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12 Mistakes in Man of Steel (2013), Plot Holes, Goofs, a Factual Error and a Character Error

1) Jax-Ur said that all the future Kryptonians were stored in Superman’s cells, if that were so then the blood that came out of Superman’s mouth when he first entered Zod’s prison ship and when Jax-Ur took a blood sample. The DNA in superman would have been sufficient since it would have been the logical way to continually reproduce the DNA of the others into Superman’s cells, and even if it were simply the cells themselves being counted on to never expire and contain those extra DNA codes till extracted, there still would have been a massive amount of originals in the blood that came out of Superman, sufficient to repopulate Earth with Kryptonians. Further, Jax-Ur didn’t say that he had any of the cells, which would be strange not to mention, since birth pods were apparently already able to begin gestating Kyrptonians.

2) It is not plausible that Dr. Emil Hamilton would know that Earth was being terraformed in the small amount of time that he saw the terraforming action in place being that he didn’t know Kryptonian physiology or what Krypton was like. Though he could have been making a dramatic guess, a plausible assumption, as a scientist he should have known it could have also been a scare tactic in action, a slow-working weapon, a temporary obfuscation device (to block out the sun and make life on Earth much more difficult), an energy generating device, a mining device, base-making device, or even some sort of device to open a portal to another place. There were too many options to simply name one so quickly and to be so assured.

3) It was claimed a scout ship was sent to Earth 18,000 to 2,000 years ago, however carbon dating has only shown reliability to dating things up to 5000 years old, and radiometric dating has shown no reliability (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The Department of Computer Science, David Plaisted, one of many scientific critiques of radiometric dating) and archeological finds don’t substantiate Earth existed before 6,500 years, and almost all creation traditions substantiate a recent creation for Earth. Though it could be excused as merely the belief of the non-Bible literalists among the Earthlings, Faora-Ul’s comment about having evolved to become amoral and therefore superior suggests the writer of the show may have believed it to be fact as even the aliens believed this myth. There is also what could be taken as a symbolic hint that the writer of the script had in mind Darwinian evolution, in the use of a small, incomplete, aged-looking humanoid shaped skull, which contained all the genetic information of the Kryptonians to be birthed in the future. The incompleteness of the skull could be meant to suggest it is very old and was a fossil that didn’t survive fully intact like many skulls evolutionists find and attempt to use to prove evolution (but always fail in doing so since there is no obvious reason to believe one species type evolved from another (fossil columns showing gradual evolution are an atheist/evolutionist myth).

4) It’s improbable that Faora-Ul would have learned to use her powers as fast as she did without experimentation, especially if she was suffering the same shock as Superman and Zod.

5) Faora-Ul told Superman that she and her friends were further evolved than him, if she meant as in evolved in the way Darwin described evolution, it would have been wrong being that the Kryptonians would have ceased evolving (not that Darwinian evolution is proven theory in reality) since the time they used manual creation of themselves with control over their genetics so specifically they had created people among themselves for certain job types.

6) Faora-Ul told Superman that she and her friends were further evolved than Superman because they were amoral (having no morals, like obeying “Do not bear false testimony”), however the expression “evolved” in the context she used it is an atheist expression (and used by theistic liberals to be able to have access to the money that atheist scientists will allow allow them to have if they go along with their propaganda) that usually has a vague meaning in the ways that they use it due to their confusion over its meaning or deliberately being vague so as to make it hard to argue against logically, like saying, “climate change” which could be any change in weather at all, even a regular change in the weather. Among the many meanings it can have are, “adapted to the environment”, “became a new species”, “to change over a long period of time” or “to become more complex over a long period of time”. It is unlikely that a completely different type of being, especially one with a super genius mind, would repeat the same grammatical error or knowingly make a vague expression. Even if Faora-Ul was using an expression in a way Superman understood it from having previously explored his mind, she wasn’t linked with him telepathically when she said those words, and unless Superman had an arbitrarily narrow definition himself of the word, he wouldn’t have been clear on what it was she meant exactly either. And Superman would have known from having learn about evolution in schools, TV, libraries and regular conversation. If he did have a narrow definition, it would only be because he too was being blinded by Satan (as the Bible teaches he does to everyone on Earth who isn’t forgiven of their sins) and/or was much more focused on other matters to spot the error in his inaccurate definition of the word.

7) Faora-Ul is a contradictory character, a paradox that cannot be: she is supposed to be a hater of men (and besides showing no hint of this) and yet Zod is her male lover. However, the movie version of her can be said to be different, since none of this is shown or mentioned. So, it depends on what the intent was of the one who cast her in the movie.

8) The Kryptonian council, if as advanced as they were, having been genetically engineered and highly “evolved” (in the fantasy world) would unlikely have been so stubborn as to have allowed the emotion of “pride” to interfere with proper judgment.

9) The council clearly had the technology to save millions of Kryptonians using their various types of technology, yet nonsensically chose to do nothing. Why would they exile into another dimension a few people, and no temporarily protect as many in case Kyrpton was destroyed, or at least the codex or even copies of their knowledge and DNA samples of their various species too?

10) It’s unlikely that Zod and his friends, especially being that he was a general, would have made the strategic mistake of leaving Superman’s mother behind rather than using her as a pawn.

11) A possible error was when Superman yelled in anguish in the train? station, or whatever it was: if he was in severe anguish and still testing out his powers, the echo from his yell seemed like it may have ruptured the ear drums at least of those with him, like Lana.

12) Superman launched into the sky at extreme speed while standing next to Lana, if I remember right, regardless, later, just before another launch, asks her twice to move away. If no one was injured the first time, why would they be on the second?

13) Why didn’t Superman try and convince Zod to terraform Mars under the threat of destroying the the gestation chambers, or, cause a massive hurricane around the world engine and suck it out of place and then fly away with it into space and have it terraform some distant planet, then tell Zod, and tell him where to go, and provide him with what he needed to restart a new Krypton (his blood)? He could have used his dad’s artificial intelligence device to program the new Kyrptonians to rebel against Zod at such and such age and imprison him in the Phantom Zone again. I know what some will argue: That would be veering too far off the original storyline and not being true to the original. I say: Who cares, endless repetition is boring. If I could have, I would have remade the tale into a similar yet original and sensible one with just as much entertainment.

14) Why are the other super heroes that make up the Superman mythology 99 percent absent from Superman movies? Why doesn’t Flash, Green Lantern or Batman appear when Earth’s destruction is verging?

15) Why are the super enemies that make up the Superman mythology also 99 percent absent, the ones that live on Earth? Doesn’t Darkseid care that Earth is about to be terraformed so that it’s almost an entirely different environment or any other evil guy? Don’t any super villians care that their mansions are about to turn into rubble or dust?


8/30 – Apparently this is one of my most popular articles, not as in people love it, but gets more hits than most others I’ve made, and so I decided to look into the errors again and found this interesting article:

MAN OF STEEL (2013): 30 Plots Holes, Errors, Logic Gaps in the Film

8/31 – This was supposed to be published yesterday but for some reason it wasn’t, and strangely the draft wasn’t even saved, it was saved though when I went to the original tab that I was editing it on in Firefox as I discovered just now when reloading it (FF often crashes on me or due to trackpad problems with my laptop must restart my stupid Dell 3135 laptop.

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