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Understanding the North Korean Satellite Launch and the Reptilian Agenda

Why did North Korea dictator launch a satellite into space? It was to check for Planet X’s arrival. He knows as do all informed atheists (which is about .000000001% of all atheists) that the Mayans were no mere primitives (the rest of the atheists think everyone lived in caves, must be because of that evolution delusion they believe in). According to the Mayan prophecy, the truly really real real one, which is real, as interpreted through my spirit guides who have tapped in to the spiritual matrix of Steve Quayle and David Icke in an alternate universe in which those two men are combined into a super god called John Yah Yah, the giant reptilian transformers of Planet X, aka the Nephilimos will jump off Planet X using a transwarp bungee cord and land head first using their vibranium meteor impact transformer rocket man helmets, enhanced with a neutronium adamantium alloy, aka neutroadamantium (I found a piece and melted it with my lighter and turned it into a pocket knife, it’s really cool mayan).

So anyways, the satellite has a pair of “quality” made in China binoculars on it that has “3000x” magnification. It was bought of Amazon.com. It was broken and Kim tried to get a refund but Amazon banned him, not because he’s North Korean but because Amazon doesn’t like to honor their refund policy. So Kim used the binoculars anyways, and mounted it on the satellite. The right tube of the binocs was cracked but the other was okay. It was really only 50x (the seller lied, of course, but 50x is still pretty good for atheist commie technology). Kim decided to cleverly name the binocular after himself, calling it an UNonocular. Get it?

NOW, what did Kim see when he and his primitive communist version of NASA looked through the binocs? DAVID ICKE. He was FLOATING IN FREAKIN’ SPACE. Everyone was astonished. There was a CB radio attached to the outside of the binocular, I mean unonocular, sticky glued on the broken side. And Kim immediately began trying to get Icke’s attention. He said, “Testese Testese uno two tree, testese testese uno two tree”. Icke was able to hear the message through the CB radio and flew to the satellite and began having a private converstaion with Kim. Today they are known as the Fatkima Prophecies and remain sealed in the NKCVN (North Korean Communist Version of NASA) even to this day, and no one knows what the Fatkima Prophecies Are, except Kim, Icke and I and Fatkima (KIIF).

Update: If you are wondering why the North Korean satellite is tumbling, it’s due to the Nephilimos’ psychic tumbling kenesis abilities, aka teletumblingkensis, they didn’t like being peeped on so they tumbled the satellite away. They actually have a no peeping law too, they don’t like peepers.

Merry December 25th Jesus Is Great Day

Oh yeah, if you want to be prepared for the end of the world, this is all you need to survive:

Some fleas, a knife, and a long white towel. Take the fleas, wrap them in a towel, and knife them. You will then become an ascended master and will be able to float up to Planet X and use it as your new spare mansion. Meanwhile, the evil Reptoids aka Nephilim aka Nephilimos will have all DESCENDED if you know what I mean, here to Hell, aka Earthplace, where their heads will all have exploded upon impact on the concrete of Earthtown’s insane cities also known as, New York.

Happy New Age to you, enjoy the insanity.


























This girl gets bullied on the way to school, including being called ''ugly''. When she went to her principal for help the principal said she was the bully.This girl gets bullied on the way to school, including being called ”ugly”. When she went to her principal for help the principal said she was the bully.

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