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The Kittens and the Catter – A Preview

Kyle, hunched over and shined his torch over the lava rocks again. His back was in pain as usual from days of walking hunched over, kneeling towards the ground and carrying a heavy torch in his hand as he searched for precious stones between the lava rocks. “Just a few more” he said to himself, trying to convince himself he’d finally stop his obsessive searching. “Just a few more and I will finally have enough or find that one, the god-rock that will set me free from poverty, me and my cats,” he said to himself mentally. After a little while of only finding a few somewhat beautiful ones went back to one of his spots of rocks he had gathered and he dropped them in the pile with them. He would have done it gently and carefully so as not to scratch some delicate ones in the pile but he had became so weary he gave up such care. His back ached more, he knew that too much of this might impair him from walking, might cause serious physical damage from over-working, but he was tired of being harassed by the guards of the kingdom who hated the sight of him and other “dirty people”. Poopoopoo, one his kittens lied in her carrier, occasionally watching Kyle do whatever it he was doing, sometimes she looked around at the desert. She wanted to rest, so decided to stay in the carrier, and she didn’t find the dusty desert they were in an appealing place to play. Princess, his other kitten was far off in a place he stored his good from greedy and thieving hands, a place managed in part by some people unfriendly to him. Princess was in the dark, in clutter, she decided not to make any cries for help as she’d been isolated plenty of times by now and sensed her master Kyle would be back soon enough to feed her and let her have some of her usual freedom. She hadn’t but only briefly stayed in his storage room twice before and found some interest exploring it as before she had been in a carrier and not free to roam around the place. Kyle decided he had gathered enough rocks to bring him closer to riches and took Poopoopooo in his hands to start her purring, then locked her in her carrier. “We’ll go soon baby,” he said to her. Poopoopoo made tiny faint human female-like sounds to indicate her slight displeasure, “I know I know, he said, we’ll go home soon.” She wanted to be back among the pine trees she was often surrounded by, where Kyle and her sister kitten, Princess lived. They had only frolicked around their grove a few times and were mostly in Kyle’s tent or leashed nearby to it, but they loved being there. Kyle got on his wooden bicycle and placed the carrier handle over one of the handlebars. He planned on heading to a nearby shop for some free bags to use to wrap and bag the rocks at which point he would take them home to his tent to sort them out more carefully and examine them later under the sun and then bury them. He didn’t trust his storage managers enough to put the stones there and reasoned it would make the cluttered mess in his storage even worse to manage, so kept them nearby instead. After he got some bags and went through the trash sites for food, filling himself a little from left over food, he went to the front of an empty shop to rest his back, which by then was in nearly extreme pain. He found a discarded cup to use to give Poopoopoo some water and after filling it and letting her out of her carrier, but leashed to it, lied down to make the pain stop. No one was nearby, and it was dark mostly, some torches were lit but none nearby. Poopoopoo wouldn’t drink and she climbed on to him while Kyle was turned on to his side. “A few minutes more of rest,” he thought. He got up briefly to place some of the bags under his head, his cycle was placed sloppily on the ground in front of him, and he lied back down and places some of the bags under his head. As he looked up in the distance he saw an Asian man, somewhat young on a cycle, and this man cycled about nearby looking clearly at Kyle and his cycle on the ground. The man circles a few times and then disappeared. “Did I just see a guard informant?” Kyle wondered, “Was he looked to steal my cycle?” Kyle knew that some people wandering around at night, including those addicted to various drugs were sometimes used as guard informants. Kyle didn’t realize it, but it was actually an secret guard, patrolling, looking for riff raff. The area of the kingdom Kyle was in was an elitist section of Thief City, the name of the Kingdom he was in., so the guards there were taught to be more aggressive towards any of the “dirty people” and the addicts there. The guards in that area also sought to take many of them in to prison to make their jobs seem more needful then they really were, as that section of the kingdom saw a low amount of crime, or rather, only small offenses, and which mostly had peace. So they took any opportunity to pick on anyone, poor or rich as a reason for the elite to think they were indispensable for keeping that section of the city “clean” and peaceful. The elite however didn’t realize, or only had a vague sense that their guards were in reality making things worse, promoting bitterness and hatred against the elite to the point where an overthrow might now be far off. Some of the elite were aware of this growing problem, but they reasoned that if the guards continued their aggressive, and even corrupt policing that dirty people with such intent would be crushed and fade away rather than say, form an army and “rebel” or turn into lone avenger types. Kyle knew he was risking being caught by the guards by even staying a second in front of the store, regardless of it being empty or not or anyone nearby to see him, he knew they were like thieves looking for some way to break into a house, looking for weaknesses, ready run at the slightest hint of being caught snooping about. The Asian man was gone for a a long while, and Kyle was nearing leaving, he was not sleepy, just aching in pain. “A few more minutes,” he thought, and he closed his eyes. He saw some flashes of light, and wondered if they were torches or lamps of kingdom guards, but he heard no sounds and so lied comfortably. Poopoopoo had gone back onto his shoulder and she looked about in curiosity at some approaching men, approaching without a sound, and she began to feel nervous. Suddenly Kyle heard, “Identify yourself,” and he opened his eyes to guards, and one had snuck right up to his feet. … “Oh no, Princess, Poopoopoo,” he thought to himself with great distress. “Are you a wanted man?” asked one of the guards. “Yes, but only for small things, a few have no bail, but the guards of the North who caught me once for a petty offense knew and let me go recently, so please don’t jail me, I have another cat, I wasn’t sleeping, I was in pain and needed to rest my back.” One of the guards replied, “It looks like you have a camp here,” said the guard, “You were sleeping,” “I wasn’t, you didn’t have to wake me up, I replied instantly to you,” replied Kyle with great distress. “Please,” he said again a begging voice, “Please don’t do this, I have another cat, she’ll die if you take me in.” The guards didn’t care, they were only interested money and praise from their overlords, only interested in the feeling of feeling important. They placed Kyle in cuffs, one side was overly tight on his hand. He begged more, and it annoyed one of the guards greatly. “Don’t tell me how to do my job,” the guard said fiercely. The guard sent off a messenger to a guard tower to signal distant guards that they had caught someone wanted in another part of the kingdom. “Send off a signal to the North, tell them we’ve caught a wanted criminal, and that he has warrants on him that have no bail.” One of the guards, dark skinned said, “Haven’t I met you before, didn’t you have have a million rocks in your dwelling?” “Yes, that was me said Kyle, three years ago. I had called you because some thieves in the desert stole my tent.” During that incident that guard had refused to help him retrieve the tent because, the guard had said, “If they have weapons and even hint at being ready to use them against us we will shoot them, and if they are seriously injured they may sue us.” It was crazy reasoning, the guard used, and it was in reality that the guard didn’t want to get his boots dirty in the desert dust, and was simply being arbitrary. For he’d plenty of times drawn his bow before, ready to kill anyone who merely might have had a weapon, let alone being near a visible weapon. The light skinned guard said to Kyle, “Since you said you have warrants we may have to take you in, the guards of the North don’t always want the ones we catch here, so…” “Please let me go,” said Kyle, “I have another cat.” The light skinned and aggressive guard then began searching Kyle and found various rocks in his clothing. He deliberately dropped one to distress Kyle and to see if Kyle would try and pick it up. “Please, pick it back up, I’ll die if that rock is lost,” said Kyle, seeing that it was one of the most beautiful he had found. The light skinned guard looked at him with annoyance, had Kyle stooped lower in reaction that he just had, the guard would have slammed him in to his chariot. The guard messenger suddenly returned, “The North guards signaled back, they want him returned.” ‘No, oh no,” said Kyle rolling his head on the guards’ chariot, “No, my cat, she’ll die.”

