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Questions For the Arrogant Emma Watson, Panderer

” “Trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned or told they aren’t who they say they are.” – Emma Watson

Emma, show your wisdom and maturity to the world by answering Christians and everyone else allowed “free thought” and judgment of what is true, false and good or evil, you who judge anyone who disagrees with your feelings: what is the evidence or proof for anything you said in historical tradition, religion or any science? Neither wishful thinking, or anger nor insistence however extreme is evidence or proof of anything. You lack common sense if you believe your claims, are immoral, deluded, lack a conscience or it’s seared from you continual sins. Stop making humans and yourself a priority above our Creator. Stop making claims without evidence, stop assuming, stop implying only you know what is true and best, you have no proof and are a low person of little regard. You’re an actor? Who cares? Is your field the study of religion, morality and psychology, and your age is? Stop insulting your elders, stop playing a troll, know and understand your God before your time here is up. The phobes are liberals, communists, socialists and Christians who deny salvation is an eternal gift from God, not temporary, because none of you have the courage or desire to know or accept God’s love and truths over your materialism and addiction to money and comfort.

Roseman University and Henderson Police, Partners In Harassing Non-whites

For years I have cleaned up the trash at the Whitney Mesa Park, glass, foam, bags that no one else will touch, not after ten years even on Roseman University’s section of the park, that school of doctors who took the oath to do no harm, yet repeatedly lied to sick police on me and force me and my pets into extreme heat just so they might FEEL I was farther away despite not seeing me. Yes they own and neglect it, but see me clean up, I even pointed this out to their guards who are told to watch me, why, apparently I’m not white enough to be ignored. They’ve even told me I could not use the sidewalk, a PUBLIC sidewalk leading to the mesa and Henderson white cops even threatened me to not use the sidewalk or travel on the mesa. Today they literally wrote me a false trespass as Roseman Uni. repeatedly lied to the all white Henderson cops about all the businesses and land around them being theirs and the cops knowing it is a lie – I even showed them the property lines pretend it is true, even when I am showing them the lines on a map, to my face pretended they couldn’t see the lines. Note, they “trespassed” me from GV CHRISTIAN CHURCH WHO NEVER CALLED THEM NOR CARES ABOUT THE REFUSE LAND I STAY AT AND CLEAN. So, it is a false trespass. Observe the picture of it.

They had me trespassed years earlier from Roseman for cleaning up litter around a dumpster NOT belonging to them, yet called the police on me anyways. A second time they lied recently and the police instead said they should arrest me, and police illegally did a search on me, twice, and the property with no warrant, and now a third time this morning, now pretending they do not know whose property it is and threatening code enforcement in 72 hours.

This again is land I clean, on private church property where styrofoam washes into Whitney Mesa, gets on feral cats and a tame road runner that comes to me for food to feed her baby. So consider: this is racist wealthy harassing poor non-whites, and police using a an excuse of convenience that there’s a code violation, just ignoring that if it were Roseman’s land the code violation would be the massive amount of rubber hose debris next to them since the start, styrofoam from WaterFX and a sea of broken glass. Now is it right to harass me (using cops and strangely all white except perhaps one) merely because I exist, and even doing good and when those calling are boldly breaking the law and police boldly enforcing and perpetuating this harassment? This was Henderson’s community relations cops with bullet proof vests and guns on their sides calling me out this morning, their “relations” telling me code enforcement would, yet again (steal) my property, something they did before (officer Paul Easton) when I bought hundreds of dollars worth of solar equipment – he vandalized some, literally threw it along with lead batteries and glass into open empty pools and stole $300 in solar panels when he had posted a sign saying not to remove any property. He even vandalized the house. I ask the community, especially fellow Christians to ask Jewish-owned Roseman to stop harassing the homeless, to remember the persecution of Jews, which includes me, a half-Jew, my other half is Filipino, which by the way is a race with ancient black DNA, there are even native blacks in the Philippines. I also ask that GV Christian be urged to employ me to maintain their ignored property.

This is not just a race issue, nor some homeless issue, but trash as it gets all over the wildlife and into the wash at Whitney Mesa, it is also of course a law issue in that Henderson is continuing the harassment of any poor on behalf of the wealthy and as usual breaking the law to do so, boldly. There’s no community relations, that is a farce, it is community destruction, the kind we’ve seen erupt repeatedly in history, now with destroyed police stations even.

Roseman University’s phone number is (702) 968-2007. GV Christian’s is (702) 454-2722. Roseman and GV are also on Twitter and Facebook.

How the Jews pay back those who helped recreate their nation! KICK THEM NOT JUST OUT, BUT AWAY WITH THEIR KIDS!

Note to the cops will not even investigate the white meth addict living in a suite nearby who keeps stealing my mail, opened my replacement card from Wells Fargo and kept the second replacement.


Why Defund the Police?

This is a quickly written reply to ignornt or lying cops who give the wife beater/mafia extortionist reply, “You’ll need me/us when you call us to save you one day!”

  1. I don’t want an evil person to save me, God through Christ already did.
  2. As has already been shown, not all cops are equal and rarely around to respond during a crime, but only after, making things worse. Instead they are around to stalk and harass the homeless giving them contradictory reasons as to why.

Now some short stories of mine:

You’re ignorant of how most judges and cops cause homelessness and sustain. Cops arresting a so called squatter or homeless person causes them to lose jobs, pets, friends, property left behind in a sudden arrest or can no longer guard, abqpd caused me a devestating burglary by deliberately leaving my apt unlocked on suspiscion i recorded one violating my privacy AGAIN.

LVMPD stole my pets repeatedly (UNLV campus cops even helped UNLV sorrority girls steal my healthy kittens on my birthday on threat of false accusations and putting them down) indirectly caused some to starve and dehydrate to death. Twice they burglarized me, locked me out, stole a memory card in intake and stole and destroyed my ID at their evidence vault despite repeat calls to release it and my $90 cash.

Cops also repeatedly trespass on the land of anyone called “homeless” and wrecked two abandoned houses I cleaned and repaired and molested me without caused EVEN WHEN I CALLED, AND ONE TORE MY SHOULDER LIGAMENTS PRETENDING I WAS RESISTING. When judges issue a warrant for baseless accusations and cause loss like I described they tempt the poor to make up with it by theft. COPS CAUSE CRIME.

A Henderson cop outright lied about me camping as ab excuse to arrest me and forced me to abandon maybe $70 worth of property I just bought off amazon, hair clippers too crucial to look not homeless and not be miserable from overgrown hair and be bullied for it.

I could not afford hair clippers for months after and losing my ID, folding wagon, crucial contact info and $90 to the thieving LYING LVMPD cop who lied to keep me jailed for a tormenting year in jail caused me to have no income for four years from the resulting depression and losing my kittens to him and the other mocking detectives.

Cops even sicked psychotic informants on me who tormented my pets, kept burglarizing and robbing me and two kept sexually harassing and stalking me till my house got bulldozed because of their mayhem. Police departments are evil and keep siding with the rich against the poor even when admitting to committing crimes to repel the homeless. One cop claimed me sitting in a corner with two kittens at the Strip is why there were less tourists, not the Mandalay massacre before.

Another block head refused to listen to me when I told him a housed meth addict kept opening my mail which the cop INSTANTLY justified because HE, THIS COP/S, SAW/ASSUMED I was a homeless therefore a druggie therefore had no rights. They were not even supposed to be on my land or search as they did and failed to arrest the rich white guy who lied about whose land I was on instead lied saying they were supposed to arrest me.

One LVMPD pet detective harassed me on this blog itself, let his partner steal my kittens.