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Whatever Happened to ”Real America: 48 Hours” ?

I recently contacted CBS asking them if they had any blondes like the one above to sell me, actually I called asking if they still had copies of the Real America 48 Hours and if so if they would upload it to YouTube, of course being that most people are stupid and lazy or worn out these days, I got a dumb lazy reply and repeating back to me what I already told them I did, search the net. I did find a massively disorganized list of the episodes and have fixed them, here is the list:

1. Panic, Fears and Phobias
Panic attacks, irrational fears and phobias afflict millions of Americans.

2. Murder of Madness
Not guilty by reason of insanity.

3. Without a Trace
A minister and his wife search in vain for their kidnapped daughter, Sara Anne Wood.

4. Murder in the U.S.A.

5. Supercarriers
Life aboard the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy.

6. Survivalists: Gun Militias in America
American militias prepare for catastrophe.

7. 911 Emergency
A Phoenix 911 operator helps defuse a hostage situation.

8. The Spies Among Us
The largely international realm of espionage now infiltrates office, school and home.

9. Afraid of Our Children
Children with attachment disorder; troubled children out of control; controversial therapies.

10. Ready, Aim, Fire
Girl’s prank ends in shooting; tavern owner uses gun for protection; traffic dispute leads to man’s death; concealed weapons.

11. Hoping for a Miracle
Doctors try to separate conjoined twins.

12. Killer in Friendswood
Two Texas girls disappear; protecting children from kidnappers.

13. Is Flying Safe
Plane crashes and how to prevent them.

14. Lottery Fever

15. To Save a Life
Organ transplants.

16. Murder in the U.S.A.

17. Rocking the Boat
A battle of sexes rages on the Navy’s first coed warship.

18. On Hero Street
Amtrak accident; policeman turns in drug-dealing colleague; woman runs a safe house for prostitutes.

19. An American Tragedy
Murder and abuse tears apart a family.

20. On the Edge of Your Seat
People who seek out danger.

21. Our Kids: Armed and Dangerous
American children and guns.

22. One Last Chance
Convicted murderers plead for clemency.

23. Hospital
Dallas’ Parkland Memorial Hospital professionals deal with the medical needs in an urban environment.

24. On Hate Street
Hate crimes, racism and prejudice.

25. Can Justin Be Saved?
Events draw an 11-year-old into the world of gangs.

26. Terror at the Top
Gunman opens fire at the top of the Empire State Building, killing six.

27. A Killer Walks Free
A convicted killer is released from prison.

28. Code 3
Acts of bravery; daring rescues.

29. On Hero Street
Many heroes go unheralded for their courageous deeds.

30. The Shame of Rush Springs
Two Oklahoma boys are accused of killing their allegedly abusive father.

31. Child Hunter
Suspected child-killer Lewis Lent; parents form foundation to help locate missing children; kidnapping cases.

