:25 PM

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