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Save the Feral Kittens – Donate

The police and a bad neighbor have once again sicked code enforcement on me, for no legitimate reason. They are endangering the live of myself and pets, Sasha and Sushi, their mom or sister, not sure, who is feral whom I caught along with her kittens, and she is pregnant. They did so by not just wrecking me with endless harassment but getting the power co, illeglaly, to stop giving me power and illegally locking out the water, and doing this in 100+ F desert weather.

Please read about my plight and help me to keep them safe.

The cute flat pill shaped feral kitten (one of the three feral kittens). She also looks like a cross between an Ewok and Okapi. I’ve named her Widdle Ewoki.

The feral cat and her kittens (her other is in the first two pics. The mom’s face is uh, not so, appealing).


Sushi looking at Sasha, Sasha looking at me

Marshmellow on my shoulder

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