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The Short Time I Had With My Kitten, Baby

January 17, 2015 1 comment

BabyMy Baby

So, with a loan from an acquaintance I got $100 to use on my cat at the vet, and spent it all yesterday on her. I wanted to comment about this experience I had just now, which was force feeding her cat food since she couldn’t eat due to her having pierced either side of her tongue with her teeth when I, I reason, let her bite at my sleeves when I let her out soon after having caught her two or three days ago. What I wanted to comment on was that despite me having tube-bottle fed her about an hour ago and her gagging and screaming briefly at times when choking, and her sort of begging me I suppose to stop, and letting her down – that when I let her down on my sleeping bag at one point, she was purring and kneading it! She either realized I was trying to help her eat, and realized with her God-given intelligence that I wasn’t causing her pain on purpose and/or felt satisfied with what little food I was able to feed her. But it is also amazing that even if she thought I was causing her such great pain on purpose, that she after such great pain, and her having yellow mucous clogging her nose (and me wiping it away at times) that she would be euphoric seconds later, still sick, still in pain, still hardly having eaten!

At first I thought the holes in her mouth was my fault, if it did happen by letting her bite my sleeves or sleeve (though she was biting an animal-toy I put in the cage too – 1/18/2015 I just realized as of updating this post that she had bitten her tongue while still in her cage from the expression she gave me before I had taken her out of the cage – and indication she was able to eat well before as there was a full can inside that had been devoured and when I put in another she began to eat that one too – which was when she stuck it out at one point, which is only something a cat will do if they are comfortable, with the exception of what I am describing now or some disease), but it could have easily just has happened had I taken the long way of letting her get used to me over the weeks, because it is just as possible that when trying to pet her for the first time even after having waited many days, letting her bite my sleeve or some toy, that she would have pierced her tongue anyways. In a way I could argue I sped things up so that this will be unlikely to happen again. I performed surgery on the right side of her tongue because I saw it was a thread nearly on the right side of the right hole on her tongue and was causing her great pain when moving her tongue. I think it was getting caught on her teeth and getting repeatedly stretch on her food or teeth, and it looked yellow white, clearly infected, so I use a knife and scissors to cut it off. It looks as if a lot of material got destroyed on that side of her tongue though, as if something had taken a big bite out of her tongue.

I still owe the vet $16 (1/18/2015 – it now stands at $200 or more in multiple a last ditch attempts I made to save her life, not getting any sleep for days and in my last attempt biking early in the morning in freezing cold with only a shirt on on a brakeless bike using my jackets to shield her from the cold and warming her against my belly, but was told it was a lost cause and she likely had massive infection and dual kidney failure – would have been over $400 and I was perfectly willing, but the vet seeing my condition was looking for something less expensive and injected her with saline rather than keeping her overnight at my request, and my Wells Fargo debt card repeatedly rejected even a small down payment anyways). But imagine this cat had been stolen from me after all these, and slandered or treated callously as had the security guard at Vons and UNLV sorority girls and campus police there, acting as if I was an abuser by whoever stole it, or aiding the thief, can you understand how I feel about my stolen cats and kittens when you think of it that way? What I mean is, I suffered hard and long, I long-suffered, I slaved over my cats and kittens, and yet had them stolen from me and was slandered as having abused them, and called an animal abuser by these thieves. How can a pet thief taking this young cat I rescued (who was bony to begin with and sick), stealing that kitten from me after I had painstakingly performed surgery on her, gotten slimed with cat food repeatedly in very cold weather, in a dirty abandoned house where feces used to be on the rug (which I removed in the room I had done surgery in), dirty with dust, having gotten my own saliva all over me from biting onto a bicycle flashlight to see what I was doing including while feeding her, and then someone is going to call me in their self righteousness a cat abuser and steal her? How can such a thief not be executed or lashed hard 40 times in public as at least a partial punishment for such even acts, such arrogance, such carelessness, such thoughtlessness, such callous behavior for the life of the animal they stole and the owner whom they slandered, who is in great pain, suffering from psoriasis non-stop from the stress of endless oppression, endless harassment, decades of memories of abuse and sorrowful experiences, having been suicidal from abuse as a child and in adulthood, suicidal for at least 10 years, and someone is going to take my pet away because they assume that based on their glance-judgment, they know better than me, and because they see me who looks poor, must therefore be a bad person or have inferior morals, wisdom or judgment, or because I disagree with some opinion of theirs, one they presumed was right in their arrogance of believing they are superior for whatever reason? Such thieves, such slanderers should be executed.

