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My Continuing Epic Kitten Saga In Hellhole Las Vegas

In the past few days it has been very Hellish and dramatic for me.

In order one day after another these things happened except for the last.

1. Some weeks ago PussPussPuss is stolen by an irrational female who pretends to be an animal rescuer, but when I discovered her on Facebook with the same pretense on her page blocked me when I asked how my cat was and if she’d help my other kittens.

2. Some days ago, maybe two weeks ago my newly bought bike was stolen in a secluded spot next to me as I slept, along with new $40+ saddlebags I bought my previous bike which I also traded for the used though newly bought one. With it was stolen my food, phones, memory cards with huge amounts of pics and vids of my cats, chargers, a new $50 bike lock, food and more, including my cat-busking tools. Days later a female stoner type texts me thinking I was the man (a heroine addict) she met who unknownst to her stole the items but she helped me a little to secure my things at first and jam my own lock he used on my bike. I didn’t know it was lock as she didn’t thoroughly examine it. The next day she becomes demonic and texts me telling me she wants to “wash her hands” of the situation by putting outside all my stolen items with the locked bike, and thenn ignores me when I tell her that is hypocrtical and nonsensical and the opposite of washing your hands of the theft. Two days later I look for a druggie and sex fiend bike thief and burglar named Nick to help get my bike back. In short he wastes my time with his obscene sexcapade stories. Perhaps two days later has me tag along with him to meet a credit card cloner I met a day before finding him, but she’s sleeping. So then I follow him part way to a drug dealer’s house who also counterfits one dollar bills, he never returns hours later while I see and encounter other notorious thieves and druggies goimg to Gato’s, including Chino who repeatedly harasses me and had even stolen my bike with my cats on it many months earlier. After petting a friendly cat I see a notorious elderly narcissist homeless woman, Kim, who likes to dress up as a slutty teen and who despises me, sitting on a couch in a garage that a schizophrenic named Steve was trying to turn into his new room. He was sexually harassing her and complaining about her new boyfriend Ron (Nick had later told me Ron was her boyfriend, which is how I learned of that), a drummer, and he too is a druggie and narcissist, a very rude one who never stops talking, but he wasn’t there, tho Kim kept saying he’d beat me up if I went to a house she used to live in and insulted me now and then. In the morning,

3. I awoke and saw near my head what looked like one of the bags I bought from Savers, looked in it and found my precious memory cards and apparently Kim’s clothing. Steve soon let me out and I left with that bag and the memory cards. Perhaps the next day,

4. a female black manager at Savers named Dee, who hates everyone and is an apparent narcissist said the following insults and lies to me for getting a store bag for an item I bought there and having a receipt: You homeless bastard, have you eaten today?, look at all the shit on your bike, I own the property, bags cost money, don’t ever just take something from the cash register, keep going (arguing) and you’ll be 86ed. The next day,

5. a young black male from Africa harasses me working as a nameless guard in Savers in a sexual way and repeatedly touches me without cause and says it was because: I disrespected him but never explains how, then lies and claims I was washing my hair and bear hugged me and lifted me up and tried unsuccessfully to walk me ou of the store, then said, “I don’t fight”, and doesn’t bother to call he police, rather, I do and am pu on hold, so I leave. The next day,

6. I meet Nick and pay him to retrieve my stolen bike and anythig with it and he’s using a good looking classic style bike meant as a gift for the credit card cloner (so she’d buy something for me, which he said he did give her, though never got anything from her if she ever got it which she said she did receive). One or two days later,

7. Nick tells me he never went to get my stuff because the girl who was supposed to drive him here never came through. Nick admitted to me to being a liar by the way. One or two days later (after cops ticket me for bringing cats to the Strip again) Iget ripped off at Super Pawn when I over paid $69 for a stupid HTC Desire phone.

