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About Pedophiles and Anti-Pedophiles

February 4, 2016 Leave a comment

In my middle age I’ve learned all I need to know about this world:

God has one way to truth: being truthful and loving being truthful, (not loving all truths, because many truths are extremely sad and things to forget because of how sad and cruel they are), and Satan is a twister of truth and tries to imitate it at times to cause those who listen to him to have a greater damnation.

Do you know this saying?: “if it seems to good to be true it probably is”?

What do you think of someone with a criminal background who despises any authorities like the government, judges and law enforcers, who say “I hate pedos” and talk about wanting to kill them? I see:

1. An arrogant, untrustworthy person with corrupt judgment because he’s said he hates (in part) enforcers and judges of right from wrong (so he then acts like only his judgments are valid!)

2. A cold hearted plotter of murder

3. A voilent person with a bad temper (such people are abusive to anyone young or old, and therefore hypocritical when they claim to be anti-abuse)

4. A moron, because pedophelia can mean more than one thing, isn’t a black and white issue, but contentious because it’s NOT non-tradition in many cultures to marry young or immoral to marry young to old, and “attraction to a younger person” doesn’t at all necessarily = “a sexual predator of youths”, not at all. A “pedophile” can be a mislabel by such morons, or someone with a true unhealthy obsession with KIDS (not adolescents or teens, as teens are young adults, and it’s not outside of historical norms to be attracted to or to marry an adolescent).

5. Biased possibly because they were molested as a kid (and taught wrongly a molester = pedophile and pedophile = has no normal attractions and is evil and prone to molesting. It’s circular reasoning. Not only that, by similar logic an anti-pedophile (as in a Westerner or someone against age difference attractions) molested person may claim a kid molester was likely molested and therefore not trusthworthy around kids, obviously then the reasoning/judgment and self-control of the molested one is also suspect! They can’t be trusted either!

Attraction to a kid anymore than an adult with kid-like features doesn’t make them “pathologically obsessed with those a year or more younger” or “to kids/persons under 12”, a true pedophile OBSESSIS on those under 12, and has a non-normal view of what is attractive. To them any kid with some beauty is sexually attractive or a certain look or looks among kids, as in a fetish. It is as not normal as someone obsessed with 23-year-olds, an unhealthy fixation on a particular age. In fact it is unhealthy (think about the tons of divorces among antipedophiles) to try to only be attracted to a date someone of your own age! By doing so you are acting and thinking like a Catholic priest who tries to abstain from sex (which the Bible forbids! among Christian leaders!!) and due to that unnatural restriction ending up not just being hypocritical in the end when like a priest you break you moral standard but go even further and molest or rape someone due to the heavy mental burden you took on, bottling up a huge amount of sexual pressure which then ferments into rage.

Yes: anti-“pedophelia” speech, laws and voilence LEADS to “child abuse”!

Don’t invent unecessary laws like the Pharisees in the Bible did, which was their cheap fake way of trying to hide their evil and appear righteous, which the ignorant q d gullible fell for. It’s enough to avoid sex and sexual lust out of wedlock and not go to extremes, like marrying a 7 year old or expecting a kid to behave and think like an adult!

You criminals in jail and prison: stop with cheapshots against “pedos” and boasting about your hate for them when your very crimes are what (especially combined with the crimes of everyone and your unknown crimes) causes righteous and especially already evil people to crack under pressure and take their anger out on kids! Beat up yourselves if you hate child abuse so much because you yourselves contributed to it you hypocritical judges who conveniently boast! That goes for paid judges too: You judges of many years know you have often been sloppy in your judging and careless of truth, such judging causes intense hatred in those you judge which provokes them to true or further crimes like “child abuse”.

Anyone can say, “I hate those people, I want to kill them”, how are you by saying that showing YOU’RE MORALLY GREATER THAN A “PEDOPHILE” OR “RAPIST”?! Such talk is too convenient especially for someone not willing to commit to perfectly obeying God’s laws, like not stealing, lying, murdering, worshiping things other than God, remembering the Sabbath and loving and forgiving all. If you make yourself judge and punisher God will hold you to a much higher standard of judgment too you blind hypocrites!

Finally, you if you harm or kill the “pedophile” may cause the destruction of the children dependant on them and cause them in their grief and rage to become “pedophiles” to avenge and satisfy themselves.

Work on yourself first, stop with the cheap talk and pretending your hate and voilence makes up for your sins, your other hate and voilence! Go to God over your sins instead of pretending your cheap talk and voilence will get God to forgive you, you’ll not, you’ll be punished and despised by God even more!

“You hate all who do wrong.” – Psalm 5:5

How Can Such Stupid People Not Be ”Bums” – The Stupidity of Assuming Anything

January 9, 2016 Leave a comment

I go to the Strip sometimes, not often, and I’m usually in severe pain so don’t go, but I’m what most would consider a kind of bum, and surely homeless from how I look, which is dirty, but I’m neither, I was repeatedly illegally evicted by bad land lords and cops, crazy stories behind that, won’t bother with explaining. Now I go to the Strip to make money, I sit, with no sign, and a can of some sort, never a bucket. Rarely I will take out a laptop, which is not always a device I have, but usually I do since I spend my time researching what the world would call “scientific” things, and religion and not for nothing, but to teach others and because I’ve been working on creating a real Ironman type suit, something superior and more practical.

But so, and even bums, rarely, but it happened yesterday, pester me over not being DIRTY ENOUGH and POOR-LOOKING ENOUGH, and they make no point in their stupid comments.

Last night a bum, not seeing my phone or laptop, but only my shitty working bmx bike (and I bus to the strip since it’s six miles away and I would stink grossly if I biked it there) and a seat nice pad, and the pad i stole from savers, he stopped in front of me and said (and this guy looked much less dirty than me) something like, “That’s a nice set up, you have a cat (blah blah),” and yet my “set up” was a random mess, dirty too, my laptop bag is very dirty and my backpack and back pack has broken zippers. And he said “you know some of us (homeless drunken or drug addicted assuming – and therefore homeless – morons?) have to live here”. he said other stuff I couldn’t hear because of traffic and my hood on and my somewhat clogged ears and i didn’t bother looking or talking to him because he was obviously, a giant moron and obvious that his arrogance and retarded assuming was why he was homeless.

later in a different location since that one sucked for donations, a mexican youth, or maybe it was before that, said, with his friend jeering too, “You have a laptop”? To which I replied, “it’s shitty”, and it is, and a pawn shop majorly ripped me off selling it to me at 180, the screen was immediately scratching because it was cheap and the keyboard area below has small metal burs that scrape the screen when it’s closed and it moving around with me, it’s no good for today’s games and considered a low end computer, it’s hard to try to upgrade and not worth it. But so one of those two mexican morons said, “It’s HP, I used to have an HP laptop, they aren’t shitty”. I didn’t think to say this but, “DUDE: SINCE WHEN ARE ALL LAPTOPS OF THE SAME COMPANY AT ALL EQUAL, AND HOW DO YOU KNOW MINE ISN’T BROKEN, AND IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE SCREEN WHICH I ALREADY TOLD YOU WAS SCRATCHED UP… WHY ARE YOU BABBLING ABOUT MY LAPTOP AND WHY DOES IT MATTER THAT I HAVE ONE, YOU TWO HATEFUL FOOLS?”

Then hours later in yet another location another mexican moron, merely seeing my phone (and from maybe FORTY FEET AWAY! said, “Nigga you have a phone!” And you’re point is, Obama-phone hating moron who couldn’t even see what model phone I had, nor see the screen nor knowing if it is even mine or just borrowed or even usable or not? For all you know, “nigga mexican” I’m just showing it off so that people won’t think I’m a useless retarded bum like you, a spiritual bum is what those three mexicans were, and the white bum I mentioned first was a complete bum.

