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Why Linda Moulton Howe’s Theory Is Wrong About Ancient and Modern Aliens

For people the millions, not billions of people with common sense, mainly Christians and those with a decent Christian upbringing and who haven’t gone atheist (which causes a loss of common sense) this article may seem a huge waste of time, but I’m both bored and very angry at Linda for perpetuating what is in excusable for her level of intelligence and wealth, and she clearly isn’t poor to be able to travel the world and hobnob with archeologist Schoch and interview many people for long hours. So, she’s obviously not some homeless drug addict with problems keeping her information together, lacking resting and research time and doing accurate research and note collecting therefore.

Linda, I have noticed, like many so called “researchers”, without any logical explanation, rejects evidence that her theories and logic are wrong regardless of how well such arguments or evidence is presented to them. And how many people these days have an excuse for being ignorant with such a useful and effective research tool as Google? Who is going to be able to say to God, in this age, unless living in North Korea and so on, “I had no way of knowing, I was totally distracted, no one told me, I had no time to think carefully.”? Though many could say this at various times in their life, if they lived to say 16 or 30, would any of those excuses be valid at all points in their life? Could a 16 year old say, “I never had time to consider if me pilfering and lying often might lead to an eternity in this so called Hell I lived in, and never had time to consider what Hell was about and who came up with the idea. I never considered how pilfering and lying to me all the time would destroy me, and therefore should not be done at all as to do it to others would likely lead back to destroying myself or making me a miserable person, and that therefore I should have done the opposite.” Likewise what excuses does Linda have for rejecting the evidence against the Big Bang, evolution, global warming/(disastrous long term) climate change (her claims of aliens doing this and that and why, all of which she speaks up repeatedly as fact in various ways? Her only excuse would be the common ones, including “Satan was blinding me, deluding me.”

Linda does not give any clear evidence for her claims on those subjects, she comes up with anonymous witnesses or witnesses who can’t verify their identity despite claiming to be General Zod So and So or ex-CIA official of the whatever project, and yet speaks of her interviewees as if they were totally credible, and in her last show on Coast to Coast AM gave a dead give away as to her wrong methodology of determining the truth of what she has heard and believes, she said, “I feel as if I am getting closer to the truth.” SHE FEELS? New Age Hippie talk! You don’t FEEL if you are getting to the close with Grand Unified Theory or complex math or much of anything in the world unless you were a poorly raised person who was taught New Age garbage as a way of getting through life. You don’t FEEL how to operate an ipod, as in with your heart, you use your brain, mind and REASON IT OUT, you have specific thoughts, you don’t use your heart mainly, unless, again, you were raised with poor reasoning methods to figure out many things in life. As is CLEAR, super clear from this world, to do that leads to endless fights, wars, divorces, misunderstandings and arguments. YOU REASON THINGS OUT WITH YOUR MIND WITH SPECIFIC THOUGHTS, not vague feelings. The heart is absolutely useful for living life happily and impossible to without it, but it is not to be the main mind with which we reason the truth out. The heart is a feelings machine, it doesn’t have specific thoughts, it can’t, it wasn’t designed for that, it wasn’t designed to reason, and even if it does have some reasoning ability, it would be highly prone to error in our corrupted state, a state in which all of the humans here on Earth are addicted to doing wrong or have lingering addictions for doing so, such as Christians God has forgiven. Because of our desire to disobey God, to go our own way, a problem which our heart is in large part responsible for, hearts which steer us away from logical reasoning and logical acts, we cannot rely at all on feelings MAINLY to determine what is true or not, and yet Linda consistently uses a naive feelings-based method of determining true from false. She’s even inexplicably oblivious to her own findings. For example the biggest of all I see is that though she knows “mainstream science”, more accurately “mainstream scientists” reject her alien theories and many at least publicly say aliens aren’t here or likely never have been, and reject things absurdly, why then does she have utter and absolute trust in them when they claim “such and such is billions of years old” (and consider the outrageous length of time a billion let alone million years is) and regardless of that extraordinary claim of length of time passing, she takes their word for it without a care if whether or not they might be deliberately lying or that their logic could be highly compromised given that they, at least in her mind, absurdly reject the possibility that aliens have been coming here recently and other obvious possible phenomenon, having no good reason to doubt their possibility at least. Linda, concerning mainstream scientists, whom she doesn’t seem to realize are mainly atheists and Catholics, whom she seems to think are absurd, makes the mistake of “Appeal to Authority”, or rather says such and such is fact because these scholars say it is so, and yet, without any logical explanation, rejects their testimony or claims when they say why it is absurd that aliens would be here or have been or that these flying metallic discs people often see and other such things are just people misidentifying birds, planes, clouds, stars, the moon, clouds, or lens/camera effects or that they are lying or hallucinating. How does she reason they are trustworthy on one subject, completely trustworthy, but despite their clear bias or fear of saying the truth on the other, reason they can’t be trusted and that their reasoning on that should be totally rejected or given little consideration? CLEARLY, Linda’s reasoning is highly flawed and herself not trustworthy overall. She can repeat what people say, and put her own emotional tone into it, but that doesn’t make it true, or false, and her reasoning is clearly not to be trusted. And she does not even offer much of what could be called “reasoning” anywhere anyways. She’s like a storyteller telling stories to children, trying to entertain them.