11/18/2015 At 6 AM I got her to the vet, and I took her home when the doctor gave me a dire judgment, and about 7 AM my little angel after spending hours in extreme pain, died in my arms. God decided to take her away from Hellish world early, away from the self-centered citizens of Las Vegas and the rest of the world, who treated her as a homeless person, like dirt, even though pretending to be loving, kind, good or decent.

Baby Angel 0118150235i

I’ll always love you, I’ll miss your purrs, your kneading when you were happy, your head rubs, and wonder what could have been.

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Something the Rich Know About Illegal Immigration

January 11, 2015 1 comment

I was thinking about Mexicans again, as there are more and more of them showing up in Vegas, and it occurred to me it would be disasterous to suddenly remove them all. I realized this as it is said and it seems to be true, that whites avoid doing the slave-labor type jobs, as in bathroom-cleaning, farm work, the really hard and gross work, the humiliating work. Not all whites are like that, and there may be a practical reason they avoid the really hard manual labor, and it may be their physical design, as in they are literally not built for hard labor in general. Supposing I’m wrong, the fact is they are not the ones filling in those jobs galore, it’s the Mexicans and to some degree the blacks, though Mexicans are flooding such job areas. Yes, whites can fend for themselves, they don’t need slaves, they don’t need another race to fill in, but it’s beneficial to their race. Whites have even enslaved other whites. I was also thinking of how the white and black populations, and other native populations, including Mexican require an ever expanding hard labor work force to keep food coming into the grocery stores. In other words as more and more babies are made, as the population expands, more mouths need to be fed and so laborers need to be imported if there aren’t any native persons willing to or able to fill in those jobs. The immigration laws of America apparently cannot cope with the rapidly increasing population of the country, as in that requirement for more or replacment labor (replacement because no doubt many doing the hard labor jobs die on the job, get badly injured or sick, become too old to work or can’t take the stress anymore and try and find some other better job, and some return to their country). So the wealthy and the farm owners and so on who require cheap labor to make a decent profit to keep their fellow citizens fed or serviced in some way, not being able to find it among America’s natives, wait for more illegals to hire. So, can you see how it would be a disaster if suddenly all the illegals were to be sent home or out of the country? Who would then work the farms, the road contruction jobs, the cleaning and organizing jobs, or the backroom fast food jobs? Are there enough whites and asians (which are actually a sort of “white” person, even Mexicans and Native Americans are a variant of a white person, genetically) to fill in right away? And what would even be the point of say, legally importing a huge amount of asians in and giving them instant citizenship? Why not do that with the illegals? Many would argue these illegals refuse to learn the native language and are criminal and so would eventually collapse the country. Would it lead to a full collapse, and in what way? What would the Mexican laborers do, suddenly form their own country on farm lands and say, “We don’t need the money of the whites, the money will come from our fellow Mexicans here!” Why and how would such an absurd scenario come about? What is apparent is that it is simply “life” that America’s demographics are rapidly changing, that various races, Mexicans especially, are flooding in, and that it is necessary for whites, asians and other established races, including other Mexicans, to survive or keep their level of living, however good or poor it is. The Bible implies that one day foreigners will return to their native lands any ways, after God kills off hundreds of millions of people during a severe phase of punishment (the seven seals puinshment) when God is punishing the anti-Christ and those who follow/followed him. As for the criminals coming in with the non-criminals, what of it, criminals will always sneak, white or otherwise, it’s apart of life. Advise to Christians: don’t get entangled in the affairs of the world, don’t heavily invest yourself in the subject of whether or not illegals should be whatever country, and remember that the Bible says to welcome strangers, to be hospitable to them, to treat them as fellow citizens and to love them as neighbors, including the ones just passing through.

It may be that President Obama isn’t trying to destroy America by granting amnesty to the illegals, but trying to save it, or, trying to create a new America, one with less racism.