I get similar comments from white morons when they see me with a bike, dumb comments like “nice bike” or one guy said, “sorry I can’t donate because you have a nicer bike than me”, yet I never spoke to the moron nor asked him for anything nor had a sign, as I usually never do, and he didn’t examine my bike at all, but glanced at it, and again, assuming it was mine, and clearly not knowing the value as it was something that would only go for about $10-20 these days, in Vegas at least.

What amazes me is why are these people SO STUPID, and where does THEIR WEALTH come from being that they are THAT DUMB? These are the walmart zombies that go into a store and buy whatever cuz “it look good yo” yet do they do that with cars? Surely they have that attitude with women, “Yo she look good, she got boobs yo, yo she ayass is phat yo, yo all dat matters is dat she got a pussie and do what i say yo, she my bitch yo, i gonna make her my bitch yo, hee heee”. Shouldn’t THOSE be the morons that are homeless?

And of course these extremely stupid morons, people of troll-slave intelligence don’t even consider that a person who is homeless or “dirt poor” is very likely to have what little he has, laptop phone or bike stolen or lost or horribly damaged in an accident in no time or eventually break and then he have nothing again for a long while unless he come upon a druggie thief trying to sell him some stolen thing cheap, a stolen thing which may have problems and be on the verge of breaking itself.

Ultimately such morons making such comments have no point: why shouldn’t or wouldn’t a homeless or dirty person or poor person HAVE A LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, PHONE TOO OF ANY TYPE?! OR WHY NOT FOOD STAMPS, OR AS IN AUSTRALIA, A RENTAL VOUCHER? Why can’t I be one of those people who just lost his house in a tornado and why can’t I have storage? WHAT is the point of these morons?

Another guy that same night who looked mexican and was tall in black and looked like a model rudely shoved a pizza box in my hand with one slice of shitty unhealthy pizza that I didn’t bother with eating and said, “try to be productive” and seemed angry at me. Well, sir, who saw neither my laptop or phone: am I allowed to have a laptop or phone to be productive? In fact I had brought both with a low end little speaker to try and entertain with some music as people passed by, and the first two spots I had to leave because rude bridge-squatting types who are NOT HOMELESS, clearly not, one being that black violinist who is always by Cosmo and doesn’t care about any others in need and is very arrogant, even having threatened me once and who tried to move my bike which was not near him and ready to fight me forced me to move in a few minutes, another was a blonde white shitty guitar player who can’t play and blasted me away almost as soon as I moved from the violinist.

The people making the rude comments to me, and it’s never an asian or arab…, almost never a Jew, who are not VERY young, but usually 20+, where is your common sense? I get the same comments from some cops including off the strip and who bully me. People of all types are rude and mean to me. Now of course there are those who KNOW what I’m going through in a way as they are poor and have been or are homeless and know everything I just said and yet don’t have a stupid nonsensical arrogant attitude.

I’m not astonished by mere hate or violence, not astonished that Muslim immigrants would come over to some other country and rape the girls or guys there, but what astonishes me is STUPID assuming. Rape, murder, molestation, none of that to me compares to ASSUMING, in fact I think it is ASSUMING that is why people end up raping, murdering or molesting or doing anything else evil including being greedy with what they have when they have plenty, more than what they need for a few days or a month, and yet not wanting to share with someone who at least is not at first being a major jerk. You can find out if a person is useful or a jerk in at least an hour of being with them, during that time you’ll notice if they make a rude comment or have a bad temper and so on. I do not endorse giving to anyone, like a violent moron, and am not against donating to morons, but it’s to the unthankful who have the energy to be mean to others that I would say not to give anything to. Now what if you accidentally give to a person who is pretending to be nice, well, I don’t expect anyone to be psychic, and if you want to know if someone is truly good or at least DECENT, you can get a little evidence by simply asking them this question: “What makes a person good?” and “What is the ‘golden rule'”, and if they answer correctly, then ask, “Are you good?”…

Now for those who want to ask me, “Oh so you’re not homeless but you beg for money”. No morons who can’t read and hate reading, didn’t you read, I said I don’t ask for anything, further you don’t know what I’m living in, which is a dismal and very unsafe place, it’s worse than a third world shack, that bad, and at any time I risk being illegally evicted again. And at the moment can’t pay off my nearby storage unit. Don’t assume.

And for those who wonder then why I don’t beg, and think, “Well if you won’t beg you must not need the money”, no, fools, it’s because I don’t want to annoy tourists and for those of you who know the Bible very well, know that it says that if a person doesn’t want to work for his food than let him beg, which, then might indicate to you that I either do want to work, and therefore am not the “chronic useless homeless/beggar/bum” type or do work, but don’t get paid and intend to do useful work, and so by my silence am indicating that. I don’t and refuse to fall asleep where I sit, or lie down, though I do wish I had a lay-back type wheel chair so that at the end of the day my spine wasn’t in so much pain that I get life-threatening feelings when I move around even when lying down on my back, and it gets that bad, truly.

For those of you who wonder why I sit with a cat or cats and who like one airhead cop couldn’t make a point despite him trying to villify me for it, it’s because it’s entertaining to some, especially kids, and brightens their day rather than seeing me, a guy who has lost most of his attractiveness and looks gross and ignoring me, or allowing them to pet it gets a tip and therefore am being productive, and if I get money for it it helps both me and or my cat, it’s mutually beneficial, it doesn’t have to be one way, and why should it, because if I were to die from lack of help, how would that benefit my pets or service animals? This is common sense stuff and if, especially, a cop can’t figure that out, what business do you have being a cop? If a president, a leader can’t figure out all these things I said, you have no business being a leader.

As for the morons who angrily say, “Get a job”, who said I qualified for any in my area or that there are any jobs in my area to get, or that I can safely move to some area where there are such jobs, that they are worth pursuing, that all jobs are safe, that I don’t already have one — since when do all jobs “pay enough” to meet basic needs or for a person to progress in life much? What makes some random passer-by, cop or not, qualified to be my judge, a person who merely glances at or won’t even look at me directly? You’ll end up in Hell lower than I ever have been with your destructive way of life and you’ll regret all your hate, all your assumptions, all your random harassing which does no one any good, and is really about you using others as a punching bag so you can feel good, a feeling which will never last because bullying will lead to more torment for you, God will make sure of that.

Oh, what’s that I hear, I hear a bully, a mentally ill moron whining at me with, “Oh stop your complaining and you’re whining, you wrote all that now get a job!” and you’re sending me that comment or such comments helps me get this magically available and worthy while job you imagine is out there that I qualify for, which you magically know I qualify for or should bother trying to pursue? “Well if you don’t look you’ll never know” you say? Who said I don’t look and again, subject switcher who is merely a bully: who said I was qualified for what is out there and that the job I am really suited for isn’t simply writing, teaching or working at my own leisure, when I am not in severe pain, like say, mining things, jewels in the rough? Oh now I hear, “So do it!”, and again, assumer, is your babbling to me helping me to do anything, you who pretend to be useful but are a bum? And who said “right now” I can do it? Fools: I actually repeatedly ask for help on craigslist, and no one, except those trying to take advantage of me offer help, or people who never get back to me. Stop assuming, stop harassing, stop being a bully and a spiritual bum, get an actual life, not living one being a self-centered random babbler who though may do some useful work when he’s not bullying, is headed for Hell. And you will be less than a bum in Hell, there, no one will give you anything but tormented words if even that, and you will be ignored by those in Heaven, the only attention given you, disgust for your carelessness and that you threw away the riches of the future for the temporal things existing now. Stop being short-sighted, stop being self-centered, stop assuming things.

