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How Much Time Is Left? Events Leading Up to the Tribulation

August 11, 2013 Leave a comment

In order for the tribulation to occur certain events must happen:

1. A trigger that causes the beginning of the falling away aka great apostasy. This would be some perceived catastrophic event, not even necessarily catastrophic, but perceived as one, like a somewhat severe stock market crash that causes false Christians to give up their faith and become entirely hypocritical about it and even becoming criminals. This would happen because many of these false Christians are have heard of credible predictions from economic wise men that an extreme financial collapse coming and these false Christians see the signs for that and believe the government is failing them and may even fail itself for whatever reason. If even worse things happen in combination with these events, during or soon after, especially doom-signs so to speak, like bizarre horn sounds happening all over the world as has been reported more and more in the recent years, and more bizarre mass animal deaths or “mutilations” and UFO sightings, that do would cause an extreme change in the behavior of Christians. What would also cause this severe change is the change in behavior of non-Christians who also have fears for their own future welfare and who may plunder or murder the false Christians to try to save themselves. If that happens (and it does already in an increasing amount that aren’t well shown in government crime statistics), then no doubt these false Christians would prey on what they believe would be easy prey themselves, those who trust them, their friends, especially other Christians of the same religion. Pastors may even burn down their churches to try and get insurance compensation money for it.

These false Christians are increasingly in a weakened state, having a weakening root, not sufficient to withstand a hard blow of wind, whether it be persecution, being preyed upon, giving in to sinful activities like abusing drugs, or being soundly and publicly shamed away from their misplaced faith by true Christians, so it wouldn’t be hard to suddenly spiritually fall almost all at once. So, just imagine if the following happened:

A severe economic crash, an unusually high amount of UFO sightings, a sudden rise in violent ghost (demon) attacks, a very large amount of mass animal deaths of various types of animals in widely separated locations, a sudden rise in crop circles of intricate design perhaps showing Earth splitting in half or being hit by another object, out of the ordinary meteor showers, sudden deaths or severe illness of tens to hundreds of thousands of people around the world from a virus or bacteria, large crop failures of wheat, rice or corn, a huge loss of bees/sudden bee deaths all over the world again, and an increase in damaging earthquakes and one large enough to kill many people, many unusually large and long lasting severe storms occurring all at once, a sudden rise in sinkholes swallowing homes, and perhaps more mass shootings and bombings (whether egged on or orchestrated by the U.S. federal government or not). Perhaps even some major rocket or space plane launch will spectacularly fail, causing a loss in hundreds of millions of dollars, and will be the last straw needed to “break the camel’s back” by being a kind of hope-killer once seen around the world, causing a severe mass pessimism in false Christians. A definite last straw would be the thought or rumor among false Christians, or a convincing argument, that the tribulation has already begun, and those who believed in the pre-tribulation rapture would then lose faith, thinking their religion can’t be true because God would have saved their “good” selves from such trouble, or would feel betrayed by God or think that he let them down or made a mistake by not rescuing them and is therefore a fallible God.

There is already great pressure on Christians from threats of death from countries with large armies like Iran and North Korea with the technology to kill millions of Christians in America, where the majority of true Christians in my opinion seem to live. And if such a murderous strike was committed along with all the other disasters occurring at once, it would probably usher in a call for new leaders to effectively stop impending mass starvation, rioting and thieving, and that would leave a great opportunity for a new con artist leader to take their place, the ultimate one, the anti-Christ.

2. This mass starvation (especially if accompanied by other devastating events, like an emp attack or emp from a solar flare, earthquakes or plagues would then get the most unstable of the false Christians (not ones who already left Christianity. rather the ones still involved) to turn into Judas’ in mass. That would then trigger the more stable false Christians, though still having strong faith, (but faith misplaced by it being more in themselves or fallible men or something else other than in God) to follow in a crime spree, perhaps abandoning their faith, and that would in turn cause the false Christians weak in faith to collapse too, perhaps becoming like petty thieves and probably causing many suicides. Being that there are millions of false Christians in the U.S., the Mormons, Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists, and countless Pentecostals, the effect of all these Christians dropping their morality would worse than nukes going off all over the U.S., because rather than a quick death and ending of sin, sin would multiply severely everywhere and in a way that betrays God almost directly.

3. Once that is over with, in order for there to be a moral collapse so sever that you could get all these compromised people to go so far as to directly murder other Christians (which I don’t think would happen in mass despite mass starvation and so on because of the hope people would still have in a recovery, and since millions of people would still be alive and free and able to fight to defend themselves), murder Christians at some point in their lives in the future, or for their children to, there would need to be an extreme infrastructure collapse, specifically in the United States which is the main spreader of true Christianity and close imitations of it. The U.S. no doubt publishes huge amounts of Bibles and it’s citizens use the Internet especially to spread the messages of the Bible. If that is ended or severely curtailed, there would be a severe moral degradation and the children around the world would grow up much less moral than the previous world generation (which even now is already very corrupt and stupid). If the very corrupt and stupid generation we have now raises kids, especially in a wrecked much more poverty stricken world, so poor it’s forced to resort to using steam, fires, pulleys, swords, knives, bows, slings, rocks and horses again rather than planes, cranes, cars, guns and microwaves, they would be like the stereotypical brutish “savage” portrayed in many movies in stories, almost like the stupid inbreds in horror movies, only worse, as they’d be desperate for their next meal and be willing to and stupid enough to do anything to get it.

4. Seemingly, a new temple of God needs to be rebuilt in Jerusalem in order for various prophecies leading up to and during the tribulation for the tribulation to come about and be completed. This I guess from what I’ve read would take between 10 and 20 years to complete. Probably 20 if Israel suffered an EMP disabling event forcing them to resort back to man and or horse power, and/or steam or use diesel fueled vehicles whose engines wouldn’t be effected by an EMP based vehicles to begin transporting and placing the stones.

So, the amount of time Christians now have to prepare for severe world wide persecution leading to enslavement and torture and death is at least 10 years each day the new temple is not built. As to why the Israeli gov hasn’t removed the dome on the rock, I think it is because they see it as a way to protect Jerusalem from rocket attacks, thinking that as long as it is there, the Muslims won’t launch any missiles nearby lest they destroy what they the Muslims supposedly consider one of the holiest places and buildings in the world. If the Muslim world leaders were more sophisticated and crafty, they’d move the temple at least temporarily to a new location in order to destroy Jerusalem as they would like to do. It is nice to know that so long as that temple is not built, Christians will in general have a much easier time spreading the gospel throughout the world. Don’t waste the time.