A third guard appeared and he picked up Poopoopoo in her carrier and took her away after a discussion of various things with the first two guards. “My cycle,” said Kyle, “We have your cycle taken care of,” said the third guard, and they placed him in their chariot wagon and took him off to a nearby jail.

After Kyle had gone through the usual interviews and processing at the local jail he was made to sit with other men there in a holding pen. He told his story to a few and listened to that of others, some laughed at the mere mention of cats, a few were astonished he’d left one of his pets in a storage room. Mostly the men slept or wrote letters to be sent to whoever it was they wanted to talk to outside the jail. After a day Kyle was taken off to a judge, “Kyle, I see you have various charges, I see a pattern.” Kyle knew he had to make his explanation brief, and the judge after hearing him replied, “I find it it interesting you were looking for rocks in the dark.” “I use a torch,” said Kyle trying to explain quickly, and regretting he’d said anything about rocks.” “The guards did find rocks on me, and I wasn’t asleep, I was in pain, I needed to lie down, no one was near.” “I’m sure they did find rocks on you,” the judge thought Kyle had picked up worthless rocks of some sort and was possibly crazed. “May I explain these other trespasses in my record you are reading?” “No,” she replied. “May I convince you to dismiss this charge?” said Kyle. “You must plead first, then I’ll listen, know that the Kingdom will find you guilty if you plead “No contest”. “Do you plead guilty or no contest without pressure upon your plea, Kyle Rockhunter”? Kyle looked at the guard next to him, he wanted to explain his past charges away and so felt irritated, and was already irritated at the tone of the judge’s implication that he was insane or lying. Kyle, wishing the tone of his voice to imply a forced pleas, said “Yes,” in a long and doubtful sounding manner. The judge replied, “I doubt your competency to plead anything, therefore I am dismissing this charge” After staying a few hours longer imprisoned he was sent off to the North where he went through similar humiliations. Kyle tried to make the time useful as he did in the local jail he had been in, asking about if anyone had found any beautiful rocks anywhere, precious stones, things that could be used as jewels or decoration. A few laughed at his questioning, thinking him mad, others instantly knew why he was asking and gave him valuable information. He’d also ask the men jailed there if they had any strange encounters with anything, mostly for entertainment value, a few had some interesting stories for him about a strange sighting in sky, others had so called ghost stories. One man said he’d found crystals on a mountain, but didn’t take them back with him. “Why?!” said Kyle with astonishment, “Because it’s against the law of the Kingdom to take them.” Kyle was amazed at his response. “What a stupid person,” Kyle thought, “No wonder he’s in jail,” though a few days after he would later regret not getting to know that man, as he realized he had an honorable and trustworthy spirit, something rare in any Kingdom, but Heaven. Kyle had by now sent off messengers to a distant friend, Lady Danna, who loved animals much herself, cats and dogs in particular and who had many cats to feed, some of which were half wild. Kyle was repeatedly fretting over whether or not Princess was alive, if the managers of his storage room would find out she was inside, which was against their rules, and if having found out would surely get rid of him. He was also constantly thinking of and talking about Poopoopoo, expressing his anger at the thought of her ear being clipped as it was the law of the Kingdom to clip the ear of a cat to let it be known it had been given protection against various diseases and surgically altered to prevent it from having kittens. “She’s a $7000 cat, you don’t maim a cat like that,” he would said to one of the jailed men who was also a cat-lover. That man’s name was Julian, and he was unfortunately crazed. Kyle had talked with him a bit despite Julian’s highly insulting personality, because he thought perhaps Julian would be of some use convincing the keeps of the animal shelter Poopoopoo was in that Kyle was from another kingdom with no such ear-clipping laws or baby-prevention laws and was leaving immediately to this other kingdom, to tell that small lie in exchange for some reward, but also because Julian knew where very valuable stones were, in particular, opals of fine quality, and ones in another location with unheard of qualities of beauty, sparkle.

