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A Clear Scam: Clear Wire’s Fraudlent 4G Speed Claims

So I get the Clear Wireless 4G hotspot modem a few days ago from Wireless Toys, which has SHIT customer service, left my phone in need of repair on their desk FOR MORE THAN A WEEK with no explanation, and a customer service guy I called just now, to make a long story short, tells me to reposition my modem along with disconnecting it, like no one could possibly think of doing that on their own? I tell the guy that I can’t move my location because it’s where I do my work, and it’s already next to my window, and he’s still telling me where to face it by giving me landmarks I’ve never heard of. It’s not a satellite antenna, it can’t be FACED only moved, yet he kept saying faced. I even asked him: “Do you mean like turning it upside down?” and he said “No.” And he kept stalling for time, playing the waiting game, pretending to be doing something useful, when the problem has been obvious from the start: the bandwidth was clogged with users, I was the one that even said that near the end of his “support”. I had even early on simply asked to be credited for the problem, as in get money back or a discount but delay delay delay he did instead, even near the end of his help telling me what tower I was connected to… WHO CARES?! HOW IS THAT GOING TO HELP? HOW MANY TIMES DID I NEED TO TELL HIM I WOULDN’T MOVE MY COMPUTER? It’s not like I’m using A CELL PHONE, IN WHICH THE ULTRA OBVIOUS IS TO MOVE ELSEWHERE WITH IT, I’M ON A COMPUTER, THAT’S WHAT THE MODEM IS FOR, NOT A LITTLE MOBILE PHONE. And so, in the end, after wasting, pointlessly, 30 minutes of time, oh and did I mention the speed test he had me do? No, so I went to speedtest.com like he asked me to early on in the support, and surprise, it took a long time to load, when it did, it gave me this result:

In the end, the customer service guy said he’d get me $10 off my coming bill. How about I just get a full refund and return this junk? Should I get a refund? Let me know.

Update: (4:33 AM 8/8/2013) Some hours ago after posting this I looked at the receipt, lo and behold Wireless Toyz’ return policy says on the receipt, and remember, is a thing you get AFTER you buy the item, not before:

“Satisfaction Comes First! Items must be in the original packaging with all original printed material, consist of the original [co]mponents and in an unused condition, An original copy of the Wireless Toyz receipt is required and the transaction must take place at the original place of purcahse.”

That’s “Satisfaction Comes First” for the customer? No, that’s greedisfaction for the owner of the store and the franchise owner, not the customer. No wonder the windows were scratched up and BB gunned at the Wireless Toyz store I bought this modem from.

Update (5.29 PM 6/8/2013): Something else I noticed later was that at all times the wifi signal strength has been at full, interesting that the customer service guy happened to never ask if the signal strength indicator showed any increase or decrease. I think he already knew what was going on and so was simply stalling for time, hoping I wouldn’t cancel my service.


Update 11:31 PM: After going through THREE more customer service people, the first two hanging up on me after a length waste of my prepaid minutes, though one mentioned I could move the modem around without it having to be attached to my computer, which though helpful only made it clear that the spot it was in was the best, right where I was when I called, got back to the final conclusion of the original or second customer service person I called in this saga, that the tower was having high network traffic, in other words, overloaded. Yet I’m only getting 10 bucks off next month, not the following months, just that one.

Update 06-10/2013: It’s about 3:34 AM now and just before the morning, or somewhere around it I discovered that Clear Wire had COMPLETELY blocked any torrents I was trying to download so that I wasn’t even seeing seeders. So, of course I called again, and what did I get? The typical redundant questioning, and the male agent said he didn’t know what torrents were. Sure. And he kept giving long pauses to the point where I had to hang up on him. Then a few minutes later after more delays including by the automated system, giving me useless info I got another agent, a woman named Jessica who sounded Filipino. So after a lot of wasted time, she asks me, “Did you check with the torrent software” maker to see if there was anything wrong with it. Seriously? So say, “Hey, utorrent, is it just me or does your software no longer work you number one torrent software company used by tens of millions of users!?” Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Then she tells me that they no longer allow torrent sharing. I told her that if that were true and they weren’t just blocking me directly then it would reflect in my bandwidth speed, so then I went to speedtest.net and told her the results, and it was harldy different then not many hours before, maybe 1 megabit more from 1.7 megabits when I last checked:

Even if they did block all torrent sharing, it still is nothing close to 4G speed, and early in the morning on a Monday there should be a huge increase then. But clearly Clear fails the test. It’s obvious that either they are blocking my torrent sharing or that torrent sharing is not a problem. Most likely they are blocking me because what are the odds they suddenly stop when I keep complaining about my torrent speed? Low being that they’ve been getting complaints about this all the time I’m sure. They even have an option in their phone system for “slow speed”. And if they really were blocking torrents, why would she NEXT ask:

“What type of file are you trying to download.” What’s that matter if they simply blocking torrents? What more is there to discuss? So after complaining that that had nothing to do with anything and asking if they were now going to force everyone to call them for permission to download various files and telling her I was trying to download software and later videos, she then says they don’t allow the downloading of videos. I then I hear this male in the background who apparently was listening to the convo and telling her what to say. Then she says “it’s ILLEGAL TO DOWNLOAD TORRENTS”. Oh like it’s illegal to make fraudulent claims about giving 4G speed when you don’t, and not even at times 56K modem speeds from the 1980’s? That kind of illegal? I then tell her I know she’s bullshitting me and that I reported them to the FCC. And I did report them to the FCC very thoroughly along with Wireless Toyz. So you have a company, Clear, who makes the clear low blow to attack the customer, and vindictively in my case to get me to go away, rather than to admit to lying about their advertising false download and upload speeds. Blame the customer for their illegal selling methods and drain their phone minutes in hopes they will no longer have any minutes or money to call you back to complain or ask for help. Low, vile, evil.


Update 6/11/2013

I discovered clear also blocked my ability to access java online so that I only get an error message and ARE PREVENTING ME FROM USING MESSENGERS. They keep pretending to have nothing to do with it and have used up all my phone time, I have no more prepaid minutes thanks to these lying thieves from Hell.

Update 6/13/2013

Amazon.com has sanctioned 4G’s fraud modem and speed claims, when a customer told them they should stop selling the modem because of the fraudulent marketing claims including that of a tablet from a knock of China company pretending to have 4G capability, they terminated his account. I also found this a at 8:36 AM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Jjr2GW-gZg If only I had seen this video three years ago, I may never have signed up with Clear Fraud.

Update 9 AM

So I chatted a few minutes ago with a Clear Fraud company, and after a short conversation noticed THEY WERE USING A JAVA PROGRAM TO TALK TO ME. So for those of you who didn’t believe that they were blocking Java content sites, THERE YOU GO, out of all the websites that had java, ONLY THERE’S WORKED!

9 PM

So I noticed Clear Wire, some hours after the chat, reenabled my ability to use java on other sites. At about the same time I encountered some bizarre problem a few minutes ago where the modem wouldn’t connect, nor could my computer connect to any other wifi signals, so I rebooted and waited forever it felt like for the modem to reset since I reset it, which itself is a pain since it’s right next to the USB cable and the reset plate is to the side of the hole! And when I connected to the modem again I tried out speedtest again and got this error message when it came time to test the upload ability:

The ping said something like 223 milliseconds, the download was about 3.5 mbps and then that error message came up. Awesome ISP huh? And then I decided to run the Glastnost test that says if your traffic is being shaped, aka throttled, in other words, you’re having certain things blocked from being able to be downloaded. And lo and behold it told me there was no evidence of that. The interesting thing is is that it required a java applet to do that test and only after the chat with Clear and now that I think about it, this modem disconnect did it start working again. In other words, Clear apparently read this article and soon after unblocked me. So I then tried to see if I could use torrents again, and guess what? All the sudden they work again. Then I looked into the “detailed” view of the Glasnost test and these were the results:

Glasnost: Test if your ISP is shaping your traffic

Detailed test results giving the throughput per flow Glasnost runs:
All BitTorrent and control flow transfers using port 6881

Transfer Direction Bandwidth BitTorrent flow Bandwidth control flow

Download #1 493 Kbps 483 Kbps
Download #2 483 Kbps 483 Kbps
Download #3 482 Kbps 496 Kbps

Upload #1 812 Kbps 823 Kbps
Upload #2 779 Kbps 826 Kbps
Upload #3 823 Kbps 833 Kbps

