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Why Not To Trust Drug Addicts At All and Why Not To Live or Visit Vegas

Some of you who come to this blog probably wonder why I haven’t written in it for a long time. I’ll try to explain briefly:

unreliable backstabbing drug addicts and police harassment. How is that for brief? I’ve been living in a Hellworld called Las Vegas, where police harass those who look poor and homeless, especially on the Las Vegas Strip, making it impossible for them to not be homeless, as they’ve repeatedly done to me. They ignore obvious pan handlers if they are dressed in costumes mostly, but the homeless they often harass, especially those with pets. Meanwhile they ignore the tourists with pets, showing that these police are criminals, rather than professionals persons doing their job. You can’t for example, ignore one murder because that murderer is dressed nice and from a foreign country, but only deal with the local murderer, because he looks poor, or has a cat with him, if you do, you yourself are a criminal. My cats have been repeatedly stolen from me, first five, one ran off and probably stolen, ran off when a homeless man punched me in the head just cuz, and knowing he could injure the kitten/cat. The last one I had, I’d been ticketed for having twice at the Strip, by the same evil cops, and a previous ticket from the same ones even for the white kitten that had been ran off. So, three tickets from the same group of bullies calling themselves police. That last kitten had been stolen with the help of a security guard at Vons, at first I thought she stole it, but then I found out from the thieves themselves that she permitted them, giving her blessing so to speak, to steal it. This is a guard who called me insane for saying I wanted to breed cats and me saying that there were researchers who showed that there is no cat overpopulation problem. Months earlier she had told me, “I hate people, that’s why I keep to myself.” This guard is so wicked, that when I started to leave Vons after buying cat food, she, after having not spoken to me for months for me saying what I did to her, all of the sudden said, “Hi, how’s it going?” Can anyone say, “NARCISSIST”? I’d call her a psychopath but psychopaths could care less about animals as she passionately did, however her “care” was a twisted narcissistic care. If she truly loved animals, she would not “hate everyone” as in the owners who care for them too, nor randomly permitted total strangers (who by the way were homeless meth addicts, the one who directly stole however was half-homeless) to steal my kitten. She also lied to the police about what happened, and made up absurd lies like me being in a long line. Adding to her stupidity was her thinking she could lecture me in her stupid assumptions about how to take care of the kitten AFTER she’d permitted him to be stolen. A narcissist by the way is almost identical to a psychopath, the only difference being a narcissist is delusional in how important they are, and has a very tiny conscience. Hence why this guard was gulping in fear when she saw I was truly concerned for this kitten, rather than having what in her stupid, petty, twisted and presumptuous mind: no concern at all. She thought in other words, I’d say nothing and let it go, but she saw I could get her fired instead, and she realized her dumb mistake. She knows by now that if I press charges against her and so on, I could destroy her career, and she could end up homeless herself, as she deserves. And consider she did this with Christmas close ahead AND WHEN I WAS BUYING THIS HUNGRY KITTEN FOOD. How did she know if they would feed him right away or not, if they had the money, if they weren’t morons who’d feed him dog food, which lacks taurine that cats need, and on and on? That’s the “care”, the “love” or a narcissist. It is false care, false concern, false love.

It was obvious to me this evil woman played some part in the disappearance of my kitten, as she refused to tell me if there was an outside camera and refused to let me call 311.

Update 12/18/2014:

So, yesterday I got scammed by a smooth talking druggie who stole my bluetooth keyboard, portable battery and the sim card my Trio AXS 4G tablet after locking it! She also cost me making $20 that night. I came across her when she was pretending to be in distress over $40 being stolen from her, and me not realizing she was yet another untrustworthy drug addict fell for her charm and smooth talking. She was showing signs of being a narcissist rapidly, but me thinking she was just uppity and eccentric in my weariness and looking for a friend overlooked it. She quickly began having angry outbursts when I didn’t want to participate in her scams or let her do whatever with my tablet and and she took off angrily when I told her my portable battery went missing. Ironically she delayed me so that by chance I acquired a phone, legally. One of the bizarre signs she was mentally ill was claiming, even in front of others, that because I (merely) TOUCHED her phone that that was why it has cracked, a phone she tried to sell me IN THE DARK OF NIGHT which she knew was already cracked no doubt. A guy I suspect is a meth user had stolen my bike afterwards that night and replaced the pedals with clip pedals and ripped the front light off (he’s not a bike user and no doubt wanted the light for himself). He was no doubt going to sell the bike, however I caught him with it and despite knowing my hellish experiences here and the events of the thefts that night made up/implied that a crazy drug addict (a real one who tried to assault and mug me) was the one who gave it to him. This moron made me argue very long with him for it back, even tried to make me give him the wheel I’d removed as a precaution, and when I recorded him arguing with me he demanded the camera in exchange to give to the crazy addict so that he wouldn’t get beat by him (just forget that that addict, he claimed thought of him as an uncle and that that was why he wouldn’t beat him when angry). And btw, all three of these fools I’m talking about were obvious narcissists, including the gf of the crazed one whom he broke up with right after trying to, or feigning to fight me some nights ago. The one with the bike by the way, while scamming me with a fake check he got me to deposit and putting me $412 in debt, said to me with an angry hateful voice over me already having spent my share and not having anything left for him to use that I’d f’d it all off including by sharing some with others (I told him I had) and he furiously replied “I’m the only one that matters!” So while he was holding my bike wanting something for it I’d told him I’d stopped talking about that (betrayal) of his (and his claiming smoothly afterwards when I brought up that he’d ruined my bank account that that was all my fault and I couldn’t blame him at all – not even for him calling me a retard for not helping that scammer a second time huh?), I finally, and no doubt since I recorded him, got him to give up his stolen prize. Consider that yesterday night was very cold and I was stuck with two heavy bags and an injury to my right shoulder from having chased what I thought were the thieves who stole my kitten on a stolen scooter, which is yet another hellish thread. But so after biking away came across the usual druggies, including the one who wanted his stolen scooter back, who foolishly after tracking the thieves down, listened to their sweet talk and let them disappear with it again. And that night I witnessed a drug deal gone bad – a marijuana grower/dealer was robbed of much weed and the thief in the car tried to speed off even as the seller held on to the car! Before all that had happened, just as the two were entering the parking lot where the theft occurred, one had suddenly stopped in front of the dealer’s car (he was riding in it as a passenger that is) and screeched quickly into the lot). The people in the car with the dealer and some other guy, a guy who was a witness or whose car was hit too was standing around, perhaps exchanging insurance info. Then tonight I found one of the druggies in my sleeping bag in his usual cranky mood. He claimed the girl (who was one of the druggie thieves that stole my kitten) had given him my sleeping bag. It was his birthday, so I let him be, knowing that he might disappear with it or leave it around where it would get stolen. And that is only SOME of the troubling stressful events I’d been through in the past few days. The large amount of druggies I encounter here by the way all show signs of being narcissists or sociopaths, except maybe two or three. Ive found that those who heavily use heroine, meth, weed and alcohol are usually narcissists or sociopaths. A sociopath as I define it is someone with a burned out conscience and little to no fear of God. Don’t trust anyone who sells prescription drugs, heroine or weed either.

Meanwhile, I lost a mini SD card with a lot of good footage of the craziness here and a 64 gig USB drive I was using to back up my laptop and which I’d transferred a large amount of data too, meaning if I don’t find it, I’m going to have to do data recovery, sigh. On top of that, it seems my laptop’s hard drive is defective now from I suppose my laptop having had a few falls recently.

  1. Alice Harding
    January 12, 2015 at 4:25 PM

    I can’t imagine why no one has commented on your post. As I was feeling a bit lost for a while feeling I was trapped in a world of superficial artificial game-playing that was not good for me. In some perverse way, it cheered me up to read of your trials and your assessment of people which seems about right. I don’t know what the world is coming to either! It’s nice that you love animals the way you do, as so many don’t care or think that is trivial, but I don’t. I think if people cared more for our animal friends and put a lot more of their attention into caring for them, the world would be a much better place. Rather than endless missions to satisfy hedonistic impulses, and show off and boast about what they have that you don’t have, and how much better they are than you, and making trouble in the various ways that they do, etc. No wonder the world is so messed up. My dad owns two mansions, yet is okay with me being homeless and miserable, or living on hardly anything should I commit to some big rent to live at some place “decent” in Vegas, which I don’t think exists, and if so, I doubt I’d have much of a life wherever I ended up. It would probably be like a jail to me. My life has been stripped of so much that I just hope to be able to finally publish a certain kind of book finally, after many years of failing to do so because of the chaos.

    • January 14, 2015 at 8:48 PM

      I think I don’t get many replies because the title of my blog is “Christian” and apparently most people these days, Catholics included (the ones who say they are not Christian) don’t want to talk to me or give me any kind of agreement that might support anything I say, lest they somehow support Christianity, or perhaps they think I will email them back with preaching or spam them with Bible “stuff” and ads. You should have placed a comma after “better place” btw, the sentence after it is orphaned, but I know what you meant. I am still baffled and amazed at the people who stole my cats, and the cops who helped the sorority girls do it, and the guard who encouraged one theft or how animal control came to my residence and forced me out with them all in the first place. I wonder, what is wrong with their minds, why are they so callous, why are they so self-centered, heartless, cowardly to doing what is right? I know they can’t all be on drugs, or likely aren’t, so what causes such behavior? I suppose it is not far off from the same type of behavior of violent murderers (having been raised badly and perhaps having gone through bad traumas themselves), it’s just a different type of violence.

