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Yellowstone: Find Any Crystals or Beautiful Rocks?

I’m interested in anyone who while looking around in some spot in Yellowstone National Forest has found any of the following:

geodes, crystals, banded agate, bubbly-looking rocks (aka botryoidal), pieces of quartz, sparkling rocks (druzy/drusy) but which are not geodes (geodes meaning rocks that contain crystals or agate on the inside and most be broken or cut to expose the material inside), very large unnamed boulders in the middle of no where (meaning far away from most other large rocks and the spot in which you found them not having but a few boulders), strong>arrowheads, petrified wood, especially drusy petrified wood, dinosaur or plant fossils, amber, groups of old bottles (including ones from 1980 and before). Don’t waste my time with comments about such and such being illegal.

I’m also interested in stories of undocumented caves, sinkholes, springs, sightings of unknown insects, including flies, bees and wasps. I’m also interested in strange plant finds, including mushrooms and anything that looked like grape leaves, but were very rough feeling and twisty (a weed I think it is). I’m also interested in any unusual animal sightings like strange snakes, giant snakes, dinosaurs (including dragons) and giant birds. And if you found any giant human skulls or saw a giant, or a “little person” other than a modern day dwarf, I’d also like to know. I’m not interested in UFO sightings because those are common and happen anywhere, unless you had something put in you by whoever was inside, and have proof of it, and no I don’t want to hear a story that you have proof, I want to see it.

Remember to give the specific location of your find, and if you can get a picture, try. If you want something for what you know, then make an offer, I’m willing to trade very valuable information of my own, if you have video to back up your claim. If you only have witnesses testimony, they must have some sort of social networking account, must appear to be decent people at least, otherwise I’ll think you might be using different emails, or getting some friends to lie for you.

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