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Strange Encounters and Nice Finds in a Nevada Desert

Today, as I was on my way to find some shovels and a wheel barrow
I had seen many days ago, and to retrieve some pretty rocks I found
I took various pictures along the way. These aren’t all of them, just some
of the better ones. They are in the order I took them. You can find the larger
versions in my Flickr album.
A nice car I saw going for repairs apparently,
was being driven by an old guy.
Some mountain peak off in the distance.
Some fire off in the distance.
Balloons I saw off in the distance near that peak.
Some of the rocks I found along the way.
Some common plant.
Some other rock I found,
a poor agate I suppose.
Some homes off in the distance.
Some salt(?) I found gathered onto mud in a little marsh.
Part of the marsh I had to cross to find the wheelbarrow and shovels.
Grass in the mud, interesting.
The balloons again.
When I made it to this point I met the two below,
they were friendly, and I found out that the balloons
were attached at the waist by fishing line.
I found out it was fishing line because it snagged on me
hours after he had left. Apparently he abandoned the balloons.
He had a rifle, and strangely it seems as if he saw me very
far away in the distance as I was on a hill taking a pic of him.
The lens was extended to 50x magnification. Maybe it’s just
an illusion that he seemed to be looking at me.
I found crayfish in the marsh to my surprise. Surprised
me because I was in the desert. I found out at about 8
PM when I got home that in 1988 here were red crayfish
First I found the red one, which I accidentally killed,
then I found one with small claws, it was dark brown gray
like the two in that pic, but it seemed to have died.
Then I found those other two, alive while it got dark
and after an hour of me cleaning out this stream in
the marsh. I was trying to beautify it and see if I
could find more crayfish, and though I could barely
see, I found those two. I was going to take the
two healthy ones home, but seeing how small
the marsh was, I wondered if that might cause
their extinction or a bad genetic bottleneck.
What’s strange is that the Flamingo Wash was
no where near this little marsh section I found,
and Lake Mead was even farther away I think.
But since this was in 1988, I think perhaps the
marshes used to be linked. I man I met along the
trail by this area, maybe met him two months ago,
he told me that a certain part of the area used to be all
marsh, and that they got rid of it to build homes. So,
it seems to me maybe the marsh was one connected to
a much larger area back then. But there is no answer as
to where these crayfish came from in the first place. Were
they originally in the marshes? Or did someone put them there.
I also found a reference to crayfish living in Lake Tahoe. Perhaps
during the Flood, crayfish were stranded in Nevada and adapted
to live in those areas.
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