Amazon Is Staffed With Idiots and Psychopaths

Two days ago I was banned from buying on Amazon. This happened because an account specialist decided I was getting “an extraordinary amount of refunds for various reasons.” And I repelled their first inquiry about a month ago. But then I got a partial refund on a shovel (Smittybilt shovel), not long ago, and then a second one from Amazon THAT I DID NOT ASK FOR, but which this Amazon employee gave me on last month’s order, on a group of items which were charged together (mainly cheap kitchen stuff that I did not complain anything about and was perfectly happy with). The reason I got the second one because I asked for credit for reporting a clearly bad seller I came across, and I even got a reply acknowleding he was in violation of their rules.
But that last refund apparently, which I did not ask for, or maybe the shovel PARTIAL refund triggerd their software again. Consider: shouldn’t Amazon have fixed the problem the first time and made a note that I was not committing fraud, and to reset it for me so it didn’t flag me every time I got a new or two new refunds?! But so once again, a month later, or maybe even half a month later, this “account specialist” tells me that my account has been closed, with no explanation other than “extraordinary amount of refunds for various reasons.” I wasn’t logged out of my cart, so I can still leave reviews like this and add stuff to my cart, but can’t use it to buy anything. And despite multiple complaints about this unfair bullying and a complaint to the BBB and two phone calls to amazon, this account specialist remains hardened. This account specialist pretends to have gone through orders, about every month of about 10-25 items a month since 2005. Yet this account specialist, not taking into account orders grouped as one, libels me by claiming I’ve gotten refunds on the majority of my orders. Consider 10 items x 12 months x 7 years = 840 items ordered, though I’m sure it’s been more. And this liar wants me and you to believe that I’ve gotten refunds on over half that?! That would mean I got refunds on 421 orders at least, that’s insane and an obvious lie, because why wouldn’t their system have been triggered earlier then? And how could I get away with 421 lies unless amazon were a super incompitent and oblivious business? Further, even if they meant, “for each checkout” then why would that be a surprise if I order man items a month, cheap items often, and when sellers are known for misdecribing things often or selling poor quality products that break soon or defective ones? Isn’t it obvious that there are bound to be problems then, and when everyone can see AN EXTRAORDINARY AMOUNT OF NEGATIVE REVIES ON PRODUCTS ON AMAZON? What hypocrisy. Even on that shovel I ordered it can be seen there’s a one star review by someone who says it CAME broken! And does amazon seriously expect that a camp shovel for less than $18 is surely going to hold up to months of use? Why offer refunds, with a 30 day guarantee for a refund, if you’re going to be punished for it, regardless of whether or not you took pics or vids, even from when you were opening the box?! Guys, can you keep shopping at a business that does this to people, when there are other alternatives like newegg, buy, overstock, walmart, etc? Please, if you have morals and love for others, do not buy from this company till they unban me.

And I’ve not been ordering as much in the last 6 months due to income problems, partly caused by amazon also banning me as a seller over a false complaint made by a customer! And I rarely buy books now because sellers often misdescribed them or packaged them poorly so that by the time they got to me they were down from like new or vg to good or average library quality.

Here’s what Amazon’s 2nd or 3rd reply to me says over my rebutall to their accusation against me:


As informed earlier, we closely examined your account, your order history, and your related accounts to ensure that any decision regarding your account was made according to our policies.

