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Evidence America Will Fall, from the Bible

If the tribulation is near, or rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem, that would be an indication that a third world war is also near. And being that America’s government (and many of its psychopath and narcissist citizens) are often meddling in such wars and often risking starting them despite it seemingly trying to prevent them, using the huge armies and great amount of superior weapons to do so, it seems God would have mentioned America in at least a strong indirect way out of the other many much weaker countries if they were to play some part as they often try to do in world affairs in the Middle East when it comes to military and energy concerns. And even Asia is mentioned indirectly, so why not the US? The only likely explanations I can come up with is this: extreme internal civil wars over whatever like an extreme economic disaster due to extreme natural disasters (causing extreme food, water and energy shortages so great that the expense of sending off military troops, equipment or military aid is no longer done), extreme plagues (which also cause food, water and energy shortages), government incompetence and, or, another reason which I think is the main reason why: “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up, and his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall cause an astounding amount destruction, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many” I suspect he will use captured alien craft, or a huge fleet of reverse engineered alien technology and sweep over all the major cities and farms of America, and use “marvelous” looking weapons to destroy them. I’m guessing it would look like an epic Star Trek movie everywhere in which the Borg had sent a fleet of ships everywhere to destroy the pride of America. I suspect that that fleet will be rendered useless in the end by the American government detonating an EMP device or neutron bomb over the country in an attempt to get rid of these craft in one blow. And if the government doesn’t explode the nuke or EMP device, perhaps God will cause a solar flare to erupt that would get critically damage most of the ships. That fleet would need to be destroyed otherwise he could easily conquer any country, which isn’t what the Bible prophecies. Alternatively, the ships could destroyed in a draw between American reverse engineered alien ships, and or the ships of the anti-Christ might be an inferior version of copied alien technology, inferior in that their energy sources would eventually be too depleted to do anymore damage or their photon torpedo launchers and or phasers (figuratively speaking) will eventually burn out after doing their job. That seems a likely type of weapon, a weapon that would burn out, because I’m guessing the anti-Christ would be smart enough to realize that if the ships are captured they could be used against him either in working condition or from a reverse engineered copy. Surely he wouldn’t allow a long term weapon to be reverse engineered to be used against him afterwards. In other words he would send a disposable fleet of ships to dispose of America. Perhaps after the ships run dry or burn out, then a second wave of destruction occurs in which the pilots then begin a ground war after leaving their ships or using them as a little house to attack from after landing. A less likely situation (because it doesn’t fit the image of “astounding destruction”) is that the anti-Christ or someone helping him sends a nuclear missile or places a nuclear bomb high above America at some distance so that not all of the electronics are disabled. Whether either of these things happen, I am sure there would be just enough infrastructure and Gentiles left over so that when the tribulation ends, the Jews in America could be sent back to Israel within a two weeks, in other words soon, as the Bible prophecies would happen. It seems absurd to me that God would make them wait long after the world has gone through a massive and Hellish devastation when their punishment is supposed to be over at that point and instead given his salvation. But in addition to that the anti-Christ will have prepared forces to devastate America and or have bribed many Americans into killing the Christians there. I actually he will dedicate most of his initial might to devastate America, and have great success due to the devastation caused by the EMP. It seems to me the best and quickest way to take down America’s might to keep it from getting involved in world affairs in a significant way anymore is by the use of either plague weapons or an EMP. The other reasonable way would be to use the weak Mexican border to send in political and infrastructure saboteurs, for example stirring up dissension and bombing dams, nuclear energy facilities, the universities, airports, city halls and tourist sites of the greatest cities. That would require in my estimation, with masterfully trained saboteurs, about 300 saboteurs, and being that millions of illegals are always making it across the border each year into America and some through Canada, it doesn’t seem at all impossible that a swift major strike like that would occur. Even if the bombs only a week of temporary damage and only a few thousand people were killed, it would set forth major internal turmoil leading I imagine to a civil war being that many would consider that a last straw of the government’s incompetence which in turn would lead to an economic collapse, which in turn would lead to a world wide economic collapse being that most countries are in some big way dependent on America’s economy, which set just the right opportunity for the anti-Christ to be accepted, as the world would be extremely desperate for rescue to avoid major famines and a break down of their civilization. There is perhaps one indirect reference to America, and it is very indirect. The prophecy concerning the anti-Christ says that he will come against the strongest fortresses. America is full of strong “forts”, and is the most powerful military country, so not a surprise it has such forts. And if the anti-Christ is going to cause astounding/glorious devastation in order to magnify his name and feel great about himself, where better than to make a name for yourself by taking down the world’s strongest country and its many strong forts? Would coming against any other country bring such glory? There is another way however, without going all the way to America that I know he will use to keep America out of his affairs, and that would be by destroying all their foreign bases, aka “forts” and to destroy most of their active duty aircraft carriers and ship building facilities. To do that would cause a severe economic shock to America, enough I am sure to keep it’s claws to itself for at least seven years.

Update: I found out last night, on July 4th of all days, from a former Iranian spy in Iran, Reza Kahlili, unfortunately via the Mormon narcissist Glenn Beck, that Iran’s government has practiced launching an EMP to destroy the United States, and that if one were detonated over Kansas, in about a year, 200 million Americans would die. Right now there are estimated to 316,668,567 Americans according to various websites. I’m guessing that the Americans living at the five great lakes, a vast water supply with many fish, would last much longer in general. There are about 27,296,743 living around these lakes. I advise any Jews (as in the race) and Christians who want to be left alive after a third world war or an EMP event, who are not living around these lakes, immediately go buy a house or rent a five star apartment in one of these areas immediately, and to buy guns and ammo there, swords and knives, if you don’t already have any, right away.

Oh and, that would have been prevented probably around this time, but a certain evil liberal Senator from Alaska who pretends to be a republican, a female, prevented this protection (with the help of Jeff Bingamon from the corrupt state of New Mexico), so that we could have fewer coal plants (can anyone say, “Obama”? and “wicked murderous treason”?):

Murkowski Blocks Effort to Protect US Power Grid
Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 06:50 PM

In a surprising election-year gambit, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski has gutted legislation with strong bipartisan support that would protect the U.S. power grid from solar flares and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons, to benefit a “clean” energy bill backed by Senate Democrats.

