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My Recent Mineral and Rock Finds

I discovered something strange and rare today today, and it was a first for me: I found botryoidal crystal layers of rock (or minerals?) on the inside of crumbling cement-like rock. What was so strange was their size, their good quality, and the most odd thing of all, was that they were right up against each other nearly, as in the half-spherical minerals were facing each other on the inside of the rock, unlike in a geode, in which there’s usually a large space in the center or cutting across the inside of the geode. In other words there was little space for these crystals to form. Perhaps, because this cement stuff crumbled so easily, it meant that it was porous enough so that air, required for the crystals to form, was easily able to get into the rock unlike a hard non-porous stone, and so the crystals were easily able to form even though there was no large air pockets anywhere. Most of the rock didn’t have these structures inside from what I saw, but only, and logically, the part that was closest to the surface. The farther I I got into the rock, which was at first by pulling the slabs out of the rock, the less there was of that good material, till I got to the bulk of it, which crumbled very easily at the bottom, or which broke easily against a few hammer blows past the good parts I pulled off. I don’t know yet if any of it sparkled, because I wasn’t in the sunlight, thanks to God, and haven’t shined my flashlight on the pieces yet I think, though I may have, but only under UV light, which doesn’t show sparkle as well as the usual visual spectrum. I said, “I think,” because I found so much good and similar material today, that I brought home much, and still being poor, and lacking the money I need to document my finds well, mix things up together and am not having to pile large good rocks on each other, so that it’s very hard or impossible to tell what came from what, and what was next to what when found.

If anyone would like to donate or invest in my research you may contact me via my email in the contact link to arrange for the donation. Or, if you would like to buy some of the rocks I have, contact me through that email too. In the past few weeks, most or many of my finds has been botryoidal minerals and what seems to be amorphous or concave salt like structures, which much of all three being phosphorescent or fluorescent. The salt crystals sometimes phosphoresce beautifully, so that there is a fuzzy white glow under UV light, which nearly mesmerizes me. There is a sad thing to all this though, that damage often occurs to my attempts to free up rocks and minerals, because of the bad damage to my right arm, which hasn’t healed much or well over three months now, and because of poor packing material, or not enough, and poor and miserable transport methods, and the worst: rocks end up being lost due to lack of a partner and the money to hire any help. I would put up an advertisement for help, but I don’t have the money to seal anyone’s lips as to where I’ve found these beautiful things.

Also, just before coming home with my finds today, I found a big smooth beautiful olive jade mineral, or rock, small enough for me to be able to get my hand around, but if a little larger, would be difficult. I noticed it as I turned my head while sitting and wrapping rocks and minerals, seeing one of its two large flat smooth surfaces just barely above the surface. When I took it out of the ground easily, I think I gasped a little at how beautiful it was. I’ve never found one that large and beautiful before or of its particular color, which was very pleasing, and could tell it was very high quality. It didn’t have any cracks or fractures or junk throughout it like a few others like it that I’ve found. I got a very good camera for macro photography yesterday, but don’t want to use it till I can first take a photo oh a beautiful cluster of white botryoidal crystals I found since every point and shoot camera I’ve ever had quickly got damaging dust on the lens after I got it and took it outside for a few hours, and so would like to get some good photos of this cluster before the lens is scratched or dust collects on and behind the lens.

I’ve been to the area of that cluster many times before, so I’m guessing it revealed by a recent and somewhat long episode of rain where I live. There hasn’t been hardly any high winds like there usually is, so I think it was mainly the rain. The cluster is unusually pure looking, and appears to be a take home size, but I decided to collect a large amount of smaller rocks, because those would be easier to steal from me had I left them there, then that one big superb one, and because I thought it would be interesting to show the superb one in the state I first saw it before taking it home.

The episode of rain is a very rare thing, and a little odd being that there has been a long drought here throughout the United States, including where I live. Where I live though is apparently usually dry, so it seems much better prepared than the states that depend on regular and many days of rain throughout the year. My state is however, one of the poorest it seems, so a lack of rain is not helping. If this article is published, it means I got that photo I wanted

It’s ironic that soon after Wells Fargo, cheated me, that I suddenly have a huge amount of assets. They cheated me and mistreated me (by refusing to let me close my account merely because I had lost my ID for the moment when I had plenty of other material to show that I was who I said I was, and when the manager knew me and had let me withdraw without ID) and by introducing that surprise bank maintenance fee (which was immoral and illegal, since I hadn’t agreed to that or such a change and they didn’t inform me and most others I imagine, properly) and eventually, after going against the law, which was to not charge bounce fees, charged me bounce fees and then finally closed on me, leaving me in about $167 in debt. I’ve not gotten any collection fee notices however. So, as usual, the stupid greedy bankers have shot themselves in their feet, because, had they not picked on the poor and disabled as these vultures usually do, at least not done so to me, I would have asked them for a very large loan to start up a very large mineral museum and jewelry shop. I would have also helped the local economy by hiring many people, some of whom may have signed up with them, especially since I would have recommended them. And of course, I would have continued banking with them by keeping large amounts of money in my bank. It’s a sick thing that Wells Fargo is doing well, and every other Vulture Bank like them, like Bank of America and Comerica and that one that places banks throughout the country under the names of the cities they place them in.

