’s Community Moderators = Hateful Little Kids

In response to all the negative votes down I get on my reviews to anti-Christian books, which I put here, because it won’t fit when I try to ammend it to my long reviews, and because guess which moderators of guess which company banned me from replying in the comments? So much for support of free speech and rational debate and not covering a person’s mouth with your hand in evil intolerance, so much for not trying to force your opinions on anyone. Here’s what I attempted to add to my review today, and in various forms previous days, but which kept getting rejected or deleted entirely with the book reviews:


Oh, look at all the raging angry atheists voting this review down, all the psychos with no lives. But oh, however am I to respond to you in the comments when four years ago I was banned from replying for not agreeing with a moderator’s belief in global warming, and for daring, oh, daring to speak out against anti-creationist stalker-troll on here, Carl Flygare, when I simply wanted to point out how convenient it was for him to rant about how the world would be flooded (hey that sounds familiar!) in 100 years, when he, an atheist, would be dead, and for making a statement of fact not based on evidence as to what would happen in 100 years while making fun of Bible prophets whose prophecies DID come true? For asking the moderator how to insert a link to the Skeptical Environmentalist in my reply (virtually the same as what I just repeated in this paragraph) to his book review on some global warming book, the moderator banned me from replying, and ERASED ALL FOUR YEARS OF MY COMMENTS WITHOUT READING THEM, although I did repeatedly report Carl Flygare for stalking me on whatever review I made, including a review for GAS PILLS and for making fake accounts to vote down my replies so they couldn’t be read, and my reviews. But did they care? Did the moderators blink? Nope. But what did infuriate them the first time? Making a review of Roman Catholic Controversey, a book I read, and which I made a short review on about the size of this paragraph. But what happened? It got deleted for no logical reason. And then, a second time. Why? I can only imagine one of the mods was a Catholic. Then, my review on an atheists book endorsing Buddhism was deleted, why? “We don’t allow dissertations.” Forget the fact that I was commenting on things I read from the book, and forget that there are tons of reviews with a huge amount of votes up, about as long as this review. Such hypocrites you anti-Christians and Catholics are. Sickening. But oh wow, it’s okay for people in the comments to accuse me of being a child molestor, that’s not hateful at all is it? Sorry atheists, anti-Christians, pagans and Catholics and New Agers, and Buddhists, Hindus, sorry world: You’re hypocrites, you’re sick, and no amount of “theoroms” and “theorizing” and theoretic phyics babble will every show you to be trustworthy with hypocrisy like that, and arbitrary supporting whatever attacks are made against me and other true Christians. You have no credibility, you’re petty, you’re sick, and act like kids who haven’t learned to control their emotions. Keep on raging, keep on voting this review down, while Christians spend their time helping you when you become homeless. You’re time wasters, fault-finders and thankless complainers who desperately look for reviews to support your immoral way of life, while Christians help you to live.


So raging nations, just how are Christians to reply, and lol, PEOPLE WHO DON’T AGREE WITH GLOBAL WARMING SCAREMONGER PROPHECIES? Talk about WEIRD, and WEIRDOS and extremists and INTOLERANT and NARROW MINDED and CLOSED MINDED. All your insults against those who take a stand against hate against DO TO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO TO YOU and against Global Warming (which greenies and evolutionists cling to desperately because they stupidly kept saying it was fact and will look like the gullible, oblivious, untrustworthy, arrogant idiots they are if they admit it and because they wanted to use it to smash the Christian middle class, and guess why they are middle glass? Because God keeps them, usually, from being greedy horders like those who hate him, or impoverished like those who overspend or who make bad purchases, like on drugs and junk food, that cause them to never achieve a good amount of self-sufficiency and to be too exhausted to work longer hours for more money. But the world never considers deep things like that, because they are too busy hording, wasting, stealing, lying and raging.) Your stand against God will result in a fall into Hell.

So once again you who want me to reply and engage you in endless arguments (yet you call what little I say “long winded”, damned if I do damned if I don’t): how can I reply, if, “You can’t write dissertations” aka “may only say so much” and if I’m banned from replying? See what your crazy hate, your allowing your emotions to pour out without restraint does? It defeats your own goals in life, your own attempts to hurt me more! May God continue to bless your evil selves till you stop your thankless raging, your thankless complaining, and your self-defeating hypocrisy.

And that is my reply to whatever disagreeing comment I get on my reviews, because reading them all is like reading one long winded rant.

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