After a few days in the North jail he was taken to a judge, judge Raynor, a bald male. The judge brought up the charges over his animals being in forbidden zones, areas where people of the kingdom went to get drunk and gamble. When Kyle explained the court laughed. He asked with a smile and amusement, “Were you sitting on a bridge?” Kyle had been on “the bridge” and other bridges, but Kyle was trying to keep his explanations short so as not to annoy and his mind was racing with vague blurry memories of particular cats rather than others and so gave an inaccurate reply, though not intentionally saying he’d not been on a bridge, any bridge. The judge replied immediately, “Case dismissed”, and focused entirely on the other inmates before him. Kyle was then taken to see another judge over a trespass, though what trespass he didn’t know, but assumed was something specific, though he was wrong. The judge said where the trespass was and Kyle not having committed the location’s name to memory well wasn’t sure as to what location specifically was in mind, causing the court to pause. “If you can’t remember this we’ll have to delay this trial for a future date,” Kyle panicked a bit but eventually got to making a guilty plea, with an explanation, to the annoyance of the judge. Very soon after another walk in the corridoors of the jail Kyle was taken before yet another judge, a female one, one he’d originally seen on charges for taking his pets to forbidden zones. He hadn’t shown up to the trial date to see her and was well past that previous date. When it was Kyle’s turn to be judged the judge, judge Ja-niece. She had no idea he had just gone through two others, his public defender also not knowing, the judge read all of the five charges against him from the North section. “He’s got all these charges,” said the judge with an, “I give up,” tone. “Keep him here till he speaks with his defender before I decide his sentence.” Kyle was bewildered and extremely distressed. He wanted to say, “Have I not just had all these charges dealt with by two judges?! Why am I still here?!” but he was given no opportunity to speak and the guards had no answer for him when he asked them. “What a stupid system for such an advanced Kingdom,” he thought. After a discussion with his defender about his situation and listening to her judge others, the judge heard him briefly and the prosecutor’s absurd requests to heavily fine him despite his poverty. Kyle knew he’d have to lie, that it would wise to lie about where he truly lived and what he was actually and possibly worth to avoid rumors of him being extremely wealthy. He knew various guards might try and set him up for a death and rob him, using the excuse that he was some severe criminal as other guards had long ago in the Kingdom made him out to be over him not bowing to their demands and Kyle’s smart insults back at them. His lies to the judge were minor and implied a kind of truth about his poverty and evil situation. He knew if he brought up rocks that it would also complicate matters. He was amazed that his defender had said a guard had gone to court in his absence during a court meeting Kyle had missed to make false testimony against him, and one which was not even against the law. It made Kyle sick that yet another liar had gone to witness against him, and put him and his pets in danger of anything and everything, including death. The judge however was very merciful and even scolded the prosecutor, she would not even have Kyle do community service and gave him a light, but in Kyle’s mind insulting, fine, but a fine itself even very merciful. He just didn’t like that it was a fine to pay off “the cost” of the witness against him going to witness against him. He was also upset that the judge hadn’t requested an expedited release for him over his cat-in-distress. After a tortuously long stay in the release cell, a dingy place that was at times very crowded and hearing yet more stories of thefts by the staff of the jails, causing him worry over whether or not he would find his rocks missing, was finally allowed to leave. A kind carriage guard gave him a day ticket to ride a mass transport carriage and after an hour Kyle went back to the South jail to retrieve his cycle. When he arrived he had to wrangle with a jail guard there over its retrieval, and the guard claimed there was no record of such a cycle. It was 4 AM in the morning and Kyle was in no mood for such a fight. “I’m disabled! I need this cycle!” “Sorry, the guard said in a muddied foreign accent, there is no record.” “Do I have to sue you for my cycle back?” “Wait here,” said the guard as he went off to talk to other staff over the cycle. When he returned he said, “Wait off to the side.” “How long?” replied Kyle. “Till daylight, so they can see,” the guard said smugly letting his complete nonconcern be deliberately known. Kyle immediately frowned, “When the hell is daylight?” angry over the vagueness of the response. “The guards are giving breakfast to others, you’ll have to wait till daylight.” Kyle was angry but feared guards being called on him for being “disorderly” or “disturbing the peace”. In anger and disgust he went off to the side of the jail’s prisoner-exit door, where he knew transport devices were kept. Hours later another guard took the place of the other and was behind the exit door. Kyle got up again to talk to him, “Can, I, please, have, my, cycle. Can I at least look to see if it’s there?” A female replied, “Be respectful please… I’ve just taken my work shift up.” “Do you know what ‘animal cruelty is? I have a cat to feed and you’re keeping me here. Can at least look to see if my cycle is here so I’m not waiting for nothing?” “Before I turn you away let me go to my sergeant to help you speed things if possible.” “Thanks,” replied Kyle, “You’re welcome.” It was past “daylight” and 8 AM. Finally a guard had come out and after asking Kyle more about this cycle brought it out some minutes later, torturous minutes for Kyle was starting to fall asleep. “Will they arrest me for camping here too?” said Kyle bitterly to himself. He could almost hug the guard and soon was on his cycle. As he rode back to the desert area he’d been in, he noticed what looked like rocks similar to those he’d seen at the side of the road he was at. “Perhaps there are more precious stones here,” he thought as he thought of Princess and Poopoopoo and Danna and his possessions in storage. “Rocks or Princess,” he thought, “If I can find some great rocks, god stones – his phrase for rocks of extreme beauty, this hell will all be over.” “The rocks,” he concluded. He knew his decision would make him seem a cruel and cold person to animals and his own pets, but he’d concluded that it was almost entirely certain Princess had been released or was being fed. He thought the greater danger was Poopoopoo’s ear being maimed and her being permanently prevented from giving birth to kittens, a highly distressing thought to him as he had plans to be a great cat breeder of exotic and naturally human-friendly cats. As he brought his cycle onto these new grounds he began to find what he was looking for and was so thorough about it he’d found everything worth taking from the area. He left a few of what he thought were the most worthless behind to retrieve later as they were big and heavy. As he cycled further he explored other areas he’d not seen before and found more precious stones. “Surely now this hell is over,” he thought to himself, “And I can avenge myself on my enemies, those who’ve stolen my other kittens.” And yet Kyle also pondered forgiving his enemies, or merely retrieving what was stolen and leaving revenge out of his plans. Eventually he made it back to his campsite, which was still hidden, and he fell asleep near his bags of rocks. “My babies,” he said as he fell asleep, referring to his kittens. When he awoke he went to his storage room and was told by the managers there that he was evicted. “Who opened their big mouth?” he asked, the manager he first met replied, “The bail woman.” Kyle replied, “What a big mouth, what a big mouth.” He was told the cat was well cared for and had entertained them, one of the managers was perfectly sympathetic to what Kyle said he’d gone through recently and said she too had lived a dirty person life and had been addicted to a drug and was thankful to have ended up in jail, the entire three years she was there. Kyle felt less humiliated after listening to her say this. Lady Danna has your kitten, she wanted you to know she won’t have her processed for kitten-prevention, said this formerly drug-addicted manager. Kyle didn’t reply. He saw a somewhat close acquaintance leaving the storage rooms area, going through the gate to leave on a cycle. The man, Warrendal, was upbeat as usual, talking about his riches and how he would soon be trading precious metals in a new office. He let Warrendal leave so as not to annoy him with his various stories of recent events.

After being allowed to retrieve some things from storage Kyle rode off to a shop to eat. Soon after he prepared a message to Lady Danna. “I’ll let her enjoy Princess a little while longer. I wonder if she has Poopoopoo.” He pondered if it was best to simply allow her to keep them till he was out of his poor situation. He thought to pay her for her help. “She’ll surely think I’m a fool now, after this disaster,” he thought. The thought of being shamed as he had made his stomach bitter, and took away his motivation to show her the amazing rocks he’d discovered, he was again feeling as his said usual self, and his back muscles were being pulled more than ever. An arrogant woman in the shop who served the customers coming in, one who looked down on and hated dirty people gave him her usual contempt though didn’t tell him to leave as she’d sometimes say to dirty people. “I’ll let her enjoy Princess a little longer,” he thought again, though realizing he had no control at all over his cats, or that it was not very weak, and that they could easily be permanently kept from him. “But she’s not that kind of person to do that to me,” he thought. He would have to see the last judge, judge Ja-niece he saw next month. Her name was. It was to discuss the small fine he’d been given, and the status of his living situation, but, possibly cold-hearted, he thought of her, not the welfare of his cats. “She probably did not want to sadden me or shame me as someone unable to care for cats, and knew they were keeping me happy to some degree, and that is why she didn’t make mention of them, not wanting to make me feel like a little child too incompetent to care for pets. Kyle suddenly realized he had more than a little change and so long after having bought a burger decided to buy a drink, and to make himself feel justified before the arrogant girl working in the shop for his overly-long stay. “I’ll let Danna enjoy Princess a little longer,” he thought again to himself. “Everything’s, okay,” he thought, “I can finally relax, no more warrants.” “I think I’ll buy a sandwich.” “Just a little longer…” Suddenly Lady Danna pulled up in her carriage. She got out, clearly upset. “Uh oh, I better hide the drink,” she suddenly threw a rock at him, “And the sandwich.” “Enjoying your little meal Mr. Put Princess In Storage In that Cramped Little Storage Room!” “Wait!” he shielded himself which plastic bags as another rock flung past him. One of the local scoundrel thieves Kyle knew suddenly came in the shop to amuse himself, Kyle hardly recognized him as the thief was dressed in completely different attire than usual, he starred at Kyle laughing wildly, “What the hell dude, your life is so crazy.” “Do you have Poopoopoo, I hope her ear isn’t chopped,” said Kyle, shielding his legs from rocks. Danna threw another rock and it hit him in the ankle. “Ow!” “Excuse me mam, no rock-throwing in the shop,” said the lady of the restaurant, except at him. Kyle turned around to face her, “Hey, arrogant bit…” suddenly a guard came into the restaurant, Lady Danna suddenly straightened up and became calm, Kyle’s eyes became wide and starred at the guard, the thief, Jarule also starred wide eyed at him. “Anyone see a dirty guy run off with a chicken just now?” the guard said. “No,” said Kyle, Lady Danna, Jarule and the shop’s service woman at the same time. “Okay,” the guard replied and left. Lady Danna slapped Kyle’s face. “Okay, I’m punished, are you happy?” he replied. “I should keep your cats,” she replied. “What if Princess died…” Kyle was silent. “You’re lucky I already I have 16,” “16?!” said Jarule and the shop woman at the same time. “Most of them stay outside,” she replied at their astonishment. Jarule asked the shop woman for a beer and sat down near Kyle to enjoy the show he was seeing. “Keep arguing,” said Jarule, laughing somewhat wildly. Jarule was high on some drug as usual and his eyes were red. Kyle looked at him with a little annoyance. “So, did you find anymore good rocks at least?” she asked Kyle. “Rocks?!” said Jarule laughing wildly. Lady Danna looked at him, “Who is he?” “Jarule,” replied Kyle. “Did you know you’re being evicted from your storage?” “Yes,” replied Kyle. “Do you have help to move it all?” “Nope” said Kyle, holding his sandwich while feeling his bruised ankle. “And would you like me to help you move it somewhere, especially since your ankle his hurting?” “I’d appreciate it,” he replied. “And would you like to see your kittens now? I’m sure they miss you.” “Did you get my letter before coming here?” he asked her. “Yes, the one in which you said after getting out of jail you went to go look for rocks, and not check on Princess?” “Yeah, that one…” he replied. …

