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Obama, Romney, Pros and Cons, Whose Worse?


Not a direct destroyer of human life, at least in America, rather, he takes his time, as all previous presidents have. I’m talking about war, and assassinations of non-leaders.
Though he may be godless, an atheist, he promotes at least Islam, a god-centered religion.


1) Has psychopathic narcissism disorder, not merely narcissism disorder and is therefore a chronic liar, a big liar, tells many lies, is unempathetic, has no conscience, prone to sudden temper tantrums, not willing to listen to opposition except from a distance, and is only interested in using their words against them rather than trying to work with them, unless he is under extreme pressure to do so.
2) Promotes Islam (when he thinks it’s to his advantage). Islam is a polytheistic cult which in which cult members worship Mohammed and Allah and somewhat a little rock in Medina). Besides polytheist, it’s violent, sexist, racist, promotes bestiality and homosexuality and misteaches the trinity of the Bible. It’s cult founder was also a narcissist, a mass murderer and perhaps a schizophrenic one.
3) War mongering
4) Supports and indirectly encourages brutal abortions by the millions with a cold and smug attitude
5) Indirectly takes bribes
6) Wants to convert America’s government to a dictatorship (under the pretense of socialism)
7) A boaster
8) At best, a naturalized citizen of the US, but is apparently trying to impoverish America, or at best, equalize the wealth of everyone (though with the hope that the conservative-leaning Christians will be more weakened than the liberal ones and non-Christians)
9) Divisive, encourages racism by race-flaming
10) Supports liberalism (and in contradiction, Islam too), liberalism is nearly the same as socialism and libertinism, which are very destructive philosophies
11) Favors the rich (gave trillions to banks who, despite that, now will not loan money to the poor, and Obama has increased the debt of the poor by doing so)
Romney [this was accidentally placed in Romney’s section under pros for a few weeks, sorry about the confusion]


1) Promotes capitalism
2) Against socialism
3) Not godless
4) Against strong sexual perversion
5) Encourages hard work over laziness
6) A humble manner in contrast to Obama’s haughty manner
7) Is wealthy, so isn’t prone to bribes


1) Extremely arrogant: Since becoming rich and not needing to do hard manual labor, and his comment about those who believe they are victims (the 47% that support Obama), has become callous towards the poor (which may have changed a little and motivated him to make plans should he become president, to help these 47% maintain their or increase their current government benefits, being that his comment was exposed, lest his family name be cast down and Mormonism is shamed and dwindles). Further evidence of his extreme arrogance is his comment to this teacher here
2) Indirectly promotes a clearly polytheistic religion created by the narcissist Joseph Smith, who was also a sexist, adulterer, sex offender, brawl-lover, attempted mass murder in a failed war (which also ended up being a false prophecy being that he said he’d win it and is therefore a false prophet), got into a gun fight before his death. Joseph even attempted to rewrite the Bible, unlike Mohammed, who, at least the Quran says, said that the Bible was God’s word. These are many horrible to be. Joseph also caused a kind of indirect racism by confusing what it meant to be a “Jew”. Joseph deceived his followers into believing that not only were native Americans Jews, but so were Mormons, thereby defaming actual Jews and spiritually stealing their birth right. Joseph was also a sorcerer and would spend time in secret with a prostitute. He also appeared to deliberately go against God’s command to be fruitful and multiple, because despite having many wives, only had one or two children (he was deliberately avoiding having many children and depriving his wives of having children, which in turn impacted their salvation too, since having a child can cause a woman to truly turn to Christ).
3) Panders, of course, and uses flattery
4) A boaster: commits the sin that the Bible says not to: boasting about things other than knowing and understanding God, making claims about the future that are not even close to a sure thing
5) Seems to support ultimately a dictatorship being that he supports the patriot act and the NDAA act, which, basically makes him equal to Obama.
6) Probably favors the rich just as Obama does (if he doesn’t he’ll lose the election for sure being that the rich have the money to influence the masses to support or destroy him)
7) Is in favor of abortion for the same reasons Obama pretends to have (video evidence). And though he has three exceptions, still, abortionists themselves are extremely evil, and would of course make up reasons to help the girl wanting an abortion to get one due to their psychopathic love for murdering babies and getting some sort of perverted sexual pleasure no doubt out of doing so
8) Now here is a pro that could change everything: Being that Romney is not mentally ill, as in doesn’t seem, to me at least, to have any anti-social personality disorder, a permanent kind, like narcissism disorder (the best example that he doesn’t have it is his admission that he was wrong to say what he did about those relying on food stamps, a narcissist would be highly unlikely to make such an admission, and casually as he did – count the number of times Obama has ever admitted to being wrong about anything), and being that he most likely doesn’t have any anti-social disorder, there is a possibility he can improve, maybe even become a true Christian, and that might make the difference in saving one to a million or more lives, maybe even the country, or someone else’s country.

