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Upcoming New Catbreeds – Put Money Down Now To Reserve A Kitten

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Since my two prized part Korat cats were stolen by a Starbucks manager (Samantha the red head) and her white coworker friend whose mom is a vet) who work at the new Tropicana and Eastern Starbucks in Las Vegas, that friend having sent them to Lied Animal Shelter which forced me to pay for them to be spayed, spayed against my will, I am now having to work with a remaining sister from PussPussPuss who is mostly feral though bold enough to come to me for food, though she’s not around consistently and the weather has to be good. Her sister acts somewhat like her, does the slow eye close at me now and then, and looks face-wise very similar to PussPuss, but unlike PP she is very skittish and smart enough to avoid going back into my Havahart trap, SO, I must it seems resort to foot traps, and they are in a distant place so it will be somewhat of a journey to retrieve them and finish the work I was doing on one which was making it so that it won’t damage the foot of whatever cat it clamps down on. I caught a kitten a few days ago whose dad is apparently the short tailed one that I haven’t seen for maybe two months now, however I did a few weeks ago discover three other children from him that all have short tails, unlike the kitten I caught a few days ago. I know that that kitten might have more than one dad, but I’m guessing not since it’s mostly black with only a few no big deal silver hairs.

But back to the short tails… I’m guessing I won’t catch the two short tailed kittens for a few days, just a guess, and the third, which is an adult it seems, a young adult, medium sized already, will take days to catch too. Another kitten I want to cross breed with those kittens I will have to buy for I’m guessing $200, and it isn’t for sale yet. I am posting this in hopes someone will put down the money to reserve F1 kittens from the wild Korat which may turn out short tailed, and/or for future kittens from the ones I intend to catch and the one I intend to buy, one of which I’ve posted a picture of. The picture of the black kitten is a poor picture of the look you might end up with from future kittens, and that kitten itself if it has the shorttailed gene in it might produce them. The white specs on the black kitten are from my scalp by the way, I have psoriasis and the constant stress I am under in Vegas makes me shed nonstop, and being homeless doesn’t help.

So how much do you have to put down? Unless you intend to come pick up the kittens yourself, a typical delivery is $600 to ship an animal, OR you can pay me to bring one to you for $350 and you must put down $275. I don’t know how many kittens will be born with short tails, so whoever puts it down first will get first picks of the litter, with a catch… you must breed your short tails and produce ones for me to come pick up and you cannot charge me and you are to give me first pick if more than one is born, of course you can lie to me and pretend you didn’t bear any and so on when really you did, but what can I do about that, and that will be on your head. Of course I have to come up with the money to get to you, and I might never, so you may end up with more short tails in months to come and keep them. You also have to give me FOUR FULL MONTHS after they are about two months old to come pick them up, if I fail, I won’t bother you about it unless you say it’s okay to come get them past that date. Obviously I don’t want them spayed or neutered since I am trying to become a cat breeder.

How to Pay?

You must put down $625-925. I might not be able to deliver to you myself, if that’s the case then I’ll notify you that I’ll need $300 more, so have $300 saved up in case I ask. It will at least in part depend on whether or not I can get someone to baby sit my cats while I come to deliver your kitten/s.

You can pay me by money order, check, or by paypal, if you pay by paypal you must down an extra $10 due to paypal fees and the trouble dealing with paypal, I don’t like messing with paypal, but I leave that option for you.

Alternatively, you can donate to my business cause, which isn’t entirely business, it’s also because I greatly love cats, kittens or not. You can see my other projects at tiny.cc/kitties

As for what kind of short tailed dad is going around getting cats pregnant in my area is, as in a bobtailed or manx cat, I don’t know, my guess is he is a part manx cat. I trapped him once and though it seemed possible to tame him in the long term, he after I was very kind to him gave me a scar under my eye in his anger and I got rid of him. He had many stray white hairs, but up front and a distance he looks all black. The short tailed kittens I saw, one of which I saw upfront looked very cute. The one I saw upfront looked dusty but entirely black with medium hair length verging on short, and it had beautiful pale green eyes, nothing astounding, but pleasant and not a common or unpleasant color. One I saw in the distance looked and moved (it hopped) like a bunny and looked like a mix of white and black. I’ve only seen that one once. The bad weather in Vegas is apparently causing them to not come out much. It’s also very difficult for me to afford tempting food to bait them with. I don’t intend to give up however, if it takes me three months to catch one short tailed kitten it will be worth it to me, or even of the two adults, if I it takes me months and I get one, that will suffice for the moment for me.

Update 11/19/2015: I created a fundme.com crowd funding project to create three short-tailed cat breeds, look for it at tiny.cc/kitties It is pending approval at the moment but hopefully will show up in my project list tomorrow. You would have to put down $50 less to obtain an F1 kitten from me but ultimately pay near $600 to have it shipped to you, UNLESS I became wealthy by that time I would then only charge a $300 fee.


The cute silverpoint Birman was bought. Sigh. If now you want to reserve a silverpoint Birman with a short tail you’re gonna have to put down $2400 so I can buy a Birman and some short haired silver cat, I’d prefer to try to use a Korat or Chartreux. Of course some may think: What’s the point of that, why not just buy my own cats and fuse them? Because I’d be saving you the cost of fusing them with a manx type, you’d save $300 and on shipping $200 as I’d self deliver the kitten or kittens and not charge the usual $600 animal shippers do to transport cats.

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