Top Arguments Against the Bible and Religion

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  1. Anos
    May 8, 2012 at 6:28 PM

    Science is right

    • May 8, 2012 at 7:25 PM

      What is Mr. Science right about? The fossils from Noah’s flood being spread all over the dry land masses of the world, and ancient buildings found deep in the ocean due to sinking when the land turned to mud? Or Mr. Science that shows one creature after another, ones supposedly billions or millions of years old that haven’t changed aka “evolved”? Or how about the Wollemi Pine that Mr. Science supposedly said was millions of years old and extinct, but later on said still existed? That Mr. Science? Your Mr. Science is indeed still learning and still evolving and still correcting himself. He needs many beatings to keep him from lying too, and saying whatever someone wants to hear who offers him a large bribe, I mean a large amount of grant money.

  2. andrew
    May 15, 2012 at 10:28 AM

    You have contradicted yourself. Nice attempt though, however you fail to hold esteem to the fact that science is constantly progressing. You’re looking at it now, as if in a vacuum, isolated and stagnant. You also accuse of ad hominem and then participate in ad hominem. Your patience with any response is lacking, and you are quick, to quick I might add, to claim that the holy infallible leader is on your side. If you are going to make claims and sight the bible you are going to have a bad time.

    Nice attempt. I hope this argument has brought peace in your life and helped you develop as a peaceful and loving Christian. If it hasn’t, and only fueled your mongering self esteem issues, then I am sorry and I hope you find peace somewhere else.

    • May 15, 2012 at 12:14 PM

      “You have contradicted yourself. Nice attempt though, however you fail to hold esteem to the fact that science is constantly progressing. ”

      Actually if you bothered searching my journal to learn WHAT I BELIEVE RATHER THAN MAKING A BASELESS CLAIM, ONE WITH NO EVIDENCE YOU’D SEE THAT I POINT OUT THE FALSE ARGUMENT, “WE’RE STILL LEARNING”. I recall pointing that out in the science part of that article, though not sure. The “we’re still learning” claim is dumb and absurd. It’s like saying to a North Korean kook who keeps trying some insane theory of trying to prove 2+2=5 or that communism is superior to a genuine republic (or if such existed a perfect theocracy were no bad occurred) who says, “But our country is great, look at all this other stuff we do, look we discovered a new star, look we made a new mine, 2+2=5 just believe us, we’re still learning and fixing our mistakes.” That argument is also nonsensical because it contradicts, it implies the “there is no absolute truth” while stating there is, like saying, “We discovered this is true using science, it’s true now, though it might be wrong, so don’t fully trust it’s true.” HUH!? IT’S EITHER TRUE OR NOT. You can’t make an out like, “But we might be wrong” if you’re saying IT IS TRUE.

      You can find the “we’re still learning” comment in one of Penn and Teller’s BS shows.

      Just imagine Christians using that excuse, you skeptic atheists who subscribe to MAINSTREAM SCIENCE PHILOSOPHY would mock any Christians who made such an out. It would make Christianity futile to say, “Well, we might be wrong, we’re still learning, but trust us and commit your life to what might be wrong, be fearful of what might be an imaginary God and an imaginary eternity it Hell of total darkness and eternal torment.” If that were the message of Christ, I seriously doubt there would be anymore than a little cult of mentally ill people.

      Ans you’ve implied something which I refuted in the article, that being that science somehow belongs to non-theists (like skeptic-type atheists) and that religion isn’t compatible with it, or that Christians don’t do anything useful (like science). Like I already said on this page, religious people out number atheists. SO THINK: Do you really think it’s mainly or completely the atheist minority carrying science along (which I’m guessing you think)? Do you think religious people didn’t have anything to do with science? Didn’t I already mention Gideon in Judges here?

