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Divided America and the Coming 2nd Civil War

September 29, 2020 Leave a comment

America has always been divided, but the existing divisions have become impossible to manage decently for sustaining a nation. As a result, Jesus taught America and countries like it would be destroyed. The reasons for this are:

1. Mistreatment of/hatred of the poor and no legal protections for them

2. Lawlessness by the government and police itself. As one example is a situation I went through and still am in which police accused me of their crimes and an animal shelter’s crimes against my pets, forced me to spend four months in jail with the judge failing to dismiss my case as there was no obvious evidence against me, (violating my right to a speedy trial and to live free without being discriminated against), starved me on and off for many days, at one point for days only giving me water with food particles, and the shelter (called “Animal Foundation, allied with PETA) pretended they had no records of me adopting back my pets) and so forcing me to plead “no contest”. And my public defender failed to appear three times, further delaying my release and she made it obvious she sided with the police. I ended up with a pathetic attorney who did not even bother to defend me in the end, but just went along with what the prosecutor wanted.

3. Extreme injustice, hypocrisy and favoritism in government down to their police/enforcers

4. Widespread racism by many whites, which ended up corrupting the views of many others of other races so that they became racist themselves
. Incompatible religious and secular divisions. America (as is the world as a whole) split between the following beliefs:

a. Christians who believe in God’s universal pre-planned destiny, who are known by some as, “Calvinists” or “Reformed Christian”, and are either Baptist or Presbyterians. Some may be “Messianic Jews” rather than Presbyterian or Baptists, the difference being that they observe many holidays of Moses’ law. These Christians attempt full dedication to obeying the ten commandments but (without killing anyone who breaks them) and Christ’s so called “Golden Rule”.

b. Buddhists

c. Catholic Christian cults: Catholics being the largest group, and their protestant allies, allies being Anglicans, Episcopalians and Copts.

d. Other cults: Free Will Christian Cults (these are cults which teach that God’s will can be defeated by man by his sin and rejecting Him, making God’s word and salvation in vain)!: Arminian Baptists and Presbyterians, Lutherans, Methodists, Pentecostals, Unitarians, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and many more.

e. Orthodox Jews

f. Reformed Jews

g. gangs (there are endless gangs, included among them are white xenophobes or hatemongers who wish to eliminate or enslave blacks, Mexicans and South Americans and Jews, other gangs are made up of Mexicans or Latinos, others are small and exist only to bully, steal and destroy, the rest of the gangs are nearly insignificant, but made up of either Chinese or Japanese)

h. Anarchists (rebels with low income, who likely have been banned from owning guns or irrationally fear guns and therefore may be violent without them.

i. Justice Systems and Their Goons (Police Departments). Police are groups that are loosely allied as a whole, almost all whites, composed of thoughtless and uncaring racist bullies, psychopaths and ignoramuses whose main goal is to profit and bully then poor into total submission or to suicide. They have no to little concern for morality and are economically destructive and destroy national unity and ultimately international relations.

j. American Constitutionalists/Ancestor/”Founding Father Worshipers) (a cult that worships George Washington and the others white and racist elitists who rebelled against Britain’s king, who may call themselves “Conservatives” and “patriots” but among whom are white racists)

k. atheists, many of whom are so called “mainstream scientists” and worship their scientific discoveries, but whom due to their bias against God, fear of persecution and greed will often not use their scientific method correctly or give honest findings or honest explanations or those findings

l. Liberals, also called Democrats (a loose network of groups in this list who have specific goals, that highest being the elimination or conversion of Group A, the right to kill babies including the unborn and sexual freedom for and with little children, thought not all will admit this, most will deny it). Many of them are drug addicts.

m. Muslims (who are divided between three groups)

n. Animal and “Nature” Worshipers (many are narcissists and therefore irrational and prone to extremely hateful responses even against what they claim to love and truly are merely Opportunists who like certain animals and types of wild environments).

o. Narcissist Self-centered Opportunists (individuals who go along with whoever can help them at any time with no to little concern for truth/morality). They are loyal only to themselves but not necessarily addicted to money-making, goods, food or sex, etc.

p. Perverted sexual-centric groups (groups that worship sexual pleasure and sexual “freedom” many of whom endorse little children having sex “changes”). They are all liberals, and many of them are drug addicts, narcissists and schizophrenics, therefore are severely irrational.

