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Why Trump Failed America and Failed to Secure a Second Term as President

In short, President Trump insulted Mexico, insulted blacks (when he boasted that he could shoot anyone he wanted to and not be treated as a criminal for it during a time when many blacks were angry over white police being homicidal to unarmed blacks and a  Latin American man shooting dead a black citizen for wearing a hood and by defending Confederate tributes), was hateful towards and insensitive to Chinese-American citizens and Americans who were partnered with Chinese business people by childishly emphasizing a Chinese origin of the Covid 19 virus, angered many LGBTQs and their sympathizers (by his ban on gender dysphoric people undergoing trans surgery), and said that he’d try to force the poor to work for their food stamps, this would include the very poor, chronically disabled and government supplemental disability income and so often homeless and without friends or survival partners, and rather, enemies hoping to steal from them or use them as a punching bag. Yet many of them also had pets or love partners to care for. And most of them knew that Donald Trump was a lazy adult-child (a pathological narcissist) who hated hard work and avoided it and always strained to avoid paying taxes, and who had inherited his great wealth rather than having first earned it. So, Trump presented himself as not just cold-hearted, uncaringand stingy, into a cold-hearted, cruel, extremely arrogant, very unreasonable, a hindrance, and obviously: an extreme hypocrite. In response these poor would end up voting against Trump and/or in some places protesting, looting and rioting for many days and so inspiring many famous and wealthy people to also vote against Trump. The response by many police and Trump supporters was for an increase in police numbers and to continue~ supporting Trump and to ignore the plight of these poor and CONTINUE to stereotype them all as being thieves, lazy, hypocrite racists, drug addicts, animal abusers, unreasonable, criminals or narcissists. And this in turn encouraged the liberals in America’s government to encourage Mexicans to continue coming into America to help them ultimately defeat Republicans and conservatives. It is obvious then that liberals should desire to give instant citizenship to Mexicans. Trump also made things much worse by continually pandering to police (and judges) instead of helping in any obvious or big way those who were or felt oppressed by then. The last major blows was his blocking of more stimulus checks to the poor during mass hospital overload, negligence and mismanagement, mass job layoffs and the DMV and social and welfare services becoming extremely difficult to use and hypocritically and maliciously at the last second, pretending to care about the poor by asking for a larger stimulus check to be given then that which was proposed. He was a conniving bully who did and said malicious things for cheap emotional satisfaction including to his own supporters, which in turn caused them to turn against him. His wife and daughter Ivanka Trump were also insulting to the plight of “illegal” Mexican parents trying to help their children and poor Americans trying to help theirs too.
  Trump now continues to lose support by supporting Covid “vaccination” and I suppose for causing his supporters to be stuck under two foolish and severely immorally leaders: the sexists and racist Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They are also vexed by Joe’s criminal son, Hunter Biden. There is also resentment that this may end up dooming America to a devestating civil war and a life of poverty and fear ending in misery.
  It is my guess that the Gentile generation being born now is the Gentile generation that will end up knowing little if anything about the Bible and therefore the significance of “666” and the Anti-Christ, and be the most likely generation to allow his name or that number to be tatood onto their arms or head. If so, then contrawise, the Jews being born now, whether only of Jewish fathers or Jewish mothers are the generation of Jews who will accept the true Christ that their cursed ancestors and parents rejected. So, expect major trouble and deciet from the Gentile youths being born now, don’t turn your backs on them, even if their parents are conservatives or Catholic.

Offering Dragon Eggs… To Whoever Can Afford Them

After much study, despite these perilous times of corrupt governments, police, judges, druggies, racists, sex fiends and narcissists, have decided to finally make an offer I believe is very possible for myself, with good team mates, to deliver on. The title says I am offering “dragon” eggs, but, it may be I will give you something equally spectacular, or, monstrous, of the reptilian kind, and not necessarily a creature you’d find beautiful. Some may think of them as giant snakes, as in not merely very long, but much much wider/thicker than what is currently classified. I’m offering to retrieve and deliver any the following cryptids to you either in egg form, or juvenile, who can put up the millions of dollars I will need to pull it off,

  1. A horse head “snake”
  2. A flying snake (not the common kind)
  3. A pterodactyl,
  4. A T-Rex like creature
  5. Two small cryptid bipeds (I will attempt two, so they aren’t depressed from feeling alone, I will not try for anything called “bigfoot”, because they’re too dangerous, whatever they are, and stink, and probably infested with lice and ticks and I don’t want to risk unleashing unknown viruses in or on them)
  6. Two cryptid felines or something like a cross between a monkey and feline or something you might call a “Thylacine”
  7. A giant spider, the largest known but moatly unknown to the world.