8. an apparent black homeless male stinking badly of armpit odor was charging his phone, and a few minutes later in a completely disrespectful tone and as if he were retarded with ugly particles covering his right arm said something like, “Man you stink, sit somewhere else, hey, hello!” Then said smething that sounded like, “you want to die.” And then, “Hey, move, you stink”, or somethin like it, so I get up and he becomes wide eyedand begins punching my face and I hit his jaw extremely hard, and he picked up a chair and acted as if he migt impale me with the legs and then began following me around tables, and then took my phone and charger, destroyed the charger and forced me to pay him for my junk HTC Desire phone, and ended up getting $63 out of me, a few dollars short of what I bought it for. The next day

9. a homeless narcissist named Lory who sells meth, beer and water and uses it and who claims to be an under cover officer got out of a hospital and was there she said becsause she fell asleep and fell on her forehead asked me where her homeless narcissist boyfriend “Trash” is. Lory,  two years earlier because she saw me transport my cats by a large carrier on my bicycle, denied me getting what she said was an Egyptian Mau kitten from her despite saying she’d give one to me for free for sure and who some days before these incidents boasted to tourists at he Strip about her “seventeen” kittens in front of me and four my kittens after seeing them faun over them repeatedly as she sold beer and water and after a tourist who claimed to work at a shelter yelled at me to put them in a shelter. She has me search for her back pack in bushes nearby while agreeing to babysit my kittens for half of what tourists donate as she sits (and lies, but it turns out a drunken bum who sells beer and water has it, so I at her request get him to bring it to her. She then has me look for this worthless boyfriend, Trash. When I get back she tells me to my devastation that she sold m prize kitten, it was the one many tourists kept saying was beautiful and wanted to buy.

10. Some days later police ticket me again, yesterday, for bringing them to the Strip, and one seargant who was mocking me to a group of black tourists deliberately lying to them to get them angry (which to me was a racist act) about me abusing them and not giving them water, ingoring my water bowl as did the blacks even when I put it right at the heads of the kittens. However one commented that she was ticketed for just leaving her dog in her car for seconds with the window open, but she said to the seargent after he kept lying, “Oh, well then throw the book at him” and the seargent cheered her comment. After that I went to another bridge where one of the drug addicted sister, Gale sits with her cat for donations, but instead her drug addicted sister Cindy who sits with her dog was there. Cindy is a literal witch and a ruthless one who was a notorious thief and reseller of books she’d steal from book stores and even drains to her amusement he SSI income of the elderly autistic man she admits abusing who owns the condo she lives in, a roach infested condo where cats wander in and out of and where Gale is always screaming profanities and blasting her TV nonstop. I told Cindy that I just got ticketed.

11. This morning a homeless heroine addicted youth interupted me as I was trying to write this post, and though assumed my cats were overheating outside, was correct, so I watered them down and gave them water and learned a little about him as we both said sorries to each other and he learned about my situation. I also saw in my email that an insane kitten thief, perhaps a narcissist, who’d stolen kittens from me months ago was the very one harassing me for having any cats and who lied about giving me a sleeping bag for my older cats to shield them and myself from the winter cold — she was ranting lies about or to me again and justifying the theftnof Creampoof, she claims to be an employee at the Lied Anima (KILL) Shelter where I’ve had to buy back my stolen cats before when Starbucks manager Samantha and coworker stole and sent their under a lie as to where they got them. The same Samantha who wanted them to burn up outside in the heat. She hates cats and the poor, and is a narcissist.

At midday I went the Strip and while on my bike out of everyone’s way by a fountain near a bus stop by Caesar’s Palace asked a homeless drunk why he was sober for once and to my amazement his personality was very different then when he was drunk. He tried to explain how police harassment had ruined his nurse career attempt but cops appeared behind me and began harassing me, put me in cuffs, illegally searched me and my property, wasted my time just starring at me, made a failed attempt to impound my kittens, ticketed me for blocking traffic, and the seargant, whose harassed me before, stalked me at the bus stop, although he did give me a $20 bill I accidentally dropped in my attempt to get away from them after they uncuffed and ticketed me. Later at night the same seargant found me sitting with my cats on a bridge again (out of everyone’s way) and ticketed and arrested me and I was sent to jail. I let a homeless woman take the kittens and my tip money. When I got out the next day I got scammd right away out of my $105 tablet I was going to return as it was slow and buggy, a VisualLand tablet. Instead a traded it for a phone that turned out to be locked to someone else’s email. When I made it back to the druggie homeless woman, I found out after I was just about to leave with what I left her, she suddenly appeared and had a story about the $100 I left her(which was looking for as I was leaving) and told me it was stolen.

