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A Red Head, “Your backwards views are older than the dinosaurs”

The red haired woman (please pray for her salvation) with the pro-gay marriage post with the poster is a typical another naive and gullible liberal no doubt to me. Such people are alienated from truth, and logic, and follow their feelings over reason, like the animals they believe themselves to be. There is evidence for evolution, none. Second, Earth is only 6,500 years old, and the evidence for that is endless, that includes archeological evidence, with atheists usually ignore, because it is so obvious and not something that can be argued away logically. This is also why the statement on the poster makes no sense and is worth less than the cardboard scrap it was written on:

1) Fallacy: older that something else or that is older doesn’t mean useless or wrong.

2) Contradiction: Marriage is very old, why then are gays trying to get married if “backwards” and “older than the dinosaurs” makes something obsolete? Dinosaurs still exist. Dinosaurs wouldn’t be obsolete or useless merely because they no longer exist. It’s very stupid and immature to say that because something is very old or no longer exists (like animals that go extinct) that they are no longer useful. A second contradiction is that using this woman’s argument, gay marriage will eventually be “as old as the dinosaurs”.

3) Fallacy: EVERY ANIMAL is as old as dinosaurs, since all animals have been in existence since the beginning. How in the world do people not notice so called “living fossils”? Trees are just as old as dinosaurs.

4) Fallacy: The argument begs the question, it makes no point in other words: What does it matter if it’s older than the dinosaurs? So is Earth, and the point is? The argument makes just as much sense as saying, “Your argument is a new thing.” But if it was, “Your argument is new, it is not tried and true like traditional marriage, which is has withstood thousands of years as being a good thing.” That would be making a point, but again, not, “Trees are older than the dinosaurs,” or “Being honest and not murdering or stealing are older than the dinosaurs,” and so on.

5) Fallacy: the argument is a double non sequitur: what do dinosaurs and THEIR AGE have to do with gay marriage? Two nonsensical arguments in one.

The people who support gay marriage clearly are very stupid, immoral, ignorant, hypocritical and illogical and therefore are blind to their own faults and is why they can’t be trusted to give you facts and are a waste of time arguing with. I even met one that boasted of her being a living contradiction. Save yourself the pain and time of arguing with such people when they want to argue, and just print this page out and give it to them.

  1. mandy dodds
    February 6, 2013 at 4:35 AM

    I happen to be the mother of the red head you are condeming and I am very proud of my daughter who was raised to fight for equal rights of others and to stand up against bigots. Still if you want to make her the next Joan of arc then it looks like history really does repeat itself.

    • February 6, 2013 at 7:59 AM

      “happen to be the mother of the red head you are condeming and I am very proud of my daughter”

      So, in this article you are introduced clearly to logical fallacies, or, again, and what do you do? Repeat your folly, repeat the “my feelings make me right” or “my feelings are what matter most”. Even common sense doesn’t get through to you. You don’t need to read a list of logical fallacies to know feelings don’t necessarily justify or make you right about something. Yet even when they are before your eyes, you still reject logic. “The fool has no pleasure in understanding, but in airing his own heart.” – Proverbs. If she is your daughter, no wonder to me she turned out to be a self-centered feelings idolator like you. “Pride comes before a fall” – the word of God.

      • Tim Danielson
        December 6, 2014 at 9:22 PM

        please defiine to me “common sense” as you utilize it. It is fairly obvious to me that the “common snese” is not “common”; (: done by many people: occurring or appearing frequently : not rare ;) or “sense” (: a particular feeling : an emotion that you are aware of ; ) So as you see, you are not abstaining from emotional behavior by invoking “common sense”. I say this as I think it is unlikely that your sense isn’t commonplace. I also have met few that would hold this perspective as a total percentage of society, As such, you have been quite effective at illustrating what common is and sens)ibility) is as well. Have a nice day sir.