I will not try and capture anything like a brontosaurus or gator of giant species, as they’re too heavy and I personally find them a boring thing and so not worth a bite from attempting to capture. I also have no interest in attempting to capture species of giant flying birds, as I don’t want my head pecked or bitten off or talons in me from some angry or hungry /mom or dad bird, but mainly because where they may live is too vague to pin down.

To do this I’ll need a barge modified to carry a crew of 20 and with an animal containtment area. You, the buyer, must also have land large spacious enough for a reptile to live in. It shouls be some sort of dome or cylinder-shaped building at least 60 to 120 feet in length. That is for the protection of humans around it and the animal/s too.

I also will require ownership of the barge and all equipment, food and drink on it, I am not going to do this with the risk of some expensive prank being played on me and my crew, or our pets or the investor suddenly changing his mind with an equally hurtful effect.

I am mosly enthusiastic about looking for the flying snakes, as I have many good precise spots I’ve discovered where they may reside.

If you would like to join my team for these planned missions, leave me your name, number and email and any profile page in the comments, it won’t be published as my comments are not automatically published.

Divided America and the Coming 2nd Civil War

September 29, 2020 Leave a comment

America has always been divided, but the existing divisions have become impossible to manage decently for sustaining a nation. As a result, Jesus taught America and countries like it would be destroyed. The reasons for this are:

1. Mistreatment of/hatred of the poor and no legal protections for them

2. Lawlessness by the government and police itself. As one example is a situation I went through and still am in which police accused me of their crimes and an animal shelter’s crimes against my pets, forced me to spend four months in jail with the judge failing to dismiss my case as there was no obvious evidence against me, (violating my right to a speedy trial and to live free without being discriminated against), starved me on and off for many days, at one point for days only giving me water with food particles, and the shelter (called “Animal Foundation, allied with PETA) pretended they had no records of me adopting back my pets) and so forcing me to plead “no contest”. And my public defender failed to appear three times, further delaying my release and she made it obvious she sided with the police. I ended up with a pathetic attorney who did not even bother to defend me in the end, but just went along with what the prosecutor wanted.

3. Extreme injustice, hypocrisy and favoritism in government down to their police/enforcers

4. Widespread racism by many whites, which ended up corrupting the views of many others of other races so that they became racist themselves
. Incompatible religious and secular divisions. America (as is the world as a whole) split between the following beliefs:

a. Christians who believe in God’s universal pre-planned destiny, who are known by some as, “Calvinists” or “Reformed Christian”, and are either Baptist or Presbyterians. Some may be “Messianic Jews” rather than Presbyterian or Baptists, the difference being that they observe many holidays of Moses’ law. These Christians attempt full dedication to obeying the ten commandments but (without killing anyone who breaks them) and Christ’s so called “Golden Rule”.

b. Buddhists

c. Catholic Christian cults: Catholics being the largest group, and their protestant allies, allies being Anglicans, Episcopalians and Copts.

d. Other cults: Free Will Christian Cults (these are cults which teach that God’s will can be defeated by man by his sin and rejecting Him, making God’s word and salvation in vain)!: Arminian Baptists and Presbyterians, Lutherans, Methodists, Pentecostals, Unitarians, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and many more.

e. Orthodox Jews

f. Reformed Jews

g. gangs (there are endless gangs, included among them are white xenophobes or hatemongers who wish to eliminate or enslave blacks, Mexicans and South Americans and Jews, other gangs are made up of Mexicans or Latinos, others are small and exist only to bully, steal and destroy, the rest of the gangs are nearly insignificant, but made up of either Chinese or Japanese)

h. Anarchists (rebels with low income, who likely have been banned from owning guns or irrationally fear guns and therefore may be violent without them.