The original bill, known as the GRID Act, authorized the federal government to take emergency measures to protect some 300 giant power transformers around the country. It passed the House of Representatives by a unanimous voice vote in August, an unusual show of bipartisan support in this Congress.

But when it went to the Senate, the bill was gutted of the measures to protect the power grid from EMP attack by Murkowski and committee chairman Jeff Bingamon, D-N.M., while other portions of the bill were added to her own energy bill, S. 1462, the American Clean Energy Act of 2009.

“Sen. Murkowski stripped H.R. 5026 of the main elements designed to protect our infrastructure and did not add them to her bill,” said Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition.


America’s 2nd Civil War – A House Divided Cannot Stand

June 24, 2013 Comments off

I’ve often wondered, given the huge amount of police corruption in America, if there would ever be a second civil war. All but a few ingredients seem to be missing. The kindling material already exists, and that might be why the NSA, rich people basically, are desperate to listen in on everyone everywhere within their reach, hoping to prevent their overthrow. The kindling material:

1) Extreme earnings differences in population: mostly poor in comparison to a few super rich? That alone isn’t a fire starter, it’s actually lack of generosity from the rich and oppression from them. Not being charitable when you have more than enough money to be charitable is seen as oppression by the needy, especially when deaths occur as a result of lack of income to prevent it, especially when all that was needed was some small amount of money, like a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Imagine how someone with rotting teeth, a mouth in chronic pain, feels when he sees a rich person smiling, but ignoring him his plea for generosity, or being arrested by some police for “pan handling”. Of course there is free dental care in jails and prisons, but there is no evidence that such care is speedy, and there is no good reason to arrest a person who is simply asking for money. It’s not a crime to ask for help to survive and it should never be one. But here in America, asking for the most basic help has been criminalized. An inability by tens of millionso of Americans to get significant loans from banks is also a fire starter. Many rely on pawn shops and at least 20 percent lose their collateral to them.

2) An extreme amount of police corruption. Though state governments report a low amount of police corruption, making it appear as if the US is one of the most outstanding places to live, anyone who has dealt with the police often knows that police rarely adhere to the law, and will simply take the easy and criminal way to do their job: using threats, intimidation, physical harm, theft and lying. It is not officially reported because most people are too worn out or afraid of more trouble from the police and don’t have the money for a good lawyer. Police are basically security guards for the wealthy who work for money and pretend to be working for the greater good, though some will admit they work merely for money, not for concern of others. They will say, “I have a family to feed,” or “I’m poor too” in response to some plea to the person they are arresting to be let go so that they too can feed their family.

3) A government that is little trusted by its citizens. What bigger fire starter is there than that?

4) A severe division in morality between millions of citizens (a divided kingdom):

Division 1: millions of conservatives in severe disagreement with millions of liberals

Division 2: millions of fundamentalist Christians in severe disagreement with liberal Christians

Division 3: millions of protestants in severe disagreement with millions of Catholics

Division 4: Possibly thousands of Shia and Sunni muslims in severe disagreement (and who in the event of a civil war would try to destroy anyone their group saw as religious opposition).

Division 5: tens of thousands of gangs many of which are in conflict with other gangs

Division 6: tens of millions of citizens are opposed to police, not as in mere police or future ones, but the countless numbers that commit crimes and get away with it and are either still patrolling or on paid leave. Supposedly there are about 500,000 police in America, and I don’t think that counts animal control or code enforcement, two other types of law enforcement which millions of citizens are in conflict with too (the latter will sometimes work with police to harass citizens I’ve found)

5) Gangs more powerful than police departments: There are drug money-funded gangs who have superior weapons in comparison to the police. The problem with gangs is that many of them do not use bullet proof vests like the police, and don’t have tear gas, tanks or cars designed for combat. If gangs started behaving more like military units, or became militaristic, the police wouldn’t be able to hold for long. The reason is that police are funded by city and town governments, and many cities and towns in America are bankrupt or nearing bankruptcy. Gangs however rely on endless floods of addicts.

6) Illegal immigrants flooding America by the millions. Illegal immigrants see police as enemies being that police help send them back to the countries they came from, that would mean there are perhaps tens of millions of illegal immigrants in America who are against all the police in America. That is a huge fighting force. Even without any ammunition, they could fight using arson and sabotage or mobbing with hand thrown items and knives. It’s extremely difficult to shoot down a huge flood of people running at you. You would be eventually be trampled, have your car or tank turned over and possibly be set on fire or bludgeoned to death.

7) Technological stagnation: Solar energy has hardly helped anyone, it has spread insignificantly. Computers are still as frustrating as they were decades ago due to errors and bugs and easily broken materials. The prices for good laptops have not gone down enough for most Americans to be able to afford them (I can tell this is the case by watching good deals on Amazon go unsold for a very long time despite the sellers having food ratings). Cars, and planes and trains are still the main transportation for billions of people and rockets have never been surpassed and they cost hundreds of millions to billions of dollars to use. Resources come entirely from Earth. Internet speed in America is much slower than in other countries with an inferior economy to ours, or rather what should be inferior (but we have such a bad government that it badly hurts our economy). In order for significant progress to made, in order to keep the population prosperous and the death rate low, computer technology, farming technology, propulsion technology and housing technology must all be in continuous improvement, otherwise bottlenecks occur, like a clogged highway, and then comes road rage, car accidents and death. Eventually, if too many bottle necks occur, riots break out, and eventually a collapse of government if the rioters are not appeased.

But what is keeping America together at the moment? Food. Specifically: food stamps. If you aren’t able to eat well, what do you do? You beg or resort to theft if you are hungry enough. And what happens when thefts become extreme? The people who are stolen from become hostile and hardened against giving anyone help, especially out of fear of being harmed. Imagine if you realize everyone around you has become desperate for food, and you in front of others give some away, and you look healthy and well fed, would you feel safe or that your life may be in danger, that you might get mugged when alone or mobbed? I believe that the crime rate is getting worse, and that state governments are not bothering to figure in unreported crimes, including those committed by police, and that the more it increases, the more hostile and cold to others the population in general will become. At some point the world is going to become a very merciless place and charity will be a rare thing in general. Food shortages are the greatest destabilizers of government: if your people can’t eat, they will try to eat you. Various government leaders are trying to reduce the ease at which their citizens can get food from them: to save some billions of dollars (meanwhile hundreds of billions of dollars are spent fighting in countries thousands of miles away which various American government leaders pretend is necessary for peace back at home. Most Americans know this, and is one of the many reasons I believe the American government is headed for a downfall soon.