We will not reopen your closed accounts. This decision is final.
Going forward, any questions must be directed to Keep in mind that our decision regarding this matter will not change.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards,

Account Specialist”

That was from 5-5-2012. And note that there are MANY items that I have received from Amazon and their sellers that broke easily or came damaged, that I did not complain about because the time limit had passed for a refund, and which I did not leave a bad review for despite the damage, because of an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion over things like this, and depression over them (among other horrid things in life that never end), and yet the psychopath account specialist, or more than one, sends me letters like this. They even allow a troll named Carl Flygare to harass Christians on here, including me, leaving them harassing comments in their reviews or books, which he always, ALWAYS votes a one star regardless of any good in the books or reviews or their replies. This person even makes a huge number of fake accounts to vote replies and reviews down, and I’m guessing to vote his reviews and replies up. Surely that hurts Amazon’s income, and surely they know of this because I’ve reported what he’s done, and it’s very obvious, many times. For example, would you expect an attack on Christians on a food supplement review, to which I reply, “Stop stalking me you moron.” to within one day get 65 votes down and hidden from view as a result, and the amount of reviews on the product I reviewed to stay nearly the same as if 65 people came just to vote my reply down out of the blue, or as if I had 65 people watching me? This wasn’t some popular product. And when I asked a moderator to explain to me how to link to a certain book in my reply to this stalker Flygare, specifically The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World, the moderator replied something like, “Your comment was very hateful” and then banned me from leaving a comment in any product review, AND DELETED YEARS WORTH OF COMMENTS instantly, and DID NOTHING TO CARL FLYGARE despite his MANY arbitrary one star reviews against Christians. Now when I try to reply on a review or comment, even when asked question by a person, it says, “You must be in good standing with the Amazon community.” Yet, besides Carl and others’ evil comments, and even one out of the blue that says I’m a child molestor, I am told that I’m in bad standing, and this, over a moderator hating me for my apparent disagreement over a global warming prediction that Carl made, which is that in 100 years Earth will be entirely flooded (like in the Noah’s Flood). Tell me, should we continue to shop at Amazon for making legitimate complaints, for even SUGGESTING a small refund and Amazon or a seller making the decision to give it, not strong arming them or lying, if they ban us for it, and not even giving us a number to call when they tell us, or letting us access our orders account with orders pending so that you wonder what is going on and what’s been done with the money you spent? Please, spread the word otherwise when you too reach your magic refund cap limit and by silence labeled a swindler, liar, fraud or mentally ill person, after years of bullying from amazon employees, you will not be treated this way either, while Amazon claims “to strive to have the best customer service.” alternatives (not that I recommend any as being superior, but I mean if you will help me to pressure amazon succesfully into refraining from banning customers over an arbitrary and unstated refund cap limit, under the pretense that it’s not about a cap, but over the customer lying about the goods they receive: (more expensive then amazon in general, though sometimes they have things amazon doesn’t, and have big discounts sometimes on returned items)
Ace Hardware
(I have a problem with because their affiliate program is not smooth, but a big pain if you have an old abandoned account, for example from 7 years ago, and then are locked out from making a new one. I haven’t called their customer service yet about this).
pawn shops

Further, Amazon has a terrible selection of home furnishings, furniture (mostly cheap “made in China: stuff). Lowes and Home Depot crush them in this area. They also have a poor selection of bookshelves, and are near crushed by’s selecion.

One more reason to avoid is, besides their inconsistant customer service and no doubt psychopaths and narcissists throughout their ranks, their arbitrary treatment of sellers. I mentioned months ago how I was banned from selling when a customer lied about me using a false photo: a customer faulted me for including extras, which I mentioned I would give, as in a CPU, thermal grease, and ram, and amazon the next day – highly suspicious speed of judgment – gave him a refund, and did not even ask him to return the item. However, when I make such complaints over an item over $40, usually I have to wait at least 3 days. Why the difference in treatment? And I have been asked to return items to the seller before getting a refund, even when they clearly misdecribed an item. For example I bought an item in supposedly new condition, a speaker pair, which came in used looking banged up box, and the speakers wouldn’t even work. I offered pics and vids to show this, but Amazon required I give them back first. Why then, with only three sales on my belt, was I swiftly condemned? This buyer seemed to be a con on top of it. He acted like he couldn’t understand why there was grease on the board (as if a CPU wouldn’t need one!) and as if I were a computer shop that promised an immaculate board. And he pulled the “the item doesn’t match the picture” on me. There was nothing wrong with the board, it was new, and had only tested it to make sure it worked, but I didn’t realize back then you couldn’t say an item was new if out of the box. Morally however this customer was clearly in the wrong. I said in the description that free stuff would come with it (and this was no junk CPU).