      • December 7, 2014 at 2:57 AM

        common sense is what is commonly acknowledged historically to be true among most humans, some things are more common than others, everyone agrees for example it is wrong to hurt someone who didn’t deserve it. a false religion however can cause common sense to become suppressed to the point of forgetting or confusing, for example belief in karma can cause one to be confused over what someone deserves, like a Hindu or Buddhist may say, “If this child was sexually abused, it was because they deserved it.” It’s a teaching that goes around in a circle. That doesn’t mean that common sense in that area is no longer historically common, but that whoever believes that wrong karma reasoning, no longer has that historically common belief.

      • December 7, 2014 at 2:59 AM

        “I say this as I think it is unlikely that your sense isn’t commonplace.” common sense refers to what is historically believed, not something new like that molesting kids is okay or that everything evolved or that everything was created by a magic explosion that started itself by magic. What was common and still is is that a divine intelligence or intelligences with a spirit created the universe. Buddhism may be ancient, but it didn’t exist for thousands of years, the laws of Moses are much older. Atheists lack the common sense and are repeatedly forgetful if they even ever bother to ponder: what is morally correct is there is no God to declare what is morally right or wrong? And ultimately if there is no Hell than all that stands to cause someone to obey some laws is reward or punishment, rather than for a love of doing right because it leads to eternal peace and harmony with God and everyone else who loves him, as opposed to eternal strife and confusion. Also you’re comment if it is some sort of argument against me is a total failure as what you did was side step clear arguments refuting the red headed woman. It’s a logical fallacy to do that known as begging the question or circular reasoning, that is coming up with other arguments when the others fail due to the fact that what is being argued against is correct and so can’t be argued against, or are you arguing that it’s common sense that “That which is old is obsolete”? If so, you simply are not listening and are being stupid and stubborn in your hate.

  2. nikki
    June 29, 2013 at 1:25 PM

    Um hello its the 21st century. Get with the times .. god has obviously or gays would not exist. And don’t worry me, the red haired girl, her mum, her sister and most of the country are praying for your salvation. Life is changing you’re much better just accepting it to be honest or else you are no better than a common bully.

    • June 29, 2013 at 1:52 PM

      “Um hello”

      Um helloooooo, Nikkiiiiii, arrogant and sarcastic emotion doesn’t make you right. Like Hello grow up knock knock on your empty head like didn’t you figure that out yet after how long have you been alive? Like totally wow maaaan.

      “its the 21st century.”

      And as I clearly explained psychopath narcissist, in the article you didn’t bother to read narcissist psychopath, truth is not determined by age you idiot. Why can’t you read? Um hello, how obvious is that? You must be beyond retarded.

      “Get with the times ..”

      Idiot: So you don’t notice that during the times Christians have always existed, spread all over the Earth, helped create the technology you are using to insult them, helped bring food to your table, constant
      ly serve the poor, effectively made the 21st century, have churches all around you, and you’re dumb evil sicko self responds to them with, “Um hello, ur as old as dah dinosaurs, stop obeyins da god thing n like do what I says instead cuz like i was born in da 21st centries.” Um hello, “retarded?” So why don’t you say to all the retarded people, you retard, that you can say retarded all you want and retarded people shouldn’t be offended cuz, “Um hello, get with the times, it’s, dot dot dot, da 21st century.” How about idiot if you just waited one year after God freed Israel from the Egyptians, and forgot all the miracles he did, and stood up to Moses and said, “Uz helloz, like it been a year now n like ders no more pillar of smokes n stuff, like so can u break doze tablets again, n like follow me heart? Cuz like look I’m Britney Spears ans can sings real nice n makes neat shows Moses, so like can weze like lie and have sex and be sluts now, cuz like god is olds, it’s a year now Moses, get with the year”. That’s you you idiot. A complete idiot.

      “god has obviously or gays would not exist.”