Both candidates also no doubt will continue the same oppressive laws and policies of corrections systems, so that more money will be lost to paying fines to the national or state governments or time wasted in jail or prison, and the poor will be hit the hardest. This will cause suicides to basically remain the same, or get ever worse, and poverty to continue, as it is oppressive laws and an oppressive corrections system that is one of the main problems of America, not selling, buying or using “illegal” drugs.

Whose worse? Whose better? From these facts and likelihoods, Romney is technically worse. That is because Romney was raised with some Mormon morals, which are a shadow of the Bible’s, and therefore knows better then to support baby-murder and abducting people merely on suspicion of being a danger to the lives of other Americans and imprisoning them without giving them their Biblical right to a trial by other men or women. He’s also openly against sexual perversion. Romney probably has a little conscience at least, from having been raised a Mormon however, so he would lean more towards doing moral things than Obama would, and keeping any promises he makes to the poor (and rich). Compare that to former President Bush Junior, who, due to his lack of concern and competence due to a clearly poor religious upbringing (his dad was no one moral, though was a incredibly shrewd and cunning man), cheated stock partners and got Americans killed from the 9/11 inside job. And he allowed the culprits to go free, with his help (he wouldn’t allow Cheney or himself to go under a proper trial or inquiry). He has also made no apparent effort to find out what happened to the missing passengers of the hijacked planes, to find out if they really on board, and where they are being held.

Romney so far hasn’t displayed any psychopathic coldness or stupidity like that. And Romney, though more condemnable than Obama (because unlike Obama’s lack of conscience to help him do right, Romney probably has a little conscience). Because of that, he MIGHT be more beneficial as the world as the leader of America, but by a few hairs.

So, I would say, there is no point in voting for either of these presidents unless you consider that Romney’s support of less government and more independence, including from government run schools, a significant reason. It would be better to vote for Ron Paul, whether he’s still running or not. At worst, Ron Paul would leave things as they are, leaving the states to themselves.

My Thoughts On What the Agenda Is of Obama and Romney:

From careful observation, it appears that they are trying to become dictators, or pave the way for someone who is trying to become one (the antiChrist?). This is why I believe this:

1) They approve of both the Patriot Act and NDAA. It could be argued they merely did this to get back at malicious people attacking them (like cyber harassers on the Internet or slanderous/libelous people they’d desire to get back at). Even so, that gives them dictatorship power, and they know it I’m sure.

2) US Marshals, who are basically government/federal police with jurisdiction in all states and US territories, are being used to enforce warrants even for the most petty of things, even with only one accuser, and with NO EVIDENCE. Why?: To work their way in to increasing their control over whatever they want to control. It’s a way of getting local police to letting the government intervene whenever they want to. For example, say the president personally doesn’t like some blogger, because of something he said on his blog about him. He could then get the CIA to identify the blogger (if possible) under the guise of the blogger being a potential threat, then after getting an address, and then have the local police make a warrant out for this persons arrest for something petty, like “indecent communication”. The local police, after failing, then could, from the advice of some government recommendation, save themselves money and time and simply call on the marshals to try and capture this blogger. And if the president is angry enough (or Congressman or governor, etc.), he could instruct the marshals to regularly hound the blogger at his residence, or hang out and wait for him till the man is caught. The marshals could then deliver this message in private: “Take down the article you wrote about Obama, about him being mentally ill, otherwise the next time we’ll be driving you to federal prison instead of a local jail, and we’ll never let you out if you end up in federal.”

3) The effect of impoverishing the states while increasing the wealth of the government, makes the local police more vulnerable to being taken advantage of and marginalized, and more prone to allowing certain drug cartels (if the president approves) to sell drugs in the US so long as they are paying a bribe to the government. Because federal government is harder to investigate than local government (and the feds know this), they can more easily hire corrupt government police, who would be willing to, ultimately, replace local police, so that this drug deal can go on unhindered and unexposed. Eventually the local (state) police may entirely be eliminated, so that the only police, are government police, and military police under the control of the most powerful warmongering businesses: oil companies, weapons manufacturers, military vehicle manufacturers and other giants who profit from wars. Once government control becomes complete (of course only God has truly perfect and ultimate control), it would become a dictatorship, and the constitution could be scrapped.

4) Consider also that Homeland Security was recently given millions of new bullets.

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