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Why the Feds (Homeland Security) Bought Massive Amounts of Ammo

They are prepping for:

A national or world wide cataclysm: solar flares, sudden worldwide earthquakes or an “unlucky” event in which a mix of major and minor disasters all happen to the nation at once, which might set off an economic collapse and an ongoing surge of riot-looting, and even groups which specifically form for the purpose of looting and anti-government attacks, which they may, in their stereotyping of Christians, fear will come due to their belief that God is with them and would have them get rid of the government during such a time when it would be vulnerable to a more successful overthrow. They may fear that these potential rebel Christians would quickly gain followers, who though not agreeing with their Christian or quasi Christian beliefs, would join them just to have a chance at forming their own type of government, somewhere in America. They may also fear that foreign provocateurs/infiltrators/plants from Russia, China, Venezuela or Cuba would use such situations to foment a successful overthrow and/or to pressure America into falling in line more with/becoming passive to their policies in the name of world peace and prosperity (something the anti-Christ would try to do the Bible implies, so that he could more easily take advantage of them) . A false messiah or messiahs also might try to take advantage of disasters or overthrow events that result from them. Drug lords may also join in or be hired by foreign enemies to help in an overthrow attempt. They might get Mexico and Venezuela to help take over New Mexico, Arizona, California and the lower half of Texas.

And since the world may see that Obama hates America and wants to diminish America’s power to make the world more equal, these things may especially happen if he wins his run for the presidency again. The CIA and military-industrial complex may go along with Obama in hopes to draw out all the most willing enemies of the country to crush them, for self centered or not reasons, perhaps they are hoping to gain new technology through a new world war like they did when they defeated Germany and are hoping Mexico will come up with some revolutionary tech in the fight, or perhaps that some Americans will, perhaps they are hoping Venezuela will join in, to make the spoils greater).

The feds and liberal state governments may also try to pull off something evil during a war against foreigners, like enslave all Christians who refuse to participate, or force them to fight to defend them or hope that while everyone is distracted by the foreign attacks, send out death squads to eliminate districts who oppose liberalism.

The feds may also be preparing to fend off China and Russia and possible Muslim allies from Jordan and Saudi Arabia who would help Russia and China if they thought that the US was going to stop buying mideast oil. Such forces would surely attempt to take over the White House and Pentagon.

Such forces may even have EMPs prepared to use as a surprise attack, especially if they think they are on the verge of losing their take-over attempt.

They may also be buying such large amounts, in addition to those reasons, if some fear an alien invasion, and because in a economic collapse, the price of ammo would become higher, and the government is already in bad economic condition. One more reason may be to send money into ammo companies in hopes that those companies will show liberals favor in the future, and that includes Obama at the election polls, and side with the liberals in any overthrow attempts, as in sell to them only, and reveal to them any of their enemies attempting to buy ammo from them. There are no other logical reasons for buying such large amounts of ammo, except insanity.

  1. Al
    November 29, 2012 at 7:50 PM

    You have no idea how much ammo is expended annually for qualification and practice. I worked for a 50 officer department and we used up over 10,000 round a year. Every cop should go to jail, even the nice ones.

    • November 29, 2012 at 8:05 PM

      Really amped up for terrorism are ya? Who you planning on molesting, robbing and screaming like a psychotic gangster who got beat up repeatedly as a little kid at next? Every cop should be put in jail and kept there till they die.

  1. September 30, 2012 at 10:40 AM

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