The Short Time I Had With My Kitten, Baby

January 17, 2015 1 comment

BabyMy Baby

So, with a loan from an acquaintance I got $100 to use on my cat at the vet, and spent it all yesterday on her. I wanted to comment about this experience I had just now, which was force feeding her cat food since she couldn’t eat due to her having pierced either side of her tongue with her teeth when I, I reason, let her bite at my sleeves when I let her out soon after having caught her two or three days ago. What I wanted to comment on was that despite me having tube-bottle fed her about an hour ago and her gagging and screaming briefly at times when choking, and her sort of begging me I suppose to stop, and letting her down – that when I let her down on my sleeping bag at one point, she was purring and kneading it! She either realized I was trying to help her eat, and realized with her God-given intelligence that I wasn’t causing her pain on purpose and/or felt satisfied with what little food I was able to feed her. But it is also amazing that even if she thought I was causing her such great pain on purpose, that she after such great pain, and her having yellow mucous clogging her nose (and me wiping it away at times) that she would be euphoric seconds later, still sick, still in pain, still hardly having eaten!

At first I thought the holes in her mouth was my fault, if it did happen by letting her bite my sleeves or sleeve (though she was biting an animal-toy I put in the cage too – 1/18/2015 I just realized as of updating this post that she had bitten her tongue while still in her cage from the expression she gave me before I had taken her out of the cage – and indication she was able to eat well before as there was a full can inside that had been devoured and when I put in another she began to eat that one too – which was when she stuck it out at one point, which is only something a cat will do if they are comfortable, with the exception of what I am describing now or some disease), but it could have easily just has happened had I taken the long way of letting her get used to me over the weeks, because it is just as possible that when trying to pet her for the first time even after having waited many days, letting her bite my sleeve or some toy, that she would have pierced her tongue anyways. In a way I could argue I sped things up so that this will be unlikely to happen again. I performed surgery on the right side of her tongue because I saw it was a thread nearly on the right side of the right hole on her tongue and was causing her great pain when moving her tongue. I think it was getting caught on her teeth and getting repeatedly stretch on her food or teeth, and it looked yellow white, clearly infected, so I use a knife and scissors to cut it off. It looks as if a lot of material got destroyed on that side of her tongue though, as if something had taken a big bite out of her tongue.

I still owe the vet $16 (1/18/2015 – it now stands at $200 or more in multiple a last ditch attempts I made to save her life, not getting any sleep for days and in my last attempt biking early in the morning in freezing cold with only a shirt on on a brakeless bike using my jackets to shield her from the cold and warming her against my belly, but was told it was a lost cause and she likely had massive infection and dual kidney failure – would have been over $400 and I was perfectly willing, but the vet seeing my condition was looking for something less expensive and injected her with saline rather than keeping her overnight at my request, and my Wells Fargo debt card repeatedly rejected even a small down payment anyways). But imagine this cat had been stolen from me after all these, and slandered or treated callously as had the security guard at Vons and UNLV sorority girls and campus police there, acting as if I was an abuser by whoever stole it, or aiding the thief, can you understand how I feel about my stolen cats and kittens when you think of it that way? What I mean is, I suffered hard and long, I long-suffered, I slaved over my cats and kittens, and yet had them stolen from me and was slandered as having abused them, and called an animal abuser by these thieves. How can a pet thief taking this young cat I rescued (who was bony to begin with and sick), stealing that kitten from me after I had painstakingly performed surgery on her, gotten slimed with cat food repeatedly in very cold weather, in a dirty abandoned house where feces used to be on the rug (which I removed in the room I had done surgery in), dirty with dust, having gotten my own saliva all over me from biting onto a bicycle flashlight to see what I was doing including while feeding her, and then someone is going to call me in their self righteousness a cat abuser and steal her? How can such a thief not be executed or lashed hard 40 times in public as at least a partial punishment for such even acts, such arrogance, such carelessness, such thoughtlessness, such callous behavior for the life of the animal they stole and the owner whom they slandered, who is in great pain, suffering from psoriasis non-stop from the stress of endless oppression, endless harassment, decades of memories of abuse and sorrowful experiences, having been suicidal from abuse as a child and in adulthood, suicidal for at least 10 years, and someone is going to take my pet away because they assume that based on their glance-judgment, they know better than me, and because they see me who looks poor, must therefore be a bad person or have inferior morals, wisdom or judgment, or because I disagree with some opinion of theirs, one they presumed was right in their arrogance of believing they are superior for whatever reason? Such thieves, such slanderers should be executed.

11/18/2015 At 6 AM I got her to the vet, and I took her home when the doctor gave me a dire judgment, and about 7 AM my little angel after spending hours in extreme pain, died in my arms. God decided to take her away from Hellish world early, away from the self-centered citizens of Las Vegas and the rest of the world, who treated her as a homeless person, like dirt, even though pretending to be loving, kind, good or decent.

Baby Angel 0118150235i

I’ll always love you, I’ll miss your purrs, your kneading when you were happy, your head rubs, and wonder what could have been.

Jan 28 Update: (If you would like to fund my life and those of my kittens and cats – and that includes helping me get the $s pay off my $100+ vetrinarian debt for the rescued kitten that died – please sign up for free Speedcoins, which is an alternative cryptocurrency/digital currency to Bitcoins, you can also get free Speedcoins, 110 of them as I just did in a few minutes by signing up and installing a Speedcoin wallet on my Android tablet. You don’t need a credit card or give out your email. Just click here to sign up.)