Then, in my third sale, (or it may have been my second and the motherboard + Intel CPU and ram the third) I had for sale a six core AMD CPU (last year). This was an expensive item, over $200. I lowered the price down to something like $145, because it was missing a pin (but it could be replaced). I made it very clear in the description what the buyer would get. But so, a guy buys it, and before shipping it to him email him just in case he didn’t realize what he bought. After a day or two of no response, I shipped it with a picture of where the missing pin was, on the inside of the box, on top of the CPU box. There was no way to miss this note unless you were being stupid and open the box from the bottom or side or had people or dogs jumping on you or were outside in high winds while trying to open the box. But the buyer emailed me acting clueless, saying the CPU wouldn’t. So, THREE notices that the CPU is missing a pin, and the buy complains to Amazon, who also swiftly refunds him, and swiftly bans me with the claim that my ratings were of great concern (the person who first bought off me failed to give me a positive rating despite getting exactly what I said they would: some flower seeds), and so my seller rating was -1. The CPU buyer didn’t even rate me, got away with a very high end CPU at that time, one of the fastest mass market ones, saved about $100, and DID NOT HAVE TO RETURN THE CPU, and Amazon banned me frmo selling. Three sales, two gone wrong out of ignorance and immoral buyers who used technicalities to get refunds (but I’m the bad guy when I point out genuine problems?), and I’m banned from ever selling again. Two bans. The most shocking to me however is not even that, it’s that, since I’ve already experienced rotten swindlers on ebay, one from Japan, who had me send an item back and never refunded me despite it being in the same condition I got it, and one from Canada, who sold me a defective camera and said he wouldn’t refund me because I shipped it using UPS, which he lied about not being able to receive (apparently he hated UPS). I lost about $50 to the Japanese seller, and $60 from the Canadian one. What shocked me most was after I had uploaded multiple pictures of a damaged flashlight I received, to it’s product page, with nothing obscene about the pics, found a few days later that they were missing. And I know the uploaded because I checked. Can anyone explain that? Has anyone ever had their pics deleted when nothing wrong was done? If I was singled out, it would be more evidence that I really was being stalked by the community moderators on Amazon, who have the ability to do such things.

Update May 6, 2012, 12:05 A.M.:

WOW, look what I found a few mins ago:
According to the above site, Amazon has a 72 customer service rating out of 200, compare that to their A+ rating on the BBB. What a difference! And the amount of votes there is huge, so it’s not some small inconclusive sample.
On are many mostly one star reviews of Amazon.
On this third site:, is a complaint that has a massive number of negative comments about Amazon. The original complaint though is wrong about not sellers not being able to comment on ratings they get, it may have been right in the past when Amazon didn’t allow it. And by the way, for those of you who wondered if I was using the the threat of a bad rating to get a refund as some tactic, no. I think in only one or two situations did I ever threaten that, and I was very careful with my wording lest it be construed as blackmail. Please. please, please, do not shop at or sell on Amazon. You’re helping to continue the misery there and to feed the bellies of the arrogant psychos attacking customers for their religion and sexuality.

  1. September 30, 2012 at 2:20 PM

    I just received the exact same e-mail this morning. I am over amazon and am glad I can no longer buy from them. It will save me a ton of money anyways. Screw Amazon, I hope they go bankrupt.

