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If CNN wanted ratings through the roof, they would hire Alex Jones as Morgan’s replacement

“If CNN wanted ratings through the roof, they would hire Alex Jones as Morgan’s replacement” is what I read on infowars.com today. It should say, “should”, not “would”, and “should” should be in context: they should if they truly want to snuff out fundamentalist Christianity, because design the thin veneer of Alex being pro-Christian, it is clear he is a liberal who lumps in Christians together sloppily, and deceptively calls them “the state church”. There clearly is no state church. All churches that I know of hate the government or detest it, with exceptions of individual members who are apart of the government, some are okay with it. I met one, and it disgusted me. He was no surprise, an assemblies of God/Pentecostal Christian, the gullible type that get duped of their money in the form of “tithes”, which by the way, is unbiblical. The Bible does not say to tithe money! The core verse these deceivers an deceived use to justify modern tithing is a verse that says “test me”, but there too, God wasn’t talking about money. It was talking about sacrifices and various non-monetary offerings, and ironically, in the case of sacrifices, it said TO EAT THE SACRIFICE. If you were to convert that concept over to money as Pents illogically do, it would make zero sense. It could even mean “burn up your money and eat the ashes or metallic slag”. Moronic. The Pents are a huge number, and being ignoramuses, – and GOD it pisses me off how pastors mislead these people! I wish I could lash them in public! – and are the closest thing to a state church, the “patriot” type, however since Pent pastors lean towards being worldly, and to draw in the world is why they do that (and most apparently not being true Christians is why) infest their churches with not just constitution-over-the-Bible Christians, which are a type of worldly Christian, a false type, no offence, but they draw in of course people who don’t care what the Bible really teaches, and are “trendies” as Alex calls them, and some are bitter, just wanting to be around others for attention or to vent, or to have access to free food or counselling, or to make friends and so on. They either want to hear the classic “God’s wrath is on the world and will send those who don’t repent to Hell for all eternity, where they live in various degrees of torment depending on their sins, forever” or the lie, “God’s wrath is on those against our personal brand of Christianity, those Calvinists and fundamentalist Christians are especially angersome to God, if anyone is goins to Hells, it be dem!” They want to hear vague preaching, and a “Jesus loves you,” “just accept him into ur heart, and that’s that,” “coincidences are of God, and you can figure out what they mean, three red cars in a row means that God wants you to buy a red car,” “God will prosper you if you tithe with faith,” “Don’t judge or condemn (us Pents, or “me, your loving pastor”), cuz those judgemental people and condemning people are bad, (oh yes my tithing goats, I condemn them),” gospel and sermons.

The problem is, people like Alex are easily shot down, by, like Alex, I mean that Alex is a repeat exaggerator, and his political sins are so obvious, at least to fundamentalist Christians, and even messed up ones like the Mormons and Pents, that they burn out on him or get disgusted with his constant Christian-bashing and trying to appeal to all sides. No one wants a panderer, we all know what panderers are really like: opportunists, unreliable, self-interested. Though Alex claims the endless terrorism gets people used to it, it’s true if it’s not majorly affecting you, as in you’re not having to get molested to fly all the time and so on, but it’s also because of people like Alex, who rather than doing as he says and making a battle plan, lead the people down the false hope that preaching to the government to be nice or jump off a cliff is going to get us anyways. It’s obvious Alex wants a “civil” war despite his denial, but till someone is willing to lead the patriots and liberals into one that appears that it will at least end as a long term stalemate, we’re all sitting ducks next to wolves, who at any moment might pounce on us and rip our feathers off and tear us to pieces, or blow tons of us up.

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