12. In the morning a homeless druggie who calls himself New York, with narcissism disorder, who had stolen a spray bottle from me a few days earlier (to beg for money by offering to wash cars) walked up to me at Walmart making his usual childish insults and it put me in a horrible mood for the rest of the day, I still feel like puking over his snide harassment. Walmart security and management won’t do their job and get rid of him.

13. On June 7th at night at the Strip, as soon as I set up with my cats a fat angry tourist insults me for putting cats in a walkway (not sure if she was pretending to care about them but apparently disliked cats). I tell her to stop acting like I’m ISIS or if I’m like ISIS and she replied, “You might as well be.” I then asked her if she knew anything about the Holocaust (to see what absurd response she might have next), and she asked if I knew, to which I replied, “I’m half Jewish you moron” and she left in anger.

14. June 8th the same tourist walked by but had died her hair so didn’t know it was here, and as she walked by, to insult me, sloppily got out a slice of large pizza and plopped it on my setup saying it was for the kittens without saying a word, to which I replied, “I already have food for them” and fed them with catfood. Stupidly she wasted the pizza as I got rid of it. It was of course meant to show her disrespect for the hunger of the homeless and poor (she assuming I was), my pets and to dirty the setup and attract criticism from other tourists seeing pizza on the setup as if I had sloppily put it there. She came back minutes later and said something to me other tourists couldn’t even understand, but it ended with the word “Orlando”, apparently her disrespectful reference to the gays murdered there by the lone ISIS cultist. She was an obvious narcissist by her haughty behavior.

15. On June 9th a kitten I caught escaped and a little while later was told that a black male (about 13) had tortured it to death. I was lead to it and I retrieved him. About 30 minutes later I discovered my precious and only female kitten, Beara had wandered away and or was stolen as I was charging a new phone and watching her and my other kittens from nearby. I searched over an hour for her at the park I was at, where the other kitten died, till it was dark and then left for the Strip, getting a popped tire along the way forcing me to use the bus. I was and still am in severe lower back pain. At night a female blonde tourist I had encountered the day before for the second time was accusing me of having drugged my cats and said this time, “…at least they aren’t drugged this time” and maliciously took a picture of me and I again argued with her and humiliated her and once again she made a middle finger sign at me as she left. She was it seems from England and had severe narcissistic personality disorder, she told me casually and arrogantly I didn’t deserve any of the money (thay she saw on the second encounter).

16. When I got back from the Strip and went back to the park at perhaps 1 AM. I slept and stayed hoping Beara would show up, but it’s 3:30 PM and there was no sign of her. While waiting I met a beautiful catlady type I’d met a few days before again and we conversed a little. I was distressed at her though because she wanted to neuter all my kittens, or at least said she would. Soon after I encountered the black male who supposedly killed one of the kittens and I followed him as he tried walking away from me and I recorded him and asked what happened and he seemed to be lying, but I let it go.

17. On June 10 I discovered that at one of my living spots my remaining cat traps had been stolen by some clean up person or persons apparently. I contacted a real estate agent of that house for help and am awaiting more info from her, meanwhile I’m trying to order new traps. At the same time as my discovery my recently bought Walmart Huffy cruiser had a critical failure in the rear hub and I was forced almost to steal a bike…

At about 6 PM a young homeless male I don’t know, probably a druggie, while walking by me as I was near a grocery store said something hostile that sounded to me like, “If you keep going to that house they will eat your cats, fool.” And at about 7 PM I finally found the Facebook page of a friendly tourist I met perhaps two weeks ago, a young woman from Utah who gave me some help and who works at an animal clinic… and never replies, at least I didn’t try to friend her, but maybe that’s why she never replied, or saw I was religious.

18. I find Lory and Trash by, not at the Strip, Trash immediately asks next to Lory if she “stole” a kitten from me, Lory makes some sloppy lies and being so annoyed at their ranting I leave, but nkt before confirming what I guesses about Lory: her own family kicked her out of her apartment, and she claimed her son used his dog to attack her. So, I’m wondering how in the world I might then get Lory’s kittens, and possibly breeding cats, if her son might be a very hostile person.