So, there are 16 specific groups, none of them are compatible (which makes Unitarianism impossible if you don’t know). Now among many of these groups are U.S. military, but who are split between liberalism, conservatism, white nationalism and president elect Joe Biden and current president Donald Trump. It is therefore a military without unity and in imminent danger of defeat  and permanent fracture. The justice systems and police departments will likewise fracture and be absorbed into the other groups, with the psychopaths, child abusers eventually being discovered among the prosecutors and police and being personally executed by whoever finds it out.

Wars are inevitable within America therefore. A temporary solution is to show your personal group alignment with a head or armband to make friends quickly and seek a place where you may find long term peace together and avoid violent groups.

Why a 2nd American Civil War Is Now Inevitable

September 27, 2020 Leave a comment

Jesus said, “Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand.”

The facts: Trump is a blatant backhanded racist, obviously minorities then will refuse to support him. Instead the majority, who have guns or who will get them will then target and attempt to destroy “white” organizations of authoritarian power, which would be their state government and the police who enforce their laws. If Trump wins or does not leave, his racist supporters will take this continuing victory as a sign that they may murder liberals and others who oppose him. Even if police stop them, they know police cannot outnumber them and so will overwhelm the police and even take over as police. Now if Trump leaves, his supporters will not let him step down as they see Biden as a senile or severely morally corrupt or both and know they could not call themselves patriots or brave if they allow him to become president. Either action will trigger mass riots and the destruction of state governments and all or most police forces, some however may form their own governments or merge with the paramilitary organizations of Trump’s civilian supporters.

The American military however has had indications that Trump has no love for them and sees them as foolish tools and may even be under Putin’s control, or is unwilling to oppose Putin as Trump fears all his real estate property being nuked and himself poisoned or nuked along with his property. The military who believes this will then think their first strike or immediate retaliatory advantage has been lost and that America could be destroyed at any moment by hypersonic Russian nukes and even China joining in. This then may, if it hasn’t already, cause secret rebel groups to have formed within the military which are aligned and have formed to secure America’s safety by installing some leader of their own who will restore America’s first strike or at least immediate retaliatory strike readiness.

I don’t see the military as all being unified in this, but various factions trying to keep Trump in power o Biden or one of their personal picks for leaders. My guess is that Shawn Hannity, Tucker Carlson or even Mehgan Merkle (because of royal status and mixed race ancestry, offer to lead and being decent, unlike Trump and Biden, and who would help unify black and white females and keep friendly relations with Britain).

A third reason for America’s inevitable fracture is Putin’s obvious desire for America to stop threatening Russia’s economic progress and existence and to boost Russia’s status above it’s horribly tarnished history. No country likes having a depressing history to teach their children or want to bother with having to twist it and lie about it due to their current middling or ugly state of being. So then, Putin, being covertly iron-fisted, perhaps so far as to poison his enemies, will poison all candidates, throwing America into chaos, even perhaps going to far as to sneak a torpedo nuke at San Francisco, not only destroying it and by doing so America’s economy and stability, perhaps even triggering a massive earthquake and magnifying that damage and insuring America’s withdrawal from America’s affairs. Russia may even have secretly created a network of satellites to easily destroy retaliatory nuke strikes from America, and Elon Musk’s many satellites may even be apart of that network. And given China’s continually degrading relations with China, now near ruined, China may help Russia neutralize retaliatory missile strikes. Another reason for Putin to take this action is that America is in the weakest military and leadership state it’s ever been in and therefore the perfect time to strike and finally be free of America’s grip. Even Britain’s government and monarchy may assist Russia in the hope that Dutchess Meghan will take over some part of America and restore much lost honor lost by Britain’s defeat in the American Revolutionary War.

