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Wow: Many amazing experiences in the past 3 days

[6:55 PM: Note: I blamed the post office yesterday for me badly injuring a finger, it may only be partially their fault]. So, yesterday, as I mentioned on twitter, I found a sinkhole. I kept digging into it hoping to break into a spring or find beautiful minerals inside. The rain eventually stopped, which was a good thing, because I was being stubborn and not washing out dirt that got into my eyes like I should have. While in the pool I discovered a pretty large green bodied orange-brown headed centipede under a nearby rock outside the pool. Not sure why I lifted it up. And I also found two pill bugs, which seem to me to live in the desert, since they had a unique powder pink blue appearance unlike the kinds that live in areas where it rains much more often. I could feel what I figured is salt crystal under the hole, or whatever it is, but those things usually are too hard to remove without first breaking them apart, which when wet, takes a lot of strength. I could only take a few small chunks out that seemed to have formed that way, and there was just too much mud, and me in too much pain from shredded cuticles and sand in my eyes and too exhausted to wash them off. Then, being stubborn still, foolish, I went wandering again looking for more rocks, and did find some more. Then I met a close acquaintance, a hermaphrodite (who claims her parents removed her male part) Katie, whose cigarette smoke I smelled far away, and thinking it might be from some homeless people nearby at first. But then I saw her by the edge of a cliff, and she wanted me to look at a coyote down below, and hoped to find some coyote pups. She begged me to go with her though I told her about the sand in my eyes. I saw she had a beautiful necklace on and she told me her grandmother gave it to her. It was some sort of carved mineral, of colors I wish I could find but haven’t yet. I’ve never seen anything that looked like it actually. I noticed where she was standing was a beautiful green rock embedded in the cliff, though not like the one on her neck. It was visible because of the rain, and I knew that if it dried out I might never see it again (and indeed even today can’t find it, though I plan on getting a jug of water to see if I can cause it to stand out again and then smash it out).

I decided to go with her, and to my amazement, and as I had thought would happen due to the rain, found many beautiful rocks below and on the sides of the cliff, however there were so many and many of them larger than my first, that I had to put them all down and put them in piles and still even this morning haven’t gotten to them yet. I even have a bag of rocks from yesterday that I gathered before it rained and just at the beginning that is still out on one part of the cliff. And she even found some herself. One of the rocks was particular striking, a larger than fist sized nearly rectangular chunk of layered rock, which I think was agate. There was one by it that was stuck in the ground and I didn’t bring my shovel with me, so I had to leave it. We went down below again (we first had gone down then up again on another part of the cliff looking into the bottom of another part of the cliff where plants were thick) and into the plants. I warned her that it was dangerous because of the thorns (I had been down there a few times before) but she went anyways and to my amazement saw there was beautiful moss in various places mixed with beautiful lichens, at least beautiful because of the rain having washed and soaked them. And for the first time noticed a huge beautiful boulder somewhat in the middle, which would make a nice place to sit and take a picture. I tried to take a chunk of moss and other stuff with it with me but it broke apart as I was showing it to her.

We didn’t find any coyotes, but it was fun, and the pain in my eyes wasn’t so bad UNTIL I WENT HOME AND WASHED THEM OUT. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! That always hurts so bad and I don’t know why. It feels like my eyes on the bottom are drying out and dry rough sand rubbing against my eye balls and the inside of my eye lids. Ugh it burns SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My left eye, which had it worse, was still in pain a little even this morning, enough to make me hate life. Katie said she’d be out at 8, but my back was in too much pain and I was too tired and so on. But then at around 6 in the morning, not sure, I went out again, found more beautiful rocks and then noticed a certain type of mineral sticking out from above the surface, and it delighting my eyes I dug it out. I kept digging more of that type out until I discovered that below was a fissure, and it smelled bad and a wave of heat came out of it and was still venting heat for a few minutes more even though it had been open for a while. I eventually managed to dig out enough dirt, and break enough rock out from it that I saw the fissure went deep underground and UNDER the hard salt and hard mud-like rock crust that is below the sand and rocks above. While digging and not yet seeing that the fissure was going apparently FAR under the salt, an amazing thing happened (besides continually finding beautiful salt-chunk formations, some of which sparkled beautifully, especially one chunk that had formed a crust around a small rock which I removed off the rock and which looked like sparkling rootbeer on some parts): s large road runner walked near to me, higher up on the cliff, no more than six feet away from me, and stood there, observing me as I dog. My head was well above the hole, so it was strange that it did that, and wasn’t afraid. I even slowed down a little and made some bird-like sounds and it sort of tilted its head, and its left eye dialated wide, and then it went on its way, not even afraid and going in short bursts of walking. If only I had had a camcorder with me. It was a beautiful sight. About 30 mins after that is when I finally was able to see the fissure went every deep. I then got out, surrounded by too many beautiful salt rocks to take home (only took a few samples of various rocks to see how they would look under black light, and need to charge my batteries still as they died out during the digging). I then wandered again for a few minutes, finding more beautiful rocks, and observe the sink hole again. I saw some black ants in it and walking on the sides of the inside of it. I don’t know why it interested them. It seems as desert ants they wouldn’t want to get wet, like scorpions and camel spiders don’t want to, but they didn’t mind. They were even out in the rain, acting like idiots and walking on the mud perimeter of the pool I had made.