19. Think it can’t get worse? Today on June 17th I decided to order a replacement gboom bluetooth speaker which was meant to get me tips at the Strip months ago rather than having to bring my cats to entertain tourists, but as soon as I ordered the battery online a mysterious unauthorized charge to my card was made for an “sl investmen(t) for $11.65, which prevented me from ordering a component to create a solar power charger and from eating at a buffet restaurant for kittens and I. So, it will be chicken, icecream and a little beer again. Now to cancel my card again, ugh, ugh, ugh. … :( couldn’t afford any icecream, just a bottle of cheap made in China beer. Haven’t even eaten or drank what I just bought, typing this out is all painfully slow, my neck is in pain, a right thigh muscle keeps cramping, have to cancel my card, quickly eat to get my kittens to a vetrinarian.

22. Never got my cats to the vet, and at 9:26 AM just discovered an “EXCESS ACTIVITY FEE” for $15 from WellsFargo it seems in my bank statement. Besides that being immoral of them and oppressing the poor it will and no doubt has prevented a crucial Amazon order from going through (an order for animal trap.) How is it WellsFargo now thinks it bad for their brand to be used “excessively”? So they think too much advertising of their service is so bad they will punish you with their hypocritically excessive fee? I hardly use my card being poor, and they make me even more destitute for it!

Right after discovering the charge a dirty insane bum came to me repeatedly asking me if I was alright, and he then said, “This is the only place we can get water in the whole area” and twice said, “this place reminds me of California”, then he turned and walked away. I’ve only seen him two other times. Supposedly he’s a liar, but a liar who hates blacks and Jews is the one who told me that. He does seem crazed though.

23. After Plushy went to pee he suddenly ran away, I chased him and him out of a bush. Now he will get the leash treatment.

These are only some of the horrible events I go through everday as an oppressed and poverty stricken person. I forgot to include an incident at the Strip where a young white male acting like Leonardo Dicaprio threw a lit cigarrette butt at me and my kittens when I told him I wanted an (absurdly, obviously joking) high price for my kittens while he repeatedly said I was retarded. It burned my leg and then my matt. The next night some stupid pair of cops ticketed me for bringing my cats, at that same spot. One couldn’t believe I was getting money for people loving cats, or finding them cute, but insisted I was only getting pity money, and insultingly mocked me and all poor persons, specifically homeless ones, with, “If I was homeless I’d have pets too.” But if that is so, if her were truly wise, why then could he not understand why I was getting donations, and in disbelief I wasn’t hiding my good-looking bike? He had an evil stereotype of the poor as many police do and their wealthy overlords.

Police choose to be police, some of them boast that they are oppressed by those they police (how silly for these tyranys to say), but who forces them to be police and play violent, arrogant, brutal judges over others?



Creampoof, my beloved stolen kitten.


My daughtet Beara, whom I also called, Pussybear





  1. Kevin
    June 15, 2016 at 12:52 PM

    Are you [read some random name here by this poor stalker “Kevin”]? [Some guy stalker Kevin is apparently obssessed with being a psychopath with nothing better his mind can fathom doing] kid? Have you asked your family for help? Not money, but actual help getting better? You are obviously suffering from some kind of mental illness–paranoid delusions, etc. Your blog reads like the Unibomber’s manifesto. When was the last time you talked to your family? I can contact [who?] on your behalf if you’d like…do you have a reliable phone number/email address etc. where he can reach you?

    • June 15, 2016 at 10:43 PM

      1. (See Stalkabomber’s above first line)

      Why are you so concerned who I am lazy hurting tormented moron hypocrite retard creeper psychopath narcissst? Please, tell everyone your personal and pathetic life story that you hide for obvious reasons, and why you’re deeply obsessed with me, who I am, if lol, I’m merely a “seems-to-be-paranoid-deluded-type-that-I-can’t-be-bothered-to-properly-compare-any-paranoid-deludex-type-to-but-rather-make-obvious-I-myself-am-a-crazed-stalker-wannabe-yet-way-way-…-way-lazy”? Powerful contradiction there. Or are you trying hard to come up with a manifesto against me, still, four years later? Eeek.