Suppose the worst happens:

1) Plagues breakout in America killing millions

2) Gangs begin organized looting and mass killings of police through targeted campaigns in order to ensure the safety of their gangs

3) Major storm damage occurs throughout the states

4) Flurries of devastating meteorites kill thousands of people and become a frequent occurrence.

5) A major earthquake kills millions of people

6) Locusts devour huge amounts of plants on farms

7) Plagues spread among cows and pigs killing millions of them, even dogs and cats begin dying by the millions preventing anyone from using them as last resort next to cannibalism for food

8) The liberals in control of the government begin a military take over and imprison all the conservative leaders and tens of thousands of others they see as potential threats

9) Various states secede and form new countries which then causes major confusion among the military men who are based in those states, confusion as to who they are supposed to obey and that leads to more disivisions and causes fights.

10) In the chaos, Muslims take advantage of the situation by bombing what remains of any police forces also target American military men or foreign troops who have taken the place of the police. The military fights back by rampaging through towns and cities to destroy them, causing thousands of non-Muslims to flee to other towns or cities.

11) China and Mexico’s economy are devastated from the loss of American purchases and sales, but both attempt to stay above the water by supplying weaponry to whoever in America can afford it, which in turn causing endless death in the US, including from poorly made weaponry that kills its users.

And then there is one of the worst things that could happen besides outright plagues: a devastating solar flare or EMP attack or attacks. If that happens, millions will die in weeks, and it will be followed by millions of more deaths. If such happens, America would no longer be America, it would become a land of gangs, tyrannies, scavengers, thieves, self-centered and brutal loners and with only small groups of decent people and Christians hidden away who knows where.

So, given that most of the elements are in place for a new civil war, or rather civil wars, is it likely to occur any time soon or by the end of this year? I believe the spirit of most American citizens simply don’t have the unity or firepower to risk war, they aren’t willing to sacrifice the comforts they have now. They also lack the food and income for a sustained war. They are too dependent on the government for help. Americans are still too comfortable, and too divided to replace the government they have now with something better. What would need to happen is for the conservatives, the ones with the guns (as opposed to the liberal citizens who don’t have as many), to “throw off tyranny” and form a new country with the states or rather cities or even towns that are aligned with them. The liberals would also need to do the same to maintain their way of life. If there is an extreme shortage of food and an increase in crime, it will come down to that, and it may be that the conservatives will go to war with the liberals to survive and vice versa. The liberals will have the support of strong government officials, even Republicans I think, who merely pretend to be conservatives. That would result in the conservatives eventually being overthrown unless they were able to come up with their own currency. I believe they would have to acquire the cooperation of many gold, silver, copper, nickel and iron mines as they could in order to create a viable government, or create some sort of credit system not reliant upon hard currency.

Personally, I believe 2013 will end in disaster, and that it will come down to these things. I think illegals may even end up as slaves for conservative American citizens, but if they learn English and enlist as soldiers, probably gain citizenship that way. I think many illegals will form their own nations within America, or declare the land they are occupying as part of Mexico and that the Mexican government will support them.

Will I be a fool if these things don’t come to pass any time soon? No, it’s my opinion, not a prophecy. But consider the once might Soviet Union, unified by iron rule, by the slaughter of millions, the suppression of religion, a land covered with lies and propaganda, the government heads even hiding who the first cosmonaut they had in space was. All twelve of the states ruled by Russia seceded, all of them. Count them: twelve.

Am I biased in my outlook due to personal experiences? No: if it were just me or a small amount of people going through what I’ve been going through, I don’t believe I’d feel this way, however the things I’ve experiences wouldn’t be happening to me unless there was serious and extreme corruption in the state and federal governments. Consider: if the government officials we have are evil, are hypocrites, are taking some form of bribes or are addicted to attention rather than doing good to us, then how good can those serving them be? That also includes military men and women. However, I acknowledge that you can serve in ignorance, but what excuse do you have when you are no longer ignorant, when you know you are following military commands meant for the personal profit of some businessmen and less, those they employ? When you know you are fighting for money, goods or resources that don’t belong to you rather than to protect your country from enemies attempting to harm your country, have you become a war criminal?

There is another way that could quickly start a war: if one arose who spoke well, who made very encouraging promises to give justice to the oppressed, to punish corrupt leaders and police, to ignore petty crimes and not drag people to court because of them, all if you followed him. But, the NSA as hundreds of millions now know, even throughout the world, is listening for such talk. So then, who will risk their life to speak out and rally the citizens if in an instant their government would descend upon them and assassinate them? I doubt anyone could survive the American government’s repeated assassination attempts or stay in the general population long enough to be of any great effectiveness before being arrested for treason Therefore I think rescue would have to occur from the outside, from a mighty nation. But I think more likely that a liar from an outside nation will sweet talk a desperate world, desperate for relief from oppressive government, terrorist police and roving criminals, into following him to their doom.

Update August 5, 2014

It’s 12:23 AM and seeing a sudden large spike in the views of this page, was forced to have an insight I suppose, that being that despite the divisions I’ve mentioned, America is clearly holding up, holding up as well as India despite India’s many different languages, and it’s opposing Muslim and Hindu populations and endless Hindu sects and the ever-growing Western influence into its messy morals. The Bible points out that though sin will increase in the last days, that “he who holds back” is preventing the anti-Christ from appearing on the scene before God allows it, and the great amount of delusion and sinfulness that will allow him great success when he arises and takes power. Now simply making mere laws, however good, won’t hold a nation together in peace, or get two very different cultures to be at peace with each other just because they are given to them. The Old Testament makes that clear: Israel despite being given a good set up basic laws, failed miserably. And the New Testament showed that even when the gospel was preached and the law along with it (not as in that obeying the law was necessary to be saved, but the law preached as good, God’s law that is) that the nations hearing it failed to accept it almost entirely, with a few rare exceptions that didn’t last due to the overpowering influence of the world’s evil. By that I mean the most true Christian nations, the Calvinist ones, did not last long. Eventually chereligions and secularism reduced these nations to “churches” within these secular nations. I’m not saying that the number of true Christians was severely reduced as a result of their losing their nation-leading hold, just that they lost that power. Catholics and atheists mostly took the reigns of the greatest influence, economically at least, and I won’t say that they did so morally.