      You can’t even complete a sentence you moron. But being more intelligent then you I can answer you’re dumbness, according to your dumb lazy “I can’t google anything, I just babble till someone gives me the right answer across my stubborn face”, “IF GOD MADE IT IT MUST BE GOOD”! Who said God made sin idiot? Who said he makes a person be gay? Wow really, cuz yah said so? Um hello what’s with your kiddy logic? So if you LIE, then it’s OKAY to lie because God MADE you lie? Wow you must hate police and judges. What do you do every time you get pulled over for speeding drunk and endangering everyone’s life, tell the police and judges that God made you a speeding drunk? You’re an idiot, and the Bible says not to engage in arguments of ignorance. You’re obviously some child moron. The rest of your RANT is ignored. Next time idiot think before you talk, not talk and then think about what a moron you are after, moron. Stop thinking you’re better than everyone who disagrees with your FEELINGS and accept that there is TRUTH and FACTS outside your feelings for once you immature insult machine. Um just WOW, DUMB. Get with the times and learn from the past already miss “forget history, dats all dums stuff, nuthins to learns from histories, I can just do what I want cuz of dah number on dah calander, dur”. Cuz u said so, moron. Wrong, get with the times: You’re not God, and NEVER AT ANY TIME WILL YOU BE. FAIL.

    • June 29, 2013 at 1:55 PM

      Oh and bully, learn what a prophecy is already. I mean damn, keep up with the times, haven’t you learned what the Shroud of Turin is, haven’t you seen any angel videos and photographs, haven’t you seen Damascus is on the verge of being destroyed as Isaiah prophecies, haven’t you noticed that fossils are all over the mountain tops as a result of the Flood of Noah yet, haven’t you noticed that Israel was born again as a nation as the Bible prophesied. Wow like, um hello, where’s you’re head been all these days, this whole time? You been looking in the mirror worshiping yourself all day and ignoring everyone else, bully? Bye bully who uses insults to make herself look better than everyone. Ignored. You’ve got a lot of growing up to do hypocrite. Next time ignorant hypocrite, look around you and listen before arguing, you might not punch yourself in the face the next time around making an arrogant, hypocritical, fool of yourself.

  3. Tim Danielson
    December 7, 2014 at 5:12 PM

    Please do try to not interchange “common sense” with “common law”. Of course if you wish to persist, what can be said? Moving forward and not perseverating on that cliche,”… and are repeatedly forgetful if they even ever bother to ponder:…” Is it me or does it smite of arrogance to JUDGE (is it not that?) what ANOTHER being is thinking? I mean how is it that you are incontavertably certain? As for your interpretation being biblical, where again were the “honorable” Oharisies place by Jesus? And where were the prostitues? I recall something about breaking one law is breaking them all… In all of this I wonder, why have you forsaken the greatest commandment? Or at least it seems as if you have. Grab your concordance and study with as much passion as you dish out in judgements. I am rusty and yet I still know these things.

    It is entirely possible that no human alive has even a glimpse of Gods plans or intention. I would feel quite arrogant if I were to somehow proclaimI need no study, understood it all and was chosen by God to be an instrument of wrath and/or judgement. If such were the case, I would SIRELY plead for someone else to carry that load as i wouldn’t want to see the pain. I naturally would have no choice, but I would plead nonetheless.

  4. Tim Danielson
    December 7, 2014 at 5:22 PM

    oh, by the way, you are aware how you label, “chosenbygod” may be percieved? Also, are you certain you aren’t one of the many that say,”…Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name…”

  5. Tim Danielson
    December 7, 2014 at 5:31 PM

    and finally, I realize i should offer you the podium, “Next time ignorant (isn’t the root of this word ‘ignore’? what have I CHOSEN to not acknowledge? hypocrite (please look up hypocrite before using it, I cannot see how I am asking anyone to do what I will not.), look around you and listen before arguing, you might not punch yourself in the face (I did? oops.) the next time around making an arrogant, hypocritical, fool (wasn’t there a verse that said something about ‘you fool’ being in danger?) of yourself.”

  6. Tim Danielson
    December 7, 2014 at 5:36 PM

    “the Bible says not to engage in arguments of ignorance.” thanks for the reminder, I honestly forgot that one. /end rant

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