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Obama the Two Face’s Obscure Reasoning

Obama is a two face, he quoted the Sermon on the Mount (a famous passage in the Bible, which though is famous is not actually memorized by most people) to mock Christians when he said, “Which passages of Scripture should guide our public policy?” (then quotes Leviticus and Deuteronomy out of context and lies about a verse saying the Bible says to stone “your child” implying “kid” rather than adult, and lying twice about it,

    since it depends on whether or on the parents decide to bring their ADULT SON to trial!

)… or should we just take the Sermon on the Mount, which is so radical the Defense Department wouldn’t survive its application.” Meanwhile, Two Face implies the “HOLY QURAN” as he calls it, IS a good guide for the Department of Defense, implying the military in general. Really? So plundering and murdering other Arabs and in his racism, Jews, for not obeying his narcissist maniac self, that is, Mohammed, the Mohammed who offered no evidence for HIS WORD (there was no Quran during Mohammed’s time) being true in any way, is a good guide for the militaries of the world to go by!? The same Mohammed who’s family thought he was being manipulated by demons? What a terrorist Two Face is then!

So though Two Gace made that lie, Two Face also used the same Sermon on the Mount passage to justify gay marriage: “If people find that controversial then I would just refer them to the Sermon on the Mount, which I think is, in my mind, for my faith.” So the very BIBLE, and very passage Obama mocked in 2006, is now central to his faith in 2008. And big surprise he doesn’t explain why, rather, his reasoning remains OBSCURE, and actually not even known because he doesn’t give any specifics, but is vague. Obama says, “Oh you white teabagger Christian colonialists, it justifies gay marriage but I’ll keep my conniving remarks obscure, now I never said I was referring to ‘Do unto others’ in the Defense or Gay Marraige comment so you can’t say I was contradicting myself”, oh really Mr. Contraditions, then what did you mean? And why did he say the passage in Romans is obscure? What is the evidence? None. And what is his evidence that obscurity matters with regards to obedience to God or its relevancy? Why does it matter how many people know some verse? It’s obviously not obscure being that it always comes up in “is homosexuality right or wrong” debates. So whatever Obama says without explanation is true simply is, in his crazy mind. If part of God’s word is obscure, it’s safe to ignore it and pretend it says nothing, great reasoning. If you want to use the Bible as a pandering tool, don’t quote specific verses, just make vague references, great conartist opportunist social-climber reasoning. Only directly quote Scripture to attack it, so for example, don’t mention that part of the S.O. Mount that says, “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” … keep radical verses like obscure, because it may cause people to realize what you really are.

Obscurity Is Obama’s Middle Name, just like his birth certificate, just like his school records, just like the fact he worked for a CIA front, just like his Connecticut social security number. And oh how bad the Sermon on the Mount is for saying to DO TO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO TO YOU, how that would crush the Defense Department to not go about crushing “enemies” for oil and war profiteering, oh how that would MAKE THE DEFENSE DEPARTMENT POOR and OBSCURE, oh how Obama would have less buddies in the high military to hobnob with, less rich friends to invite him to dinner, whispering about their latest weaponry and anti-Taliban tactics. Oh how great that non-radical Quran is that Obama endorses, how it doesn’t say in any way to lie for the faith or to terrorize or extort, nope. It’s such a good book that Obama tells NASA to make the Muslim feel good, and made Russia the go to country to get satellites in space, Russia, an enemy now, cuz Putin slighted Obama over Syria, another Big Brother military industrial complex war profiteering scheme. Obama isn’t a Muslim, and he’s not a Christian, his narcissistic lying implies, that like Hitler, is a two faced atheist liar. He should be hung, not for being black, but for being a repeat human rights violator. How many more drone bombings on KIDS, yep, REAL KIDS Obomber, need to happen, before Obama is called to the International Crimes Court to explain himself?

Save the Feral Kittens – Donate

The police and a bad neighbor have once again sicked code enforcement on me, for no legitimate reason. They are endangering the live of myself and pets, Sasha and Sushi, their mom or sister, not sure, who is feral whom I caught along with her kittens, and she is pregnant. They did so by not just wrecking me with endless harassment but getting the power co, illeglaly, to stop giving me power and illegally locking out the water, and doing this in 100+ F desert weather.

Please read about my plight and help me to keep them safe.

The cute flat pill shaped feral kitten (one of the three feral kittens). She also looks like a cross between an Ewok and Okapi. I’ve named her Widdle Ewoki.

The feral cat and her kittens (her other is in the first two pics. The mom’s face is uh, not so, appealing).


Sushi looking at Sasha, Sasha looking at me

Marshmellow on my shoulder