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Will America See An Economic Recovery Anytime Soon

You’re never going to see an economic recovery in America so long as the governors, mayors and the police in America keep harassing citizens, keep jailing them over biased or petty things or one person accusations or hunches and packing the jails and prisons with tens of millions of the potential work force and making home owners pay massive property taxes or harassing them for stupid things like weeds or some vague claim of “overgrowth”. And do you think you’re taxes are being spent wisely when a pan handler is jailed for “pan handling” or holding a sign or some arrested for trespassing on an empty street and all kinds of other petty arrests being made? Is there going to be an economic recovery when citizens keep having to buy expensivish water filters so they can drink water that doesn’t taste like toilet water? The poor will never get out of poverty so long as they are oppressed and having to spend money they need to prosper to instead enjoy the oppressive life they have. The claim that America is not “a third world country” is stupid, because in fact anyone can see that tons of people every day are selling their plasma JUST TO EAT, and are in effect, eating their plasma. What good is all the tech in the world if you can’t afford anything but the cheap stuff? This is a third world country. And about the claim “oh everyone has a flat screen tv”, who cares and who said those TVs were expensive? Do they generate income, if sold would that person suddenly be rich, no, so that’s dumb to use to say American’s aren’t poor. You cannot eat a flat screen tv, it creates a larger electricity bill instead.

There will also be no general economic recovery so long as the government denies people a right to make a profit from their gold mining or panning on BLM property, because there are people who actually obey the various state laws about what you can mine or take out and the BLM does enforce those laws. Think of the stupidity of not allowing some company or person to mine the middle of a massive desert, merely because it’s BLM land, or some environmentalist says there’s a possibly rare lizard there.

So long as there are corrupt people as our leaders and enforcers, there will be no economic recovery, if there is a large recovery, it’s only going to be for some group favored by the corrupt at the expense of the poor and the better part of the country, as in citizenry.

My guess is that there will only be a small recovery if someone comes up with a large ship or fleet of small ships, goes out to a no man’s land in the ocean and implements some sort of underwater mining technology to recover the precious metals or whatever in the ocean floor, or if secret sea-mining is done off the shores.

One more powerful reason I don’t see any significant economic recovery happening soon is because severely mentally ill people are allowed to roam free, and the two or three that matter most are those with the permanent disorders known as psychopathy and narcissistic personality disorder. In other words psychopaths and narcissists. They are devastating to the lives of those they become close to. Their evil behavior may seem light, but if a person is exposed to it long enough it can have a very bad influence and cause a domino effect of misfortunes for the victim. Psychopaths and narcissists are chronically rude and chronic liars. They often become leaders, including business managers or police and cause devastation on an individual level and national depending on what they are doing and how many of them are doing it. A third but lesser problem are schizophrenics being allowed to roam. They are time-sappers. These days many people don’t bother reporting these people because they know that no one is likely to be arrested for simply being a mean person or babbling nonsense, or are so worn out from their bad life or trying to hang on to the good life they have that they don’t bother. There should be a campaign to permanently institutionalize psychopaths and narcissists and to get schizos the help they need and isolate then from the rest of society till they are normal again. Is that going to happen? Even if it did, because corrupt leaders are mostly ruling over us, it would no doubt be done in a poor way, and end up at some point being used to attack or take advantage of the innocent or those making the accusations. Quite simply, the evil governments of the world need to be wiped out for happiness to flourish among the decent people.

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