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Roseman University and Henderson Police, Partners In Harassing Non-whites

For years I have cleaned up the trash at the Whitney Mesa Park, glass, foam, bags that no one else will touch, not after ten years even on Roseman University’s section of the park, that school of doctors who took the oath to do no harm, yet repeatedly lied to sick police on me and force me and my pets into extreme heat just so they might FEEL I was farther away despite not seeing me. Yes they own and neglect it, but see me clean up, I even pointed this out to their guards who are told to watch me, why, apparently I’m not white enough to be ignored. They’ve even told me I could not use the sidewalk, a PUBLIC sidewalk leading to the mesa and Henderson white cops even threatened me to not use the sidewalk or travel on the mesa. Today they literally wrote me a false trespass as Roseman Uni. repeatedly lied to the all white Henderson cops about all the businesses and land around them being theirs and the cops knowing it is a lie – I even showed them the property lines pretend it is true, even when I am showing them the lines on a map, to my face pretended they couldn’t see the lines. Note, they “trespassed” me from GV CHRISTIAN CHURCH WHO NEVER CALLED THEM NOR CARES ABOUT THE REFUSE LAND I STAY AT AND CLEAN. So, it is a false trespass. Observe the picture of it.

They had me trespassed years earlier from Roseman for cleaning up litter around a dumpster NOT belonging to them, yet called the police on me anyways. A second time they lied recently and the police instead said they should arrest me, and police illegally did a search on me, twice, and the property with no warrant, and now a third time this morning, now pretending they do not know whose property it is and threatening code enforcement in 72 hours.

This again is land I clean, on private church property where styrofoam washes into Whitney Mesa, gets on feral cats and a tame road runner that comes to me for food to feed her baby. So consider: this is racist wealthy harassing poor non-whites, and police using a an excuse of convenience that there’s a code violation, just ignoring that if it were Roseman’s land the code violation would be the massive amount of rubber hose debris next to them since the start, styrofoam from WaterFX and a sea of broken glass. Now is it right to harass me (using cops and strangely all white except perhaps one) merely because I exist, and even doing good and when those calling are boldly breaking the law and police boldly enforcing and perpetuating this harassment? This was Henderson’s community relations cops with bullet proof vests and guns on their sides calling me out this morning, their “relations” telling me code enforcement would, yet again (steal) my property, something they did before (officer Paul Easton) when I bought hundreds of dollars worth of solar equipment – he vandalized some, literally threw it along with lead batteries and glass into open empty pools and stole $300 in solar panels when he had posted a sign saying not to remove any property. He even vandalized the house. I ask the community, especially fellow Christians to ask Jewish-owned Roseman to stop harassing the homeless, to remember the persecution of Jews, which includes me, a half-Jew, my other half is Filipino, which by the way is a race with ancient black DNA, there are even native blacks in the Philippines. I also ask that GV Christian be urged to employ me to maintain their ignored property.

This is not just a race issue, nor some homeless issue, but trash as it gets all over the wildlife and into the wash at Whitney Mesa, it is also of course a law issue in that Henderson is continuing the harassment of any poor on behalf of the wealthy and as usual breaking the law to do so, boldly. There’s no community relations, that is a farce, it is community destruction, the kind we’ve seen erupt repeatedly in history, now with destroyed police stations even.

Roseman University’s phone number is (702) 968-2007. GV Christian’s is (702) 454-2722. Roseman and GV are also on Twitter and Facebook.



How the Jews pay back those who helped recreate their nation! KICK THEM NOT JUST OUT, BUT AWAY WITH THEIR KIDS!

Note to the cops will not even investigate the white meth addict living in a suite nearby who keeps stealing my mail, opened my replacement card from Wells Fargo and kept the second replacement.


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