i. Justice Systems and Their Goons (Police Departments). Police are groups that are loosely allied as a whole, almost all whites, composed of thoughtless and uncaring racist bullies, psychopaths and ignoramuses whose main goal is to profit and bully then poor into total submission or to suicide. They have no to little concern for morality and are economically destructive and destroy national unity and ultimately international relations.

j. American Constitutionalists/Ancestor/”Founding Father Worshipers) (a cult that worships George Washington and the others white and racist elitists who rebelled against Britain’s king, who may call themselves “Conservatives” and “patriots” but among whom are white racists)

k. atheists, many of whom are so called “mainstream scientists” and worship their scientific discoveries, but whom due to their bias against God, fear of persecution and greed will often not use their scientific method correctly or give honest findings or honest explanations or those findings

l. Liberals, also called Democrats (a loose network of groups in this list who have specific goals, that highest being the elimination or conversion of Group A, the right to kill babies including the unborn and greater sexual freedom for and with children, thought not all will admit this, most will deny it). Many of them are drug addicts. Many conservatives, being Christians of a kind who follow the Bible to a certain degree and ancient tradition, also want the right to be able to marry children as young as eight, mostly Mormons or Catholics may privately admit this.

m. Muslims (who are divided between three groups)

n. Animal and “Nature” Worshipers (many are narcissists and therefore irrational and prone to extremely hateful responses even against what they claim to love and truly are merely Opportunists who like certain animals and types of wild environments).

o. Narcissist Self-centered Opportunists (individuals who go along with whoever can help them at any time with no to little concern for truth/morality). They are loyal only to themselves but not necessarily addicted to money-making, goods, food or sex, etc.

p. Perverted sexual-centric groups (groups that worship sexual pleasure and sexual “freedom” many of whom endorse little children having sex “changes”). They are all liberals, and many of them are drug addicts, narcissists and schizophrenics, therefore are severely irrational.

So, there are 16 specific groups, none of them are compatible (which makes Unitarianism impossible if you don’t know). Now among many of these groups are U.S. military, but who are split between liberalism, conservatism, white nationalism and president elect Joe Biden and current president Donald Trump. It is therefore a military without unity and in imminent danger of defeat  and permanent fracture. The justice systems and police departments will likewise fracture and be absorbed into the other groups, with the psychopaths, child abusers eventually being discovered among the prosecutors and police and being personally executed by whoever finds it out.

Wars are inevitable within America therefore. A temporary solution is to show your personal group alignment with a head or armband to make friends quickly and seek a place where you may find long term peace together and avoid violent groups.

Why a 2nd American Civil War Is Now Inevitable

September 27, 2020 1 comment

Jesus said, “Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand.”

The facts: Trump is a blatant backhanded racist, obviously minorities then will refuse to support him. Instead the majority, who have guns or who will get them will then target and attempt to destroy “white” organizations of authoritarian power, which would be their state government and the police who enforce their laws. If Trump wins or does not leave, his racist supporters will take this continuing victory as a sign that they may murder liberals and others who oppose him. Even if police stop them, they know police cannot outnumber them and so will overwhelm the police and even take over as police. Now if Trump leaves, his supporters will not let him step down as they see Biden as a senile or severely morally corrupt or both and know they could not call themselves patriots or brave if they allow him to become president. Either action will trigger mass riots and the destruction of state governments and all or most police forces, some however may form their own governments or merge with the paramilitary organizations of Trump’s civilian supporters.

The American military however has had indications that Trump has no love for them and sees them as foolish tools and may even be under Putin’s control, or is unwilling to oppose Putin as Trump fears all his real estate property being nuked and himself poisoned or nuked along with his property. The military who believes this will then think their first strike or immediate retaliatory advantage has been lost and that America could be destroyed at any moment by hypersonic Russian nukes and even China joining in. This then may, if it hasn’t already, cause secret rebel groups to have formed within the military which are aligned and have formed to secure America’s safety by installing some leader of their own who will restore America’s first strike or at least immediate retaliatory strike readiness.

I don’t see the military as all being unified in this, but various factions trying to keep Trump in power o Biden or one of their personal picks for leaders. My guess is that Shawn Hannity, Tucker Carlson or even Mehgan Merkle (because of royal status and mixed race ancestry, offer to lead and being decent, unlike Trump and Biden, and who would help unify black and white females and keep friendly relations with Britain).