Future Kittens From A New Cat Breed For Sale – F1s Only

December 13, 2015 Leave a comment

marsh 3

marsh 4

I am currently offering short tailed kittens from a new breed I am trying to make based on what appears to be a Birman kitten I’ve named Marshmellow whom I bartered for. It doesn’t appear to be pure bred but it eyes are a rare intense blue, with two shades of blue, light and dark. Pictures of her are included in this post. I need the down payments to fund my efforts to try and trap these cats. Only one goes far off making him a bit harder challenge to catch, he’s actually easier being that it goes to a certain spot that makes it easy to access but he doesn’t show up often. The minimum I will take as a down payment is $600, not refundable, the full payment is an additional $600. The F2 generation if they ever come about will be $1,400 at the maximum unless circumstances require more for some reason, F3s at $1,600 and F4s at $2000. After that I don’t intend to increase the price. The behavior of the Birman I have is almost excellent, she is very playful, very attention seeking, but not overbearing and purs if I put my face up to her while she’s at rest with my other cats and rub my face against her. The only things I find lacking about her is that she doesn’t knead me and does not pur much, however I imagine many don’t want a cat that purs a lot because it can be disatracting when they want to sleep or or trying to focus on something else that requires much of their concentration. I may before attempting to cross her with the manx like cats first cross her with another Birman with either excellent form and patterning in order to work from a cat with a more excellent color point pattern and hope for even better looking eyes. The kitten on the bottom of this article is one I am trying to track down for crossing with mine.


unknown birman

How Liberalism Is Rapidly Destroying THE WORLD, not just America

November 20, 2015 Leave a comment

First of all what exactly is liberalism?:

Wikipedia uses a reference at the top of it’s article on Liberalism that says,

“Liberalism in the United States is a broad political philosophy centered on the unalienable rights of the individual. The fundamental liberal ideals of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion for all belief systems, and the separation of church and state, right to due process, and equality under the law are widely accepted as a common foundation across the spectrum of liberal thought.

Modern liberalism in the United States includes issues such as same-sex marriage, voting rights for all adult citizens, civil rights, environmental justice, and government protection of freedom from want.”

And this is why that is stupid and hypocritical:

Liberalism is not BROAD as it claims, those who are actually liberals are hypocrites who by trying to enforce liberalism are enforcing a religion of a type on those who have anti-liberal religions! FURTHER, just as liberal scientists use double speak and word obfuscation (when using words like “science”, “evolve”, “theory”, “religion”, “peer review”, “scientist”) to fool people into thinking they are teaching and only teach legitimate science (like relativity, evolution, heliocentrism, long term climate change prediction, big bangism, liberal-biased, anti-Christian archeology). For example when they say, “we’re for the same rights for all!”, no they aren’t for “all”, liberals are anti-fundamentalist Christian and would discriminate against them, they always do, it’s obvious, they deny it at times in stupidity and their evil stubbornness to cause hardships for those who point out their hypocrisy. When they refer to “science” they mean science that liberals approve of, not science that creationists for example claim is correct science, or so called “young earth creationists”). Liberals, when they claim to be “the truth” so to speak are no different than Satan when he pretends to be the truth in place of Christ. BUT, how specifically does liberalism “destroy”?

1. It causes strife because liberalism is not logical and a certain degree of logic is needed for peace enough that actual progress in anything takes place, especially having peace with God and ultimately leading to eternal life from Him

2. It perpetuates sin by promoting sinful speech and acts. Disobeying God does not lead to any lasting peace, it can be a temporary band aid but it doesn’t last long before it falls off and the wound is exposed and gets infected even worse.

3. It’s adherents and preachers strive over stupid things that waste time and money trying to accomplish.

Very specifically this is how liberalism is causing mass-time and money-waste and mass strife among those they keep trying to convince to go along with their striving:

1. Spaying and neutering every cat and dog except for those LIBERALS who can afford a license to breed. However liberal “extremists” so called like PETA would instead prevent anyone from owning any animal at all and have them instead killed or put into the wild somewhere or just to wander around wherever or even force humans to move so no cats get run over where humans live.

2. Trying to deny anyone except LIBERAL police and the military or anyone at all the use of guns, a futile thing to try because though it may be that in certain cultures in the world guns disappear, others who have the power and guns will not allow themselves to be disarmed except to the death, people so powerful they’d instead poison the well by firing nuclear missiles to trigger a world wide nuclear and EMP war so that everyone eventually dies from radiation poisoning and lack of working electronics.

3. Pushing homosexuality so hard and trying to make it so attractive and even among children that just as with mass spaying and neutering causing the extinction of all humans. If everyone turned gay, evolving to be gay, and suddenly there were massive disease out breaks or nuclear wars everywhere, WHO, WHAT would survive, especially if homosex had been going on for so long that there was negative population growth, and so long even that there were only a few million humans left, and only around because they were being cloned?

4. Denying the right to eat any kind of animal (however some liberals especially atheists don’t care what you eat, and might even let you literally eat parts of their body) like dogs, cats or parrots, because to many liberals the animal matters more or is equal to a human, even a stupid angry cat that is genetically programmed or neurologically wired so that it’s easily angered and making a bad animal. Stupid people would tell you that a cat that is always angry around humans even when it was raised kindly by them is still a good cat. No, it isn’t, it’s stupid and angry over nothing, just as a human would be called stupid and bad if as a child it cried over and got angry over small things all the time or things a person is not supposed to get upset over, like sharing food when you have plenty. SO, say someone is starving wherever and no thanks to liberal stinginess and bad rules, liberals won’t allow you to just catch or kill some wild cat or dog to eat, they’d rather you starve and end up begging till cops arrest you and send you to jail and cause you to live in an endless cycle of being jailed and getting warrants for not showing back up to court to tell the judge you’re not a beggar anymore or for not paying a fine for begging. Or still some security guard assaults and robs you and trespasses you till you have to live as a thief or in an entirely different state and go through it all again. Better the liberal will tell you, to starve to death than disobey liberal rules and the inalienable rights of, stupid angry cats (even if they are “overpopulating” the world as many liberals claim they are, so much so that they absolutely must be spayed no matter how well behaved or how rare their heat cycles are or how long they last).

5. Denying the right to own or use various types of weapons for self defense or hunting (from bass knuckles to cross bows to knives over some length like oh God no! “3 inches” (maybe it’s a phallic insecurity of some kind), like of course, any gun. “We can all just live on tofu, seaweed, tumeric and carrots” some would say, ignoring that sometimes animals like deer, wolves or bear can become so numerous they can start attacking humans for food or spread massive disease outbreaks). Or some will say it’s unfair to an animal if you hunt it with a crossbow because… and give you some illogical reason for it. Of course if a liberal cop needs a gun to take down a Christian who is making gays feel bad and causing them to feel bullied by reading certain verses of the Bible, that’s okay, or to crucify the Christian with a cross weapon till the Christian turns gay and admits he’s not worth anything even after becoming gay and should just hang there till vultures tell him he’s not even worth eating and the sun tells him he’s not worth drying out and bacteria shun even eating him so that he hangs there for eternity in a kind of Hell for making the perfectly behaved homosexuals who never do wrong to anyone else feel bad.

6. Attempting to cause everyone to abandon traditional interpretations of the Bible to the point where the Bible only teaches according to liberals: liberalism. Any other interpretation they would say is evil and hateful and even if correct they would say is out dated and should not be read anymore (similar to their claim that the Bible is not something to read or bother understanding because books were removed from it and verses changed, verses that really say, “It’s okay to be gay and liberal and love Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaggag for their stupidity, time and money-wasting, because it’s not really wasting anything, they’re useful for bettering technology, science and morality and having more fun most of all!”). Yeah, that was taken out… Oh wait no, it was the verse that said, “Alien reptiles are ruining the world and they push conservatism or Christianity to harm homosexuals, heroine addicts, atheists and liberals.” I’m being constructively sarcastic for those of you who can’t tell. Obviously such teachings never existed in the Bible, anyone who tried to put them in there was simply trying and could never succeed, you can lie and deceive but in the end God will expose all the lies and show everyone the truth.

