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“Science says”? No, a blind, illogical, delusional, arrogant, moron says, “science says”

A typical anti-religion moron I’m guessing posted an article I didn’t even bother reading because of it’s clearly stupid titles, which summed up was, “Science proves bigfoot doesn’t exist”. Specifically the titles were, “Bigfoot Is Not Real, Says Science” and “Science Delivers a Big Blow to Bigfoot”. Apparently James decided that another scientist, a genetic scientist who analyzed DNA samples claimed to be from various bigfoot creatures who with many speeches explained why the DNA likely was what it was claimed to be doesn’t count, cuz James Temple who made those titles or went with them SAID SO, not science. No delusional idiot, science doesn’t say whatever you in your arrogant delusional reality-hating mind whatever you feel it does, it doesn’t agree with your feelings and personal opinions and happen to agree with all your anti-Bible and anti-reason and anti-logic babble. Learn what logical fallacies are and stop being an extreme idiot already James Temple. “Science” also said living fossils shouldn’t exist, yet they do you fact-ignoring ape.Could anyone make a dumber claim, how about “Science proves religion doesn’t work”? “Science” says, so say atheists and anti-Bible morons, that the Bible is wrong, and yet those claims are repeatedly proven wrong. Science supposedly said the Shroud of Turin was a fake, and yet science also said afterwards that that claim was unscientific. Science according to many atheists and cultists has made God and the Bible obsolete. How so? A better shovel doesn’t make God obsolete, and a better computer won’t defeat God’s will, how could they? Could science rather have proved God repeatedly, and many assume it’s not so and so don’t bother to look into such research? Science has been repeatedly used successfully to show that God does exist by putting his word to the test. And if God does exist, what matters most is what his will is, because if you anger him, and it’s true his will is send most people to Hell who do disobey him, I hope you wouldn’t want to end up being one of those he decides to get rid of.

God’s will, what is it? Could it, might it, be in that most popular book for hundreds of years now, that lengthy often taught, most influential book, which even the Quran took from, clearly, that most translated book, that most free and sold book called “The Bible”, “The Scriptures”,, “Scripture”, “The scroll”, “God’s word’? If God asks why you ignored this book with it’s clearly good ’10 commandments’ and it’s two greatest laws, the second being Love your neighbor as yourself, and which Jesus said could all be summarized as As you would have done to you so do to others, which even atheists pretentiously claim is a golden rule, even theirs, and in their evil arrogance and deliberate ignorance often fail to credit to Christ (because they refuse to know God’s word and true history, and rather would have a history in their own image), how will anyone on a Day of Judgment be able to say to God, “I had no clue, not even one, that this ‘Bible’ was a rational or good book in anyway, not even good for historical reference, and might have even contained a lead to what your actual personality, will and laws were?” Though a corrupt Bible would be an unreliable one, one not sure for knowing God’s will, a Bible that only had minor corruptions due to inaccurate translating and copying could not be said to be unreliable anymore than any other book with minor translations and copying wrong. And if it is God’s word, who but the stupid, those who don’t care about truth despite any of their claims to the opposite, the impatient and the greedy would say, “Because these parts are in doubt, throw it all out,’ and “throw the baby out with the bathwater”? Those with a childish temperment and a morality- and logic-hating mind would say so. The ancient sage Jon Calvin aka John Calvin correctly taught God’s word and the truth of the spiritual state of mankind. Many Christians, including those who deny Christ like the giant Catholic cult, something the Bible predicts would be done in the last days by so called Christians, falsely claim that salvation is something you earn and that can be lost, using nonsensical and careless reasoning, merely repeating what was repeated to them and being to lazy and angry at God, too impatient and too prideful to understand why what that claim is wrong. They won’t even make a sincere prayer to God to know the truth about what they are really like in his eyes and how salvation from Hell works, they lack a fear of Hell, of God’s wrath and imagination of how bad an eternity of suffering would be to motivate them to know how to save themselves from such a possibility. If no one prays to God for the salvation of such care-free people, if no one teaches them the truth, people who care about everything else but pleasing God and truly loving him and not just thinking they love him, not caring if that claim to love him is a delusion, will God be motivated to save them? Will he be motivated to act to rescue them soon? Even if he does, if no one prays for such, their salvation would be late in life most likely and their good deeds therefore most likely few, and therefore any eternal rewards too they could earn fewer than those who lived a long life under God’s eternal salvation, eternal forgiveness, eternal love. And God, unlike what the majority teach, the world that is, including the Christian cults of the world, not the true Christian “church”, not the true saints, DOES NOT LOVE EVERYONE, why else would the Bible repeatedly say God’s WRATH, which means “intense anger” is “ON’ the world? Why else would Hell be ETERNAL and not a temporary punishment leading to the benefit of the world he supposedly loves according to the many deluded? Scripture is clear on how God feels about all whom he has not yet forgiven, and the world it says that is headed for eternal punishment by “torturers”: “You hate all who do wrong.” – Psalm 5:5, and that he is angry with the wicked every day. One cult ignored and ignores this, and in the passage with the bow, ignoring that bow sentence focuses on instead the verse more clear above it, God being angry every day with the wicked, and twists it to mean something that doesn’t mean that at all, they are obvious liars and do not love God, if they did, they would teach the truth about what angers God: disobedience, more specifically, those who disobey him with everything they do by failing to obey him out of love, rather than by chance or who obey to a shallow degree, but always without love, simply to avoid the feeling of guilt, a loss of a job and therefore income, and a concern for how everyone else but God would think of them, and to avoid a greater punishment in Hell. The one God loves love him back, the greater amount of sins Christ covered by his life-sacrifice the greater their love and desire to please him they will have. The ones whom Christ did not cover, did not suffer or die for but left to suffer it out eternally themselves, they won’t, unfortunately, ever love God, they may have some love for a false version of God, a spiritual idol that cannot save and in any way defeat the true living God. Those with a false image of God think it loves them or even hates them or is angry over something they did wrong, something that isn’t even wrong according to the Bible and even a good thing like judging others to be not good when they all their lives do what is not good and never show love for God (how is it obvious such people are NOT good?), but they will not have love for the true God and never will unless he loves them first. When God changes the heart of a person to love him and shun disobeying him, it is because he also desires to and will forgive them forever and make them a permanent son or daughter that WILL “stand before him”, unlike the wicked, the evil ones whom God the scriptures say “cannot stand before God” in his presence. Nor will they ever see his face. They will see many other things perhaps, especially his wrath and the angry face of his son, and the look of love on his face for those he of his own free will chose to save, but not the face of God, no more than love for them. God in his goodness desires that everyone love him, that everyone love to do right and does right, but it is not his will, the desire of his mind; in his wisdom he has chosen that the majority of people born in this dark age from Adam’s sin to before Christ returns to rule while those who hate him still exist (which will be the “1000 year reign of Christ” before all the unsaved are permanently done away with in Hell and sin prevented in anyone born since that time), he has chosen that many do sin and do so forever, even in Hell to serve as an eternal example of what a failure to love God and his not loving them results in. It is an example that God will eternally use to, successfully, not just by his love and his acts of love, to persuade those who have a good spirit from desiring to do wrong, in other words to sin, to disobey his laws, laws which are a part of his written will for how we should live. Live to do good and good will happen to you forever, live to do evil and you will be eternally blocked from this universe and shut out from God’s love.

