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Dating the Time of the AntiChrist and EMP Attack/Solar Odds

November 24, 2013 Leave a comment

I realized long ago, that in order for the anti-Christ to successfully in large part deceive and conquer the world, that the world would have to be crushed down, not utterly crushed, but that extremely devastating events would have to occur in order for there to be such a distraction that the world would forget about the antichrist coming about any time soon and as a result, that they would instead be desperately looking for a savior or saviors. What would have to specifically happen is:

1. a lack of access to Bibles and Biblical literature, especially about the last days and antichrist, and or a great destruction of those things and great curtailment of the publishing of such things. Alternatively, it could be that the next generation will be extremely distracted with what is coming. Despite the huge amount of information out, the world is still ignorant to a large degree, or often forgetful about basic things taught by the Bible, and in life, and that’s because of the flood of lies and corrupt leaders and their enforcers (police) everywhere causing problems for everyone, even those who support them.

2. a length of time long enough for a generation to be born that has a distorted view of the antichrist and/or knows little about such a character, thinking it to be a myth, a character kind of like a Santa Clause in believability. This would have to occur because it’s unlikely without an extreme hardening of hearts occurred all over the world towards God, a deep hatred directly toward him, which I think is unlikely personally, for people to take the “mark of the beast” aka 666 knowing it was prophesied and that those who took it would be condemned to “torment” without rest forever. In my opinion such a generation will be born soon, because it seems to me, that the church in general (not as in the true Christians, but the false ones too, who greatly outnumber them) that exists now, is in a position in which God’s wrath is at a bursting point, because they have easy access to the truth (about what the true religion is and right from wrong), it’s nearly unavoidable, they encounter it all the time and yet most Christians choose to continue living a life that is loveless towards God and only pays lip service if even that to Him or their false version of Him (mainly a God that either ignores or forgives their sins and only sees the good in them because they are decent or because God forgives at least them, no matter what or whatever reason they imagine, or because they believe they can, have or will earn their salvation, at least partly). According to the Bible, God’s wrath only because more extreme towards those who try to earn their salvation. So, think, if that is the case, how at this point with the Internet everywhere, making it utterly convenient to learn that, let alone just to pick up a Bible somewhere, or go to church to read one, and read the many verses that imply or plainly state that salvation is not a thing that can be earned? Is God just going to relax at such a church for a long time? Does the Bible prophecy that there is going to be a “revival” or “great awakening” among the Gentile Christians and non-Christians in which they suddenly realize, “Oh, salvation is a gift…” etc? There is no more time for waiting that I can see, not a long time. The only thing I see God holding back for before allowing the Gentiles to revert to the way they were before the time of Christ is because of various “tribes” and nations, perhaps like India, China and some parts of Africa that have not had a good chance to hear the gospel explained to them yet. But with an ever growing economy and Christians spreading more and more, inevitably the world will be fully exposed to the gospel/salvation message. There have already been many generations of true Christians, millions saved, so as I see it, God isn’t going to keep waiting for a long time. The world, Gentile world, has already well had its chance to be saved. The time is coming now for Israel to be saved. That is what I see.

I believe that what may send the world into a real “dark age”, one in which there isn’t even a pleasant Catholic church nearby to allow you some access to a Bible or writings about it, is what the Bible predicts:

1. “pestilences” (which can include disease and animal or insect infestations, like rats, mice, mosquitoes, fleas, roaches, lice, ticks, viruses, and perhaps even some sort of mold plague from damp weather and storms)

2. great earthquakes or many medium ones causing random-like devastation in places, perhaps even volcanic explosions (there is a “super volcano” in Yellow Stone that has been rising according to some geologists)

3. solar flares and/or EMP attacks causing great disruption to much of the world’s electronics, but not all. At first I thought most electronics would be ruined, but now I think instead that there will just harm in specific locations, because the Bible, it seems to me, implies that there won’t be such a crippling. That’s because it talks about the continuing prosperity of Saudi Arabia (via what it says in code about Mecca), that though things will be very bad, there will still be the usual trading going on, even if greatly diminished. Also the Bible seems to teach that there will still be speedy deliveries of information, like knowledge of an impending attack from distant countries before it happens, I don’t think it means that people will go about by horses or other slow means to deliver info from very far away, though it’s very possible. One more clue that despite great troubles that the main infrastructure of the world will be intact, is perhaps these two prophecies:

“there will come in the last days scoffers walking according to their own lusts and saying, ‘Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.’ For this is hidden from them by their willing it” – 2 Peter 3:3-5

“as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day Noah entered into the ark. And they did not know until the flood came and took them all away. So also will be the coming of the Son of Man.” – Matthew 24:38-39

4. “the church apostasy aka the falling away” (this is when the Gentile churches, the false ones go into chaos, backstabbing each other, deny Christ as their savior or perhaps some even denying him as being a savior) caused by the great turmoil suddenly surging upon them/the world as I mentioned here

5. There is also a prophecy of fearful signs in the sky occurring. Solar flares could be included in this now that we can see them, but that is far out in space, not in the sky. It is arguable that at least some of the “fearful” signs in the sky that Jesus predicted are UFOs appearing, especially when they stay in place or a certain area, especially when they stay around for a long time. And it is not arguable at this point in my opinion, that UFOs are simply pretty or interesting things to see anymore. I believe this because of the growing amount of cattle and other animal “mutilations” associated with UFOs, and as I think may be becoming well known, human mutilations. There have been some in the UK, and at least one in Brazil. And two people died on a Brazilian island many years ago from what could be called an attack by UFOs. Now whether it was an accident that that happened to the islanders in Brazil doesn’t matter, the point is, at least on some of those UFOs, are psychopathic or reckless aliens, or perhaps ones who become demon possessed or emotionally affected by the dark angels as a result of coming to our world. I can say for myself, though I would still chance going to a UFO hotspot to see if I could learn anything valuable, I would always be wondering if they would do something horrible to me, or cause me to be greatly inconvenienced by doing some horrible surgery on me or exposing me to some awful chemical with horrible long lasting effects.