      2. Have you asked your family for help? Not money, but actual help getting better?

      Getting better at what stupid? Be specific, not vague and short like a typical troll with the stunted maturity of a narcissisg stuck at a six-year-old’s level of self-control. And… have you done so, contacted your family? If not, why babble it to me? Have you proven the effectiveness of your deep advice? If it didn’t work for you and millions upon millions of others, as is common sense, why ask? I award you: Eternally Unclever Hypermoron Ultra-inneffective Moron of All Time award… because don’t you know… money… wait for it… is of no help for anything. Your IQ: effectively negative infinity. If you have no understanding of the value of money, how dumb are you, basically among the dumbest of all time. You’re that scrawny boy on youtube screaming in desperate agony every time someone refutes his weird nonsense and attempt to beat any one opponent on level one of any online game only to die instantly.

      4. Your blog reads like the Unibomber’s manifesto.

      Reads like to who, moron? You in your extreme delusion of grandeur think you speak for the not just my Christian family of millions (weird!) but the entire planet and God! El Grand Stupido: only speak for yourself you magic minded idiot.

      And grand moron who of course covers his eyes and ears when seeing anyone agreeing with me, you lazy troll who can’t spell and reveals his lack of bothering to study carefully what he’s ranting about: it’s “Unabomber”, not “Uni”. Yet you imply I’m the paranoid and deluded one?… Show us oh Lazy One With Drunk Arguments a comparison between his belief in self-destiny, and my blog which refutes it, and all the rest you know you are too monumentally lazy to read. Now that’s proof you’re one paranoid moron, and no doubt wish you had his infamy, but are clearly a quivering, nervous-sweating, coward type.

      Because child-minded liars like you count on others to be lazy, maliciously stupid an gullible like yourself, some quick facts:

      a. Unabomber’s babble was 50 pages long and against high technology, my blog is a.t.m. about 800 pages long, focuses on and refutes false sciences from obvious godless, morality-hating stalkers like Kevin here which incredibly hinder anyone learning he truth about God and as a result as I point out, keeping us all stuck on Earth with fireworks that even with endless millions to billions of dollars that Kevin enjoys seeing wasted, result in crashed tin cans and dead pilots and lots of pollution. Kevin of course is satisfied looking through expensive glass and reading false headlines from fellow atheists about how with that expensive glass, they saw, drum roll, gas (possibly the articles admit on phys.org) turning into, a star… And that equals Kevin Timewaster Lazy Guesser’s, uh, unexpressed implying that such glass and headlines have gotten us repeated visits to the moon, or is it a tiny ant space colony, or um, uh… antigravity ships, oh, it helped a starving kid, in Africa, uh? Glass gazing and claiming over and over we came from nothing and then explosive gas = advances in, what, propulsion? No, regression to Kevin’s level of useless pot shots, aka, time-waste, aka, billion-dollar-battle-tanks-that-neved-worked, and very expensive toilet seats at your tax-expense. Kevin’s idea pf advancing, ironically, in other words, is watching things get bombed, exploding, making big bangs.

      And Kevinbomber: why would I care what a bland hidden narcissst with no arguments and only butt-hurt babble (and over his humiliation and agony oved seeing himself and his core being completely and beautifully with God’s word exposed for the unscary, puke-ugly, worthless vomit it is?) has to say? You’re still a nobody and can never compare to me even at my lowest, you’re just annoying and dumb, like a crippled mosquito or maggot about fo die that got on one of my hard working heels.

      5. When was the last time you talked to your family?

      If you pretend to know by throwing out random names against those who’ve apparently deeply shamed and thrown you hard down, why ask? Why can’t you stop contradicting for once, sigh. Why do morons like yourself always pretend to have some upper hand when… you’re transparently stupid and know you are? You guys are just addicted to being common bums waiting for another daily humiliation? When was the last time anyone you pretended was as worthless as you (that’s one in 500 million no doubt) in your far-out-self-defeating attempts at appearing to have some argument for some noble reason actually listened to you, or anyone looked at that one page you made about yourself on Geocities.com, but had only one sentence about yourself upon realizing you were a nobody as the other school-kids pointed out when you swung a stick like a fat Luke Skywalker and tripped and were then kicked in the balls?

