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Questions for Liberals, Gays, Homoexuals, Pro Choice & “Born this way (aka) that way” believers, PETA’ns

Were you were born wanting to have sex, and only with females? If so aren’t you admitting

1. you have no free will

2. were born abnormal in that as a baby you were born sexually lusting

3. don’t have the ability to control your lust (lack any sexual craving self control and are a slut and therefore an extreme risk as a sex offender including rapist)? If so you’re confirming a study that homosexuals have a greater tendency for violence and sex partners.

4. are ballet dancing kids and adults who encourage a ballet dancer that hates ballet dancing to stick with it till she or he likes it because they too used to hate it but eventually loved it later being bigots, bullies, deniers of free will, or the opposite: programmed genetics that lead to a lack of free will, ignorant, racist, bashers of some sort? Please, stop with the unthinking cliches that gays often attributed to Christians and look in the mirror, you who admit to lacking emotional self control and therefore unable to make rational unbiased judgments concerning anything, let alone morality.

Now for those who argue: “born this way” refers to early childhood sexual preferences.” So? Aren’t those who try to sexually persuade a so called child or kid then accused of being sexual predators, deviants, perverts, rapists, child molesters, irresponsible, trying to take advantage of the innocent/children”? And accused of that BECAUSE as liberals and red neck narcissist conservatives themselves proclaim are: “too young to think for themselves, just innocent kids, don’t know enough yet to understand sex or don’t have the ability to understand sex!”? Isn’t that a massive contradiction to claiming that at a very young age a little kid without explanation (and without any scientific knowledge to back up these kids “just know”ing (which are actually just subjective feelings or liberal propaganda the child may have heard and bought into, or even something a “predator” or bad parents with “good” or evil intent fooled them into thinking or who have )? Isn’t it, a contradiction?

Something also to think about for you liberals who claim to be in total control of your destiny and that everyone is equal:

1. are conservatives and Christians equal to you too?

2. weren’t they “born this way” and therefore can’t help but be conservative or Christian?

So, please rethink your defensive claim that you were simply born the way you were and therefore can’t help but be that way.

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  1. Bonnie Smith
    December 10, 2015 at 1:00 PM

    I was born just knowing I was attracted to bisexual hermaphrodites that look fully female except for, down there. I was born just knowing I wasn’t attracted to the ones that take hormones or were surgically altered, it just was so. I knew I wanted to have sex with them as soon as I came out of my mom, even raped by them. So I want to be raped by hermaphrodites that look like females and even have sex with them and want to have sex with effeminate guys like me, who kinda sound effeminate too. I knew all of this stuff in fact before I was even born. I think the alien Galacticbeyonder Sexual Genetic Programmer from Small Universe 10, the one to the left of the tree did this to me as clearly it is impossible to know your sexual orientation before you are even born unless God gets in your unborn face and says, “Hey, I am making you know that you wanna have sex with (fill in the blank)”, in fact I even met an unborn baby in my travels before born that told me she-he knew she-he wanted to have sex with walls of an off-white color covered in graffiti composed of red and gold colors with a few bird nests scattered about the top of the wall, and no more than 9 and a half birds nests, and only ones filled with golden eggs, and no more than 3 golden eggs per nest with a minimum weight of no more than three grams of white and gray bird feathers and of nests that were no older than one year, and only walls in Florida near a lake no longer or wider than 700.121 feet and no deeper than 3200.22 feet with no more than one lake monster and with a UV penetration limit of at least five inches.