    • September 30, 2012 at 2:28 PM

      I actually got back on, and I tried to get some credit for helping them with various things, FIVE TIMES I had to point out to them it wasn’t showing in the order, and just got lame replies. Then, maybe not such a good idea, I implied I was a long time customer, and not long after they banned me again, THEN AFTER I GET AN APOLOGY FROM A CUSTOMER SERVICE GUY OR GIRL SAYING THAT THEY NOW GAVE ME $20 IN CREDIT (from $17 that I originally wanted to use)! I wonder, if that last email was to mock me. UGH! The sad thing is most of the cool things I want are on Amazon and usually a few cents to dollars cheaper and they are good with credit, if you can get past the zombie customer service persons.

  2. Dean
    September 30, 2012 at 2:34 PM

    I know right. I have been using Amazon for years. I always find things I want at good prices. Mainly movies, and now I am banned. The customer service reps are hard to understand and know nothing. It is ok I guess. It will save me money now. I only complained because I ordered a box set and it did not arrive. Along with a few other complaints over the years about damaged movies, apparently asking for help is too much to ask.

    • September 30, 2012 at 2:40 PM

      It’s a very nonsensical company being that they are somewhat easy to get credit from, and I know of no other company that will give you in store credit like they will for complaining or helping them out with something they didn’t ask for help on, and yet their banning policy is inconsistent. I can’t therefore say it’s simply a greedy company, but clearly it’s CEO isn’t the wisest guy.

      The only place I found which is almost as good is, but an old affiliate account I made with them in about 2004 is preventing me making a new affiliate one, because I don’t know the pass to their new one, and they have it seems significantly less selection, so, maybe, a greater chance of getting a dud then from Amazon which it’s wider one. But then again it seems like mostly the most wealthy businesses are the ones that get on, so, the ones making the cheap easy to break stuff aren’t getting on.

      I suppose by using Barnes and Noble and together, it pretty much is equivalent to Amazon, and if I can get them to give me credit now and then, even more so.

  3. Dean
    September 30, 2012 at 2:43 PM

    I am just over it. Amazon is very unfair.

  4. Cody
    November 11, 2012 at 1:21 AM

    Why don’t you just create a new account??

  5. Cody
    November 11, 2012 at 1:25 AM

    I got an email too. How long did it take for them to close your account after getting the email??? I ordered something and I really need it

  6. Stan J
    March 8, 2013 at 11:08 PM

    Who are they to classify or ban customers? When a company arrives at that point they don’t need your business! You are not there to perform for them. This is what happens when techies rather than true business people operate a business.
    There are many merchants who are in business to satisfy customers. They treat you more like a customer than as a parolee.

    • March 9, 2013 at 1:05 AM

      It’s nothing to do with techies, but rather people who are psychopaths, narcissists, bitter, bullies, hateful, lovers or money and pleasure more than people, estranged from logic and truth, and who pander to those in charge of them or their jobs. The “techies” seem to be ignored actually and not used to improve the website. I could easily improve Amazon’s sales by pointing out various inefficiencies in navigation and product sorting and how to improve them, yet when I offered this to their customer service, I was told that they don’t take solicitations, and yet they have a customer suggestion or feedback option in their communications. Whether or not that was included after my offer of before I don’t know, but either way the majority of them are in my opinion, extremely inefficient idiots.

    • Dean
      March 9, 2013 at 1:09 AM

      I have been banned for almost a year now and I can day, I am better off. I have spent my money elsewhere.

      • March 10, 2013 at 12:27 AM

        You just make a new account and use a different credit or debit card.

  7. June 17, 2013 at 5:48 AM

    You have rights as a disabled person under the A.D.A., but I suppose it depends on the level of disability and whether or not you’re able to get to a brick and mortar store. If you can threaten Amazon with a lawsuit, they’ll probably relent.

    They are skirting the edge of the law. That’s for sure. I’ve never heard of a brick and mortar store banning someone for merchandise returns, but only for theft.

