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God: There shall be one law for the native and for the stranger who sojourns among you

A new fallacy for you: The Freedom of Religion Fallacy (or Freedom of Way of Life Fallacy)

It occurred to me a few minutes ago while reading some CNN story about the Muslim violence supposedly over the Innocence of Muslims video, a story about a French newspaper making a cartoon over Mohammed that might cause more violence, why God required that foreigners in his land Israel obey the his laws when moving there. Truly this liberal (anti-Christian) “be whatever religion” you want hypocrisy is more logical fallacy equality nonsense. And yep: it goes against conservatism too. Do you get what I mean? Satan blinds a lot of you pretty bad, so I’ll explain: if someone’s religion opposes the law of God (or any thing they do), like “Don’t murder” or “Don’t steal” (hear this gypsies) it causes trouble of some kind, and can lead to physical harm and death. That is why if all countries simply obeyed God there would be no trouble. Yet by trying to use liberal (anti-Christian) philosophy or the conservatist’s “freedom of religion” one, you end up, logically, with conflict. Hence Muslims and gypsies any everyone else committing crimes to no end because they believe THEIR religion, their commands, what they feel like doing trumps God’s commands. So you get: adultery, murder, rebellion against parents, theft, drunken idiocy, fights between neighbors, mobs, riots and on and on. Read how to get eternal life at my journal at https://eternian.wordpress.com if you want to help break this cycle of endless violence against God.

As Jesus said, you can’t have two masters, you must hate one and obey the other, so to with God, you can’t have yourself as an equal to God, or “Lie when you think it’s best” and “Don’t lie” as equal laws.

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