      And if you’d read the Basic Bible Evidences link (isn’t it convenient it’s on this same site linked above for all to see?) you’d have also seen me saying that religious people are the ones that built up the world mainly. Atheists didn’t become a very large group till about 110 years ago. Supposing the world were truly 6,500 years old (or at least taking that as the time when humans began to advance intellectually and technologically more than in any other time), 110 years is a very small fraction of that. Atheists have contributed virtually nothing compared to all the theists from the past. Name ten people raised to be atheist who reject worship of a powerful supernatural being who contributed incredibly helpful things to the world, one who had no religious upbringing and who rejected Jesus’ “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” The only person I can think of that barely comes close is Tesla. But Tesla had a dad who was a Serbian Orthodox Priest and who was against modern education (meaning the Mainstream Scientific based one):

      Laxity of morals is a terrible evil, which poisons both mind and body, and which is responsible for a great reduction of the human mass in some countries. Many of the present customs and tendencies are productive of similar hurtful results. For example, the society life, modern education…

      Sounds like a strict religious person to me, even for an atheistic person.

      I’m making an educated guess that the rest of your comment will just be a useless annoyance, so, didn’t read it. Besides, you ignored what I said too, and make a wrong assumption about me, when you shouldn’t having being that I clearly have studied sciences, and am not just some newbie to it giving some shallow thoughts from shallow learning.

  3. May 23, 2012 at 8:17 AM

    From Jonathan North,, submitted on 2012/05/23 at 7:13 AM.

    “A lot of those arguments you mentioned sound useful for getting someone to question their faith.” (rest of his rant ignored)

    Now, after encountering one atheist after another like this, how in the world is it any atheists think they are superior or have better judgment or care more about truth than theists or specifically Christians? Obviously this demonic answers shows that this idiot is so dumb, he can’t figure out that these are arguments against religion with refutations as to why they are wrong, or his brain is so twisted with hate, cannot acknowledge the refutations. What does he think the arguments are? Arguments against why not to eat strawberries? Do you atheists and theists understand now why atheists cannot be trusted, why I call them dumb, stupid, morons, idiots, and why God calls them “fools” as in “extremely evil”? Because they are and the keep showing it with their stupid and evil answers and attitude. To become an atheist is to degrade your ability to reason and your drive to care about truth. It causes you to get closer to becoming as dumb as this guy. Why should anyone listen, after non-stop stupid and repetitive comments from atheists about religion, psychology and morality, and when it gets dumber, like this comment from Johnathan? If I can help it, I will simply ignore them now on these topics and just pray for them. They are like broken records and parrots with defective brains. After this whopper of a dumb answer, I think they comprise in large part the dogs and pigs Jesus mentioned, besides violent and wild people in general.

  4. Angel C.
    June 5, 2012 at 11:31 AM

    Knight your a dumbass. let me explain to you this way. you claim a really old book is true. now there are many old books. Homers odyssey for example. Its an old book. great. but we dont see fucking cyclops and harpies running around everywhere do we. Same with the bible. tell me when was the last time you saw demon or an angel or even god. but your book is old therefore it must be true. *sigh* same logic…

    • June 5, 2012 at 2:33 PM

      From Angel C.
      Submitted on 2012/06/05 at 11:31 AM

      “Knight your a dumbass. let me explain to you this way.”

      Moron, you’re a moron, and this is why: You started out your insult with a mere insult and ended it in a period, a revelation that you can’t explain your insult, but are a biased bigot who has to come up with an after thought for his bias. Fail one. Fail two, your next sentence should end in a “:” not a period you idiot. That’s how you insult someone you imbecile. Third, your little paragraph, which I’m ignoring, is obviously not going to be anymore of an explanation as to why I am dumb nor how 500 refuted arguments, some in over 20 ways, many which contradict not just themselves but other arguments, are anything other than wrong.

      Good job being yet another ultra idiot who not only wasted God’s time, but his own time, mine, but in the end, God used it for good: He showed yet another anti-Christian as evidence that Christ is true, and the anti-Christians: illogically angry morons. May God save you if that’s possible.

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