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17 Reasons Why People May Be ”Homeless’, and: Does It Matter If You Don’t Live In A House of Stone or Wood?

This is a question many kids ask, at least decent kids, kids with compassion. I would think kids who don’t wonder this are possible psychopaths, because I know even a narcissist will wonder. It’s simple kids and ignorant unobservant adults, not that every adult who doesn’t know is one, at least not deliberately ignorant: Bad things happen to everyone, good and bad. The Bible says it, God that is, so it should be common knowledge. And what bad things can happen?:

1) Environmental disasters: a boulder could roll over your feet or your house with all your possessions in it

2) Problems with your body: Problems like chronic fatigue, chronic pain, diseases like schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder and an endless amount of others I could list that could cause a person to not have enough money or friends to help them live a comfortable life with a base to call a house, or so called “home”.

3) Being born poor in a bad economic and or

4) A bad physical environment, like a hurricane devastated community and not having enough going for you to not get out of your homeless situation or ending up homeless due to being in such a bad situation. You can even have chronic fatigue and pain from living in bad terrain, like hilly or rocky terrain, being stuck with a heavy bicycle, and being too poor and worn out to beg, especially in a hilly environment or one with bad weather conditions. Imagine you have feet with high arches and know nothing about arch support or can’t afford it and live in a flat environment so that the muscles under your feet, or tendons are constantly being stretched severely from lack of arch support.

) A bad coincidence or long run of bad coincidences. For example someone may decide to attack your house thinking you were a repeat rapist and a police office and often getting away with it because you are one, but you really are a good person. Or, someone evil may simply be looking to have “fun” and sets your house on fire and destroys it.

8) A sinner’s misfortunes, that is bad things always happening to you as a result of you repeatedly sinning, like being lazy, not caring, gambling your money away repeatedly, wasting your money on alcohol or drugs, excess like eating too much food or expensive foods when cheaper just as healthy ones are available, pride (like not going into a dumpster to get what you need when you need to, however it could be argued that it’s not safe to do that and could land you in jail depending on how dirty the dumpster is and how bad the police and neighbor situation is around that dumpster).

9) Being robbed, mugged, burglarized, especially repeatedly, and having to guard against it so much so that you never have enough money to progress in life much and exhaust yourself trying to keep whatever it is you have, needful things or not. A loan shark can also cause a person to lose their home by charging them so much interest on a home loan that they can never pay it off and end up losing their home to the person who made the home loan to them.

10) False accusation leading to an attack on a person’s house, like setting it on fire.

11) (This might fall under reason 9) Wrongful imprisonment. This can be done by a bad neighbor, police or government officials. I combine both slander and false imprisonment because they often go together, a person ends up imprisoned/jailed usually due to an accusation, including slanderous/libelous accusations. And such accusations can often be due to a bad prejudice/discrimination.

12) Wrongful prejudice. A police officer or anyone else my target a person and cause them to become homeless due to a personal dislike of that person, or even due to a random attack. For example, someone may set your house on fire upon hearing that you are so called pedophile, whatever that means to them, or a police officer may spread a false rumor about you that you are.

13) Harassment. A person can be harassed out of their house by anyone if it is bad enough or done long enough. Stalking can do it, and it can be done by anyone, like police/cops, code enforcement, (which in America is a kind of law enforcer that deals with housing rules, like whether or not you are allowing too many or certain types of weeds to grow on your property, or if the electrical wiring or plumbing in your house is dangerous to life and other such things), animal control, bad neighbors, even houseless neighbors.

14) Having to care for others so that no money is left over for a house, like pets or human family. Some may think a poor person shouldn’t have pets, or a homeless person, but that’s a stupid prejudice. Should for example a “homeless vet” be denied having a service dog or prevented from owning any animal of any kind merely because he or she is homeless, and whether they are a vet or not? Does the life of the dog, cat, parrot or scorpion even matter more than the human who relies on that animal for even just emotional support (I’m not talking about a chronic animal abuser, though it could be argued to leave such a situation up to God, as God may consider that his personal moral territory to judge and punish as there is no laws about that in the Bible, that is pet owner laws)?

15) Bad government, like government making a law that makes it chronically hard to impossible for a poor person to live in a house. This can be done by making taxes too high to pay for, among other ways. Having No House Of course it doesn’t matter what the material your house is made up when it’s a survival situation especially, like if you are seeking emergency shelter from something worse than whatever the house is made of, however, and unfortunately, arrogant people in government too often don’t care and will punish you or drive you out of your shelter regardless of your emergency needs. In my experience all of the reasons I listed are common, they aren’t exceptions. I have noticed that the most common reasons or immediate reasons for a person being homeless however is that the person has narcissistic personality disorder and/or is drug or alcohol addicted. In a place like Las Vegas it is also common for a person to have a gambling addiction. In my case it was a combination of all of the above, including sinner’s misfortunes, though mine had nothing or very, very little to due to drugs and alcohol, almost nothing to do with drugs (I’ve never been addicted to any and never used any “illegal” ones more than once or twice, and truly barely used any even when I did).

16) Bad employees ruining your company leading to you losing your house.

17) Lack of friends able to help you survive or advance

The reason for my houselessness is due to all of the above, even, “Sinner’s Misfortune”, though I’m not a drug, alcohol, porn or pleasure addict (and on the 21st of May this year for the first time took up, barely, smoking, but using an electronic cigarette that I bought for $5 from a homeless woman who found it. It was such a good deal to try something new and interesting (and which I later realized might help me out a little I had to buy it).

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