Something the Rich Know About Illegal Immigration

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I was thinking about Mexicans again, as there are more and more of them showing up in Vegas, and it occurred to me it would be disasterous to suddenly remove them all. I realized this as it is said and it seems to be true, that whites avoid doing the slave-labor type jobs, as in bathroom-cleaning, farm work, the really hard and gross work, the humiliating work. Not all whites are like that, and there may be a practical reason they avoid the really hard manual labor, and it may be their physical design, as in they are literally not built for hard labor in general. Supposing I’m wrong, the fact is they are not the ones filling in those jobs galore, it’s the Mexicans and to some degree the blacks, though Mexicans are flooding such job areas. Yes, whites can fend for themselves, they don’t need slaves, they don’t need another race to fill in, but it’s beneficial to their race. Whites have even enslaved other whites. I was also thinking of how the white and black populations, and other native populations, including Mexican require an ever expanding hard labor work force to keep food coming into the grocery stores. In other words as more and more babies are made, as the population expands, more mouths need to be fed and so laborers need to be imported if there aren’t any native persons willing to or able to fill in those jobs. The immigration laws of America apparently cannot cope with the rapidly increasing population of the country, as in that requirement for more or replacment labor (replacement because no doubt many doing the hard labor jobs die on the job, get badly injured or sick, become too old to work or can’t take the stress anymore and try and find some other better job, and some return to their country). So the wealthy and the farm owners and so on who require cheap labor to make a decent profit to keep their fellow citizens fed or serviced in some way, not being able to find it among America’s natives, wait for more illegals to hire. So, can you see how it would be a disaster if suddenly all the illegals were to be sent home or out of the country? Who would then work the farms, the road contruction jobs, the cleaning and organizing jobs, or the backroom fast food jobs? Are there enough whites and asians (which are actually a sort of “white” person, even Mexicans and Native Americans are a variant of a white person, genetically) to fill in right away? And what would even be the point of say, legally importing a huge amount of asians in and giving them instant citizenship? Why not do that with the illegals? Many would argue these illegals refuse to learn the native language and are criminal and so would eventually collapse the country. Would it lead to a full collapse, and in what way? What would the Mexican laborers do, suddenly form their own country on farm lands and say, “We don’t need the money of the whites, the money will come from our fellow Mexicans here!” Why and how would such an absurd scenario come about? What is apparent is that it is simply “life” that America’s demographics are rapidly changing, that various races, Mexicans especially, are flooding in, and that it is necessary for whites, asians and other established races, including other Mexicans, to survive or keep their level of living, however good or poor it is. The Bible implies that one day foreigners will return to their native lands any ways, after God kills off hundreds of millions of people during a severe phase of punishment (the seven seals puinshment) when God is punishing the anti-Christ and those who follow/followed him. As for the criminals coming in with the non-criminals, what of it, criminals will always sneak, white or otherwise, it’s apart of life. Advise to Christians: don’t get entangled in the affairs of the world, don’t heavily invest yourself in the subject of whether or not illegals should be whatever country, and remember that the Bible says to welcome strangers, to be hospitable to them, to treat them as fellow citizens and to love them as neighbors, including the ones just passing through.

It may be that President Obama isn’t trying to destroy America by granting amnesty to the illegals, but trying to save it, or, trying to create a new America, one with less racism.

Why Not To Trust Drug Addicts At All and Why Not To Live or Visit Vegas

December 15, 2014 2 comments

Some of you who come to this blog probably wonder why I haven’t written in it for a long time. I’ll try to explain briefly:

unreliable backstabbing drug addicts and police harassment. How is that for brief? I’ve been living in a Hellworld called Las Vegas, where police harass those who look poor and homeless, especially on the Las Vegas Strip, making it impossible for them to not be homeless, as they’ve repeatedly done to me. They ignore obvious pan handlers if they are dressed in costumes mostly, but the homeless they often harass, especially those with pets. Meanwhile they ignore the tourists with pets, showing that these police are criminals, rather than professionals persons doing their job. You can’t for example, ignore one murder because that murderer is dressed nice and from a foreign country, but only deal with the local murderer, because he looks poor, or has a cat with him, if you do, you yourself are a criminal. My cats have been repeatedly stolen from me, first five, one ran off and probably stolen, ran off when a homeless man punched me in the head just cuz, and knowing he could injure the kitten/cat. The last one I had, I’d been ticketed for having twice at the Strip, by the same evil cops, and a previous ticket from the same ones even for the white kitten that had been ran off. So, three tickets from the same group of bullies calling themselves police. That last kitten had been stolen with the help of a security guard at Vons, at first I thought she stole it, but then I found out from the thieves themselves that she permitted them, giving her blessing so to speak, to steal it. This is a guard who called me insane for saying I wanted to breed cats and me saying that there were researchers who showed that there is no cat overpopulation problem. Months earlier she had told me, “I hate people, that’s why I keep to myself.” This guard is so wicked, that when I started to leave Vons after buying cat food, she, after having not spoken to me for months for me saying what I did to her, all of the sudden said, “Hi, how’s it going?” Can anyone say, “NARCISSIST”? I’d call her a psychopath but psychopaths could care less about animals as she passionately did, however her “care” was a twisted narcissistic care. If she truly loved animals, she would not “hate everyone” as in the owners who care for them too, nor randomly permitted total strangers (who by the way were homeless meth addicts, the one who directly stole however was half-homeless) to steal my kitten. She also lied to the police about what happened, and made up absurd lies like me being in a long line. Adding to her stupidity was her thinking she could lecture me in her stupid assumptions about how to take care of the kitten AFTER she’d permitted him to be stolen. A narcissist by the way is almost identical to a psychopath, the only difference being a narcissist is delusional in how important they are, and has a very tiny conscience. Hence why this guard was gulping in fear when she saw I was truly concerned for this kitten, rather than having what in her stupid, petty, twisted and presumptuous mind: no concern at all. She thought in other words, I’d say nothing and let it go, but she saw I could get her fired instead, and she realized her dumb mistake. She knows by now that if I press charges against her and so on, I could destroy her career, and she could end up homeless herself, as she deserves. And consider she did this with Christmas close ahead AND WHEN I WAS BUYING THIS HUNGRY KITTEN FOOD. How did she know if they would feed him right away or not, if they had the money, if they weren’t morons who’d feed him dog food, which lacks taurine that cats need, and on and on? That’s the “care”, the “love” or a narcissist. It is false care, false concern, false love.

It was obvious to me this evil woman played some part in the disappearance of my kitten, as she refused to tell me if there was an outside camera and refused to let me call 311.

Update 12/18/2014:

So, yesterday I got scammed by a smooth talking druggie who stole my bluetooth keyboard, portable battery and the sim card my Trio AXS 4G tablet after locking it! She also cost me making $20 that night. I came across her when she was pretending to be in distress over $40 being stolen from her, and me not realizing she was yet another untrustworthy drug addict fell for her charm and smooth talking. She was showing signs of being a narcissist rapidly, but me thinking she was just uppity and eccentric in my weariness and looking for a friend overlooked it. She quickly began having angry outbursts when I didn’t want to participate in her scams or let her do whatever with my tablet and and she took off angrily when I told her my portable battery went missing. Ironically she delayed me so that by chance I acquired a phone, legally. One of the bizarre signs she was mentally ill was claiming, even in front of others, that because I (merely) TOUCHED her phone that that was why it has cracked, a phone she tried to sell me IN THE DARK OF NIGHT which she knew was already cracked no doubt. A guy I suspect is a meth user had stolen my bike afterwards that night and replaced the pedals with clip pedals and ripped the front light off (he’s not a bike user and no doubt wanted the light for himself). He was no doubt going to sell the bike, however I caught him with it and despite knowing my hellish experiences here and the events of the thefts that night made up/implied that a crazy drug addict (a real one who tried to assault and mug me) was the one who gave it to him. This moron made me argue very long with him for it back, even tried to make me give him the wheel I’d removed as a precaution, and when I recorded him arguing with me he demanded the camera in exchange to give to the crazy addict so that he wouldn’t get beat by him (just forget that that addict, he claimed thought of him as an uncle and that that was why he wouldn’t beat him when angry). And btw, all three of these fools I’m talking about were obvious narcissists, including the gf of the crazed one whom he broke up with right after trying to, or feigning to fight me some nights ago. The one with the bike by the way, while scamming me with a fake check he got me to deposit and putting me $412 in debt, said to me with an angry hateful voice over me already having spent my share and not having anything left for him to use that I’d f’d it all off including by sharing some with others (I told him I had) and he furiously replied “I’m the only one that matters!” So while he was holding my bike wanting something for it I’d told him I’d stopped talking about that (betrayal) of his (and his claiming smoothly afterwards when I brought up that he’d ruined my bank account that that was all my fault and I couldn’t blame him at all – not even for him calling me a retard for not helping that scammer a second time huh?), I finally, and no doubt since I recorded him, got him to give up his stolen prize. Consider that yesterday night was very cold and I was stuck with two heavy bags and an injury to my right shoulder from having chased what I thought were the thieves who stole my kitten on a stolen scooter, which is yet another hellish thread. But so after biking away came across the usual druggies, including the one who wanted his stolen scooter back, who foolishly after tracking the thieves down, listened to their sweet talk and let them disappear with it again. And that night I witnessed a drug deal gone bad – a marijuana grower/dealer was robbed of much weed and the thief in the car tried to speed off even as the seller held on to the car! Before all that had happened, just as the two were entering the parking lot where the theft occurred, one had suddenly stopped in front of the dealer’s car (he was riding in it as a passenger that is) and screeched quickly into the lot). The people in the car with the dealer and some other guy, a guy who was a witness or whose car was hit too was standing around, perhaps exchanging insurance info. Then tonight I found one of the druggies in my sleeping bag in his usual cranky mood. He claimed the girl (who was one of the druggie thieves that stole my kitten) had given him my sleeping bag. It was his birthday, so I let him be, knowing that he might disappear with it or leave it around where it would get stolen. And that is only SOME of the troubling stressful events I’d been through in the past few days. The large amount of druggies I encounter here by the way all show signs of being narcissists or sociopaths, except maybe two or three. Ive found that those who heavily use heroine, meth, weed and alcohol are usually narcissists or sociopaths. A sociopath as I define it is someone with a burned out conscience and little to no fear of God. Don’t trust anyone who sells prescription drugs, heroine or weed either.

