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Why Defund the Police?

This is a quickly written reply to ignornt or lying cops who give the wife beater/mafia extortionist reply, “You’ll need me/us when you call us to save you one day!”

  1. I don’t want an evil person to save me, God through Christ already did.
  2. As has already been shown, not all cops are equal and rarely around to respond during a crime, but only after, making things worse. Instead they are around to stalk and harass the homeless giving them contradictory reasons as to why.

Now some short stories of mine:

You’re ignorant of how most judges and cops cause homelessness and sustain. Cops arresting a so called squatter or homeless person causes them to lose jobs, pets, friends, property left behind in a sudden arrest or can no longer guard, abqpd caused me a devestating burglary by deliberately leaving my apt unlocked on suspiscion i recorded one violating my privacy AGAIN.

LVMPD stole my pets repeatedly (UNLV campus cops even helped UNLV sorrority girls steal my healthy kittens on my birthday on threat of false accusations and putting them down) indirectly caused some to starve and dehydrate to death. Twice they burglarized me, locked me out, stole a memory card in intake and stole and destroyed my ID at their evidence vault despite repeat calls to release it and my $90 cash.

Cops also repeatedly trespass on the land of anyone called “homeless” and wrecked two abandoned houses I cleaned and repaired and molested me without caused EVEN WHEN I CALLED, AND ONE TORE MY SHOULDER LIGAMENTS PRETENDING I WAS RESISTING. When judges issue a warrant for baseless accusations and cause loss like I described they tempt the poor to make up with it by theft. COPS CAUSE CRIME.

A Henderson cop outright lied about me camping as ab excuse to arrest me and forced me to abandon maybe $70 worth of property I just bought off amazon, hair clippers too crucial to look not homeless and not be miserable from overgrown hair and be bullied for it.

I could not afford hair clippers for months after and losing my ID, folding wagon, crucial contact info and $90 to the thieving LYING LVMPD cop who lied to keep me jailed for a tormenting year in jail caused me to have no income for four years from the resulting depression and losing my kittens to him and the other mocking detectives.

Cops even sicked psychotic informants on me who tormented my pets, kept burglarizing and robbing me and two kept sexually harassing and stalking me till my house got bulldozed because of their mayhem. Police departments are evil and keep siding with the rich against the poor even when admitting to committing crimes to repel the homeless. One cop claimed me sitting in a corner with two kittens at the Strip is why there were less tourists, not the Mandalay massacre before.

Another block head refused to listen to me when I told him a housed meth addict kept opening my mail which the cop INSTANTLY justified because HE, THIS COP/S, SAW/ASSUMED I was a homeless therefore a druggie therefore had no rights. They were not even supposed to be on my land or search as they did and failed to arrest the rich white guy who lied about whose land I was on instead lied saying they were supposed to arrest me.

One LVMPD pet detective harassed me on this blog itself, let his partner steal my kittens.


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