      Or, have you ever been praised for being the most wise on the Strip, repeatedly, every other day, repeatedly being told you’re the highlight of their vacation (effectively that I’m the wisest business man and fund raiser ever, with a smile, making $50 an hour for being kind to animals and your pets adored? No, no, and… oh: no, etc.

      6. I can contact [some random name] on your behalf if you’d like…do you have a reliable phone number/email address etc. where he can reach you?

      But oblivious retarded moron dying over and over for negative attention knowing he can’t get any lasting positive attention: you’re telling my many blog-viewers that you are so extremely stupid and lazy, so dumb, such a moron and imbecile, fool and blind goof kid, that you in you pretense at being God, a Wise Master, didn’t notice my email in my CONTACT page, you moron.

      Stop punching yourself in the face and begging with screeching to be kicked in the balls for once and you just might get recognized for at the very least, not as annoying as some other druggie bum baking in the heat acting like a weirdo.

      Stop guessing Kevin, assuming is dumb, just as you are. Sleeping on books doesn’t magically put information in your head, duh.

      And fool: if you think it a mockable thing to ask a father for help, should it be any surprise that you are not only an immature and nonsensical psychopath with no limit to his grand delusions of knowledge and control, but on your way, still, and forever more to Hell? For if you think it is of no value as your sarcasm implies to ask a father for help, likewise you must hate the Father, God, and so not ask for his forgiveness and to fix your desperately corrupt and broken heart and mind.

      As Jesus your God who hates you, that Father who rejects you (as even your own father Satan does!) said, you hypocrite:

      How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

      Get a job and stop playing with dead kittens in your basement. You’re deeply hurting inside for a reason, you just hate that I repeatedly point it out.

      Now stop talking to me, you crazy moron obsessed over my success so badly you, LOL, offer to talk to ask my dad to help me (what a nonsensical weirdo!) Learn to argue using evidence you backwards truth-hating technology hating kid-minded adult, then you’ll get somewhere.

      Hint: Google, dictionaries, libraries, try reading slowly, not rather fooling yourself into thinking your some genius speed reader, Mr. “Unibomber”, LOL!

    • June 16, 2016 at 6:20 AM

      Fool: if you yourself reject your own God and so will have a spot with no home in Hell forever, how can you then babble in your dumb mocking to contact “your dad” or anyone elses dad you extremely blind idiot? Think for once you dolt! Face and admit your sins you stupid pig, that’s a start! Stop blaming Christians for your inability to get anywhere in life and deluding yourself into thinking you deserve anything let alone technology and to be a moon colonist, you idiot fantasy chaser with no logic to speak of. Instead of whining that you’re not living on the Moon (if only you were born and had died there alone you stupid turd!) how about be of some good use for once here on Earth. Stop whining about Christian blogs you dummy and you might actually progress in some good way for once, let alone finally own a working phone that wasn’t stolen. How obvious was that? Now shut up and stay lost.

    • June 16, 2016 at 6:25 AM

      Trust in God for salvation and logic, not “Jack” or “Bob” or “Michael Jackson” or “Jerry Lewis” or “Kesha” you cursed and doomed to endless failure, you lowly hidden cast-out. “Bob” can’t save you, especially not from the stupidity you’re stuck with and love rolling around in like a pig in mud, poor beggar.

  2. Kevin
    June 16, 2016 at 7:08 AM

    That’s quite enough…I’m calling your Dad to come and get you. You need some serious help, Daniel.

    • June 16, 2016 at 2:19 PM

      Apparently Kevin you’re a deeply disturbed narcissist and stalker who had an exceptionally bad humiliation ac a child, and reading my articles on narcissism caused you a worse mental break. Calling peoples’ mom’s and dads isn’t how to argue with morality or God, attacking with sarcasm and being smug against God’children only makes your situation with God. You’ve shown everyone you can’t accept “no” for an answer and are therefore the criminal deviant I’ve already generically described of your common sort. You failed to notice “that’s quite enough” are typical pretenses of a narcissist. Once again stalker who makes me out to be a nobody (yet in contradicion speaks like he’s a mastermind criminal unveiling the Flash!), stop babbling to me. You clearly are not here to be constructive but to harass. As for you’re attempt to be deeply clever by calling me “Daniel”, moron, who said that wasn’t my name? It’s in my blog, so why the drama comma Mr. Unabomber.