A third reason for America’s inevitable fracture is Putin’s obvious desire for America to stop threatening Russia’s economic progress and existence and to boost Russia’s status above it’s horribly tarnished history. No country likes having a depressing history to teach their children or want to bother with having to twist it and lie about it due to their current middling or ugly state of being. So then, Putin, being covertly iron-fisted, perhaps so far as to poison his enemies, will poison all candidates, throwing America into chaos, even perhaps going to far as to sneak a torpedo nuke at San Francisco, not only destroying it and by doing so America’s economy and stability, perhaps even triggering a massive earthquake and magnifying that damage and insuring America’s withdrawal from America’s affairs. Russia may even have secretly created a network of satellites to easily destroy retaliatory nuke strikes from America, and Elon Musk’s many satellites may even be apart of that network. And given China’s continually degrading relations with China, now near ruined, China may help Russia neutralize retaliatory missile strikes. Another reason for Putin to take this action is that America is in the weakest military and leadership state it’s ever been in and therefore the perfect time to strike and finally be free of America’s grip. Even Britain’s government and monarchy may assist Russia in the hope that Dutchess Meghan will take over some part of America and restore much lost honor lost by Britain’s defeat in the American Revolutionary War.

A fourth reason America’s destruction is inevitable is that it is in the way of Biblical prophecies being fulfilled in the middle east. America would repel Turkey and Russia, both of whom, or Turkey and Iran, scheduled to attempt destroy Jerusalem.

In fact, America’s inevitable fall may be a worldwide sign that all nations are about to be devastated, perhaps by a small volley of neutron bombs, and by miracles of God, no more. That would be enough to revert the world in the ammunition and grenade warring years to come to the previous ways of using swords, bows, spears, shields, old forms of body armor and horses so that prophecy will be fulfilled. Obviously there are many bullets in the world and many military vehicles and fuel for them, so for some years, maybe two years of intense fighting all over the world, till the age of the bow, sword, spear and horse return.

I hope to find Christians who would like to live well with me in the remote wilderness of the state I live in, with my many chickens, sheep, goats, vegetable seeds and much cookware. If you can shear sheep, make blankets and robes from wool, have sheep shears, can play wind instruments, cook well, repair my bicycle and scooter that would help, and if you know how to use GPS, even better. My eight? adult hens may be laying eggs soon, and I am stuck in Henderson, NV due to my bank account going negative.

I have a storage unit filled with goods, and would like to bring it with me in what would need to be a large trailer or delivery type truck to bring it all. There is actually a large armored for sale next to my storage unit, or was at least, perhaps still there. Perhaps one of you owns a moving vehicle or can buy a used one in just good enough shape for the journey.

My remote wilderness dwelling is roughly 500 miles from Henderson, NV.

Things I lack: a good bluetooth speaker, violin, guitar, harp, four-wheeled vehicles and tilapia fry (to seed the creek where my sheep are at) and rope (I had 50 feet of climbing rope but it was quickly stolen), golf clubs a shortwave solar shortwave radio, solar flashlights, a solar power system, sheep shears, sewing instruments, knee pads, iodized salt, a backup supply of quick oats and two formerly wild mustangs, horse riding gear. If you have all that, or can get them, we’re complete.

To whoever cares, I’m a Calvinist type, and a Jew, I am more racially Jewish than I am Filipino. Supposedly one of my ancestors was a Spaniard.

What Is This Neon Green Fly? Is it an unknown fly?

September 22, 2020 1 comment

About two weeks ago, think, I was looking at a part of a creek in a certain city, and thought I was looking at a piece of algae with a mixture of bright and dark green colors, it stood out being thick-looking and on the side of the creek I never see such a thing so went to pick it up and was amazed to see a kind of fly I have never seen before (I am 43) and that doesn’t look much like any fly I can think of and that it had such a perfect-looking symmetry and skin, and looking very smooth. It looks like a little toy to me.

What type of fly is this?