If you’d like to work as a jeweler with me, being paid commission, you must live near enough to me to bike to within ten minutes, and you must have your own rock shaping, sanding or cutting equipment.

I met a very sweet girl three days ago and another one yesterday, and met again one today, or it was yesterday night, and a few days before that, two others.

It’s 5:24 PM now, and I’ll publish this after I get the pics and bring home the cluster if I can, and other beautiful rocks and minerals I’ve piled up. I’m guessing it will take me about an hour or two.

12:15 AM (8/8/2012): I got home at about 11:50 P.M. It took much longer than two hours to do what I wanted to do. I got three pics of the large rock above, large I say because when I finally dug it out it turned out to be of a huge size, too big to take home. It was connected to a huge piece of ugly rock, which may have had pretty stuff on the inside, but I had no sledge hammer and didn’t want to damage the cluster, so I left it. I took three pics, but had to delete the last one to take a new one, because I forgot to take off these two vids on the flash card that unfortunately took up all the space leaving only enough for a single high res picture. The the tip on the bottom of the cluster looked cut off in the first pic, and wasn’t sure about the second, and finally got a full pic. But then I saw a strange cloud partly behind the mountains which the sun had gotten behind. It was about 7:15 PM at that time, and deleted the good pic, hoping to data recover it later, and took the pic of the strange cloud. Doubly ironically I can’t show the cloud pic without giving away my secret location, and the tip was cut off in the good pic, because the sunset pic apparently overwrote some of the data. You can see the missing part in the picture above which shows up as gray.

So, over the hours, I mostly spent my time digging out what looked to be a semi-botryoidal rock I had seen after wrapping some rocks and bagging them, but the rock was even bigger than the cluster rock turned out to be, and much heavier, but after a long horribly uncomfortable time of digging, finally was able to dislodge it, and it appeared to not have much good stuff on it, and was too solid to pull the good stuff off, which is a good thing, because it wasn’t like a cluster that would break up into small balls, but rather more like thick colorful frozen milk poured onto a rock.

While digging out the second rock a few small hand-sized pieces of decent looking fluorescent botryoidal rocks came out of the dirt above, which I was deliberately watching out for since I realized there was much underneath the dirt to be found.

There was also a piece of fluorescent druzy crystal that I found while digging out the second rock, which I think was nearby and not something I dug out, which was a little bigger than the width of my pointer finger and about as long, and was very beautiful, and as I gently moved it to put near one of my bags that already had many wrapped rocks in it, broke apart into two. I thought at first that would cause it to be ugly and leave dark non-fluorescent spots, but instead it revealed more druzy coating on both pieces, one of which was an oval shaped rock and the other sort of a wavy rectangularish slab, which had a recessed spoon like druzy covered spot where the rock had come out of. I pointed my flashlight up after nearly digging out the entire rock and saw to my surprise a little, a scorpion above, facing where I was digging, as if attracted to the vibrations. I messed with it a little, trapping it under a rock twice. A few minutes later I went back up, forgetting about it when I went around looking for more rocks for a little while, and then walking back up to look for some rocks, and then a short while after that wrapping some ones that I had gathered that morning and one or two days before.

One of those rocks was a fluorescent ball of botryoidal mud-like rock, not like the cement one, with similar material to the white crystals I think, that I show in the picture, though perhaps it was much more smooth. I only looked at it with UV and didn’t remember the appearance during the day. But while handling it, it fell apart like the crumbly cement one, and like that one, also revealed botryoidal material up against each other. It did so a a few more times while I handled it and didn’t look damaged, so I deliberately pulled some parts apart each time hoping to have multiple good pieces of rock from doing so and reveal more beauty inside of the largest piece, and eventually it stopped coming apart, and the largest piece that was able to be pulled apart looked great as it was, and so I didn’t want to keep dividing it and risk ending up with something ugly.

So, in one day discovered three different types of rocks that each broke apart in beautiful ways that I didn’t expect. 

So, now, my home is covered with rocks all over the place, and I have little room to walk around. I feel ill I think from the dust everywhere, repeatedly coating the inside of my lungs. I think it may be slowly killing me, as my sleep has become very poor, and washing anything has become very, very burdensome and a little dangerous, as I keep stumbling over rocks. My bed is very dirt and smells foul, so foul it’s disturbing my sleep. Bacteria and dust repeatedly gets on my face, making it both dry and greasy and itch, and making me extremely miserable. My composters are also making me feel sick, as the smell is horrible and gases out into my home when I have my sliding door window open. I feel much better when I’m outside, because the air seems much cleaner, at least it seems that way to me. I feel bad for the two scorpions I have left, because it’s difficult to feed them after exhausting myself and because it’s difficult to reach them with all the rocks in the way.

I haven’t taken out the many rocks I brought back yet in two of my panniers, and might not, because I have little space left to put anything, except perhaps in one corner of my deck that I cleared away before my last trip out today. I hope my deck doesn’t collapse from the weight.

Again, if anyone wants to donate or invest in my business venture, let me know. Provide a number for me to call you at, otherwise I won’t respond.

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