Even more nonsensical about the way Linda reasons, is that she had at one point on Coast, spoken of the Bible as historical, if I remember right, she was referring to Ezekiel (a book famous for it’s verses about what many wrongly say refer to UFOs and aliens from outerspace). If the Bible is historical, why then in general does she not refer to it for anything else, like moral truths, historical facts other than that UFOs arrived and aliens showed themselves? And no doubt she believes that in Exodus those great miraculous events were caused by aliens, and so why then would she ignore the ten commandments? Linda is the type who, due to what I believe is demonic delusion, as in demons interfering with her ability to reason and feel rationally seeks out the “exciting” in her mind, the type who only wants to dwell on what is “amazing”, the visual things or things others saw that were dark and ominous or a light show or that made ominous or amazing sounds (she likes to talk about unexplained sounds for those who don’t know). But when it comes to morality, to law, to justice and mercy, she thinks of them as boring and bland and of little importance. She illogically disconnects the miracles, the visual and auditory shows God (or whoever) creates from the rest of the story, the rest of the testimony of those who said they saw them. To her, the glowing angel is the object of worship or the things it does, not God.

In all Linda’s news reports there is also a glaring absence of supernatural phenomenon, specifically of demon possessions, hauntings, and even cryptozoology reports. Why does she focus on one and not the others? Some may say, “It’s just her personality and area of expertise, she chooses to specialize in such and such.” However Linda clearly, from her website, has plenty of time to report on these other subjects and she must know how limited what she can do into finding out more about some sighting of a glowing object will be or some anonymous claim of aliens. What else is she doing all day that she doesn’t look into some ancient demon possession in the Catholic cult/sect/Church or modern one, publicizing what these supposed demons said, or doesn’t publicize prophecies and on and on? Is it because she is strongly repelled by religion, that her soul abhors coming close to the subject of goodness, morality, right from wrong, ultimate TRUTH, God? It is true what God said, and he said it FIVE times, it concerns mankind’s total lack of goodness:

“The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good. The Lord looks down from heaven on the children of man, to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God. They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one. Have they no knowledge…” – Psalm 14:1 and 3, and Psalm 53:1 and 3 and Romans 3:9-11

I also thought of this verse here that I put in bold, when thinking of Linda, coming to the end of finishing this article:

“They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these teachers oppose the truth. They are men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected.” – 2 Timothy 3:6-8

  1. Pamela
    September 6, 2018 at 9:17 AM

    Something is not right with Linda. She is not the same. I think she was murdered and a clone has taken her place. She now only believes government information and questions conspiracies. WHAT? She should know that the entire solar system is heating up, including the Sun. But she thinks it’s nonsense and totally believes that we are causing it with green house gases. Now, I do believe our activities IS CONTRIBUTING to global warming but I also believe our solar system is crossing the plane of the galaxy and is being hit by powerful gravity waves from the center black hole. This is causing the bulk of the heating of the planet. She also is pooh-poohing the movie “Fourth Kind” I believe the movie is true, but she is saying it’s just bunk. I think they replaced her with a clone. I also think John Carrie has also been replaced with a clone.

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