Cryptid Bright Green Toy Fly – 1
Cryptid Bright Green Toy Fly – 2
Cryptid Bright Green Toy Fly – 3
Cryptid Bright Green Toy Fly – 4
Cryptid Bright Green Toy Fly – 5

Though I tried to preserve it, white police harassers harassing me as usual prevented and white local crazy people also harassing me, people who hate non-whites and those who “look homeless”, took up so much of my time and energy that tiny black ants it after I had put it in a certain jar repeatedly (it was dead after two days I think), where now only it’s wings remain. I was very sad about this. None of the photos were on HDR setting, it truly was as bright green as some of these cropped photos show. Some days earlier I saw another amazing unknown fly also as long as this one, it was black and moved like a wasp, it’s longish antennas too, and it had dull olive eyes which were smooth, large and beautiful. It flew off just as I was finally able to turn my phone’s camera on, and was not able to photograph or video record it.

1946-47 Footage of Korea and Japan Made by a Jew In the U.S. Army

August 6, 2020 2 comments

Please Rent This Footage To Help Save My Last Chickens from Ant Attacks.

I am homeless with only nine left of dozens that false Christians (of GV Christian Church) and evil police and a Jewish medical university owner deliberately abandoned (Roseman University) in their racism, hate and contempt for God and the poor.

An Off To Live With Me In a Huge Paradise Area

Less than 500 miles from Vegas is a near untouched paradise, it has fish, lakes, probably deer, and huge shelters (I will explain that strangeness if you fully commit to helping and I see you’re not some criminal or irrational new age wacko. I have a storage unit full of druzy quartz, coolware, many books, nice, HEAVY stuff.

I have 33 baby chicks and do not want them growing up in Loserville Borington Hellhole Zone not even the waterfalls I made and try to live at, but cannot as it is very messy, cramped, ant-filled, noisy (waterfalls will wear out your ears, so will a running creek) and a very long, big pain to get in and out of.

I was severely injured by a speeding truck a few months ago, it severed bicep muscles, requires surgery to repair, and due to cops harassing me to near death in burning weather and the rough terrain I live at now barely have strength left, and I do mean literal and repeat verifiable blatant harassment.

Anyways, I have fishing gear and cookware, building materials, tools, solar panels, unfortunately no shortwave radio or walkie talkies, no thanks to thieving cops who literally robbed me of nearly a $1000 worth of tech I bought with my disability income, the last of it, and you burglarized and robbed me, both!

Moving on. If you are the adventurous type, strong yet curvy and soft, without gorilla-like man-hands (see Seinfeld for reference), go exploring with me till we experience the glory of snakes attacking our snake boots (sadly I have none) and pointing in amazement at their foolishness of daring toto damage our boots.

If mountain lions show up and jump on us, don’t worry, I can kick very hard, I’m somewhat hopeful the chickens will save us if that doesn’t work. If it doesn’t I may use my snake-hand puppet and hiss, or play a lion-roaring on my little bluetooth speaker, possibly saying, “Thanks for ruining my day ” or looking completely unimpressed and disappointed at any attacks may repel such beats. Or, bear mace may work, yet I have none, and my dollar store sunglasses keep breaking.

This offer of paradise living amongst nasty beasts, centipedes and spiders hiding who knows where and amongst the ruins of massive art-deco-like Iron Man mansion strangely set into a wild creek is also on my blog. So just google, The Offer of Aquaman to live at Iron Man’s place, after having been bombed out it seems.

No, this is no joke, April is long past. If you have allergies, that’s bad, if a noisy hideous disobedient dog or cat, bad too. If you scare very easy, bad, if you like rap, or sing horribly, tap your fingers too much or at all, stomp your feet a lot and snore, don’t like scouting for nice rocks or fossils, hate stars: all bad.

I would show this place but do not want feds pestering me, or robbers to come looking for me, or you.


Questions For the Arrogant Emma Watson, Panderer

” “Trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned or told they aren’t who they say they are.” – Emma Watson

Emma, show your wisdom and maturity to the world by answering Christians and everyone else allowed “free thought” and judgment of what is true, false and good or evil, you who judge anyone who disagrees with your feelings: what is the evidence or proof for anything you said in historical tradition, religion or any science? Neither wishful thinking, or anger nor insistence however extreme is evidence or proof of anything. You lack common sense if you believe your claims, are immoral, deluded, lack a conscience or it’s seared from you continual sins. Stop making humans and yourself a priority above our Creator. Stop making claims without evidence, stop assuming, stop implying only you know what is true and best, you have no proof and are a low person of little regard. You’re an actor? Who cares? Is your field the study of religion, morality and psychology, and your age is? Stop insulting your elders, stop playing a troll, know and understand your God before your time here is up. The phobes are liberals, communists, socialists and Christians who deny salvation is an eternal gift from God, not temporary, because none of you have the courage or desire to know or accept God’s love and truths over your materialism and addiction to money and comfort.

