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Hell, Vegas is drug addict Hell.

September 7, 2015 Leave a comment

I haven’t blogged for a long while now due to endless struggles and thefts with the drug addicts I live amongst and stupid drunken tourists causing me major problems with me a day my cats at the Strip and homeless morons, not that they are morons for being homeless but so stupid or drunk that they remain homeless and pests as I try to make enough to no longer be homeless by self. There are also various peddlers, probably illegal peddlers who relentlessly and smoothly with callous hearts plunder tourists of their money by going up and down certain bridges asking for donations for what are supposed to be cd’s with their personal music on them but which are sometimes blank. One peddler showed me a wad of cash from his pocket that he said was $1,150! It took me hours the day before sitting with my cats at night to just make $35. The peddler wouldn’t even entertain loaning me money. There is more I would like to say, so much more about the crazy thefts I’ve experienced, and the friendly people I’ve met, and a violent guy at a bus stop that I blasted with pepper spray, and a demonic red headed manager at Starbucks who egged on by a malicious coworker harassed me over the site of what she assumed was a pet carrier and banned me for it, but I hate typing using phone screens which keep messing up every other word I try to type.

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