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Future Kittens From A New Cat Breed For Sale – F1s Only

marsh 3

marsh 4

I am currently offering short tailed kittens from a new breed I am trying to make based on what appears to be a Birman kitten I’ve named Marshmellow whom I bartered for. It doesn’t appear to be pure bred but it eyes are a rare intense blue, with two shades of blue, light and dark. Pictures of her are included in this post. I need the down payments to fund my efforts to try and trap these cats. Only one goes far off making him a bit harder challenge to catch, he’s actually easier being that it goes to a certain spot that makes it easy to access but he doesn’t show up often. The minimum I will take as a down payment is $600, not refundable, the full payment is an additional $600. The F2 generation if they ever come about will be $1,400 at the maximum unless circumstances require more for some reason, F3s at $1,600 and F4s at $2000. After that I don’t intend to increase the price. The behavior of the Birman I have is almost excellent, she is very playful, very attention seeking, but not overbearing and purs if I put my face up to her while she’s at rest with my other cats and rub my face against her. The only things I find lacking about her is that she doesn’t knead me and does not pur much, however I imagine many don’t want a cat that purs a lot because it can be disatracting when they want to sleep or or trying to focus on something else that requires much of their concentration. I may before attempting to cross her with the manx like cats first cross her with another Birman with either excellent form and patterning in order to work from a cat with a more excellent color point pattern and hope for even better looking eyes. The kitten on the bottom of this article is one I am trying to track down for crossing with mine.


unknown birman

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