A fourth reason America’s destruction is inevitable is that it is in the way of Biblical prophecies being fulfilled in the middle east. America would repel Turkey and Russia, both of whom, or Turkey and Iran, scheduled to attempt destroy Jerusalem.

In fact, America’s inevitable fall may be a worldwide sign that all nations are about to be devastated, perhaps by a small volley of neutron bombs, and by miracles of God, no more. That would be enough to revert the world in the ammunition and grenade warring years to come to the previous ways of using swords, bows, spears, shields, old forms of body armor and horses so that prophecy will be fulfilled. Obviously there are many bullets in the world and many military vehicles and fuel for them, so for some years, maybe two years of intense fighting all over the world, till the age of the bow, sword, spear and horse return.

I hope to find Christians who would like to live well with me in the remote wilderness of the state I live in, with my many chickens, sheep, goats, vegetable seeds and much cookware. If you can shear sheep, make blankets and robes from wool, have sheep shears, can play wind instruments, cook well, repair my bicycle and scooter that would help, and if you know how to use GPS, even better. My eight? adult hens may be laying eggs soon, and I am stuck in Henderson, NV due to my bank account going negative.

I have a storage unit filled with goods, and would like to bring it with me in what would need to be a large trailer or delivery type truck to bring it all. There is actually a large armored for sale next to my storage unit, or was at least, perhaps still there. Perhaps one of you owns a moving vehicle or can buy a used one in just good enough shape for the journey.

My remote wilderness dwelling is roughly 500 miles from Henderson, NV.

Things I lack: a good bluetooth speaker, violin, guitar, harp, four-wheeled vehicles and tilapia fry (to seed the creek where my sheep are at) and rope (I had 50 feet of climbing rope but it was quickly stolen), golf clubs a shortwave solar shortwave radio, solar flashlights, a solar power system, sheep shears, sewing instruments, knee pads, iodized salt, a backup supply of quick oats and two formerly wild mustangs, horse riding gear. If you have all that, or can get them, we’re complete.

To whoever cares, I’m a Calvinist type, and a Jew, I am more racially Jewish than I am Filipino. Supposedly one of my ancestors was a Spaniard.

What Is This Neon Green Fly? Is it an unknown fly?

September 22, 2020 1 comment

About two weeks ago, think, I was looking at a part of a creek in a certain city, and thought I was looking at a piece of algae with a mixture of bright and dark green colors, it stood out being thick-looking and on the side of the creek I never see such a thing so went to pick it up and was amazed to see a kind of fly I have never seen before (I am 43) and that doesn’t look much like any fly I can think of and that it had such a perfect-looking symmetry and skin, and looking very smooth. It looks like a little toy to me.

What type of fly is this?

Cryptid Bright Green Toy Fly – 1
Cryptid Bright Green Toy Fly – 2
Cryptid Bright Green Toy Fly – 3
Cryptid Bright Green Toy Fly – 4
Cryptid Bright Green Toy Fly – 5

Though I tried to preserve it, white police harassers harassing me as usual prevented and white local crazy people also harassing me, people who hate non-whites and those who “look homeless”, took up so much of my time and energy that tiny black ants it after I had put it in a certain jar repeatedly (it was dead after two days I think), where now only it’s wings remain. I was very sad about this. None of the photos were on HDR setting, it truly was as bright green as some of these cropped photos show. Some days earlier I saw another amazing unknown fly also as long as this one, it was black and moved like a wasp, it’s longish antennas too, and it had dull olive eyes which were smooth, large and beautiful. It flew off just as I was finally able to turn my phone’s camera on, and was not able to photograph or video record it.