Roseman University and Henderson Police, Partners In Harassing Non-whites

For years I have cleaned up the trash at the Whitney Mesa Park, glass, foam, bags that no one else will touch, not after ten years even on Roseman University’s section of the park, that school of doctors who took the oath to do no harm, yet repeatedly lied to sick police on me and force me and my pets into extreme heat just so they might FEEL I was farther away despite not seeing me. Yes they own and neglect it, but see me clean up, I even pointed this out to their guards who are told to watch me, why, apparently I’m not white enough to be ignored. They’ve even told me I could not use the sidewalk, a PUBLIC sidewalk leading to the mesa and Henderson white cops even threatened me to not use the sidewalk or travel on the mesa. Today they literally wrote me a false trespass as Roseman Uni. repeatedly lied to the all white Henderson cops about all the businesses and land around them being theirs and the cops knowing it is a lie – I even showed them the property lines pretend it is true, even when I am showing them the lines on a map, to my face pretended they couldn’t see the lines. Note, they “trespassed” me from GV CHRISTIAN CHURCH WHO NEVER CALLED THEM NOR CARES ABOUT THE REFUSE LAND I STAY AT AND CLEAN. So, it is a false trespass. Observe the picture of it.

They had me trespassed years earlier from Roseman for cleaning up litter around a dumpster NOT belonging to them, yet called the police on me anyways. A second time they lied recently and the police instead said they should arrest me, and police illegally did a search on me, twice, and the property with no warrant, and now a third time this morning, now pretending they do not know whose property it is and threatening code enforcement in 72 hours.

This again is land I clean, on private church property where styrofoam washes into Whitney Mesa, gets on feral cats and a tame road runner that comes to me for food to feed her baby. So consider: this is racist wealthy harassing poor non-whites, and police using a an excuse of convenience that there’s a code violation, just ignoring that if it were Roseman’s land the code violation would be the massive amount of rubber hose debris next to them since the start, styrofoam from WaterFX and a sea of broken glass. Now is it right to harass me (using cops and strangely all white except perhaps one) merely because I exist, and even doing good and when those calling are boldly breaking the law and police boldly enforcing and perpetuating this harassment? This was Henderson’s community relations cops with bullet proof vests and guns on their sides calling me out this morning, their “relations” telling me code enforcement would, yet again (steal) my property, something they did before (officer Paul Easton) when I bought hundreds of dollars worth of solar equipment – he vandalized some, literally threw it along with lead batteries and glass into open empty pools and stole $300 in solar panels when he had posted a sign saying not to remove any property. He even vandalized the house. I ask the community, especially fellow Christians to ask Jewish-owned Roseman to stop harassing the homeless, to remember the persecution of Jews, which includes me, a half-Jew, my other half is Filipino, which by the way is a race with ancient black DNA, there are even native blacks in the Philippines. I also ask that GV Christian be urged to employ me to maintain their ignored property.

This is not just a race issue, nor some homeless issue, but trash as it gets all over the wildlife and into the wash at Whitney Mesa, it is also of course a law issue in that Henderson is continuing the harassment of any poor on behalf of the wealthy and as usual breaking the law to do so, boldly. There’s no community relations, that is a farce, it is community destruction, the kind we’ve seen erupt repeatedly in history, now with destroyed police stations even.

Roseman University’s phone number is (702) 968-2007. GV Christian’s is (702) 454-2722. Roseman and GV are also on Twitter and Facebook.

How the Jews pay back those who helped recreate their nation! KICK THEM NOT JUST OUT, BUT AWAY WITH THEIR KIDS!

Note to the cops will not even investigate the white meth addict living in a suite nearby who keeps stealing my mail, opened my replacement card from Wells Fargo and kept the second replacement.


Why Defund the Police?

This is a quickly written reply to ignornt or lying cops who give the wife beater/mafia extortionist reply, “You’ll need me/us when you call us to save you one day!”