      • Kevin
        June 16, 2016 at 2:30 PM

        I called you Daniel H Holler because that’s your name. I’m not trying to argue God or anything else with you. I’m trying to get through your head that you are not this person you pretend to be. You are not the irrational name caller and crazy homeless cat criminal that your blog makes you appear to be. You are a son, a brother, and a decent human being–a human being that need mental health treatment in the worst way.

      • June 16, 2016 at 4:10 PM

        I’ll make a further example of “Kevin” who fit the types of crazies I point out in my blog, point out his obvious mental deficiencies when it comes to logic:

        “I called you Daniel H Holler”

        He’s talking to himself in his psychosis (note his reply is not to anything I directly said as he can’t mentally deal with morality, ethics, laws as he’s confronted wih, so instead he totally avoids it and talks about names, family relations as his is apparently broken and allusions to psychiatrists which he’s likely been forced to see) due to a lack or normal friends, narcissist delusions and possibly schizophrenia or heavy meth use causing schizophrenic psyhosis.

        “because that’s your name.”

        He’s desperate for attention even from those he hates and pretends to know them and be on a first name basis with them, even to the middle initial!

        “I’m not trying to argue God”

        Lacks proper grammar, ignores it in his rush to win arguments. He means “argue about God”.

        “or anything else with you.”

        In another failed attempt to appear to have a good temper he tries to read as being calm-tempered an non-argumentative at first, but knowing he’s already crossed the boundry on harassment by refusing to stop talking to the one he’s harassing and lacking self-control in reality he immediately and blatantly contradicts himself. For he’s compared my blog to the “Unibomber’s manifesto [sic] and now says,

        “I’m trying to get through your head that you are not this person you pretend to be.” (in an attempt to deflect attention away from the grand, mentally stable genius that he pretends to be and clearly is not, he continues to accuse me of the farce he’s engaging in, but having no wisdom to do it as his mind is full of delusions about how great he is babbles about who has a “real name” and is “pretending”. He then says after that unimpressive cliche:

        “You are not the irrational name caller and crazy homeless cat criminal that your blog makes you appear to be.”

        in obvious sarcasm, and then goes deeper into ranting over his clear pain over being called what he is while believing that his avoidance of using such names somehow makes him superior by saying, “you are not such and such”, hoping to garner praise from other confused criminals like himself. He then continues to rant, and goes deep into ranting in his desperation to somehow beat God’s word and avoid facing the corrupted narcissistic state he’s in with more contradictory pretention:

        “You are a son, a brother, and a decent human being”

        Again, this after comparing me to the “Unibomber” (Unabomber), and perhaps saying Uni being fantasy-prone and dwelling on the imaginary, like unicorns, perhaps even pretending he talks with them. He then says,

        “–a human being that need mental health treatment in the worst way.”

        in a failed attempt to come off as impressive and somehow still be seen as the cool and calm minded mentally stable (like those who refute him and cannot measure up to) and not full of and overflowing with irrational hatred and bitterness — he hurls another insult while not using what he calls a “name” and one implying he deeply desires to see me in pain. So he is against himself being judged (why of course!) and called by various names what he is literally and in metaphor i.e. time-waster, hypocrite, liar, thief, stupid, retard, moron, idiot, imbecile, but happy to try and go beyond that by pretending to know my name and making it out to be a word of a sort of deep insult by using. And his belief is apparently that I must be as deeply insecure as he is and so ashamed of who I am, and so therefore feels that my “real name” must be some sort of insult to me.