After observing the sinkhole again (or whatever it is) I then finally made it back home, dirty and miserable as usual.

Wow I ended that last sentence at about 11:22 AM, I had to sleep, and finally got back to this at 5:22 PM.

If I had something else to say, I’ve forgotten. Praise God for the fun, he made all my great experiences possible, and may God bless Ellena the super beauty.

11:43 AM Sept. 13, 2012:

No thanks to the stupid USPS I punctured my left finger badly with my chisel USING A SLEDGE HAMMER. If those stupid morons had gotten my thorn proof gloves to me and not falsely claimed they were delivered that never would have happened most likely. How will they pay me back for such an injury? Untrustworthy government morons! Ugh! But despite that, I made a major clean up of the top front of a cliff. Removing huge amounts of rock and debris and beautifying it. Of course the richies living across from me who see that often won’t pay me for improving their view, right? Regardless, I found thousands of dollars or minerals and recovered at least a hundred $’s worth. I had to leave some behind because there was too much, I had sand in my left eye again, was dehydrated, exhausted from using mainly one arm and one piece was huge, worth about $900 in my opinion due to its beauty, size, rarity and risking my face to get it. An interesting thing happened while cleaning up and finding rocks near that fissure: the same road runner seemed to have returned, and climbed up the cliff all the way to the top of the mesa, and it was about 8 feet away, but didn’t seem interested in me this time. I climbed up to observe it and it was apparently looking for food, and I got a decent look at it from about 12 feet away, and saw red near its eye, as if it were injured, but not sure if that was feather coloration. It had no interest in me this time. Some little birds also flew into a tree to observe me for a while as I sat for a while after clearing out a lot of debris. I also saw a cotton tail at the bottom to the right of the cliff, apparently looking for food, and not concerned about me, till I lost sight of it and tried to throw rocks near it to see where it went, at which point it ran a short distance and hid. I think I found something like a wolf spider too. I put it in a bottle in the shade. I saw two other types of uninteresting spiders. No pill bugs seen this time despite me clearing out a lot of moist brown dirt with a few tiny plants growing around. Strangely, I saw no humming birds, and haven’t for at least a week. It’s odd since usually I see them in the areas where there are many thorny trees, and there were many below.

Time to rest and eat.

6:57 PM: Angry and disgusted: I went to the apartment office again to see if the gloves would be found, this time it was a different sales girl. She found the package in about 9 seconds, as opposed to the other two. Of the two one was new, so I am not mad at her, but the other said she double checked and then locked me out. I also didn’t find any slip in my mailbox, though didn’t look under the junk ads I left inside, so, not sure, and don’t have my mailbox key so it’s inconvenient to try and check. But wow, a punctured finger over two girls double checking supposedly and when that box of heavy duty gloves had been there for at least five days now and they surely would have seen it before while looking for the mail of others. I better get $100 off otherwise it’s negative review time, and an overdue one. I did find more rocks though in the past 25 mins, one was very good, so, I’m not as mad as I otherwise would have been had I not found them, and I still have about 10 spots where I gathered many of them to collect. One of my neighbors said that they wouldn’t give me any discount off my rent for this cuz I could have just waited till I got the gloves, however, I did wait, and it was there for five days and they “double checked”. And it’s ridiculous that I should have to put off my work for days for their error, as ridiculous as me asking them to cease their work over some mistake of mine and not paying them back when they lose money or are injured because of my lack of concern causing a bad mistake. 7:13 PM: Forgot to mention Amazon gave me a refund because I said the item was never delivered, that makes a fool of me and Amazon. Those two girls dishonored the postal service too, even if their mail man didn’t leave the slip. Oh yeah, there is a sweet fat old dog named Charlie who goes out into the desert to greet me all the time he goes out. He’s very loving, makes me feel good, but sad at the same time being that I know of no one that loving to me. But it also at the same time makes me feel sad, knowing that there are dogs that are better than most humans, many animals that are, it’s a very, very sad thing. Shouldn’t it be that the more intelligent should be the most loving? It’s true what the Bible says: the more you learn the more arrogant you become.

I sometimes, while out in the desert, think about how stupid the homeless are who live out there. They get drunk and spend their time being bitter and angry, living off food stamps (and much better than me since it’s a struggle for me to cook in a rock and dust filled apartment. And though seeing me over 9 months gathering rock after rock, rather than having the wisdom to join it, remain the same and they live right next to these rocks unlike my neighbors. And how stupid of my neighbors to see the same thing, and never to bring me water, except old John, not native born to America, who did so once and gave me some candy a few times, and never to befriend me so they don’t feel guilty joining in, and Katie who got me drunk.

The best things in my life: Christ, Danica, Charlie and rocks. No offense to everyone else.

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