  1. I don’t want an evil person to save me, God through Christ already did.
  2. As has already been shown, not all cops are equal and rarely around to respond during a crime, but only after, making things worse. Instead they are around to stalk and harass the homeless giving them contradictory reasons as to why.

Now some short stories of mine:

You’re ignorant of how most judges and cops cause homelessness and sustain. Cops arresting a so called squatter or homeless person causes them to lose jobs, pets, friends, property left behind in a sudden arrest or can no longer guard, abqpd caused me a devestating burglary by deliberately leaving my apt unlocked on suspiscion i recorded one violating my privacy AGAIN.

LVMPD stole my pets repeatedly (UNLV campus cops even helped UNLV sorrority girls steal my healthy kittens on my birthday on threat of false accusations and putting them down) indirectly caused some to starve and dehydrate to death. Twice they burglarized me, locked me out, stole a memory card in intake and stole and destroyed my ID at their evidence vault despite repeat calls to release it and my $90 cash.

Cops also repeatedly trespass on the land of anyone called “homeless” and wrecked two abandoned houses I cleaned and repaired and molested me without caused EVEN WHEN I CALLED, AND ONE TORE MY SHOULDER LIGAMENTS PRETENDING I WAS RESISTING. When judges issue a warrant for baseless accusations and cause loss like I described they tempt the poor to make up with it by theft. COPS CAUSE CRIME.

A Henderson cop outright lied about me camping as ab excuse to arrest me and forced me to abandon maybe $70 worth of property I just bought off amazon, hair clippers too crucial to look not homeless and not be miserable from overgrown hair and be bullied for it.

I could not afford hair clippers for months after and losing my ID, folding wagon, crucial contact info and $90 to the thieving LYING LVMPD cop who lied to keep me jailed for a tormenting year in jail caused me to have no income for four years from the resulting depression and losing my kittens to him and the other mocking detectives.

Cops even sicked psychotic informants on me who tormented my pets, kept burglarizing and robbing me and two kept sexually harassing and stalking me till my house got bulldozed because of their mayhem. Police departments are evil and keep siding with the rich against the poor even when admitting to committing crimes to repel the homeless. One cop claimed me sitting in a corner with two kittens at the Strip is why there were less tourists, not the Mandalay massacre before.

Another block head refused to listen to me when I told him a housed meth addict kept opening my mail which the cop INSTANTLY justified because HE, THIS COP/S, SAW/ASSUMED I was a homeless therefore a druggie therefore had no rights. They were not even supposed to be on my land or search as they did and failed to arrest the rich white guy who lied about whose land I was on instead lied saying they were supposed to arrest me.

One LVMPD pet detective harassed me on this blog itself, let his partner steal my kittens.


Tens of thousands of unaccounted for American coronavirus deaths question

I Got Hit By a Car, Very Hard

So, I knew God had some punishment aka chastisement in store for me for my sadly having sunk low and fornicated with a horrid woman at night. God let my rabbit suffer a bit from the impact too to warn me from doing such a thing again. I’m in great pain, and it is very great when I attempt to walk or sit and my organs took a huge hit on the right side, when the impact happened a few hours ago I believed I was about to die and asking people to care for my rabbit and at one point said, “my animal” and one woman if I remember right said, “You’re animal?” as if it sounded odd, but I do not think of him as a mere pet, but as my son and if I said, “My son” they would have thought I was a crazy animal or rabbit guy like a stereotypical “crazy cat lady” I thought. The impact was so hard it bent a hard drive ON THE INSIDE of a padded cooler,  a hard drive which I had found in my storage unit, and amazingly a carbon filtration bandanna in my storage unit the day before and was curious what was on it and was going to try to examine it later but then was hit by the truck. The impact was so hard it struck my rear wheel out of my bike on one side and I cannot get it back in. To my disgust and anger an elderly lady who had been stalking and chasing me with my carrier a few days earlier risking us death, herself too when she stopped on the highway showed up later to ask if I wanted help, but I got away slowly.

Update: I can hardly walk now, let alone get up, I suppose from the inflammation of my muscles and tendons that were hit. Horrible pain!

Update: After two days my rabbit went back to his usual self, and me after four, however due to annoying evil people in my life and a traffic ticket from the accident and not getting my mail completely or on time due to incompetent social workers at NBH paid for by HPN Healthcare broke out hives of three kinds including hand blisters and a burning, itching dry face condition that is like eczema.