        No Kevin, you are the embarassment you feel that you are, not the other way around, I am not a lowly narcissist-psychopath stalker like yourself lacking in basic common sense like you are, like as to the value of money, cats and God and of course his commands to not worship imaginary things as you do, and to not be bitter as you deeply are, a thief, liar and cheater as you are and murderous as you are with your weak schizophrenic attempts at name assassination (also known as ad hominem attacks) and your vague innefective, broadsides, your libel and slander. You amount to nothing but an inneffective rapist type. No amount of babbling to me or anyone elss will save you from being hidden away in eternal darkness with the worms God has destined you for:

        “If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out. And if your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life crippled than to have two feet and be thrown into hell. And if your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell, where,

        ‘the worms that eat them do not die,
        and the fire is not quenched.’

        Everyone will be salted with fire.”

        You can’t hide from God, stalker, and no matter how much your irrational mind hates “labels” (what’s wrong with calling pigeon turd what it is or a cat a cat?), you’re a sinner, indecent, void of any morals and destined to be homeless in Hell forever without friends or pets, but rather, slimy maggots like yourself. That js what God says you deserve, not I whom you fail to defeat because He is my God, but your God. Of course you silly twit you can’t argue with God, because unlike you, I’m following his command.

      • Kevin
        June 16, 2016 at 4:48 PM

        Fine…just tell me this–are you or have you ever been Daniel Hiller? If you’re not, then why haven’t you said so? Of course you can’t do that because you know that I can prove it. By now, you’ve probably verified that I spoke with Jack this morning. You also know that I’m a lawyer and that I’ve pulled your Clark County sheet–with full legal name and mug shot. You, Daniel Hiller–NOT Daniel “Knight”, have a history of mental illness. You are off your meds–for quite some time by the sound of it–and you need help. Like I said, I don’t want to argue ABOUT God or morals or anything else that doesn’t result in you checking yourself into a facility. I told your Dad Id try to help and that’s what I’m going to do–with or without ty our cooperation.

      • June 16, 2016 at 6:00 PM


        What is stupid crazy Kevin calling “fine”? Is he acknowledging he’s crazed?

        “just tell me this–are you or have you ever been [insert random name]”

        Apparently Kevin has a personal vendetta with and or a deeply unhealthy obsession with this star and “decent brother” he makes me out to be, the kind in which he wants to control and maliciously dominate in his psychopathic rage.

        “If you’re not, then why haven’t you said so?”

        What is Kevin ranting about? I have no clue, the delusional meanderings of a psychopath narcissist.

        “Of course you can’t do that because you know that I can prove it.”

        Prove what? What is this stalker on about? If this stalker calls me the Unabomber indirectly, why then did he call me a “decent” “brother”? Clearly he is morally insane and a serious threat to the public.

        “By now, you’ve probably verified that I spoke with [who?] this morning. You also know that I’m a lawyer”

        No I don’t know that your an anything but a ranting and raving lunatic bum, a silly girl stalking her x-bf, who can’t make any rational sense in her disbelief she’s been rejected, and has scarily bothered to read the ranting of a known narcissist terrorist, that of the Unabomber, whom she calls a decent brother.

        Kevin then wrote some long winded bizarre babble, and strangely long winded bizarre babble not worth my time, and then got even weirder:

        “Like I said, I don’t want to argue ABOUT God or morals”

        But that’s bscause he’s obviously immoral especially being that he refuses to acknowledge the Bible and God, and sees he, being evil, is therefore mentally ill and spiritually a doomed wreck.

        “or anything else that doesn’t result in you checking yourself into a facility.”

        Like a cafeteria, a Mormon “ward”, a Scientology mind-clearing room? Kevin can’t be specific as usual because he’s merely ranting in hateful ignorance, trying to sound smart but losing like a meth addict at a 7/11 Keno machine, going deeper and deeper into debt until he ends up having to steal bikes and phones to get his meth money.

        “I told your Dad Id try to help and that’s what I’m going to do–with or without ty our cooperation.”

        And these type of crazy obsessed fools, like this before your eyes admitted rapist type basically is what I have to deal with daily.

        Read over your stupid contradictions silly girl and get over the schizophrenic narcissism plaguing you and for which your apparent boyfriend had the moral sense and wisdom to cast off and ignore. God forbid you find him, I feel sad he had to suffer your narcissim-tantrums.

      • Kevin
        June 16, 2016 at 2:31 PM

        Sorry…typo. I meant Daniel H Hiller…not Holler.

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