Meanwhile, I lost a mini SD card with a lot of good footage of the craziness here and a 64 gig USB drive I was using to back up my laptop and which I’d transferred a large amount of data too, meaning if I don’t find it, I’m going to have to do data recovery, sigh. On top of that, it seems my laptop’s hard drive is defective now from I suppose my laptop having had a few falls recently.

Why Linda Moulton Howe’s Theory Is Wrong About Ancient and Modern Aliens

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For people the millions, not billions of people with common sense, mainly Christians and those with a decent Christian upbringing and who haven’t gone atheist (which causes a loss of common sense) this article may seem a huge waste of time, but I’m both bored and very angry at Linda for perpetuating what is in excusable for her level of intelligence and wealth, and she clearly isn’t poor to be able to travel the world and hobnob with archeologist Schoch and interview many people for long hours. So, she’s obviously not some homeless drug addict with problems keeping her information together, lacking resting and research time and doing accurate research and note collecting therefore.

Linda, I have noticed, like many so called “researchers”, without any logical explanation, rejects evidence that her theories and logic are wrong regardless of how well such arguments or evidence is presented to them. And how many people these days have an excuse for being ignorant with such a useful and effective research tool as Google? Who is going to be able to say to God, in this age, unless living in North Korea and so on, “I had no way of knowing, I was totally distracted, no one told me, I had no time to think carefully.”? Though many could say this at various times in their life, if they lived to say 16 or 30, would any of those excuses be valid at all points in their life? Could a 16 year old say, “I never had time to consider if me pilfering and lying often might lead to an eternity in this so called Hell I lived in, and never had time to consider what Hell was about and who came up with the idea. I never considered how pilfering and lying to me all the time would destroy me, and therefore should not be done at all as to do it to others would likely lead back to destroying myself or making me a miserable person, and that therefore I should have done the opposite.” Likewise what excuses does Linda have for rejecting the evidence against the Big Bang, evolution, global warming/(disastrous long term) climate change (her claims of aliens doing this and that and why, all of which she speaks up repeatedly as fact in various ways? Her only excuse would be the common ones, including “Satan was blinding me, deluding me.”

Linda does not give any clear evidence for her claims on those subjects, she comes up with anonymous witnesses or witnesses who can’t verify their identity despite claiming to be General Zod So and So or ex-CIA official of the whatever project, and yet speaks of her interviewees as if they were totally credible, and in her last show on Coast to Coast AM gave a dead give away as to her wrong methodology of determining the truth of what she has heard and believes, she said, “I feel as if I am getting closer to the truth.” SHE FEELS? New Age Hippie talk! You don’t FEEL if you are getting to the close with Grand Unified Theory or complex math or much of anything in the world unless you were a poorly raised person who was taught New Age garbage as a way of getting through life. You don’t FEEL how to operate an ipod, as in with your heart, you use your brain, mind and REASON IT OUT, you have specific thoughts, you don’t use your heart mainly, unless, again, you were raised with poor reasoning methods to figure out many things in life. As is CLEAR, super clear from this world, to do that leads to endless fights, wars, divorces, misunderstandings and arguments. YOU REASON THINGS OUT WITH YOUR MIND WITH SPECIFIC THOUGHTS, not vague feelings. The heart is absolutely useful for living life happily and impossible to without it, but it is not to be the main mind with which we reason the truth out. The heart is a feelings machine, it doesn’t have specific thoughts, it can’t, it wasn’t designed for that, it wasn’t designed to reason, and even if it does have some reasoning ability, it would be highly prone to error in our corrupted state, a state in which all of the humans here on Earth are addicted to doing wrong or have lingering addictions for doing so, such as Christians God has forgiven. Because of our desire to disobey God, to go our own way, a problem which our heart is in large part responsible for, hearts which steer us away from logical reasoning and logical acts, we cannot rely at all on feelings MAINLY to determine what is true or not, and yet Linda consistently uses a naive feelings-based method of determining true from false. She’s even inexplicably oblivious to her own findings. For example the biggest of all I see is that though she knows “mainstream science”, more accurately “mainstream scientists” reject her alien theories and many at least publicly say aliens aren’t here or likely never have been, and reject things absurdly, why then does she have utter and absolute trust in them when they claim “such and such is billions of years old” (and consider the outrageous length of time a billion let alone million years is) and regardless of that extraordinary claim of length of time passing, she takes their word for it without a care if whether or not they might be deliberately lying or that their logic could be highly compromised given that they, at least in her mind, absurdly reject the possibility that aliens have been coming here recently and other obvious possible phenomenon, having no good reason to doubt their possibility at least. Linda, concerning mainstream scientists, whom she doesn’t seem to realize are mainly atheists and Catholics, whom she seems to think are absurd, makes the mistake of “Appeal to Authority”, or rather says such and such is fact because these scholars say it is so, and yet, without any logical explanation, rejects their testimony or claims when they say why it is absurd that aliens would be here or have been or that these flying metallic discs people often see and other such things are just people misidentifying birds, planes, clouds, stars, the moon, clouds, or lens/camera effects or that they are lying or hallucinating. How does she reason they are trustworthy on one subject, completely trustworthy, but despite their clear bias or fear of saying the truth on the other, reason they can’t be trusted and that their reasoning on that should be totally rejected or given little consideration? CLEARLY, Linda’s reasoning is highly flawed and herself not trustworthy overall. She can repeat what people say, and put her own emotional tone into it, but that doesn’t make it true, or false, and her reasoning is clearly not to be trusted. And she does not even offer much of what could be called “reasoning” anywhere anyways. She’s like a storyteller telling stories to children, trying to entertain them.

