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Why Not to Work at Michael’s Arts and Crafts

I used to work at Michael’s. there was a young married in back who worked in the framing section. I remember one day I was on break and the wife told on me when she saw I was spray painting my bicycle windshield. She reported me to one of the most decent people there, Jeff Green (there were many evil workers there because the manager and supervisor were very corrupt people). Jeff was no Christian, but he was very friendly, but having a narcissist monster for a manager and one for a assistant manager would stress him out as it would other decent workers, sometimes to the point of tears. So, he wouldn’t believe me when I was on break. I thought “bitch” whenever I thought of her, but being a Christian I did forgive her and I’m sure I prayed for her. One day I saw a very very beautiful young blonde customer, who could have been between 16 and 18, walking around, though I wasn’t attracted to her, but I saw Kim (I think that was her name, the one who reported me) look at her as I pretended not to notice the blonde or Kim looking at her and was very close to her, and I saw a look of sadness in her eyes. I knew what that was about and felt compassion for her. She was beautiful in her own way and ironically I thought she was the attractive one (she was a brunette with brown eyes), not the blonde. My manager (and no thanks to a junkie gossiping Jew named John he hired, who stole from me when I loaned him money the way I’m not racist), eventually forced me out with their stupidity and my manager and assistant manager’s relentless harassment, including when I wasn’t even working, which they did one day, in public, which is what got me to quit. I simply asked about three co-workers if they would allow me to make a website using their credit card as the website designer and domain provider etc would, as far as I knew, only take credit cards. So I think one of the co-workers told John, than John, even though I’d loaned that moron money, told the manager or assistant one, and the manager being an especially cruel narcissist, loved to pick on me, and so called me over to the isle to berate me in public about it. John was there and the assistant manager. What is most sick, is that even though the manager had reports against him for mistreating co-workers, he was kept, and I was banned from ever working at Michael’s again. The supervisor Mike was also such a stupid man that he once asked if we could sweep the side street to the loading bay WITH A MOP. Jeff politely and amazed, told him we couldn’t do that with a mop and we laughed about it later.

I also reported the manager for his mistreatment after I was fired, and the illegality of her son Chris working with the assistant manager Kathy, which she hated me for doing and in retaliation harassed me yet again when I went there to shop long after, and lied to me about me being banned from the store, though she didn’t try to enforce it I guess she thought she could be sued or arrested for harassment.

But so, one day I went to visit Kim, and when she asked why I was back in the framing section with her she didn’t believe me. I think she said, “Yeah right.” Maybe it was because of her telling on me and her realizing I would have hated her for that. But she was too adorable looking to hate. Her husband was a few feet away, but ignoring me. If I remember right I told her she should go to church, and she said she was going to a Pentecostal one. I asked her if she was saved, not sure if that was my first question or not, but she said she and her husband had been saved. I also noticed she seemed to have changed even though I didn’t know her much. I did know that a friendly co-worker told me months before that time that she was a bitch, and her reporting me confirmed that to me. But so I warned her about the Pentecostals, who speak in tongues with an interpreter which is against Scripture, and she said she knew and was looking for a different church.

I’ve never told that story to anyone, I hope you liked it.

Note: I attempted to publish this as a comment on a fellow Christian girl’s blog a few minutes ago, but it wasn’t instantly approved, I thought I’d post it here too,

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