  2. vegashelp
    October 22, 2015 at 8:53 PM

    Email (required) ???
    Name (required) ???

    If you could go slower, it would help to read; otherwise it’s just a giant mess in a rant-like tone. Try a simple, succint summary. Also, adding dates, location and names would help a lot to follow the “story”, or to orient the reader to what is going on. An outsider coming in to read this cannot really understand what you’re saying other than some problems with cats who apparently are loitering along with the caretaker in public places.

    For example,
    “July 16, 2015 Was at the Vons market at Rainbow and Flamingo when the black, female security guard named Wanda made a comment, “You can’t have cats here!”.

    This is a pretty obvious thing that would happen, because Vons doesn’t want cats hanging around the store, or people loitering, and that’s *why* the security guard is standing there, being paid by Vons managers to “shoosh away” people doing that. If you don’t like this, your problem is not with Wanda, who is following orders and being paid to do so, but with the Vons management. Do you know these people? Probably not, because they usually hide either behind closed doors or stay off site. All of this, though, is from “property rights” and basically they can do what they want, i.e. “we have the right to refuse service to anyone”. If you disagree with that, it’s then a legal matter, and the lawyers, or judges, or politicans, then decide (called lawmakers or enforcers). But as everyone knows, those people are paid by the corporations/lobbyists, which basically goes full circle again to the Vons owners. So, Vons owners/managers are controling the show, and if you walk onto their stage, you should expect nothing less than them giving you the hook everytime, and forever more.

    Could this be changed? Practically, no. Because it takes a huge amount of money to pay for a chance to take this to court. But, what is the argument? The law, as passed by the authorites who control the land, will say it is “legal” for Vons to do bascially what they want. It would take some kind of massive overthrow of the entire “system” as it stands to not allow what is currently allowed. And, that would take, even then, so much time, energy and money that this site probably wouldn’t even be around by then and everyone would have bigger problems before it happened.

    Either you “buy into” the current system, or you will be knocked over, knocked out. That is why those police (policy enforcers) are there, being paid, and supported by the politicians (lawmakers), for the specific purpose that Vons, can do what they want, because they’ve paid these people to make and keep it that way.

    If you look at history there could be boycotts or wars or strikes, etc. to try and force these people running this system to change, but otherwise it won’t. They pay for the system to be the way it is and to stay that way; it most certainly won’t change unless something forces it to do so. Money is making this happen, and that is a very strong force; unless another very strong force comes along and overtakes it, of course it won’t change.

    In any case, based on “jury by your peers”, good luck finding 12 people (or a sample of people around the neighborhood of this Vons) who say people and cats loitering (or whatever you want to call it, “unwanted to stay there”) is considered “OK”. There simply isn’t public, or majority support for your claims, either, almost certainly, so even then there is more resistance to things being changed.

    This is why “hippies” go to remote locations, form communs, and have festivals in random locations, because they are not fitting into the current system, nor supported as a “majority” way of doing things.

    You can’t simultaneously want to be a “normal customer of the neighborhood Vons” and also “do whatever I want on this or another property”. Casinos are even more extreme, but it’s similar; you are free to do what you want, within a narrow range of “acceptable actions”.

    It’s their stage, their program, and under their direction, and if you disturb the “performance”, you will get hooked. What you’ve said is a simple logical result from this reality. Maybe you should find an “alternative” place to live where you won’t have these conflicts. The problem is, that takes money to move, re-order, get settled. So, it’s either live with where you are at, or find a way to get enough funds to go somewhere else.

    There are many service and support groups around Vegas, and perhaps you could start seeking assistance there. Then later try to ask for some help to move to another location.

    Salvation Army
    Rescue Mission
    County Social Services
    HELP of So. NV
    Support groups/clubs like:
    Serenity Club
    Tie Club

    There are also assistance organizations that help with legal, medical, or other things.
    Legal Aid
    West Care

    Also, if you set up a BTC bitcoin account, maybe you could (or already have) some way to take donations from private or other sources. If so, would send a small amount later.

    check blockchain.org to set up an account if you don’t have one

    Also, if you of some ways or resources to help others please add this, because there are others who need help also.

    Thank you.

    • November 4, 2015 at 6:07 PM

      Dude I’m not reading all that, I’m not a newbie to life.

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