Despite this, and despite many battles and some great wars, even with millions of people dying, many many millions, even from plagues, and even with great injustices galore, and the poor suffering the worst as usual, there’s still a rough cohesion. As I said, merely giving good laws won’t keep people at peace and obedient, punishment and rewards will however. But, there does need to be good laws. But how can it be logically explained as to why various nations don’t break apart into war where injustices repeatedly happen and despite the great moral differences between various groups in a nation, like liberals and conservatives going to war with each other? Here’s some reasons:

1. Many conservatives have the Christian value of turning the other cheek as Christ said to do, but also use the Bible’s advice and command to be peaceful with your words, not ranting and angry and closing up your ears BEFORE listening (unless it’s obviously something wrong or stupidity you’ve heard before). These conservatives also sometimes take the Bible’s advice not to provoke pigs and dogs as Jesus called them. By that he means those who don’t appreciate or respond well to spiritual advice or hard rebuke, at least so I understand it.

2. For a while I think, many Christians in America, false or not, obeyed God to a decent degree, the Bible says that by doing this your neighbor will be at peace with you, you as in you who are obeying God. So when decent Christians were wide-spread in America, there was a decent peace, even between the cultist Christians and the real ones.

3. Liberals, and non-Christians and anti-Christians as the Bible says in turn respond well to this Christian behavior and treatment, as in when the conservative, or Christian, false Christian or not uses the Bible’s command and advice on social interaction, they get a response that doesn’t immediately tend to war.

Now here is what I see causing inevitable nation break ups among the western/Christian-populated nations:

1. It seems to me as if the real Christians, the good ones, figuratively speaking, and I say that because I don’t know many real ones personally, and the Bible seems to imply to me that it is rare to find a good person (so by good I simply mean a true Christian who obeys God much better than the average Christian, and by that I mean the many false ones) are not many anymore, or rather their population growth, my guess, isn’t keeping up with the growth of the non-Christian population growth. The non-Christians are becoming much greater in number I think. So, the influence of the backbone of Christianity, the good Christians, is becoming weaker and weaker, that is, the salt of the Earth is getting less and less. Now the Internet has helped to slow down a speedy return to pre-New Testament times when Christianity was alien to most of the world, as it’s extremely hard for the world to avoid good Christian preaching. Libraries and bookstores have also helped. I think what I just said might be something I should have listed among the reasons there has been cohesion, but anyways…

2. Bad laws and LAWLESSNESS (that is an outright disregard for the law like criminals and the many bad police (who are also criminals) is increasing regularly, and because of widespread poverty and greed among lawyers, injustice is also greatly increasing. I attribute the bad laws to false Christians (and Catholics dominate in America, Mexico and South America), liberals (many of them Catholics and other types of false Christians) and atheists who scheme away for various reasons, including money to install bad laws, and these bad laws crowd out figuratively speaking the decent and good ones.

3. Illegal immigration. I am not against helping the poor and welcoming strangers, even a flood of them, however the management of illegals coming into America has been terrible. They’ve caused a great jealousy among the whites it seems to me, and it seems to me there will come a breaking point, or breaking points that combined with other reasons, will lead to a war or wars, or at least many battles or so called terrorist acts.

Eventually the suffering of the poor and anger of those wishing to preserve their race (the so called whites in America) will become so great that I think a breaking up of various states is soon to come, the most obvious break up occurring among the so called Southern states. And the Northern ones seeing the Southern ones react in such a way may become bold and join their fight. Am I saying there will be a race war? Yes. But what a messy one it will be if it does happen, for what to do about the Mexican or South American who was born in America, speaks perfect English, especially if they reject the stereotypical Mexican culture? I suppose it would be a friendly in some cases, “It’s nothing personal, but for your own sake, go back to your native country or go to some place to live where the majority of your people are, and if we meet again, it will be war Or perhaps they will be forced to wear a patch, sort of like Jews once had too, not necessarily to say, “an undesirable” but something positive, in a worldly way, a message like, “Constitutionalist”, which even the whites will wear. Of course there will always be someone who will ignore such a patch and want racial division who will cause strife.

4. It’s not making bad laws however along with the other factors I mentioned that will cause a war and other acts of attempts to harm, for right or wrong, but the endless attempts by the American government and other governments that will lead to physical fighting. Now who comes out on top right away or for the longest till Christ returns, who knows. I do know the Bible says it will get worse, not better. So whether or not their are break ups, there will be evil people causing trouble within the conservative groups and liberals, and even the libertarian ones.

5. There is another reason I see another war coming, and that is due to the free radicals among the country and world, that being the narcissists and psychopaths, especially the attention seeking narcissists who in their obsessive attention seeking cause chaos to obtain it, even when they keep a cool demeanor and put on a friendly-looking smile and tone of voice. Their scheming causes great destruction when it happens often and in large amounts, and it’s happening now, because there are I’m guessing, at least a million narcissists spread about America, causing trouble of all kinds, and trouble that causes strife among the general population. Strife doesn’t cause peace, it leads to war. And what is the government doing to stop the ever growing amount of these criminal minded infantile minded people besides facilitating the usual arbitrary and haphazard arresting people who commit obvious crimes (and often letting the rich ones getting away with theirs)? Nothing. In fact the American government often flatters its citizens, and does flattery fight off narcissism, no, it encourages it.

How ultimately can it be explained that the masses of poor don’t save up their money for guns and ammo and other weapons to wage war against their wealthy tyrants? I go back to the Bible which seems to imply that the Holy Spirit is restraining the world from boiling over into endless battles and wars wherever there are people.

The Blind Atheist, David A. Schwartz vs. the All Seeing Watchmaker, God

I just read a stupid attempt at refuting the watchmaker argument, getting past all the rambling irrelevant glitter the author, David R Schwartz filled his attempt at a rebuttal with, he said,

“If we say that life is designed, again, with what are we making the comparison?”