7. Preventing child labor except when it comes to modeling and acting (and in both the modeling and acting industries liberals are often caught or rumored to be molesting kids, the same liberals and gays among them who explode at those who claim to desire “straight sex” with kids or who have it). So it comes back to liberals being hypocrites and having perverse agendas in their rules. There is nothing wrong with a child working for money or goods or services in general, just as with an adult, what is wrong is abusing either the child or adult, the end. But liberals are stupid and self defeating and plagued with narcissist adherents making up stupid rules out of their mental illness. While other countries are making huge profits off their kids, America barely progresses in getting wealthier and in MOST places loses money as their kids and older youths waste time babbling in McDonalds or wherever, putting graffiti on buildings, bullying someone, skateboarding till they can’t have kids anymore or injuring someone or stealing something from a store or someone’s bike.

8. Preventing business and technological expansion by preventing oil drilling.

9. Encouraging bad religions (and yes that means anything other than fundamental Christianity), especially Catholicism and Islam and that mind-blanker “Buddhism”.

10. Encouraging time wasting activities like “high art” and on and on and on rather than work that leads to progress in technology, wealth-gain, understanding (like in math, biology, mechanics or physics), and goodness.

11. Another problem that American liberalism creates is conflict with other countries, even with atheistic countries where you’d think American liberalism would be accepted since it promotes either atheism or paganism, but other countries even though atheist or atheist-dominated are not all as stupid as American liberals as to accept all their “ideals”. So for example atheist-dominated China which has some liberal rules is not entirely stupid enough to allow homosexuality and pornography to become something widely accepted. However I have no doubt that all the Christian-hating countries of the world, will become at least as bad as American liberals eventually and in many places as bad as violent Muslims willing to blow themselves up for whatever reason.

12. How an liberals claim to be for personal human rights when of all the humans to ignore the personal rights of, they do so to the unborn and encourage murdering them in cruel and unusual ways, even profit off selling body parts from them? No wonder that if they have no respect for the unborn they have little respect for guarding the sanity of kids by training them up into a correct sexual mindset, and instead want it to be perverted despite their supposed claims of not wanting kids to be sexually confused. Liberals are for aborting the babies of the poor and elitist white liberals for aborting the babies of blacks and other minorities in their belief that besides these races being inferior but that there are too many people populating the planet in general, however I believe some use that teaching of overpopulation as an excuse to get rid of races they see as inferior or ugly and some wanting to get rid of them because of racist feelings. Of course many liberals will claim that it’s the conservatives who are racist, I believe there are many racist conservatives too, but how can a culture as corrupt as the liberal one be any more free of racism? Impossible! But back to the point I meant to get at: Liberals are murderers or encourage murder and of one of the worst types. The next step for them is to encourage the murder of Christians, the kind they call fundamentalists, and I don’t mean Catholics of which many are liberals.

It’s not just liberals ruining the world obviously, it is conservatives too, many who are just as greedy for money as liberals and just as cold to the poor, just as willing to make war with “barbarians” like the Native Americans (especially Muslims) for American profit or their rich white friends overseas.

And so the liberals and conservatives want to say:

“Oh so you can do better by ruling over us you who damn either side!? You want to have a theocracy over us and you telling us what God wants you hateful little person?” Here’s God’s reply:

“A man of noble birth went to a distant country to have himself appointed king and then to return. 13 So he called ten of his servants and gave them ten minas.[a] ‘Put this money to work,’ he said, ‘until I come back.’

14 “But his subjects hated him and sent a delegation after him to say, ‘We don’t want this man to be our king.’

15 “He was made king, however, and returned home. Then he sent for the servants to whom he had given the money, in order to find out what they had gained with it.

16 “The first one came and said, ‘Sir, your mina has earned ten more.’

17 “‘Well done, my good servant!’ his master replied. ‘Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities.’

18 “The second came and said, ‘Sir, your mina has earned five more.’

19 “His master answered, ‘You take charge of five cities.’

20 “Then another servant came and said, ‘Sir, here is your mina; I have kept it laid away in a piece of cloth. 21 I was afraid of you, because you are a hard man. You take out what you did not put in and reap what you did not sow.’

22 “His master replied, ‘I will judge you by your own words, you wicked servant! You knew, did you, that I am a hard man, taking out what I did not put in, and reaping what I did not sow? 23 Why then didn’t you put my money on deposit, so that when I came back, I could have collected it with interest?’

24 “Then he said to those standing by, ‘Take his mina away from him and give it to the one who has ten minas.’

25 “‘Sir,’ they said, ‘he already has ten!’

26 “He replied, ‘I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but as for the one who has nothing, even what they have will be taken away. 27 But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and kill them in front of me.’” – NIV

Upcoming New Catbreeds – Put Money Down Now To Reserve A Kitten

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Image00001Image00002Image00003knights breeding cat project - kitten IMG_0097 - cropped, compressedknights breeding cat project - kitten IMG_0104 - cropped, compressed

Since my two prized part Korat cats were stolen by a Starbucks manager (Samantha the red head) and her white coworker friend whose mom is a vet) who work at the new Tropicana and Eastern Starbucks in Las Vegas, that friend having sent them to Lied Animal Shelter which forced me to pay for them to be spayed, spayed against my will, I am now having to work with a remaining sister from PussPussPuss who is mostly feral though bold enough to come to me for food, though she’s not around consistently and the weather has to be good. Her sister acts somewhat like her, does the slow eye close at me now and then, and looks face-wise very similar to PussPuss, but unlike PP she is very skittish and smart enough to avoid going back into my Havahart trap, SO, I must it seems resort to foot traps, and they are in a distant place so it will be somewhat of a journey to retrieve them and finish the work I was doing on one which was making it so that it won’t damage the foot of whatever cat it clamps down on. I caught a kitten a few days ago whose dad is apparently the short tailed one that I haven’t seen for maybe two months now, however I did a few weeks ago discover three other children from him that all have short tails, unlike the kitten I caught a few days ago. I know that that kitten might have more than one dad, but I’m guessing not since it’s mostly black with only a few no big deal silver hairs.

But back to the short tails… I’m guessing I won’t catch the two short tailed kittens for a few days, just a guess, and the third, which is an adult it seems, a young adult, medium sized already, will take days to catch too. Another kitten I want to cross breed with those kittens I will have to buy for I’m guessing $200, and it isn’t for sale yet. I am posting this in hopes someone will put down the money to reserve F1 kittens from the wild Korat which may turn out short tailed, and/or for future kittens from the ones I intend to catch and the one I intend to buy, one of which I’ve posted a picture of. The picture of the black kitten is a poor picture of the look you might end up with from future kittens, and that kitten itself if it has the shorttailed gene in it might produce them. The white specs on the black kitten are from my scalp by the way, I have psoriasis and the constant stress I am under in Vegas makes me shed nonstop, and being homeless doesn’t help.

So how much do you have to put down? Unless you intend to come pick up the kittens yourself, a typical delivery is $600 to ship an animal, OR you can pay me to bring one to you for $350 and you must put down $275. I don’t know how many kittens will be born with short tails, so whoever puts it down first will get first picks of the litter, with a catch… you must breed your short tails and produce ones for me to come pick up and you cannot charge me and you are to give me first pick if more than one is born, of course you can lie to me and pretend you didn’t bear any and so on when really you did, but what can I do about that, and that will be on your head. Of course I have to come up with the money to get to you, and I might never, so you may end up with more short tails in months to come and keep them. You also have to give me FOUR FULL MONTHS after they are about two months old to come pick them up, if I fail, I won’t bother you about it unless you say it’s okay to come get them past that date. Obviously I don’t want them spayed or neutered since I am trying to become a cat breeder.

How to Pay?