FORTY Strains of Coronavirus Are Circulating

Two Coronavirus strains are circulating, one is deadly (link)

Please give no credence on that website to the evolution myths spread by the so called mainstream scientists, which are 100 percent not people who have common sense where it counts most, common sense on spiritual things, like morality and the origin of life. Like now, Newscientist on their website is claiming yet another way evolution happened, or may have happened. By the way, it is evil to impossible for any well researched physicist in cosmology, Relativity and Quantum Mechanics to deny there is a Creator, as they know that for a thing on the quantum level to have certain state, it must be observed, an intelligent being that is must make a measurement. So, the universe could not have simply acquired a certain set of conditions with an observer, or in the beginning, the Creator.

I think due to the multitude of coronavirus strains it is difficult for anyone to know if a person died from some other cause other than the coronavirus but merely had some harmless or non-severe-symptom-causing strain of it. So, death tolls cannot be relied on, especially in countries with massive populations like China and India. A way to know however is by analyzing a change in the average number of deaths per month and year, that would clarify a new death-causing agent/factor at work, and so, the world will have to wait a year or two for the tabulations.

Expedition to Jarbidge, Elko or elsewhere in northern NV with me

If you have a truck and will let me ride in back, with my bunny, I will show you some incredible paradise areas and abandoned cabins I found in those areas, although, some cabins are many miles from the center of those places, there’s also a paradise creek area truly in the middle of nowhere. There’s also rock hounding spots. I have a massive amount of google earth photos with GPS coordinates of many amazing things, including what looks like an abandoned front end of a train in a creek in the middle of no where, rusted it seems. I am hoping to plant some heirloom crops in these places so they won’t go extinct and to provide food for wild animals and my rabbit at some point in the future. I have metal detecting equipment, gold panning, tents, sleeping bags, two cots, two folding chairs, shovels, animal traps, fishing equipment. I lack however sunglasses and a hat with an insect net, if you would be so kind as to provide those things. I will also tell you a cure for the coronavirus, a literal cure. Don’t believe it? Well, consider this, there was a cure for MRSA in medieval times, the formula is online published by scholars, and it was only recently discovered, now, if that was known for hundreds of years, and only a few people like me, a researcher of everything knows about it, what else might I know? A lot… My storage unit is filled with gemstones… Not everyone who lacks a car is, stupid and poor. I’ve been asking for help with these journeys for years, and ironically, not even this virus crisis inspires anyone to avoid this plague with me. Vegas may be strong, but it is not wise, nor Henderson. This message is on my blog, so you ignoramus life-hating and animal-hating with no friends and no life trolls who keep deleting it on Craigslist: you are failures, as always.

My Theory On Why Germany, Turkey and South Korea Have A Low Death Rate Per Infected Person From the COVID 19 aka Novel Corona Virus

Knight’s Theory On Why Germany and South Korea Have A Low Death Rate From the COVID 19 aka Novel Corona Virus:

So I thought of sauerkraut as being a possible reason among reasons as to why Germany’s death count was so low for those who contracted COVID-19/Novel Corona virus. And I found this webpage about fermented foods being able to combat viruses:

Turks also turn out to eat a wide variety of fermented foods: ” in Turkey, traditional fermented foods and beverages include fermented meat (sausage), fermented milk (ayran, cheese, koumiss, kefir, kurut, yoghurt, and torba yoghurt), fermented vegetables (mustard, pickles, and turnips), fermented fruits, non-alcoholic beverages (boza), and cereal-based fermented food” (from

Garlic can also fight pneumonia which is one of the possible illnesses COVID 19 can cause:

I also thought of Dr. Klenner (passed away) who used vitamin c injections to fight poisons and viruses and who succeeded. I then found out some hospitals are using vitamin c injections to fight the coronavirus/COVID-19. You should also know that colloidal silver helps fight bacterial infections caused by viruses, and can make some antibiotics 1000 times stronger. Colloidal copper might also help, but I have not done enough reading into that yet.

As for hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine and azithromycin there is what appears to be evidence it does fight coronavirus:

Something also for the world to note concerning this virus is that it latches on to dust particles and can last for hours on copper, which is a so called antimicrobial metal: