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Clone PussPussPuss the Kitten for $35,000 and help her and her owner get a home





0320151217jcropped pusspusspuss on my shoulder0320151216

0309151428a0309151428dPussPussPuss and Princess in my tent


PussPussPussPrincess and PussPussPuss in a cat carrier

 pusspuss in a pine needle hole

I’m offering for the price of $35,000 to allow my teen cat PussPussPuss aka PussPuss, Poopapoo and PooPoo (the one in the pictures with the heart tag) to be cloned and of course the clone given to whoever put up the money. The cloning will, Lord willing commence when I get five orders, or if you’re willing to pay the price x 5 to speed things up. Why clone her?:

1. She’s very friendly, will walk up to strangers to be pet.
2. Is beautiful.
3. Soft to the touch
4. Makes very adorable cute sounds (though it’s rare unfortunately, some of the sounds she makes sounds sort of like a little girl)
5. Strangely does not seem to be in heat for long, perhaps a few days and does not make constant meows when in heat (due to a mutation in her genetics perhaps)
6. She’s very loving
7. Has a naturally small size.
8. Appears to be perfectly proportionate, no overbite.
9. Has a thick tail rather than a thin wormy one.
10. Has cute reactions when excited and when her back is petted (she twitches her tail and back muscles)
11. Does not have a huge appetite
12. Closes her eyes slowly when looking at people at times, it’s very cute, I’ve only seen her sister Princess do it a few times to me, doesn’t even seem like she did it more than 10 times unlike PPP who always does it.
13. Is not easy to scare, she may walk into a crowd of people not realizing they may harm her or assuming they will all be friendly to her
14. She has very rarely hissed
15. Given her good personality she would make a great cat to breed from to produce other cats with good personalities, new breeds hopefully
16. The few times she wandered off, maybe two or three times, she came back to me on her own, as did her more skittish sister Princess.
17. Is tolerant of rain, unlike her sister Princess who hates it
18. She is highly tolerant of traveling, and doesn’t seem to mind it, she doesn’t making complaining sounds
19. When she has to go to the bathroom she’ll let you know if she is in a carrier
20. She’ll try and hold in her pee and poop for as long as she can till she’s back at her usual litter spot, so she is more convenient than a dog
21. Some cats have very smell litter, hers is not
22. Enjoys eating figs, bread amd pasta even with tomato sauce


1. She has a small white patch off center on her forehead
2. Appears to have a few no-big-deal white hairs underneath
3. Is perhaps only a third Russian Blue from my examination of her mother and 6-8 other sisters and brothers, and my observation of what appeared to be her father, which looked like a somewhat dark gray, well proportioned, young male with a very well defined white triangle on his chest, and probably has one between his legs as PussPussPuss and her sister Princess both have one between their legs, though Princess’ is very much more prominent. She may not be RB at all. From her and her sister and two of het other siblings, if I can catch them, I intend to create two new breeds of cats, one which has strong faithfulness to the point where they will follow their owners and has dark clear blue eyes and the other more focused on a silver and gray coat with clear sky blue eyes.


1. When she’s trapped, like in a thornbush or stuck high up in a tree she does not meow much or may not at all till she is very hungry, and it is very hard to hear her as she doesn’t make loud sounds.
2. She seems to pass gas more than the average cat.
3. She rarely purrs loudly, it may be the lifestyle she is living with me which is unpleasant as we are homeless and living in unpleasant weather, but it is audible if your ears aren’t clogged
4. She is a little stubborn, and when kissing me loves to pull the hairs out of my beard, if you’re a female that shouldn’t be a problem for you, unless you’re one of those hairy types.

If you would like to clone her sister, you should know that her sister’s voice is not annoying, and a little cute, but it’s not pretty. It’s almost like a guy saying, “meow”, and her purr isn’t anything special or loud, it is quiet and gravelly.

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