You must put down $625-925. I might not be able to deliver to you myself, if that’s the case then I’ll notify you that I’ll need $300 more, so have $300 saved up in case I ask. It will at least in part depend on whether or not I can get someone to baby sit my cats while I come to deliver your kitten/s.

You can pay me by money order, check, or by paypal, if you pay by paypal you must down an extra $10 due to paypal fees and the trouble dealing with paypal, I don’t like messing with paypal, but I leave that option for you.

Alternatively, you can donate to my business cause, which isn’t entirely business, it’s also because I greatly love cats, kittens or not. You can see my other projects at

As for what kind of short tailed dad is going around getting cats pregnant in my area is, as in a bobtailed or manx cat, I don’t know, my guess is he is a part manx cat. I trapped him once and though it seemed possible to tame him in the long term, he after I was very kind to him gave me a scar under my eye in his anger and I got rid of him. He had many stray white hairs, but up front and a distance he looks all black. The short tailed kittens I saw, one of which I saw upfront looked very cute. The one I saw upfront looked dusty but entirely black with medium hair length verging on short, and it had beautiful pale green eyes, nothing astounding, but pleasant and not a common or unpleasant color. One I saw in the distance looked and moved (it hopped) like a bunny and looked like a mix of white and black. I’ve only seen that one once. The bad weather in Vegas is apparently causing them to not come out much. It’s also very difficult for me to afford tempting food to bait them with. I don’t intend to give up however, if it takes me three months to catch one short tailed kitten it will be worth it to me, or even of the two adults, if I it takes me months and I get one, that will suffice for the moment for me.

Update 11/19/2015: I created a crowd funding project to create three short-tailed cat breeds, look for it at It is pending approval at the moment but hopefully will show up in my project list tomorrow. You would have to put down $50 less to obtain an F1 kitten from me but ultimately pay near $600 to have it shipped to you, UNLESS I became wealthy by that time I would then only charge a $300 fee.


The cute silverpoint Birman was bought. Sigh. If now you want to reserve a silverpoint Birman with a short tail you’re gonna have to put down $2400 so I can buy a Birman and some short haired silver cat, I’d prefer to try to use a Korat or Chartreux. Of course some may think: What’s the point of that, why not just buy my own cats and fuse them? Because I’d be saving you the cost of fusing them with a manx type, you’d save $300 and on shipping $200 as I’d self deliver the kitten or kittens and not charge the usual $600 animal shippers do to transport cats.

Concerning the Heresies of Walied Shoebat, a Trojan Horse for the Revived Roman Empire

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Shoebat, a former Muslim has wormed his way into the prophecy culture of Christianity by coming up with what at first I thought were reasonable and sound arguments as to why it wasn’t the Catholic CULT that would form the basis for the Bible-prophesied revived empire that would be for the first time headed directly by Satan in the form of a possessed (at least at times) human, likely a man. Basically Shoebat has become a rival in end-times prophecy interpretation to a solid Christian, David Hunt. David interpreted various parts of Scripture to show clearly that it was the Roman Catholic CULT (not Islam with Calvinists and various other more obscure forms of Christianity as their helpers as Shoebat wants us all to STRAIN to believe) that would morph back into a military world-wide dominator and become violent towards the true Christians. I’m not going to say Shoebat is completely wrong in his interpretation. I can imagine that “the whore” could be Islam in its various forms with Mecca as its spiritual center and the beast she rides being the revived Roman Empire that will be dominated by Catholics who though giving the Islamic whore “a ride” will also punish her at times to keep her in check, or as Revelation puts it “burn her”. Alternatively it could be that the beast the whore rides is the revived Roman Empire and that the whore is a part of the Catholic CULT that decided not to deconvert into militant pre-Catholic times when the Romans blatantly worshiped false gods (as opposed to today in which they worship humans and angels as their new pantheon of false gods and pretend only to be “venerating” them even while idols fill the Catholic cults’ buildings in everywhere, including personal homes, to frustrate the Christians arguing that it is worship).

Shoebat’s interpretation is strained however in that he wants us to believe certain things that are nonsensical, for example that the demons that come out of the Abyss are Muslims and wants us to believe that the beast that comes from the dust and is given life is not literal, not Satan giving life to an evil creation but a governmental system resurrected from the past (a revived caliphate (Muslim) that was based in Turkey. He had me convinced till I read that and read his complicated explanations and calling traditional Christian interpretations of Daniel and Revelation as having come from “lazy” people, and a suspicious statement, a statement that it was his personal belief that it was “good riddance” when Calvinists (most of whom are the true church/Christians) whom he claims joined Muslims against the Catholics (as if they joined in a united war together against Catholics) and casually claimed that “the sea swallowed them up”, as if that was prophecy. Problems:

1. Calvinists are solid Christians, false or not Shoebat mysteriously slanders them and in a malicious way that hints at being dominic in the clever way in which it is worded: he words his “good riddance” statement in such a way so that he could say, “I meant it was good riddance to the Catholics whom they were tormenting”, but Shoebat makes it clear that he is a Catholic with his obsession with Jesus’ mother, Mary, saying classic Catholic defenses as to why she should be given worshipful attention. So though it is worded in such a way so that he can seem to give himself an out, a thinking person would notice it is a sly statement that leads back to his personal hatred of the true church. And more evidence for that is:

2. Shoebat has such a sharp hatred for those who opposed Catholicism that while warning everyone about the Muslim immigrants fleeing into Europe and wherever else from the much more violent ones, and saying that Germany, Sweden and the UK are being dupes and setting themselves up for a take-over by letting them all in, that he as if drunk says that even though the Pope while endorsing the immigration is merely erring, “errs” he says, and instead points out “Protestantism” and Germany as its “embryo” and with some extra focus on Lutherans as being the ones at true fault for this even pointing out Luther’s writings opposing Jewish lies. Did Shoebat forget that the Bible literally says not to listen to “Jewish myths” too? I am half Jew racially, so do not claim I am racist against Jews. I want to make it clear how stupid his reasoning is:

a. If the very head of the Catholic cult is promoting and strongly the immigration of Muslims wherever, HOW can Shoebat brush off that and regardless of many other countries letting them in who are composed of many different cultures that include Catholics and ATHEISTS, HEAVILY with other religions in the minority and hardly any Calvinists regardless, SINGLE OUT GERMANY AND LUTHERANS and nonsensically in passing mention Calvinists in is “good riddance” to them comment? Germany wasn’t ruled by Lutherans in its evolution, but by Calvinists, further Germany in its evolutionary stages was pagan, it then became infused with Christianity till it for a while became Calvinist and during Hitler’s time had also become Judaistic and Lutheran. Calvinists had fallen into such obscurity that they are not mentioned in history during the war, only Lutherans, however, the embryonic stage Shoebat mentions is a clear reference to its time under Calvin being that he mentions Protestantism. Clearly either in ignorance or demonic influence however he doesn’t specifically mention Calvinists, so that, I believe it is a subliminal trick figuratively speaking. In other words he makes some sharp but foggy statements about Lutherans, Calvinists, and a blanket/generalization statement against Protestants (while coming to the defense in the same commentary to sister cults of the Catholics, cults that pay tribute to the Pope like the Orthodox Russians and Marionites). He also defends Catholics and their sister tribute cults by saying THEY DO, at PRESENT TIME have God’s “mark” on their foreheads and shows a picture of an X on the forehead of one supposed member of this cult apparently. So he also corrupts prophecy by changing the order of a prominent event in the Bible concerning a time crucial to understand to be more secure in true faith and it concerns the very name (not mark as he claims) of God on top of that. Imagine the argument that Shoebat and other false Christians will have against the true Christians when they during severe persecution throughout the world suddenly put Christ’s name on their foreheads or “Yahweh” and so on, it will likely be: “Oh now you do this? We the true church, the united Holy Roman Catholic (Superduper Special Wecial Grand Poobah) Church have been putting GOD’S MARK! on our foreheads HA HA HAAAA, and you are latecomers to this came buddies! Oh so you think you’re special for putting Christ’s name on your forehead you wannabe Christians!? Well thank God we’re not Christians but Catholics! We know very well not just to worship Christ but to venerate the other important people God gave us you Mary-deniers! We have Mary, the angels, the saints and Peter himself, but you, you hang your whole lives on Christ, what a gimmick to put his name on your foreheads!”

So they despite the Son, the savior, and have come up with their own scheme for salvation, a failed scheme of making gods out of men and angels. They forget the abhorrence to worship shown to John when he in confusion worshiped an angel while being given the Revelation visions by God, they forget or don’t even know that the first protoCatholic who in Scripture when he indirectly exalted Mary by commenting on her breasts in a statement to Jesus (rather than praising Jesus) was corrected by Christ by saying “RATHER, BLESSED ARE THEY WHO WHEN THEY HEAR GOD’S WORD, OBEY IT”, a direct rebuke to Catholics of every age who DO NOT DO THAT but rather combine their heretical teachings, their “sacred tradition” with God’s word and so negate it, including that statement. Catholics have their own nonsensical fanciful (and I say depressingly dull to the extreme) scheme to get to Heaven and it is in no way going to get any of them to Heaven/eternal peace, but rather as Christ implied, will make them He said, “twice the children of Hell.”

b. Calvinists are ENEMIES of Muslims, they would NEVER join in battle with them unless it were coincidence and there is no historical record anywhere of Calvinists teaming up with Muslims. They are two opposing religions, it is Christian vs Islam, because Calvinism is not, like Catholicism a type of Christianity simply, IT IS, Christianity. It varies mainly in the two branches it is composed of: Presbyterian and Baptist and that concerns how to baptize and child baptism, other than that the differences are extremely obscure and most Calvinists don’t get into the differences, and even if they did, so what, they agree on “the fundamentals”, that is what makes them the same.

c. Why does Shoebat ignore that it isn’t just the Pope virtually commanding taking in any and every Muslim escapee, but that would it be, and it’s common sense being that he’s the head and has over a billion in his cult, but probably millions of other Catholics? The Pope and all the rest are part of the pantheon of gods in Catholicism, they and the popes claim that they embody Christ and represent him directly on Earth.

d. Shoebat nonsensically blame Protestants for Germany taking in many Muslims (OR ANY!) when Germany is only marginally lead by Christians at this time? Does their female leader espouse Christianity? That is never mentioned in the media, she is not known as a Christian of any sort but comes off as worldly. Was Hitler a Lutheran? No, Hitler was a narcissist politician who was more of an atheist witch and made passing comments about God to try and get the support of Lutherans. Shoebat, though blabbing about how much he hates Islam, LIKE THE FORMER MUSLIM HE WAS TRAINED TO BE uses the same reasoning that Muslims do to reject Christianity and call them crusaders when they literally fight Muslims (AND YET WHICH SHOEBAT HIMSELF WANTS THEM TO DO!!!) BECAUSE OF EVENTS, BATTLES OR WARS THAT HAPPENED OVER 1000 YEARS AGO! So because Germany was created Shoebat wrongly implies by Protestants (and Lutherans) HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO it’s their fault Germany is taking in the evil Muslims, helping those evil Muslims, helping those needy strangers and their demon-kids, but just ignore the Pope and bless and worship him and do whatever else he says because, “he’s just erring by telling all the countries of the world to take in Syrian escapees). WHAT THE HELL!? That’s demonic babble.

e. When Shoebat mentions Calvinists in passing as something that was good to be rid of when they died in whatever death-event he’s talking about when he says they got swallowed up with Muslims, it is very notable that he DOES NOT EXPLAIN WHY THIS WAS A GOOD THING and ONLY mentions them once. A defender of Catholics would say, “Oh well that’s because he is not some demonically obsessed person trying to lay all blame on this true church you claim the Calvinists are, that’s you making them a strong focus, he just glances at them Mr. Knight and it’s you who are starring at them, you’re obsessed not Shoebat the faithful and wise Catholic theologian, you’re the lazy prophet, Daniel Knight, not him!” Not at all is that a good argument. For every Christian knows that one of Satan’s common tricks IS TO NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE ENEMY or himself and to act like it is not some big deal or that it doesn’t exist and to misdirect and then when the enemies of Satan do show up and open their mouths to then directly attack them, the ones he pretended were of little importance, BUT IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO MENTION EVERY NOW AND THEN to make it clear they are enemies regardless of what little he says of them. Actions are as loud as words. Satan is always attacking the true church even if he does not say, “I am attacking you, true church, firing flaming arrows at you, I hate you.”

f. The Bible makes it plain, makes it clear that the needy INCLUDING YOUR ENEMIES are to be helped and FED and CLOTHED when they come to you lacking such or begging in their neediness for your help AND YOU CAN PROVIDE THAT HELP EVEN IN YOUR POVERTY. I’m not talking about the lazy and druggies and drunks coming and begging whatever from you when you are poor and when they can just as easily ask a wealthy person a few feet away but when someone in genuine need comes to you for help, even if it is simply to be on your land or the land of your country. Is it a sin when a Muslim kid or offspring of a Muslim who isn’t even sure what Islam is comes to you and asks or even just stands on your purchased land or with the traditional borders of your country, falls asleep there, eats, learns, converses there, or “goes to the bathroom” and buries it in the dirt or under rocks and leaves or if they are so young they don’t even think to do that? Are you sinning by helping that child or their parent who is fleeing violence and even if the parent is using you spitefully? No, the Bible says to help them regardless, to forgive them till time runs out and to pray for and bless them, to “do to them as you would yourself”.

g. Why is Shoebat silent about the Mexicans flooding into America? What if these weren’t Muslims but Mexican Catholics with the sole intent to drain wealth out of whatever country they “illegally” crossed into and then to return to their country when it becomes rich again in their minds or return themselves with riches once they get them? Are they any better than the Muslim who thinks to do the same? I know well many Mexicans who come into America act as if they are equal citizens illegal or not or whether or not their parents came in illegally or not, when coming in to even a little power, like a janitor of an apartment will treat native citizens (and native Americans aka Indians) who are not residents or customers of wherever they have been given power, if those people look poor, as bums to be insultingly scared off. “I’ll call the policia” or “call security” they will say, as if they are equals in every way, and regardless of their accent, giving away that they were not even born in America. Shouldn’t using Shoebat’s reasoning also be rejected? Yet Shoebat noticeably says little about the Mexicans who flood America. Why? BECAUSE MEXICANS ARE ALMOST ENTIRELY CATHOLIC, that is the only logical explanation. He also doesn’t say much as far as I can see, nothing, about closing America’s borders to Mexico when it is well known and always mentioned by conservatives everywhere that violent Muslims would and will likely use Mexico’s border to gain entry into America to destroy it. But how could Shoebat come off as a good and loyal Catholic if he preached thus to his own:

“Stay out of America Catholics of Mexico, don’t come here illegally you lowly Mexicans, for you may bring those horrid Muslims with you, they may worm their way in with you!”

Not only would tens of millions of racially Mexican people become hostile to Shoebat and his heretical babble but Catholics, so, he, in hypocrisy, does not preach a consistent doctrine. His hypocritical corruption is clear mark of his evil nature. Shoebat knows no doubt that America is heavily populated by Protestants, so do you think he would be against the Catholics overtaking the Protestants?! NO! It would be as he literally said, “good riddance” and he might say or think, “The sea of Mexican Catholics have swallowed them up.” That would include the following oppositional cults to the Catholic one being swallowed up: Episcopals, Anglicans, Methodists, Lutherans, and even more deviant cults that split off from them like the Mormon and Jehovah’s Witness/Watchtower and Seventh Day Adventist cults.