All BitTorrent and control flow transfers using port 57879

Transfer Direction Bandwidth BitTorrent flow Bandwidth control flow

Download #1 476 Kbps 481 Kbps
Download #2 473 Kbps 489 Kbps
Download #3 472 Kbps 478 Kbps

Upload #1 766 Kbps 835 Kbps
Upload #2 729 Kbps 802 Kbps
Upload #3 774 Kbps 823 Kbps

BitTorrent transfers using port 6881 and port 57879

Transfer Direction Bandwidth Port 6881 Bandwidth Port 57879

Download #1 493 Kbps 476 Kbps
Download #2 483 Kbps 473 Kbps
Download #3 482 Kbps 472 Kbps

Upload #1 812 Kbps 766 Kbps
Upload #2 779 Kbps 729 Kbps
Upload #3 823 Kbps 774 Kbps

Control flow transfers using port 6881 and port 57879

Transfer Direction Bandwidth Port 6881 Bandwidth Port 57879

Download #1 483 Kbps 481 Kbps
Download #2 483 Kbps 489 Kbps
Download #3 496 Kbps 478 Kbps

Upload #1 823 Kbps 835 Kbps
Upload #2 826 Kbps 802 Kbps
Upload #3 833 Kbps 823 Kbps

Clearly that’s nothing close to 4G or 3G.

Update 10:28 PM

I noticed a few minutes ago that unlike the past days, I’d directly connected my modem to my computer now, but when I disconnected it minutes later, the java and torrents stopped working. So then I tried plugging it in back again to get them started, and it wouldn’t work, so then I tried to reboot and had the problems I mentioned, part of my laptop screen being fully cracked up, but when I finally got back in and got things going again, the torrents worked again and the java. So, apparently this has something to do with the modem needing to be directly connected. However I noticed something that doesn’t make sense, the power button is glowing red, rather than green as it should be and even though I tried to power it off earlier, it is staying red. If the modem needs to be connected, than the customer services people’s suggestions to move the modem elsewhere in the house (away from the computer) is what was causing the problems. Now supposing that was the problem, why would the modem care if it was connected or not with regards to torrent transfer and java applets?! Now to test my messenger… It’s working.

Now here’s a question: Why would I want to pay $49+ a month for this crazy service, with crippled hot spot ability, instead of just going with Cricket, at $29 a month?

Update 6-15-2013

I found out at the same time that plugging the modem in is the only way to get torrents, messengers and java to work, that simply plugging it won’t necessarily work, but that you must restart your computer.

  1. Akos
    October 15, 2013 at 9:28 PM

    this is an Insider scoop / insider trading secret for you!!! :

    i am a subscriber of Clearwire services in New York for a couple of years now, an internet service provider that advertises and contracts unlimited data and top speeds an NO throttling at all, for cheap.

    i just was on the phone with their level 3 support team today, after a few months of observing aggravating slow speed from 8pm to 1:30am.
    They openly admitted to me that their service are being throttled indeed by a software placed on each tower , a software which detects when a customer is using any kind of streaming services/subscriptions/software like Netflix, a Clearwire microwave tower placed software which will then throttle those connections to NETFLIX to about 50 times slower speeds, but that the normal browser speeds stay up to speed , to fool the clients all is ok, when they do a speedtest.net testing themselves form their sides.
    SO that the customer thinks its their problem on their side, and stops complaining to Clearwire.

    so every evening when i want to watch Netflix the Netflix movie speed slows down from 1,3mb / sec to 20kb / sec , so 50 x slower !
    which made me naturally unsubscribe from Netflix as well as from Hulu and even more from my favorite Apples iTunes movie rentals.

    i mean, why would i want to buy anything from Apple iTunes movie rentals, or Netflix or Hulu, if the connection in between is being intentional and illegally (according to my contract with clearwire! ) being throttled to such an extent that it is utterly impossible to watch any movie for more than 30 seconds , before it gets stopped for 5 minutes wait time.
    this seems to be the stone ages again.

    when i do a speedtest.net test , it shows me 10-15mb/sec downloads, and its exactly the speeds like they advertised for , but only for the browsers to fool the clients .

    knowing this fact , wouldn’t you guys want to write about this?

    … Sprint who just bought Clearwire, is behind this all…. by the way…

    right now, no one really has found out about it yet from the little that i know.

    Food for Thought ;) … right?!

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