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A Very Strange Experience This Morning

I had a very unusual experience a few minutes ago. I looked up a girl I’d met wondering what was going on with her, and found she’d been arrested recently for DUI. A little while later I sent her a long letter to try to compel her to get saved, but not because I had read what happened, but had suddenly had the strong desire to after getting about three hours of poor sleep. She has sweet face and voice, and I often think about how tragic it would be if she ended up in Hell. Yes, I know a person who isn’t  beautiful can matter just as much as someone who doesn’t, but I’m only human, and nothing close to a good Christian. But I do pray for those who are not beautiful, and just as much try and compel them to get saved so that you know I am not or hardly partial when it comes to that.

Then I tried to see if I could find another girl I met, to see if she was in jail too, but found nothing. And then I looked up an evil man I’d met 2 years ago, to see if he was in jail, and get this, he was arrested yesterday, since I last met him, and over the very things he boasted about doing before. And something a little interesting about him, unlike the many criminals I saw afterwards in jail after looking at him, over 306 a little while ago, he was the cleanest cut of all of them, and looked in excellent health. What a waste of a life. I knew he was a very evil person, and a narcissist psychopath after a few days of talking to him years ago. He’s also a former Christian turned Satanist. There truly is a God.

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