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Breaking Free from Tyranny

How To Obtain Freedom from Corrupt Government During A Time of Broken Government and Unaffordable Or Non-existent Needful Services

It seems obvious: make enough money to buy some reliable transportation, items to keep you comfortable for a long time, and move to some place that is statistically safe with friendly neighbors that will help you out if you help them out. The problem is, unless you are wealthy, you’re not going to be able afford to do that, and not any time soon. And with a predator government about and an increasing likelihood of war, you’re most likely going to have to improvise.

A very rich person can afford to prepare himself for this buy buying a lot of real estate far from the dangerous city and to build himself a big secure house with a large farm, and to hire a medical staff, farm hands, handymen, and well armed security guards with bazookas and anti-aircraft guns. He can store up so much wealth and reliable in-house help that he can sustain himself for decades. He can live like Stony Stark, with little fear of harm so long as he treats his hired help well. But hardly anyone can live that way.

The alternative for the people with average incomes and for the poor, is to agree to live that way, to basically agree to live under a mini monarchy with everyone fulfilling their role peacefully and to the best of their ability and knowing they aren’t going to get paid in money, but rather in protection, food, drink, and goods, like clean and new clothes. Basically it is like a group of people organizing themselves into a business corporation, and if the CEO does too bad a job, they replace him r find a new CEO. A mini government like that it seems to me, much more reliable than a giant beauracy where the “king” can hide behind layers and layers of employees if he wrongs some or neglects them. In the case of a small one like that, the house leader is forced to do a good job or possibly be killed or kicked out by his own security team. And the security team has to watch out for a rebellion from the farm help, handymen and medics if they wrong the house head. It’s a balanced government where everyone agrees they all can’t be king, and need a leader and reasonable comfort and freedom.

The other alternative is somewhat disorganized in which everyone is their own king, and lives a life in which they hope their neighbor or whoever they come across will help them in their chosen safe location has enough skill or goods to help them live comfortably. So a person choosing to live wherever may post an ad, “I’m choosing to live in this new development area here, it’s cheap, the government may break down, I’m a medic, is there anyone good at defense who can come down and live here who will agree to serve as a defense person if the government breaks down, in exchange I will provide medical services.” And eventually you hopefully end up with a community with people of complimentary skills who, in time of a disaster can still live comfortably. They each manage any family they have, each hopefully have guard dogs, and are able to make a nice wall around their community if there is none.

Problems can arise if you end up with someone of very different beliefs than you, someone hostile to what you believe, someone possibly so mentally ill they will cause severe problems among the community. Now a “king” with tight control could easily get rid of that person from his land, but depending on the size of a non-centralized community whose agreed to live together, you may not be able to oust this trouble maker, and he may cause disastrous splits amongst the community.

Now in America, you aren’t allowed in a public corp to discriminate against someone for their religion, and you’re likely to get banned from somewhere like Craigslist if you directly ask, “Any Christians willing to move next to me who are good at…”. So, you have to be stealthy about it. It’s safest to ask members of your own church if you have one, or members of some like-minded group.

It seems to me that the safest states to move to in a time of government break down, in America, is upper California, Washington State, Oregon and Vancouver in Canada and the islands around that area. Something to watch out for is ending up living near communities with opposing beliefs, who may side with roving bands of remnants of the former federal or state government to get rid of you for some reason. So, it will take some good wisdom and physical health to avoid all kinds of trickery and traps that opposing groups may have for you to increase their own comfort and survival odds.

If you can’t afford your own land, and it truly does not seem as if you’re every going to get the money to, I advice becoming as advanced as you can in survival, buying survival tools and rugged camping equipment, finding a partners who are agreeable with you in beliefs with complimentary skills which you may lack or are physically poor at due to some disability, whether sewing or spear throwing or arrow making, and master some spot in the wilderness and to make it yours if no one else has already done so. If you end up in conflict with someone else who claims to “own” the land after a government break down, make sure you know of some other decent spot where you can survive to live at. Getting into conflicts with others that aren’t necessary decreases your chance of survival. Of course the problem is, “Who should back down, if both do than no one will get the land and it will be wasted.” If no one can agree to back down, then you can leave it up to “God” so to speak, or “dice”. You offer to agree to whatever numbers you choose that turn up on cast dice. And if the person disputing with you won’t agree to that, then perhaps it is best that both parties agree to leave the land alone and live away from each other. If you sense the person is so hostile your life is in danger even if you live far from them, it’s best to live even farther out if your odds are survival are about as good. Why risk your life otherwise? The hostile person I suppose will eventually be his own downfall, just as North Korea is always on the verge of disaster due to its bad leadership. It has to rely on more reasonable outside their country to survive.

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