His argument is illogical because it’s a non sequitur, in other words, it makes zero sense. Imagine if a teacher presented a story to a student and the student, refusing to learn or accept the authority of the teacher, said to him, “How do I know this group of words you put together and call ‘A story’ was really arranged and not just randomly put together? I have nothing to compare it to, therefore it’s just a bunch of words.” Do you understand what the student is missing? The teacher has made two baseless propositions:

1. The student has assumed you can’t compare a story (an arrangement of words designed to convey understandable information) to anything that would indicate it’s a story. Wrong. You simply need a definition, an explanation, of what a story is. You don’t need to hold up to a child that doesn’t know what a story is an ANTI-STORY to help him understand what a story is, you simply explain what a story is and it would help of course to tell him one. You can also demonstrate what don’t count as stories, for example to read a nonsensical grouping of words. That could be said to be “random”, although there is no such thing as true randomness

2. He’s assumed there needs to be something random, something that is the complete opposite of disorder in order to recognize order.

3. There is no such thing is random, complete disorder, everything happens for a reason, the universe goes by physical laws that God made possible in some way. Even in the Bible, where God tells the story of the beginning of the universe, though he says that earth at first had no form, he doesn’t say, “It was moving around for no logical reason”, he is simply indicating it had no stable shape, not that there were no laws governing it’s movement.

4. The student’s argument is self-refuting. Using her logic, if you need complete disorder, randomness, to recognize order, the student could reply, “I have nothing to compare your words to or anything else, therefore I don’t recognize you, your authority, or anything you say as making sense.” Imagine if the student had two sons, and said to them, “Get your room in order, clean it up, organize.” Imagine if his kids replied, “As opposed to what? What’s the opposite of complete disorder? Therefore it’s ordered and there’s nothing to organize.” In other words the teacher’s argument is self-refuting. It contradicts, it makes no sense. The student is admitting there is design to the student by acknowledging that there is something to compare his story to by citing complete disorder: how, unless the teacher recognized order, would she know there was disorder, the opposite of it? So then he’s admitting she has the ability to measure the teacher’s story, to see if it’s designed, and not just designed, but understandable, and that there doesn’t need to be some example of complete disorder. This is what David A. Schwartz and other atheists like him do. They propose that you can’t recognize if there was a God who designed anything because there’s no OPPOSITE of design to compare to, when by their very words and every day actions, RECOGNIZING DESIGNS ALL AROUND THEM MADE BY THEMSELVES AND OTHERS OTHER THAN GOD, pretend they can’t recognize design IN NATURE, in other words, things not made by man or things other than God. That is a clear bias. Is David too stupid to recognize when he sees an idol, a statue, a clear picture of some common creature, or even some fanciful drawing of a cliche alien? Of course not. Ironically, in the Bible, God says not to make idols and points out that they can’t help you because they aren’t alive, have no functioning body parts. How much more than can we recognize that a living creature, like a human, is designed? That is how spiritually blind and arrogant people like David and other deliberate atheists are: they, in the face of the absolute obvious, endless obvious evidence, deny it, and smugly so, as if they were wiser than God himself, and that is a clear absurdity. But that is how blind people like David are, how deluded.

5. The student is also assuming THAT THERE IS something that isn’t designed. Who said there was? Why would there be an undesigned thing? There’s no reason to believe anything exists in such a state.

6. The student is also assuming that no one has an instinctive ability to recognize design, not even herself, or is suppressing her ability to do so by deluding himself (convincing herself something is true that isn’t).

7. The opposite of non-design is obvious: nothing, empty space. That is super obvious. What it comes down to is the basis for the atheists rejection of truth: “If I can’t see it, it must not exist.” So if the short sighted blind atheists can’t imagine what the opposite of design is, is too stupid to figure it out, if it’s not handed to him on a plate and singing to him, there must not be such a thing. This is truly the ultimate anti-scientific attitude, and why atheists make awful and unreliable scientists and philosophers. And you’ll fine few who claim to be a theologian because of the heavily illogical mindset. They may give a shallow appearance of being logical, but it’s smoke and mirrors, shallow imitation based on mere claims using somewhat to very fancy words, boasting and insults as the smoke and mirrors.

David went on to say, “All that is non-life? OK, but then we would still have to say that all non-life is not designed.”

Here David has made a nonsensical assumption, why would “we still have to say all non-life isn’t designed”? I don’t have to say it, David is merely making the claim I have to say it. If David sees a cloud, a beautiful cloud, if he’s saying “It’s a beautiful day,” what is forcing him to conclude the day wasn’t designed? And further, how can he recognize beauty, beautiful as opposed to what? What makes a thing, “beautiful”? Design.

Then he said, “But suppose we say that the entire universe is designed. Well, we don’t have another universe to compare ours to, and as Hume points out, that’s exactly the problem. We only have experience with one universe, and unless we have the opportunity to examine other universes (if they exist, of course), we cannot say with any degree of certainty that our universe is designed,”

Here David has committed another non sequitur, meaning, a completely nonsensical statement. He’s said that because we have no universes to compare ours to, we can’t say it’s designed. And why is that? As I explained above with the teacher and her student example, there is no reason to make that conclusion. David is proposing a nonsensical method to determine design. He might as well have said, “Unless I have a non-statue to compare this statue to, we can’t recognize statues” or, “Unless I have a non-planet to compare this planet to, we can’t recognize planets,” or even, “Unless there’s a flying banana with thirty eyes in it, I can’t recognize design.” Absurd, stupid, illogical, nonsense.

Then he goes on to say, “nor do we have any reason to believe it is in the first place.” Here you who are in your right mind can see David simply denying the endless evidence for creation, and “speaking for all”, speaking for intelligent design scientists and creationists and everyone else on the planet who doesn’t give in to his will and beliefs. That is a strong indicator of not just his extreme blindness, or arrogance, but that he’s delusional. He’s the type who pretends he can’t type into a search engine, “Bible, evidence” or pick up a book showing evidence for design in a book store or library or that none have any without bothering to read them. In other words, he’s am arrogant moron and a bitter liar. He has such a deep hatred for God and authority, his mind doesn’t even come up with the thought to do an honest study, to look around with sincerity, to do tough research without assumption, but rather to search only for, if at all, “Evidence against the Bible”, or “Proof there’s no design,” in other words, to start out biased and look only to confirm his bias and assumptions.