    • June 17, 2013 at 6:05 AM

      Hmmm, forgot about that disability angle, in fact it is very difficult for me to go to a brick and mortar store to get what I need since they are often out of my price range and sell inferior products or ones not available at all. For example, Amazon sells a superior cheap UV light I need to make money for making money with the rocks I collect, they aren’t available locally and I can’t even find it on another website! I’m sure I could think of other examples, but there are so many products on Amazon I can’t get anywhere close as far as I know, and my memory hazy from the fatigue of biking everywhere for basic things like water (I can’t afford to turn the water on in my house) it makes it hard to think, plus because of the distress they put me under. In fact they, about two days ago, banned me again, and all I did was point out that there were errors on their site and asked for credit for it. Apparently they look at my profile and see my journal links, which they consider taboo sites for criticizing them. I also consider this banning thing harassment since it started with their moderators whom I repeatedly reported for harassing me over their personal beliefs over mine, like global warming and religion.

      • June 17, 2013 at 1:01 PM

        You brought up a lot of issues. A lawyer might give you a free consultation, and might even be willing to take the case for free. It should be one who specializes in disability cases.

        Also, that’s really unprofessional that Amazon representatives with argue with you about religion and politics.

        You might be right about website articles being an issue, but you could use that as a bargaining chip and offer to take the posts down. However, if they pretend that isn’t an issue, then I guess there would be nothing to discuss.

      • June 17, 2013 at 4:14 PM

        I actually can’t find any disability lawyers to help me out that will talk with me, and since Clear Wire’s tech support shit my prepaid Obama phones down the drain, I’m dead in the water.

  8. KS
    August 26, 2014 at 10:14 AM

    I was trying to add to a discussion today about a product on Amazon and I got this “you must be a member in good standing in the Amazon community” thing. As far as I know my account has no flags in it and the customer service guy I am working with doesn’t know what’s going on and sees no negative flags on my account.

    My opinion of Amazon is positive, however. I have worked with Amazon’s customer service many times and I have only good experiences. However, there are some wackos that manage to air their opinions on Amazon’s reviews. But I can’t fault Amazon for that, that’s just the world we live in and being interconnected; gotta take the good with the bad. I am, however sympathetic to the hassle that this guy has gone through.

    The closest I came to a bad experience was when I had to personally deal with a CS rep about a refund on a digital order. I ordered the same MP3 album twice inadvertently (in the same order!). I contacted them and the CS rep was kind of preachy about the refund and that it would be granted but only as a “one time courtesy”; kind of like I was being done a huge favor (it was only for $8.99). It wasn’t a combative tone, but since I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon (high and low-ticket items), it should be plain that I am a good customer (in my mind anyway). I didn’t take it personally because I realized that they probably have to deal with people who try to rip them off (like downloading am MP3 album and they saying they want their money back). I get that.

    So, I just got over it. The CS people have to follow the rules and so do I. Some, I’m more careful when placing digital orders now. Other than that, I really like Amazon although I wonder how sustainable it is and the potential it brings for getting into debt. It can be too easy to buy stuff. The other downside of course is that Brick and Mortar companies are falling left and right. Again, I don’t fault Amazon. We are actually to blame for that. People like Amazon because it is an excellent service. But another part of me realizes that I am actually harming my local community by using them. I’m debating about not using Amazon anymore and trying to support my local companies. I will pay more and returns won’t be as easy but it might be a good thing. Unfortunately, I think the damage is not reversible and Amazon will continue to get more huge and more brick-and-mortars dying off. When the blame starts flying about the local stores closing, I know I’ve played a part in that and I’m not happy about that; a moral dilemma.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents on the matter.

    • August 27, 2014 at 9:37 AM

      This isn’t a positive experiences article…

  9. John Pr
    November 23, 2014 at 11:15 PM

    glad you posted this remember your 1 out of the many thousands of people that gets picked on by these nameless amazon specialists most likely from stinky wacky india or canada. Either way these faceless people should be found and get smacked around for a few minutes and then be explained why then smack them around even more i guarantee these are guys that don’t have the guts to ask a woman out on a date only because they know they will get shut down guess carrying the torment with them down they years leads them to find ways at getting back at society.

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