3. Shoebat refers to the ancient commentaries about who the beast is (they say Islamic) by referring to ancient CATHOLIC THEOLOGIANS even Augustine while he points out that Augustine whom he references was heavily influenced by a Catholic as evidence that it is indeed Islam-controlled. That’s like an evil police officer saying, “Look citizens, I’ll prove to you that traditionally it’s been you citizens that were the evil ones and not cops, look here at what the first cops said about citizens, ‘They are evil and always frustrating cops,’ and this was said by a guy who though not a cop was heavily influenced by cops!” HUH!??!?!?!?!? THAT’S A LOGICAL DEFENSE? You might as well scream: “I’M BIASED! THAT IS WHY I AM RIGHT!” So crazy is SANE in Shoebat’s mind.

h. While Catholicism and other cults become diluted and regress as a result of repeated confrontation with the truth, which depresses the, and which in turn causes them to try and forget by returning to their worldly nature Calvinism though in a minority remains solidly consistent, like a goad that despite being repeatedly kicked remains intact and hardened against damage. Understand this: the Bible makes it clear that in the last days it would get worse and worse till there would be a severe and sudden or rapid “falling away” of FALSE Christians. This as I said will happen, naturally, because (and thanks to God making the Internet wide spread and easy to use) they encounter the truth over and over, and clear truth that easily refutes any kind of complicated argument against it they come up with. So what are they to do, suffer repeated public humiliation, endlessly pretend the obvious during studies and sermons that they have no good or logical argument against the endless website that pop up when their cult is googled that clearly refute them and point out all the scandals involving their cults while Calvinists come out clean in the search results? So of course, they fall away sadly and are worse off. Because they knew part of the truth and rejected it. This article is but one of many evidences of that result that prove that that occurs (besides that Jesus outright said that would happen and that it was prophecied by Paul): So as that site says, while United Methodism is coming up to extinction (and no doubt every other boring cult like it), Calvinists remain and continue to spread, EVEN IF there is no growth, Calvinists remain.

4. Finally a fatal flaw in Shoebat’s interpretation about Rome not being that city of evil Revelation mentions is that he fails to take into account that it is not Muslims that are always being possessed by demons, but Catholics, and Catholics even admit they get possessed by demons in large numbers, and demoniacs are always being brought to Rome to be exorcised and it often fails. The Bible even says it would be a haunt of demons after being destroyed. Further another mark of its evil the Bible points out is that is it a place where “the blood of the saints” was spilled, in such a huge number that God bothers to mention it and point this city out. According to historical records Rome was where PRE-CATHOLIC PAGANS (and please remember how similar polytheistic Catholicism is to its pagan-Roman ancestor of Zeus worship and worship of the other so called gods that served or vexed him) murdered not hundreds of thousands of Christians even, but many millions, and not just once, but many times. Catholics cannot even claim that the Catholic-hating/crusader-hating Muslims somehow killed millions of Catholics in Mecca, let alone Catholic “saints”. When was there millions or even thousands of saints till be killed over and over ANYWHERE let alone Mecca where Catholics don’t even exist (do they?!) and are not taken to to be killed. There is NO WAY around Rome being the place where millions of saints (which is a reference to Christians in Scripture, not “miracle workers”) died in mass, and over and over. No other city fits that description, NONE.

There is a woman named “marianne” on the Internet who also claims what Shoebat does about Mecca and Islam, and she points out (pointlessly) many cities associated with seven hills as if that somehow frees Rome of having to be a suspect. I said to her:

“You’re completely wrong, and misleading. what is the point in pointing out INSIGNIFICANT CITIES BY OR ON SEVEN HILLS?! You’re also coming up with a new theory, red flag. If Catholic you’re a hypocrite, biased. MECCA IS NOT A CITY IN WHICH THE BLOOD OF THE SAINTS HAS BEEN SPILLED IN MASS AND YOU MORON CATHOLICS DON’T EVEN DEFINE SAINTS RIGHT. OBVIOUSLY SUCH A LARGE NUMBER OF MIRACLE WORKERS AS YOU MORONS CALL THEM WERE NOT MURDERED IN MECCA, LET ALONE CHRISTIANS. THAT WAS IN ROME. You are ignorant of or forget this miss “look what discovered! now I know it all!”: Jesus said converts to false Christianity GET WORSE, become twice the children of Hell, and GOD SEES THROUGHOUT ALL TIME. So guess what he saw about polytheist pagan MASS-CHRISTIAN-MURDERING ROME (yeah you forgot that part right?! Blame Satan), CONVERT TO A FALSE POLYTHEIST FORM OF CHRISTIANITY THAT ALSO HAD PERVERTED VERSION OF MARY, A WHORE VERSION AS IT’S GODDESS OF LOVE? HE SAW IT GO FROM BAD TO WORSE, and like the Pharisees who whitewashed the gravestones of those prophets they murdered so the priests of that giant worldwide Catholic cult, and possibly Peter’s, pretending he was the first Pope even as a demonic insult to him.”

Shoebat is making an angry show about Protestants who are so rapidly dying out that it’s like trying to kill ants that have already been sprayed and are dying left and right by antkilling poison. Hate those ants! Ignore that they are dying rapidly out, hate them anyways, ignore the endless repeated faults of the Catholics and their rebel sister cults, just, be angry, at something else, the wind you can’t catch, bottle wind, throw it in the fire and hope the wind stops bothering you and causes us problems like the Jews that angered Hitler, which was just any Jew for being of the Jewish race, who cares about the good Jews, just kill them all. Shoebat wants to work the Protestants up into becoming angry Catholics that kill and or convert all the Muslims and if not to be swallowed by the sea. And supposing the Muslims do convert no doubt to me Shoebat would apparently keep them where they are because MAYBE they might be pretending to have been converted and will one day kill, a Catholic. Shoebat’s babble is so hostile towards Muslims and paranoid-like it seems he would have us all be distrustful even of the ones that claim to have converted, because they might be trojan horses for extremists, so then, keep them away like homeless beggars, because those homeless beggars might really use that food and money or the cheap phones you give them to make give the bad drug dealers and the murderous (CATHOLICS that head those drug dealers) a path to destroying the country they are begging in. Don’t even let them them beg in the streets holding up signs for help Shoebat seems to want all to agree on, instead let them drown and be swallowed up by the ocean! As Robert Sungenis once said to me an a reply when I asked why he was promoting killing heretics, he replied, “What’s wrong with killing heretics?” Ask Sungenis if you don’t believe me, if he was bold enough to send that email in private, knowing I could show it to others, there’s no reason for him to deny saying that unless of course you come at him with it in mass and scolding him left and right. But he’s bold enough to stand up for something half the world things is extremely absurd: Geocentrism (which I also believe in however), so he should be bold enough to admit that he has no problem with participating in mass killing/murdering “heretics”, which would be every protestant and even the sister cults of Catholicism.

The types of insane comments I have been pointing out that come from Shoebat are evidence that he has narcissistic personality disorder (I’ve studied it long and well enough to know the signs and encounter such people often in Las Vegas, I don’t need a degree or approval from atheists to label someone one, do I?). A narcissist is often a type who is new to the scene of what he is playing expert in, insults those traditionally thought of as experts and mentions them a little necessarily to make himself look like an expert but snubs them by then being silent about them, as if they are too stupid, lowly and worthless to say anything more about even though that narcissist holds a deep hatred of them inside and is obsessively focused on wanting to see them suffer and destroyed.