    I would also like to have sex with a “slow” teen girl who is cute and adorable but like uh, not under um, 14-19, and only after I marry her in state X which allows for that with parental permission, and the teen must have pigtails and have a skin color that is peachy, perfect-like skin in fact with preferably blue eyes and who loves cats and has an IQ no lower than 70 and likes any type of food in general except lasagna and is open to eating feral boar, cat and dog meat. I WAS BORN wanting this after 1.4 hours of being born, most likely because Gormornucleonic Protomaster altered my genes via a galactic cosmic treadmill probe inserted up my yinyang via the left yinyang canal entering straight through my ear at first as I screamed in the X-Fang dimension inside of his UFO while gripped onto a flat metal table using membranious anal cow skin that had been removed from many abducted cows, those ones occassionaly found that have their anal cores drilled out. As this happened I remember multiple cat tails being placed over my face nearly suffocating me, I suppose he cut them off and wanted me to have an interestingly horrific but fluffy experience. Don’t worry no blood got on my face or the anal cow skin so it wasn’t that bad a site as I hovered over my body in spirit watching down in horror at this possible manipulation of my sexuality.

    Conclusion, make one and stop being a nonsensical weirdo and just do it, as Nike says, just have weird sex and stop discriminating against cat owners who take their cats with them and leave them outside of restaurants to not offend your cat-hating self and yet are still damned by moron security guards and the cat-hating managers and cashiers who are wannabe warlord presidents and are just barely not illegal mexican immigrants who can barely speak English but want to be your God. I love Mexican hotties but you are ruining it for me you McTaco cashiers.

    By the way I actually used to be really for reals married to a 12 year old gypsy girl in Spain, only in my mind however, and she wants a divorce now that she’s 22 because she remembers I had her sign a prenup and I recently got fed up with her stealing my McTacos and the other mental women from me (she’s actually lesbian I guess).

    LettuceGroundBaconTacoians, from BigAssUniverse Universe 32, that one under the Cosmic Flower of Infinite Non-Shallow Hotties Who Probably Hate Control Freak Anti-Pedophiles Who Pretend Every Kid Is Just Ugly or Some Plain Thing That Has No Particular Sexuality and Should Be Playing With Fat Black Barbies Till They Reach Age 23, But In Reality Are Racist Jealous Insane People Who Need To Be Executed Right Away Before They Provoke More Mass Shootings With Their Control Freakism.

    Good riddance assholes, and stop with the mass shootings of random people, God, get some proper aim, fools, like, kill evil people, you know, not random librarians, I guess it’s the Zoloft I’m talking to though. May North Korea’s foolish leader be blessed and make the right choice to sail off into the sea and end up a dead body on a drifting ship that ends up docking at Japan and his body buried in some nowhere spot and eaten by a giant Talusian Butt worm.

    No, secret service of North Korea and any country: you may not talk to me or interview me as you are mentally disturbed and emotionally disabled, most likely psychopathic and desiring to waste time pestering me instead of going after those FBI most wanted, like Saddam Insane and Salami Bin Laden and all those 9/11 richies that conspired to bomb (demolition) the World Trade Center Building so Larry Silverstein wouldn’t have to spend a massive amount of money removing that asbestos that ended up pulverized and killing tons of those fireman that stole jewelry and loaded it up on their firetrucks which after the firetrucks got smashed by debris and engulfed in the deadly ashes ended up being found by detectives but who apparently kept it to themselves mostly to uh, make the fireman look nice and patriotic, even though it looked like divine justice. Cheney and Bush, and the other Hitler loving Bush and your ancestors who made money selling to the Nazis: you will get yours, God will see to it and yell you down into Hell, most likely.

    Hold on, my 12 year old thief gypsy wife just manifested via Ghostbusting Ectoplasm and kinda looks like Slimer, how cute, and has decided to turn a new leaf and stop sliming lesbians and stealing them from me. At least she hasn’t stolen my cats yet unlike Chino the insane methhead who thinks he can make gold and takes apart half the things he finds and stole the font of my big pet carrier away for no apparent reason other than to sell it off as transmuted silver of some sort, he makes Asians look so typically insane and Asiany. He’s a little weirdo everyone, and loves blonde blue eyed bunny girls that hop walls to get drunk in Albuquerque, NM and then reject guys who notice how incredibly awesome and supple their asses are as they go over the wall, God what in thee Hell was such a hot girl doing jumping the wall to get drunk with two plane Janes, 14TEEN YR OLD LESBO? Probz.

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