32. To Save a Life
Transplant donors, recipients and candidates.

33. Discipline: When Is Too Much?
Controversy surrounds the physical discipline of children.

34. Fire
The demanding and dangerous occupation of firefighting; arson investigators.

35. JFK
Four theories surround the assassination of President Kennedy.

36. Behind the Badge
Detroit police officers deal with the stress of life-and-death situations in their jobs.

37. Not Too Young to Die
Documentary examines the controversial subject of juvenile execution.

38. Indecent Proposal
Sexual harassment in the workplace.

39. The Real ER
Life inside a big-city emergency room.

40. To Catch a Crook
Career criminals; police departments struggle to get repeat offenders off the streets.

41. In the Danger Zone
Newly discovered deadly viruses threaten the U.S. population.

42. Perfect Match
Girl undergoes a five-organ transplant; caffeine and teens.

43. Psychics & Skeptics
Seers help police find people; intuition counselors; scientists doubt powers.

44. Free to Kill
When a killer is paroled after 20 years, a Texas town has a series of homicides.

45. In the Grand Canyon
The natural spectacle of the Grand Canyon.

46. On the Run
Two young women escape from jail.

47. Guarding the Guards
Correctional officers; San Diego Zoo; the cannabis buyer’s club.

48. West to Oregon
Excerpts from personal diaries profile the lives of American pioneers on their journey to Oregon.

49. Bad Fellas
Inside organized crime; mobster Henry Hill; illegal toxic-waste dumps.

50. Crime in the Dark
Numerous issues complicate rape cases.

51. Serial Killer
Criminal psychologists track serial killers.

52. Death Row Kids
Controversy surrounds the execution of juveniles who commit murder

53. Shred of Evidence
A victim’s pursuit of a suspected rapist hinges on DNA evidence.

54. Rocking the Boat
Congress lifts its restrictions on women serving in combat roles.

55. A Perfect Specimen
The high cost of beauty.

56. Truth and Consequences
A preacher is arrested for murder; telling lies.

57. The N.Y. Underground
The world beneath New York City’s streets.

58. Presumed Guilty
People serving prison terms tell of being wrongly convicted.

59. Serial Killer
On the trail of serial killers; psychological profiles of killers.

60. Yellowstone — The Legacy of a Park
The geologic history of Yellowstone Park.

61. Trauma
The emergency-room system often frustrates medical personnel.

62. Out of Mind
One percent of Americans are afflicted with schizophrenia.

63. Fatal Encounter
A reaction to perceived threats to a family’s home may have gone too far.

64. Who’s Watching the Kids
Day-care choices and risks.

65. Animal ER
Animal-hospital emergency rooms.

66. Home Repair, Home Despair
A tour from attic to basement spotlights flaws in home construction.

67. Road Rage
Innocent people are involved in accidents caused by reckless and aggressive drivers.

68. Steal That Car
Carjackings; a sting operation nets a dishonest locksmith.

69. Eyewitness
Eyewitness testimony can lead to imprisonment of innocent people.

70. Who Killed Jane?
A man finds his wife dead of an apparent suicide.

71. Manhunt
A triple-murder suspect leads police on a six-month manhunt.

72. Killer Next Door
An outwardly mild-mannered man assaults and murders four people.

Does anyone have old VCR recordings of these? If so please contact me and send them to me if you have no VCR to DVD or USB transfer/converter device and I will try and do so myself. CBS has apparently lost their copies due to incompetence and greed.

Other lost documentaries I’m interested in finding:

1) The complete Beyond 2000 series of Australia. I’m especially looking for three segments, one which features an arthritis cream that was able to get rid of skin melanomas, one which features some sort of new car engine gear system or something like that that the US army was testing for their vehicles, and an early segment which showed some sort of fluorescing looking plastic that with only a very tiny amount of light would glow very brightly. That material may be common now but I can’t find any patents related to such a thing. I’ve looked up light sensitive plastics, ultra reflective and light amplifying polymers and can’t find a thing about them. I’m also looking for a segment about some sort of light gathering lens used to focus light onto solar panels in Antarctica, I’m guess it’s just a Fresnel lens but there was a whole segment on it so maybe it wasn’t that simple.

2) a very old Australian tv series I remember watching just before or after the Beyond 2000 shows, it looked like it was made in the 80s. It was an odd show based in Australia on weird things I think, yeah that’s all I can remember. It didn’t seem popular or long lasting. I wish I had old cable guides from Cox. Anyone have any?

3) Smoke Alarm: The Unfiltered Truth About Cigarettes

4) Smoke Alarm (I think Lisa Gibbons was in that one)

5) an HBO movie perhaps made in the late 90’s which I can barely remember anything about except that there was a super super super beautiful blonde in it, it was about a dad and son who went to a cabin retreat and either the dad or the son brought alone this 18-year-old looking woman with long blonde hair and at one point was dressed in denim shorts and I think a plaid shirt. It was a love triangle type mess story and the girl ended up having an affair with the dad or son. I can’t find any reference to it on HBO in their list of personally made movies or on IMDB or it may have been a Showtime special.

6) Old Cox mini commercials from the 90’s on some advertisement channel of theirs. I’m looking for a particular repeat commercial that had a couple that was seemingly dancing together and looked kind of like they were in bridal outfits, but maybe not. The woman who seemed to be dancing was a blonde who had her hair bound in back, very beautiful and memorable.

7) A show that would air during the late 90’s I think, around 2 AM in the morning, that was very similar to the Apolitical Heat series, a knock off of it. On one particular episode I remember that at the end there was a super beautiful tan girl with blue eyes working as a bartendress in some small drink serving booth near a pool, she had brown hair down past her ears. She looked similar to Bobbie Phillips only was naturally tan. During the end of that particular show I was watching, there was a little fight and some guy got thrown into the pool. That’s all I can remember.

8) An old Playboy commercial for something called Lingerie Nights? or Lingerie something, there was this one blonde with blue eyes on it that was perfect looking, and was in white I think. I think this was a 1994 commercial and it aired a few times. I remember getting one of the tapes to see her again, but she wasn’t in it, only the commercial, very disappointing.

9) An old Spanish show on Univision, it was about a female teacher, in her 20’s I think he was the teacher of a classroom of kids or maybe very young teens, she had brown hair and was very beautiful. I think it was around 1993 or 1995. It was around when the show Nubeluz used to still be on.

Please let me know if you have any leads.

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