And in the end, David and other atheists ALWAYS fail the morality test: If there is no God, what is truly moral and why would lying be wrong if there’s no God to say, “This is wrong, it’s not good”? No atheist can say, “I am right as to what is right or wrong, listen to me, I am the one from whom all truth can be known.” Or “Believe my atheist friend here, or Buddha, he’s the right one that never lies and only says what is true,” or “It’s whatever you feel like is right.” Problem: everyone in their right mind recognizes no one person can be counted on as determining good from evil, no one, everyone is flawed. So then, if we are all morally untrustworthy FOR TRUTH, how can David or other atheists be believed about the nature of the universe or anything in it when they resort to making a clearly wrong claim about how ultimate knowledge of goodness can be discovered through someone other than God? In other words: If atheists are morally confused about what is GOOD to do or deny there is good or evil/moral right from wrong, like whether or not it’s good to lie or not, how can they be trusted with basic truths like who made if anyone, the universe? The simple and logical answer is: They can’t be trusted. That is why David in his arguments against things like the Watchmaker argument doesn’t make logical sense. And in my opinion, that is why the mentally ill narcissist Richard Dawkins resorts to making a conniving attack against God by subversively referring to him as a blind watchmaker, knowing that God or his children refer to atheists as blind themselves. Some may argue that wasn’t Dawkins’ intent by making a book title with that name, but believe he was insulting God by referring to him as an imperfect designer (atheists don’t believe anything in this universe was designed perfectly or excellently, and when they do, will find fault with something about the design or claim it could be better somehow). At the very least, Dawkins was calling God’s designs imperfect by attributing nature to coming up with imperfect designs.

Update: At 2:32 AM, about to check out some camera advertised on the net, I accidentally saw David’s profile again, and I noticed this time how he described himself. The first word in his description is, “bitter”. The second to last is, “worried”. I hope he doesn’t want to die that way, risking feeling worse for all eternity.

Who is “a god of fortresses; a god unknown to his fathers”?

June 18, 2013 7 comments

I wondered a few minutes ago who “a god of fortresses; a god unknown to his fathers” was referring to considering the Bible prophecy about the coming destruction of Damascus, which seems near. After reading a Catholic article online about who this god might be (since there were no other articles I could find pointing out which god it might be) I then read a doc file, which like other articles didn’t say which god it would likely be, but only said it would be more likely the head of the ancient Roman pantheon, whose name I will not mention since it is a false god not deserving of honor. It then occurred to me that no one could figure out who this god was because it wasn’t an ancient god. The Bible never said it was an ancient god, but rather, “An unknown god to his fathers.” And at this point in time there would be many ancestors of the anti-Christ, and because of the Internet , the modern ones would probably have heard about any significant gods of fortresses. So if it is unknown, it must be a NEW god. So it wouldn’t be Satan, wouldn’t be any of the ancients. Further, now that I am writing this and thinking about it much more clearly, the Bible also says the anti-Christ will EXALT HIMSELF ABOVE ALL GODS, so then who most likely will he worship? HIMSELF. But how can you worship yourself? The anti-Christ isn’t Satan, even if Satan is in him, and Satan would never become one with a human because he hates God and the thought of him and wants to kill all mankind. So it can’t be said, “The anti-Christ will worship Satan” meaning, “Worship the part of him that he became one with, the spirit Satan.” Revelation however, which parallels Daniel and adds new information about the last days of this age which are not included in Daniel says that Satan will create a beast that can speak, make war and will be worship. It will have a mortal wound and be healed:


Rev 13:1 And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems on its horns and blasphemous names on its heads.
Rev 13:2 And the beast that I saw was like a leopard; its feet were like a bear’s, and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth. And to it the dragon gave his power and his throne and great authority.
Rev 13:3 One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed, and the whole earth marveled as they followed the beast.
Rev 13:4 And they worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?”
Rev 13:5 And the beast was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and it was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months.
Rev 13:6 It opened its mouth to utter blasphemies against God, blaspheming his name and his dwelling, that is, those who dwell in heaven.
Rev 13:7 Also it was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them. And authority was given it over every tribe and people and language and nation,
Rev 13:8 and all who dwell on earth will worship it, everyone whose name has not been written before the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who was slain.
Rev 13:9 If anyone has an ear, let him hear:
Rev 13:10 If anyone is to be taken captive, to captivity he goes; if anyone is to be slain with the sword, with the sword must he be slain. Here is a call for the endurance and faith of the saints.
Rev 13:11 Then I saw another beast rising out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon.
Rev 13:12 It exercises all the authority of the first beast in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal wound was healed.
Rev 13:13 It performs great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in front of people,
Rev 13:14 and by the signs that it is allowed to work in the presence of the beast it deceives those who dwell on earth, telling them to make an image for the beast that was wounded by the sword and yet lived.
Rev 13:15 And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain.

Now one might think, if not reading carefully and fully all of those verses that the beast is merely, “a governmental body and the anti-Christ is just one of those heads, he is worshiping therefore himself along with the rest of these government officials who collectively are “The beast”. That would explain him worshiping himself, but not a singular fortress god. But the last verses explain that eventually this beast with two horns (traditionally interpreted as being the anti-Christ’s right hand man, a false prophet) the evil version of Elijah, makes an idol of this government, probably in the image of the anti-Christ, and that he (through the power of Satan or one of his demons) brings this idol to life. Now God often mocked the idols that man makes as being non-living and unable to help, so it is no surprise to me that Satan would be trying to find fault with God and find some way to contradict him by making a living idol, one that actually did something useful, but not necessarily useful for doing good. So God apparently is going to allow one exception. The prophet Daniel also pointed out that this idol would be an exception, “He shall deal with the strongest fortresses with the help of a foreign god.” (Daniel 11:39). Now since when can an idol, a false god, help anyone? Though the Bible says that demons are behind false gods, it doesn’t say these demons ever help those who worship them, but rather waste the time and resources of those who worship them, so, this “god” must be an exception. I think also Daniel refers to it as a god rather than also an idol is because there is something supernatural about it, and more than there just being a representation of some demon. Revelation indicates that this is because Satan (via the false prophet) brings it to life and gives it the ability to speak and make war, so it has intelligence, and isn’t just some brainless body or that simply has the ability to speak. In a way, it is the evil version of the Holy Spirit, Satan’s very crude, physical version. And since this alien beast, this “foreign god” is at least made in part in the image of the government it represents, there is no problem saying it is made in the image of the anti-Christ, and since the anti-Christ is arrogant, vain, and exalts himself above all gods, then it would be in keeping for him to worship his own image, and force or ask people to worship it.