Even more nonsensical about the way Linda reasons, is that she had at one point on Coast, spoken of the Bible as historical, if I remember right, she was referring to Ezekiel (a book famous for it’s verses about what many wrongly say refer to UFOs and aliens from outerspace). If the Bible is historical, why then in general does she not refer to it for anything else, like moral truths, historical facts other than that UFOs arrived and aliens showed themselves? And no doubt she believes that in Exodus those great miraculous events were caused by aliens, and so why then would she ignore the ten commandments? Linda is the type who, due to what I believe is demonic delusion, as in demons interfering with her ability to reason and feel rationally seeks out the “exciting” in her mind, the type who only wants to dwell on what is “amazing”, the visual things or things others saw that were dark and ominous or a light show or that made ominous or amazing sounds (she likes to talk about unexplained sounds for those who don’t know). But when it comes to morality, to law, to justice and mercy, she thinks of them as boring and bland and of little importance. She illogically disconnects the miracles, the visual and auditory shows God (or whoever) creates from the rest of the story, the rest of the testimony of those who said they saw them. To her, the glowing angel is the object of worship or the things it does, not God.

In all Linda’s news reports there is also a glaring absence of supernatural phenomenon, specifically of demon possessions, hauntings, and even cryptozoology reports. Why does she focus on one and not the others? Some may say, “It’s just her personality and area of expertise, she chooses to specialize in such and such.” However Linda clearly, from her website, has plenty of time to report on these other subjects and she must know how limited what she can do into finding out more about some sighting of a glowing object will be or some anonymous claim of aliens. What else is she doing all day that she doesn’t look into some ancient demon possession in the Catholic cult/sect/Church or modern one, publicizing what these supposed demons said, or doesn’t publicize prophecies and on and on? Is it because she is strongly repelled by religion, that her soul abhors coming close to the subject of goodness, morality, right from wrong, ultimate TRUTH, God? It is true what God said, and he said it FIVE times, it concerns mankind’s total lack of goodness:

“The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good. The Lord looks down from heaven on the children of man, to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God. They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one. Have they no knowledge…” – Psalm 14:1 and 3, and Psalm 53:1 and 3 and Romans 3:9-11

I also thought of this verse here that I put in bold, when thinking of Linda, coming to the end of finishing this article:

“They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these teachers oppose the truth. They are men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected.” – 2 Timothy 3:6-8

“Science says”? No, a blind, illogical, delusional, arrogant, moron says, “science says”

August 23, 2014 2 comments

A typical anti-religion moron I’m guessing posted an article I didn’t even bother reading because of it’s clearly stupid titles, which summed up was, “Science proves bigfoot doesn’t exist”. Specifically the titles were, “Bigfoot Is Not Real, Says Science” and “Science Delivers a Big Blow to Bigfoot”. Apparently James decided that another scientist, a genetic scientist who analyzed DNA samples claimed to be from various bigfoot creatures who with many speeches explained why the DNA likely was what it was claimed to be doesn’t count, cuz James Temple who made those titles or went with them SAID SO, not science. No delusional idiot, science doesn’t say whatever you in your arrogant delusional reality-hating mind whatever you feel it does, it doesn’t agree with your feelings and personal opinions and happen to agree with all your anti-Bible and anti-reason and anti-logic babble. Learn what logical fallacies are and stop being an extreme idiot already James Temple. “Science” also said living fossils shouldn’t exist, yet they do you fact-ignoring ape.Could anyone make a dumber claim, how about “Science proves religion doesn’t work”? “Science” says, so say atheists and anti-Bible morons, that the Bible is wrong, and yet those claims are repeatedly proven wrong. Science supposedly said the Shroud of Turin was a fake, and yet science also said afterwards that that claim was unscientific. Science according to many atheists and cultists has made God and the Bible obsolete. How so? A better shovel doesn’t make God obsolete, and a better computer won’t defeat God’s will, how could they? Could science rather have proved God repeatedly, and many assume it’s not so and so don’t bother to look into such research? Science has been repeatedly used successfully to show that God does exist by putting his word to the test. And if God does exist, what matters most is what his will is, because if you anger him, and it’s true his will is send most people to Hell who do disobey him, I hope you wouldn’t want to end up being one of those he decides to get rid of.

God’s will, what is it? Could it, might it, be in that most popular book for hundreds of years now, that lengthy often taught, most influential book, which even the Quran took from, clearly, that most translated book, that most free and sold book called “The Bible”, “The Scriptures”,, “Scripture”, “The scroll”, “God’s word’? If God asks why you ignored this book with it’s clearly good ’10 commandments’ and it’s two greatest laws, the second being Love your neighbor as yourself, and which Jesus said could all be summarized as As you would have done to you so do to others, which even atheists pretentiously claim is a golden rule, even theirs, and in their evil arrogance and deliberate ignorance often fail to credit to Christ (because they refuse to know God’s word and true history, and rather would have a history in their own image), how will anyone on a Day of Judgment be able to say to God, “I had no clue, not even one, that this ‘Bible’ was a rational or good book in anyway, not even good for historical reference, and might have even contained a lead to what your actual personality, will and laws were?” Though a corrupt Bible would be an unreliable one, one not sure for knowing God’s will, a Bible that only had minor corruptions due to inaccurate translating and copying could not be said to be unreliable anymore than any other book with minor translations and copying wrong. And if it is God’s word, who but the stupid, those who don’t care about truth despite any of their claims to the opposite, the impatient and the greedy would say, “Because these parts are in doubt, throw it all out,’ and “throw the baby out with the bathwater”? Those with a childish temperment and a morality- and logic-hating mind would say so. The ancient sage Jon Calvin aka John Calvin correctly taught God’s word and the truth of the spiritual state of mankind. Many Christians, including those who deny Christ like the giant Catholic cult, something the Bible predicts would be done in the last days by so called Christians, falsely claim that salvation is something you earn and that can be lost, using nonsensical and careless reasoning, merely repeating what was repeated to them and being to lazy and angry at God, too impatient and too prideful to understand why what that claim is wrong. They won’t even make a sincere prayer to God to know the truth about what they are really like in his eyes and how salvation from Hell works, they lack a fear of Hell, of God’s wrath and imagination of how bad an eternity of suffering would be to motivate them to know how to save themselves from such a possibility. If no one prays to God for the salvation of such care-free people, if no one teaches them the truth, people who care about everything else but pleasing God and truly loving him and not just thinking they love him, not caring if that claim to love him is a delusion, will God be motivated to save them? Will he be motivated to act to rescue them soon? Even if he does, if no one prays for such, their salvation would be late in life most likely and their good deeds therefore most likely few, and therefore any eternal rewards too they could earn fewer than those who lived a long life under God’s eternal salvation, eternal forgiveness, eternal love. And God, unlike what the majority teach, the world that is, including the Christian cults of the world, not the true Christian “church”, not the true saints, DOES NOT LOVE EVERYONE, why else would the Bible repeatedly say God’s WRATH, which means “intense anger” is “ON’ the world? Why else would Hell be ETERNAL and not a temporary punishment leading to the benefit of the world he supposedly loves according to the many deluded? Scripture is clear on how God feels about all whom he has not yet forgiven, and the world it says that is headed for eternal punishment by “torturers”: “You hate all who do wrong.” – Psalm 5:5, and that he is angry with the wicked every day. One cult ignored and ignores this, and in the passage with the bow, ignoring that bow sentence focuses on instead the verse more clear above it, God being angry every day with the wicked, and twists it to mean something that doesn’t mean that at all, they are obvious liars and do not love God, if they did, they would teach the truth about what angers God: disobedience, more specifically, those who disobey him with everything they do by failing to obey him out of love, rather than by chance or who obey to a shallow degree, but always without love, simply to avoid the feeling of guilt, a loss of a job and therefore income, and a concern for how everyone else but God would think of them, and to avoid a greater punishment in Hell. The one God loves love him back, the greater amount of sins Christ covered by his life-sacrifice the greater their love and desire to please him they will have. The ones whom Christ did not cover, did not suffer or die for but left to suffer it out eternally themselves, they won’t, unfortunately, ever love God, they may have some love for a false version of God, a spiritual idol that cannot save and in any way defeat the true living God. Those with a false image of God think it loves them or even hates them or is angry over something they did wrong, something that isn’t even wrong according to the Bible and even a good thing like judging others to be not good when they all their lives do what is not good and never show love for God (how is it obvious such people are NOT good?), but they will not have love for the true God and never will unless he loves them first. When God changes the heart of a person to love him and shun disobeying him, it is because he also desires to and will forgive them forever and make them a permanent son or daughter that WILL “stand before him”, unlike the wicked, the evil ones whom God the scriptures say “cannot stand before God” in his presence. Nor will they ever see his face. They will see many other things perhaps, especially his wrath and the angry face of his son, and the look of love on his face for those he of his own free will chose to save, but not the face of God, no more than love for them. God in his goodness desires that everyone love him, that everyone love to do right and does right, but it is not his will, the desire of his mind; in his wisdom he has chosen that the majority of people born in this dark age from Adam’s sin to before Christ returns to rule while those who hate him still exist (which will be the “1000 year reign of Christ” before all the unsaved are permanently done away with in Hell and sin prevented in anyone born since that time), he has chosen that many do sin and do so forever, even in Hell to serve as an eternal example of what a failure to love God and his not loving them results in. It is an example that God will eternally use to, successfully, not just by his love and his acts of love, to persuade those who have a good spirit from desiring to do wrong, in other words to sin, to disobey his laws, laws which are a part of his written will for how we should live. Live to do good and good will happen to you forever, live to do evil and you will be eternally blocked from this universe and shut out from God’s love.

