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Questions For the Arrogant Emma Watson, Panderer

” “Trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned or told they aren’t who they say they are.” – Emma Watson

Emma, show your wisdom and maturity to the world by answering Christians and everyone else allowed “free thought” and judgment of what is true, false and good or evil, you who judge anyone who disagrees with your feelings: what is the evidence or proof for anything you said in historical tradition, religion or any science? Neither wishful thinking, or anger nor insistence however extreme is evidence or proof of anything. You lack common sense if you believe your claims, are immoral, deluded, lack a conscience or it’s seared from you continual sins. Stop making humans and yourself a priority above our Creator. Stop making claims without evidence, stop assuming, stop implying only you know what is true and best, you have no proof and are a low person of little regard. You’re an actor? Who cares? Is your field the study of religion, morality and psychology, and your age is? Stop insulting your elders, stop playing a troll, know and understand your God before your time here is up. The phobes are liberals, communists, socialists and Christians who deny salvation is an eternal gift from God, not temporary, because none of you have the courage or desire to know or accept God’s love and truths over your materialism and addiction to money and comfort.

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