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Just Got Back From A Rock and Scorpion Hunt

9 Scorpions In a Yogurt Container Under UV Light

I left at around 1 AM because Coast to Coast AM was stupid again and God gave me way more treasures than I expected to find this morning, but still no UFO. First I picked up an interesting fluorescent rock not long after, then almost right away found a large scorpion like I had hoped. It was aggressive unlike the first one I found. Then I started digging, and didn’t find much of interest, but mostly pretty, but pathetic stuff, and lost some long tweezers around that spot, which I had brought along to pick up scorpions. At least I got a big one with it, and still had a small tweezer to use for a while, which later during my hunt I either lost or put in my backpack. Then I started finding small scorpions,  and then very beautiful fluorescent rocks in a spot I thought would be mostly empty, though which had a large amount of beautiful sparkling rocks. At some pointed, when I got on the ground to look at rocks, I’m not sure, some thing was buzzing my flashlight, both with the UV and normal light on, and I figured it was a fly attracted to my sweat and the light, some annoying fly, but then saw it land a few inches in front of me between some rocks, and on it’s side, as if injured. I saw it was one of those fly’s that looks like a bumble been, though it seemed greenish. I put it in my empty water bottle and it put up a good struggle forcing me to struggle a little get it through the small opening. Then I started heading back, and caught about three or four more little scorpions, and about two or three more nice rocks, and immediately went to type this all up. I even still have a bunch of rocks in my shirt pocket. It took me about seven minutes to write all this up. I will try to add pictures later of some of the things I found, especially that mushroom. Whoever heard of a desert mushroom?

Update, 4:44 AM: Desert Mushrooms: http://tolweb.org/treehouses/?treehouse_id=4535 It’s still strange that I found this mushroom among rocks and beige, very poor soil; not nutrient rich soil like is shown on that website.

It’s now 7:57 AM, and I just finished making a gallery of the things I found. Not all the rocks are shown, because I was exhausted, my UV flashlight was running low on energy, and my hands kept shaking from exhaustion, and I was standing on my office chair to take pics of the rocks that I had put high on a shelf (which is actually a bed board) and so did not want to do that long. The camera I used is one of the best sold (I finally got a good one for macro), so all but about three or four of the many pictures are excellent. And about thirty minutes ago I turned an annoying and large box into a scorpion home. It took me about 15 minutes to make. I lined it with wax paper so they wouldn’t crawl up the box. I moved the large one into a plastic container so that it wouldn’t eat the smaller ones and so I could look at it without being distracted by the common small ones.

August 12, 2012: In the early morning, around 3:50 AM, I found an even bigger scorpion than the one shown in that picture, and unlike the one in that picture, this one had very thick prominent tufts of hairs near the middle of it’s arms, which makes me wonder if merely being large and having hairs on the scorpion isn’t enough for it to quality as a Desert Hairy Scorpion. And the bark scorpions also have hair. And about bark scorpions, their name is not appropriate, I’ve decided to refer to them as Rock Scorpions, as it’s a myth I’ve found that they stay under logs or branches and climb trees. Merely because they can climb trees well wouldn’t logically make it appropriate to then imply they are tree or bush dwellers. For about a month now I’ve been scorpion hunting, and have rarely found a bark scorpion near a bush, and if I have, it would be near the outer perimeter, and only once or twice a little further in, but not more than once did I have to dig one out from under debris. Rather, they are mostly among rocks, and less on dusty dirt. They seem to avoid moist dirt, and seem to hate getting wet. I’ve also never found them near a tree. So, I advice using the term Rock Scorpion. It also seems to be a myth that they are all aggressive. They seem to have different personalities. Some have to be much touched and hard in order to provoke an attack and even then may still just lie flat with their tail half curled to the side, and move first rather than fight or take on a scare-position (lifting up high on their legs and arching their tail and rear high to appear to be bigger than they are and frightening obviously), and others have to be provoked moderately. I’ve never encountered one that even came close to immediately stinging unless pressure was applied directly on top of their back or head so that they couldn’t move, and who wouldn’t get angry and attack over that being done to them? And concerning ants: it’s a myth that ants don’t work at night. After having read that myth last year or longer before that, I knew it was wrong because I’d seen plenty of ants wandering at night, and early this morning, saw a huge amount of them going in and out of a next, huge amount in comparison to my almost entirely usual sightings of them, which have just been them wandering usually, or doing their usual plant fiber gathering activities in a line of ants, though till now, not having seen their nest, except maybe months ago much farther away.

Back to bark scorpions: I know virtual a cure for their sting, and perhaps any scorpion sting. But if you want to know how, click the donate button to the right.

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