Because Shoebat is a narcissist (in my opinion, though I believe it to be a fact) than likely he’d be using Catholicism as a cover for his arbitrary hate (or demonic hate) which stems from his patholigical narcissism. Shoebat in my opinion is actually constantly angry at his imagined or real mistreatment as a child and blames Muslims for this, hence his hatred for Muslims, even the little children among them that he’d like to see swallowed up by the see and say “good riddance” to and latched on to Catholicism because it is GRAND, just as Hollywood culture repeatedly uses Catholics as heroes of sorts in any and every type of movie because unlike the true church which often dresses (and at the Bible’s command) plainly is not showy and grand enough to spice up their movies, especially made to try and make money from. Catholics love playing dress-up, love their leaders dressing in flowing white robes and in pretentious ways and the world loves it too because it’s something they can make money from and create fun drama over to dance to. “Look at me in my black suit and white collar, look at me in my flowing dress, look at me in my stark black robe, my purple and red colors, my crown.” It isn’t poverty that attracts narcissists, it’s grandiousity and power, getting attention and the power to bully their perceived enemies to satisfy their bitterness at the world in general. I’d even say that Shoebat would not be sad to see Catholics and Protestants and Muslims destroy each other till they are so weary they turn to Shoebat and say, “Oh Prophet, you were right, we were all at fault in some way, inferior to you, we were lazy, you are the greatest among us for realizing the truth, be our king,” and he’d either accept or shun them depending on how lowly, how impoverished they would be after all the fighting between them. “You don’t deserve me as your king,” he might say, “you should have all become Catholics and you Catholics should have rejected the Muslims! You’ve made me waste my breath and time dealing with you all, away from me you who came to me at the last second to admit that I was right!”

And of course there are always those who are so stubborn that when they read arguments like mine to the last word, want to say, “Oh, so you want to be worshiped, because you’re better than Shoebat and all the Catholics and so called cultists, and the atheists and the pagans, everyone. You’re so arrogant, you hypocrite!” Is that what I said, that I wanted to be worshiped? No. For salvation, don’t turn to Mary, to the perverted Catholic version of saints, don’t turn to angels, don’t go to a ouija board and ask Satan his thoughts, or ask the dead what to do, ask God instead to lead you to saving truth and to forgive you for disobeying his commandments and to for the rest of your life make you as obedient as possible and love the truth, be one with the truth. Don’t worship me, worship God alone, and God is fully in Christ and one with him, and always will be. God hasn’t repeatedly called Jesus “savior” and “rock” because we save ourselves, but because he can, has but one day salvation will no longer be offered because one day there will not be people who are born and become sinners. They will all be at perfect peace with God. Salvation is now, not after you die, take it before you get killed by a speeding car or have some other fatal encounter in this life.

Police Corruption: A Question for Liberals and Conservatives and Notice to Libertarians

November 17, 2015 Leave a comment

Concerning the behavior of the so called bad cops, of which there are endless amounts among the few decent cops I’ve encountered, and decent doesn’t mean “let’s you go no matter what”, I’m not a moron or sociopath aka psychopath, don’t make assumptions about me:

Being that liberals dominate America, and even conservative cops, if such exist, must fall in line with liberal laws like upholding hate crimes laws, a liberal invention, not that all cops enforce them or actually care, and doing such has a liberal influence on any supposed conservative cops — and being that liberalism and similar views had a very early and strong increasing influence on America including during the segregation days — do you not think there is a correlation between increasing genuine HATE crimes by cops against anyone and everyone, and by hate, I mean any hateful behavior, because, oh God how dare I point it out: anything can be a hate crime, it’s not exclusive to precious gays, blacks and blah blah, you can kick cats because you hate them, yet no one makes laws defending cats under “hate crimes”, hypocrites. But back to corrupt police being hired, YOU are the ones hiring them, you are the ones letting endless immoral lying wannabe cops become cops, it’s not libertarians or fundamentalist Christians doing the hiring, so how can you Conservatives that side with Arminiastic Christianity and Catholicism pretend Calvinists are dangerous extremists, blasphemers, and how can you liberals who lump unknowingly Calvinists in with anyone you think is a “fundamentalist” (which in your culture you define as a literalist who believes in the dominant traditional interpretations of Scripture and in your ignorance lump in Calvinist (a type of Protestant) views in with Catholic (despite them being eternal enemies in various core teachings) blame them? Now you can put blame on Catholics, who dominate the world so much so there are over a billion of them of various types, liberal and conservative (hardly unified then, Catholics), because as Calvinists may point out now and then, Catholics are heretics who teach evil things, a wrong way to Heaven that leads not just to Hell, but makes the person who was converted worse off, because rather than being able to claim to God on Judgment Day, “I was ignorant, never read the Bible or much of it, didn’t hear much preaching, didn’t see any hint of what being a true Christian was like”, instead it will be the opposite to varying degrees. God will point out that they did have strong warnings of what was true.

Simply put: It is Calvinists or fundamentalist PROTESTANTS (conservative Christians of the non-Catholic type) running the show as you might put it, or the liberals and the conservatives (and if you hadn’t noticed, many conservatives are hypocrites who though blabbing about their Methodist or Catholic or Anglican church, HARDLY stay true to the Bible and rather get twisted up in political wranglings and babble to Christians directing it to THEIR OWN TYPE OF PEOPLE (not the rare Calvinist type that disgust them, the GENUINE fundamentalist Christians) to get their support, OR is the LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES that dominate government who have created laws and an environment leading to endless police corruption? Who do you think is screening those applying to be cops, is it CALVINISTS who teach that God destines you to Heaven or Hell, who oppose homosexuality, and strictly teach that God must be obeyed to the letter to have consistent blessings which at least and surely will be fulfilled after death or upon Christ’s return, who oppose getting tied up in politics and wordly struggles (like where such and such building should be built or if at all, if a new Starbucks is needed around the corner to attract more narcissists to the neighborhood), or are the screeners liberal, or conservative, or both?

SO, please please please liberals and conservative and liberal Catholics, Methodists, Anglicans, Episcopalians, Lutherans, please stop lumping in Calvinists of the Presbyterian and Baptist and possibly Lutheran branches into your “it’s your fault the world is so miserable” comments. It’s little better than blaming all Israeli’s and all Jews for the problems of the world. Of course, some Jews cause problems and they can have far reaching effects, but so can a rich person of any race and there are many super rich people of races other than Jews who make life miserable for the majority by hoarding their wealth and living off the interest from it rather than sharing and helping the needy out, I don’t mean helping out druggies and drunks who hide their sociopathy or narcissists pretending to be normal under the guise of being addicted or victims of the world, but decent people in need who really are victims of some type, or disabled in various ways or some severe way.

Now of course guess what the liberals or conservatives who hate the true Christian types will say who read this article and get the point? Being that they hate God and the important truths in life, they will, true to their evil and addiction to evil say, “Oh, so stranger/s to reality, you who claim to have the truth unlike us, are you saying you should be our judges, you cultists?! Hah! We’re in charge, deal with it!” And as an atheist scientist whether of China, Russia or America might reason when serious flaws are pointed out in their evolution theories, global warming / climate change claims or pretend heliocentrism based and Big Bang based astronomy and theoretical physics, “We’re still learning/evolving/getting better/weeding out the flaws with peer review/it’s working you science haters!” You’re gonna take how much longer to learn not to hire corrupt police? You’re gonna make sure no “good cops” go bad HOW? Two hundred years later and two hundred years more of non-stop police harassment every hour in every city and town HOW? You’re deluded if that’s what you think. AND NO: I DID NOT AND AM NOT IMPLYING TO HIRE POLICE ON THE BASIS THAT THEY HATE HOMOSEXUALS OR ATHEISTS OR CATHOLICS; Calvinism does not exclude or oppose and requires “Love your neighbor as yourself” and to forgive till God says to stop and to do to others as you’d have done to you.

LISTEN: Insane people repeat their mistakes, a good person repeatedly does good and tries not to do evil, not so that they merely appear to be good and/or to gain an advantage by making friends for their personal gain, but because they love to do good and love God. If you can’t tell a good from evil person, pray to God about that, and pray to know who God actually is and what he is truly like.

Have a nice day, or next day.


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