What words can cats understand that we say?

June 15, 2014 1 comment

Cat’s can learn about 50 words supposedly. Here are some phrases I think my oldest cats know in no specific order:

1. “yes” or “hawww?”

2. “no”

3. “no good”

4. “good”

5. “bad”

6. “yucky” i say this when Sushi, as he loves to do, rolls around in the dirt and dust and plant debris, he knows I hate that since I brush it off him sometimes and prevent him from doing it right when he’s about to.

7. “Food, foodie foodie food, fooooooood” :) or I’ll ask them “want food?” or express bewilderment at them not wanting food with, “no food?”

8. “water”

9. “egg”

10. “chicken”

11. “beef”

12. “fish” I don’t say that often since they seem to prefer beef most of all, then chicken and raw egg, and seem to prefer fish stuff last. But since cats supposedly have good memories, I suppose they may know that word. I do remember Sasha was highly interested in smelling raw unfrozen fish, and seemed like she wanted to eat it, but since it was whole fish I’m guessing she preferred it be cut up.

13. “crunchies” (hard food)

14. “water”

15. “(cat’s name) go pee pee, poo poo? Good poo poo/pee pee” (I still say it since it’s a habbit since they were kittens to encourage them to use the litterbox and so their feral kitten relatives will hear me praise them. The kittens are all litter box users. Torrie has bizarre behavior, will “errrrrrrr” in an upset tone if I bring her in front of the feeding dish, even when no other kittens or cats are there. So annoying since I must bring the food to her to her chosen spot at the house, her little living area. I hate that… I did notice her, once, using the litter box, but other than that she poops in fear when I pick her up as she knows it angers me when she makes that errrr sound and hisses. I don’t understand why she is so stubborn and won’t stop (I say pee pee and poo poo so much with these new kittens I feel as if I’m going insane). No doubt Torrie still needs to hear me say for another week:

16. “no hiss” (don’t hiss)

17. “no errrrr” (don’t grrrr)

18. “hiss bad”

19. “wanna go outside?” /”outside?” Sushi, my male cat, about a year and half old will come up to me and try and warm me up and make some cute sounds or place his paw on my leg to get me to let him out. One time I looked down and saw him observing his arm, trying to turn it so that it would be on my leg sideways, as if he were a human trying to figure out how to make a human kind of gesture. He looked like he was thinking, “Am I moving my arm right?” It was cute.

20. “look, hair” I say this when I groom them or hair catches on my fingers and let them see it, or they look to see what has come off of them.

21. “so much hair”. I wonder if they understand what I mean by “much”. I wonder because I never say, “not much” or “no much”.

22. “bye/I’m going”

23. “bird” I rarely say that word.

24. “lizard” rare

25. “hot/too hot” rare

26. “cold” very rare

27. “dirty” I say that along with “yucky” sometimes

28. sometimes I sigh while or after cleaning, and I can tell Sasha knows I’m not enjoying myself and overwhelmed from the look on her face

29. “sorry”

30. “play with (cat’s/kitten’s name here)”

31. “get it” as in “get the wriggling leaf blade/lizard/bird/ball/rope”

32. “head”

33. “foot”

I taught them, or rather tried to, get them to learn other body part words, but since I could tell it would be very time consuming and have little obvious benefit other than maybe boosting their intelligence a little, and being exhausted and in pain a lot, stopped.

34. “what’s wrong?”

35. purring sound

36. “(cat’s name) happy/?”

37. “(cat’s name) sad/?”

38. “watcha doin?”

39. “no scratch/scratch scratch (I say the latter when I see them scratching something, just to give them some brain boosting exercise and entertainment”

40. “no run”/”why you run?”

41.”(Sushi) so fast, (Sushi) run fast” Sushi loves to play chase and run and play big shot by arching his back and tip-toeing to imaginary foes, it’s adorable

42. “(no) hide/why you hide?”

43. “fire”

44. “Light”

45. “where’s my…”

46. “no bite/you bite me/why you bite me?”

47. “lick (cat’s/kitten’s name). of course it never works. Sasha and Sushi will only lick each other mostly, and stopped doing it many months ago, sadly. Sasha will only lick the kittens she knows now with one lick or an attempted lick.

48. “jump/good jump”

49. “climb tree”

50. “wanna go on the roof?/roof” I haven’t said this for months since my cats completely lost interest in going on the roof, I’m guessing because it was obviously boring up there and they already knew how much more interesting it was to wander freely outside and they made that painfully, excruciatingly, exhaustingly obvious.

51. “bzzz bzzz” they know this means “fly”, or a red laser dot is somewhere around or about to appear

52. “come here” (and other such phrases and words I won’t mention since they are obvious, but I’ve rarely used them

53. “sleep” something Sushi would know a little I think since almost every time during the day or night he comes to rest or sleep on my bed. I say that too him when he is wrestles and wanting to go outside, or seem unsure if he wants to.

54. of course, “i love you”

Though not words, cats can read various facial expressions, and they make it clear, especially Sasha, that they know what I’m feeling, in a way you could count these as words, though not literal words, but it would obviously take up learning/memory space. There’s also variations of their name’s I use, and I wonder if that takes up much memory language space in their brain. So, that’s about 50 words and phrases together my cats know or should be able to. It’s somewhat satisfying that they know all these things, but obviously it’s barely like talking to a human, and there’s no conversations going on. The sad thing for all pet owners with dogs, cats and parrots is the lack of the pet’s ability to answer back in our language some question, like “what’s wrong?”, except for a parrot perhaps, which might reply, “no fish” if it wanted some but was only given seeds to eat.

What unique words or phrases have you taught your cats, pets or parrots that you think they clearly understand (don’t mention anything vulgar please).


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