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Some New Logical Fallacies Explained

This journal has more on logical fallacies than this one page. You can use the search engine specific to this journal to find them, not the one on the very top, or google “Knight’s, eternian, logical fallacies” or use the keyword or category tag I used.

More Common Logical Fallacies

Converse Accident aka Hasty Generalization: Considering only a few cases, or only exceptional cases, and making an erroneous generalization from these limited examples. “Some pedophiles had been abused, therefore abuse is obviously the cause of pedophilia”

False Attribution: This is when a false description of someone or a group is made and based on the arguer’s repudiation on that description. “All pedophiles abuse children, (so then I say:) pedophilia is therefore evil.”

False Cause aka Non Causa Pro Causa: This is to mistake what is not the cause of a given effect for its real cause. “Pedophiles were abused, therefore abuse causes pedophilia.” One variation of this fallacy is called Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc, assuming causation from mere temporal precedence.

Causal Link Fallacy: These are false arguments which simply conclude that one thing causes another though the relation between cause and effect is a complex one without clear evidence that no other cause could the reason or when there is just as much or more evidence that there is another causal relation. Example: “Disordered brain mechanisms that cause pedophilia which causes them to molest children is a mystery.” Here the arguer assumes not just one, but three inappropriate links: that disordered brain mechanisms cause pedophilia, (and that supposing it is a genuine disorder) that it’s not a mental disorder as in in the mind rather than brain and that pedophilia causes children to be molested. Another example, “Disordered brain mechanisms that cause adultophilia which causes them to watch adult porn, commit adultery against adult marriage partners, to divorce their marriage partners, mistreat their children by assuming things about them and basing their actions based on those assumptions, be overbearing to their children, mistrust their children and have evil suspicions about them, go into an irrational rage and have violent temper tantrums at thinking they are close by to a pedophile and to desire or attempt to murder them, to peep on and rape adult women and fight off anyone who tries to stop them or flee in fear when discovered committing rape, is a mystery.” Here the arguer links immoral actions committed by adults with attraction to other adults merely because they are. Another example, ” “Disordered brain mechanisms that cause blacks to commit more crimes than whites and to be attracted to other blacks who are less attractive and more criminal prone than whites is still a mystery.” Another example, ” “Disordered brain mechanisms that cause white women to be attracted to black and vice versa men is still a mystery.”

All kinds of other variations could be made so that these logical fallacies were full of other kinds of logical fallacies, some of these ones I made are fallacies of other types or arguably so, but I chose to keep this article simple.

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