  1. Ethan Webster
    January 20, 2015 at 3:28 PM

    I am intrigued by your comment, “God does not love everyone”. Well, this is most certainly a highly controversial subject among people in any church I have attended. It is closely tied in with matters of the “elect” and various interpretations of passages that relate to this delicate issue. I do not have my own unique doctrine in regard to your statement above. I have always believed that God loved, loves, and will love everyone who was, is, and will be; respectively. That in itself requires the realization that God is not bound by time but instead created it. Anyway, your statement that God instead chooses those whom He will love and bring to Himself has really got me thinking (and consulting Scripture). Since “who can know the mind of the Lord”, we definitely must realize that if this is indeed the case (God chooses the elect, more or less), we must trust God to have the perfect judgement and sovereignty. I’ve always been taught that God loves everyone and also died for everyone, e.g. “God is love” or “Christ died for all”. Where in the Bible, specifically, do you find the evidence to compel you to draw such a conclusion?

    • January 21, 2015 at 11:20 AM

      Logically, you wouldn’t send your child to Hell, in the case of Christ, it wasn’t permanent, but the Bible teaches Hell for a mere human, is eternal separation from God, such as in the story of Lazarus. Further God says he won’t strive with man forever, now if a man is going to sin against him forever, as an unsaved person will, than God won’t tolerate that person’s prescience any longer, at some point, and as Scripture teaches, that will be after the day of Judgment. If God loved a person, he will change them, not allow them to be at eternal dispeace eternally becoming more corrupt and ending up in Hell. Further, the Bible repeatedly says God’s wrath is on mankind, wrath is intense anger, not just mild anger. An eternal intense anger isn’t how you would define love. Another point is two areas in Scripture in which Christ thanks God for hiding from the world what he has revealed to his children, as in those he has and will save, and where he cites a prophecy in which Isaiah predicts the Pharisees who opposed Christ being prevented from being spiritually healed, in other words, saved. That prevention is caused by God, not simply the Pharisees choosing to stay unsaved and remember, it is God who must draw a person to him to change their heart, it isn’t possible to simply believe what is right and repent apart from God enabling and working that change in a person. If, again, God loved a person, he would make that change to prevent them from being eternally away from Him in Hell, where is love is not present, but eternal wrath. And finally, the Bible says in three places God hates the wicked. In Psalm 5:5 it is plainly said. In other verse it says that God’s or rather Christ’s soul hates the wicked without saying his name, and in Proverbs God is said to hate various physical components of an evil person, like their eyes. The eyes are apart of your physical body, if God hates your eyes he is hating you. Finally, the Bible implies God uses those he will never save as an example of what it is like to be eternally estranged from God’s love, and that is to always be in spiritual torment, as in always craving, never being content, so necessarily, logically then such people must exist that God will not share his love with, as in directly give it to, even though they can come close, experience its benefits indirectly or rather outside of themselves as Hebrews implies. It’s sad, very sad, but in the end, even if billions are in Hell, or even a trillion, and supposing there exist aliens and every one of them will go to Hell, because the Bible teaches that human and animal life in the renewed eternal universe will never stop expanding, trillions of lives in Hell, though an enormous number, will at the same time ever seem small in comparison to the universe’s ever expanding population which because it is every growing, will literally be countless, and the Bible mentions that the children of Abraham will indeed be countless. Not that it matters much, but also don’t forget that not everyone in Hell will experience the same level of torment, some will have barely lived and not committed as many sins as a being like Satan, who will be in unfathomable pain for his thousands of years of sins and as the ruler of this world those sins will be punished even harder than some demon that hadn’t done much to bother any humans. It will be an eternally sad existence for anyone to be in Hell, but the Bible seems to imply that it will be bearable for many. That there will be so many people in Hell will comfort the ones there, because they will know they aren’t alone. The people who are in extreme agony however perhaps will not even find comfort in that since they will eternally wish that they did not exist, that they were never born to end up in such pain. Even if it were somehow true God loved everyone, the Bible makes it clear not everyone will end up with eternal peace. It is either eternal peace, or the second death.

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