My opinions:

In a way, though not seemingly mentioned by the Bible, extreme disasters like that one at Fukushima and the Nigerian oil spill disasters, that threaten a massive amount of life on this planet are a sign of the last of the last days of this “age” (the before Christ’s 1000 year reign). Clearly God will act before everything is killed off by radiation, or their lives shortened so much as to get in the way of other prophecies being fulfilled, unless God intends for a while for a very hazardous, toxic Mad Max like world to come about. Now that would truly be horrible and perilous world to live in. It seems to be coming true though. Is anyone going to be able to suck up all the oil spills coming from Nigeria, or recover the leaked radiation from Fukushima? What about the smog in China’s major cities going out of control? What about the large mercury being spread all over the world from coal plants that don’t have mercury filters? Will God let that continue for much longer? I don’t think so.

The Babel Effect:

Also, consider Babel: God broke up the world there in order to prevent them from advancing so rapidly that they would think themselves gods and become so advanced that the gospel would be too silly a thing to them to ever consider, or perhaps become so advanced as perhaps these alien visitors are, that Jesus never would have been sacrificed, but just destroyed by some advanced weapon of some sort. How would Jesus have been able to disappear into a crowd if by some advanced technology he would easily be followed? Though the world has gotten past that situation, I mean in which Jesus sacrificed himself, I think there is another problem in which if we become so advanced again, that the antichrist, the evil savior, the false savior, would not be needed, would be ignored, or easily killed. Are we getting to a point where we can become like gods again? I think so from my constant research and eye on our technological advancements. Though the governments of the world have done well in suppressing technologies that could set us free from their stupidity and increasing lawlessness (and lawlessness is another sign that is coming and has come true), thanks to God allowing the Internet to spread everywhere and the information on it to become vast and very useful, I see there coming soon a time when cheap technologies will allow the world to free itself from the restraints of a few large greedy companies:

Energy: electricity suppliers (aka power companies) and gas companies: they rule us among some others. IO we were allowed ready mining (including coal) and oil drilling in America, meaning without the unjust hindrances imposed by the liberals, that too may cause a shift in the balance of power to the individuals over a few large, greedy and monopolistic companies. Solar power would also help free us. To have low cost energy from the sun from greatly improved and cheap solar cells, which I have read about) would help. What would also help free us are Thorium fusion reactors and the ultimate, or seemingly ultimate: Deuterium and/or Helium-3 reactor. These fuels are plentiful, but getting to them is that hard part, at least for the public.

Power transfer: if cheap room temperature superconducting technology was invented, that would help.

Memory and Convenient Communication: if cheap and durable devices that could store vast amounts of information, much greater than 64 gigabytes, so that a virtual Internet can be carried around by millions of people and personal Internets, so that Internet companies will no longer have monopolies either. Further, if our brain’s memories were easily seen and if our memory could be greatly enhanced, our very brains could be a virtual Internet.

Travel: Airport companies rules us. If antigravity technology came about, cheap and easy to make, or cheap skycars like Paul Moller’s or gyrocopters, that would help free us.

Water: If the cost of water rights being greatly lowered, perhaps by Obama or someone like him, that would greatly help.

Meat: if hunting equipment became low cost (greatly reducing reliance on mass food producing companies). What would also tip the balance in favor of us becoming “gods”, whether right or wrong, is if meat also became very cheap. This could be done if meat could be grown and/or if cats and dogs, like rabbits, were allowed to be used as food. Not that I think they should be, (only as a last resort with no option would I approve for now), but if that were done, the cost of meat would perhaps come greatly down, as cats and dogs are very common and there are so many, that they are often “put to sleep” in America for lack of anyone wanting to or being able to afford caring for them.

Housing: With instant very long lasting concrete housing, and if the national park lands were freed up for personal use, it could happen. We are at a point, in my opinion, where such things are near, especially if Obama allowed China to take over America in exchange for becoming America’s life time dictator (under China’s authority). China, as far as I know, is not concerned with the preservation of national parks, but wealth and control. If they obtain America, they may turn our parks into real estate to generate more income and alleviate the extreme poverty coming upon Americans. Easy space travel would also make real estate cheap perhaps, in that one could make and establish land claims on other planets, like Mars.

Money, Banks: If gold became plentiful (and with space travel using antigravity technology it may) and Bitcoin usage became widespread and common (doing away with currency rivalry and the time and money spent dealing with currency exchange rates), that too might propel us into a kind of godhood. Banks would no longer be one of our rulers.

Language: As in Babel, if language barriers were no longer barriers, or easy to overcome (and they could be with technology that could vastly improve our brain’s abilities, memory included), we could become more like gods.

If all these things were done, when these technologies converged, there would seemingly be no more monopolies over our lives by greedy tyrants. Perhaps we would all become greedy tyrants, regardless, without God as a king to guide us if such technology was common and easily obtained, I think it would get in the way of God’s prophecies. Therefore, I believe that when these things come closer and closer to reality, that great devastations will be near.