BBB (Better Business Bureau) Ratings Exposed

Watch: 20/20 exposes the BBB as extortionists:

Read: The BBB doesn’t check to see if a genuine business registers with them

I myself have complained to the BBB about Amazon and Google, and both responses from the BBB were utterly absurd. In response to Google giving me generic replies, the same as on YouTube which they control, the BBB claimed BOTH their copy and paste replies (I got two replies from Google that were identical as far as I could remember to my complaints via the BBB), were in “good faith” and therefore everything is okay. Forget that there was no response to my request to explain why my video was singled out for removal and why I was called someone in bad standing with the YouTube community OVER THAT VIDEO. And despite the hundreds of complaints against Amazon, the BBB gives Amazon an A+ rating. Sickening.
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