Another indication that the beast is the “god of fortress” that helps this “blasphemous” “horn” in Daniel to overcome the strongest fortresses is that one of the only characteristics of it that God points out is that it makes war, and is useful for war. Fortresses are usually attacked in war against some people or nation, and strong ones are usually built by nations with armies. So then it usually requires war to overtake a fortress, rather than minor battle. Hence this beast can be called a “god of fortress” or “god of fortresses”. Satan in his pride thinks of himself as invincible and the strongest being, at least besides god, and knowing that one day he will be defeated, he will want to make a show for himself to remember in Hell and others to remember him by. And what better way then to turn yourself into a war god and defeat the strongest types of protection man tries to make to protect himself then to break into the strongest fortresses he makes? So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Satan would endevour to do this just before he is imprisoned for 1000 years, and besides the little breather in the light he will get afterwards, forever. So, another piece of the prophecy puzzle has been solved.

“But you, Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, until the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” Daniel 12:4

It is now the time of the end of this age, these are the last days.

“the angel who showed them to me… And he said to me, ‘Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near.'” – Revelation 22

So now these riddles are being unsealed for many to understand.

Update: 12/08/2014

I found that “fortresses” in the ancient Hebrew can possibly be translated as “forces” as in weather. This seems to blend with Satan being able to control wind or the air, and his title “the prince of the power of the air”, as he demonstrated in the book of Job and the anti-Christ trying to “change the times and the seasons” which could be done possibly by weather manipulation. The name of the anti-Christ, I’m guessing would likely have something to do with weather.

A Clear Scam: Clear Wire’s Fraudlent 4G Speed Claims

June 7, 2013 1 comment

So I get the Clear Wireless 4G hotspot modem a few days ago from Wireless Toys, which has SHIT customer service, left my phone in need of repair on their desk FOR MORE THAN A WEEK with no explanation, and a customer service guy I called just now, to make a long story short, tells me to reposition my modem along with disconnecting it, like no one could possibly think of doing that on their own? I tell the guy that I can’t move my location because it’s where I do my work, and it’s already next to my window, and he’s still telling me where to face it by giving me landmarks I’ve never heard of. It’s not a satellite antenna, it can’t be FACED only moved, yet he kept saying faced. I even asked him: “Do you mean like turning it upside down?” and he said “No.” And he kept stalling for time, playing the waiting game, pretending to be doing something useful, when the problem has been obvious from the start: the bandwidth was clogged with users, I was the one that even said that near the end of his “support”. I had even early on simply asked to be credited for the problem, as in get money back or a discount but delay delay delay he did instead, even near the end of his help telling me what tower I was connected to… WHO CARES?! HOW IS THAT GOING TO HELP? HOW MANY TIMES DID I NEED TO TELL HIM I WOULDN’T MOVE MY COMPUTER? It’s not like I’m using A CELL PHONE, IN WHICH THE ULTRA OBVIOUS IS TO MOVE ELSEWHERE WITH IT, I’M ON A COMPUTER, THAT’S WHAT THE MODEM IS FOR, NOT A LITTLE MOBILE PHONE. And so, in the end, after wasting, pointlessly, 30 minutes of time, oh and did I mention the speed test he had me do? No, so I went to like he asked me to early on in the support, and surprise, it took a long time to load, when it did, it gave me this result:

In the end, the customer service guy said he’d get me $10 off my coming bill. How about I just get a full refund and return this junk? Should I get a refund? Let me know.

Update: (4:33 AM 8/8/2013) Some hours ago after posting this I looked at the receipt, lo and behold Wireless Toyz’ return policy says on the receipt, and remember, is a thing you get AFTER you buy the item, not before:

“Satisfaction Comes First! Items must be in the original packaging with all original printed material, consist of the original [co]mponents and in an unused condition, An original copy of the Wireless Toyz receipt is required and the transaction must take place at the original place of purcahse.”

That’s “Satisfaction Comes First” for the customer? No, that’s greedisfaction for the owner of the store and the franchise owner, not the customer. No wonder the windows were scratched up and BB gunned at the Wireless Toyz store I bought this modem from.

Update (5.29 PM 6/8/2013): Something else I noticed later was that at all times the wifi signal strength has been at full, interesting that the customer service guy happened to never ask if the signal strength indicator showed any increase or decrease. I think he already knew what was going on and so was simply stalling for time, hoping I wouldn’t cancel my service.


Update 11:31 PM: After going through THREE more customer service people, the first two hanging up on me after a length waste of my prepaid minutes, though one mentioned I could move the modem around without it having to be attached to my computer, which though helpful only made it clear that the spot it was in was the best, right where I was when I called, got back to the final conclusion of the original or second customer service person I called in this saga, that the tower was having high network traffic, in other words, overloaded. Yet I’m only getting 10 bucks off next month, not the following months, just that one.

Update 06-10/2013: It’s about 3:34 AM now and just before the morning, or somewhere around it I discovered that Clear Wire had COMPLETELY blocked any torrents I was trying to download so that I wasn’t even seeing seeders. So, of course I called again, and what did I get? The typical redundant questioning, and the male agent said he didn’t know what torrents were. Sure. And he kept giving long pauses to the point where I had to hang up on him. Then a few minutes later after more delays including by the automated system, giving me useless info I got another agent, a woman named Jessica who sounded Filipino. So after a lot of wasted time, she asks me, “Did you check with the torrent software” maker to see if there was anything wrong with it. Seriously? So say, “Hey, utorrent, is it just me or does your software no longer work you number one torrent software company used by tens of millions of users!?” Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Then she tells me that they no longer allow torrent sharing. I told her that if that were true and they weren’t just blocking me directly then it would reflect in my bandwidth speed, so then I went to and told her the results, and it was harldy different then not many hours before, maybe 1 megabit more from 1.7 megabits when I last checked:

Even if they did block all torrent sharing, it still is nothing close to 4G speed, and early in the morning on a Monday there should be a huge increase then. But clearly Clear fails the test. It’s obvious that either they are blocking my torrent sharing or that torrent sharing is not a problem. Most likely they are blocking me because what are the odds they suddenly stop when I keep complaining about my torrent speed? Low being that they’ve been getting complaints about this all the time I’m sure. They even have an option in their phone system for “slow speed”. And if they really were blocking torrents, why would she NEXT ask:

“What type of file are you trying to download.” What’s that matter if they simply blocking torrents? What more is there to discuss? So after complaining that that had nothing to do with anything and asking if they were now going to force everyone to call them for permission to download various files and telling her I was trying to download software and later videos, she then says they don’t allow the downloading of videos. I then I hear this male in the background who apparently was listening to the convo and telling her what to say. Then she says “it’s ILLEGAL TO DOWNLOAD TORRENTS”. Oh like it’s illegal to make fraudulent claims about giving 4G speed when you don’t, and not even at times 56K modem speeds from the 1980’s? That kind of illegal? I then tell her I know she’s bullshitting me and that I reported them to the FCC. And I did report them to the FCC very thoroughly along with Wireless Toyz. So you have a company, Clear, who makes the clear low blow to attack the customer, and vindictively in my case to get me to go away, rather than to admit to lying about their advertising false download and upload speeds. Blame the customer for their illegal selling methods and drain their phone minutes in hopes they will no longer have any minutes or money to call you back to complain or ask for help. Low, vile, evil.


Update 6/11/2013

I discovered clear also blocked my ability to access java online so that I only get an error message and ARE PREVENTING ME FROM USING MESSENGERS. They keep pretending to have nothing to do with it and have used up all my phone time, I have no more prepaid minutes thanks to these lying thieves from Hell.

Update 6/13/2013 has sanctioned 4G’s fraud modem and speed claims, when a customer told them they should stop selling the modem because of the fraudulent marketing claims including that of a tablet from a knock of China company pretending to have 4G capability, they terminated his account. I also found this a at 8:36 AM: If only I had seen this video three years ago, I may never have signed up with Clear Fraud.

Update 9 AM

So I chatted a few minutes ago with a Clear Fraud company, and after a short conversation noticed THEY WERE USING A JAVA PROGRAM TO TALK TO ME. So for those of you who didn’t believe that they were blocking Java content sites, THERE YOU GO, out of all the websites that had java, ONLY THERE’S WORKED!

9 PM

So I noticed Clear Wire, some hours after the chat, reenabled my ability to use java on other sites. At about the same time I encountered some bizarre problem a few minutes ago where the modem wouldn’t connect, nor could my computer connect to any other wifi signals, so I rebooted and waited forever it felt like for the modem to reset since I reset it, which itself is a pain since it’s right next to the USB cable and the reset plate is to the side of the hole! And when I connected to the modem again I tried out speedtest again and got this error message when it came time to test the upload ability:

The ping said something like 223 milliseconds, the download was about 3.5 mbps and then that error message came up. Awesome ISP huh? And then I decided to run the Glastnost test that says if your traffic is being shaped, aka throttled, in other words, you’re having certain things blocked from being able to be downloaded. And lo and behold it told me there was no evidence of that. The interesting thing is is that it required a java applet to do that test and only after the chat with Clear and now that I think about it, this modem disconnect did it start working again. In other words, Clear apparently read this article and soon after unblocked me. So I then tried to see if I could use torrents again, and guess what? All the sudden they work again. Then I looked into the “detailed” view of the Glasnost test and these were the results:

Glasnost: Test if your ISP is shaping your traffic

Detailed test results giving the throughput per flow Glasnost runs:
All BitTorrent and control flow transfers using port 6881

Transfer Direction Bandwidth BitTorrent flow Bandwidth control flow

Download #1 493 Kbps 483 Kbps
Download #2 483 Kbps 483 Kbps
Download #3 482 Kbps 496 Kbps

Upload #1 812 Kbps 823 Kbps
Upload #2 779 Kbps 826 Kbps
Upload #3 823 Kbps 833 Kbps

All BitTorrent and control flow transfers using port 57879

Transfer Direction Bandwidth BitTorrent flow Bandwidth control flow

Download #1 476 Kbps 481 Kbps
Download #2 473 Kbps 489 Kbps
Download #3 472 Kbps 478 Kbps

Upload #1 766 Kbps 835 Kbps
Upload #2 729 Kbps 802 Kbps
Upload #3 774 Kbps 823 Kbps

BitTorrent transfers using port 6881 and port 57879

Transfer Direction Bandwidth Port 6881 Bandwidth Port 57879

Download #1 493 Kbps 476 Kbps
Download #2 483 Kbps 473 Kbps
Download #3 482 Kbps 472 Kbps

Upload #1 812 Kbps 766 Kbps
Upload #2 779 Kbps 729 Kbps
Upload #3 823 Kbps 774 Kbps

Control flow transfers using port 6881 and port 57879

Transfer Direction Bandwidth Port 6881 Bandwidth Port 57879

Download #1 483 Kbps 481 Kbps
Download #2 483 Kbps 489 Kbps
Download #3 496 Kbps 478 Kbps

Upload #1 823 Kbps 835 Kbps
Upload #2 826 Kbps 802 Kbps
Upload #3 833 Kbps 823 Kbps

Clearly that’s nothing close to 4G or 3G.

Update 10:28 PM

I noticed a few minutes ago that unlike the past days, I’d directly connected my modem to my computer now, but when I disconnected it minutes later, the java and torrents stopped working. So then I tried plugging it in back again to get them started, and it wouldn’t work, so then I tried to reboot and had the problems I mentioned, part of my laptop screen being fully cracked up, but when I finally got back in and got things going again, the torrents worked again and the java. So, apparently this has something to do with the modem needing to be directly connected. However I noticed something that doesn’t make sense, the power button is glowing red, rather than green as it should be and even though I tried to power it off earlier, it is staying red. If the modem needs to be connected, than the customer services people’s suggestions to move the modem elsewhere in the house (away from the computer) is what was causing the problems. Now supposing that was the problem, why would the modem care if it was connected or not with regards to torrent transfer and java applets?! Now to test my messenger… It’s working.

Now here’s a question: Why would I want to pay $49+ a month for this crazy service, with crippled hot spot ability, instead of just going with Cricket, at $29 a month?

Update 6-15-2013

I found out at the same time that plugging the modem in is the only way to get torrents, messengers and java to work, that simply plugging it won’t necessarily work, but that you must restart your computer.