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Questions for Liberals, Gays, Homoexuals, Pro Choice & “Born this way (aka) that way” believers, PETA’ns

October 11, 2015 1 comment

Were you were born wanting to have sex, and only with females? If so aren’t you admitting

1. you have no free will

2. were born abnormal in that as a baby you were born sexually lusting

3. don’t have the ability to control your lust (lack any sexual craving self control and are a slut and therefore an extreme risk as a sex offender including rapist)? If so you’re confirming a study that homosexuals have a greater tendency for violence and sex partners.

4. are ballet dancing kids and adults who encourage a ballet dancer that hates ballet dancing to stick with it till she or he likes it because they too used to hate it but eventually loved it later being bigots, bullies, deniers of free will, or the opposite: programmed genetics that lead to a lack of free will, ignorant, racist, bashers of some sort? Please, stop with the unthinking cliches that gays often attributed to Christians and look in the mirror, you who admit to lacking emotional self control and therefore unable to make rational unbiased judgments concerning anything, let alone morality.

Now for those who argue: “born this way” refers to early childhood sexual preferences.” So? Aren’t those who try to sexually persuade a so called child or kid then accused of being sexual predators, deviants, perverts, rapists, child molesters, irresponsible, trying to take advantage of the innocent/children”? And accused of that BECAUSE as liberals and red neck narcissist conservatives themselves proclaim are: “too young to think for themselves, just innocent kids, don’t know enough yet to understand sex or don’t have the ability to understand sex!”? Isn’t that a massive contradiction to claiming that at a very young age a little kid without explanation (and without any scientific knowledge to back up these kids “just know”ing (which are actually just subjective feelings or liberal propaganda the child may have heard and bought into, or even something a “predator” or bad parents with “good” or evil intent fooled them into thinking or who have )? Isn’t it, a contradiction?

Something also to think about for you liberals who claim to be in total control of your destiny and that everyone is equal:

1. are conservatives and Christians equal to you too?

2. weren’t they “born this way” and therefore can’t help but be conservative or Christian?

So, please rethink your defensive claim that you were simply born the way you were and therefore can’t help but be that way.

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