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Iran, and the Art of War: My World War III Economic Attack Theory

August 29, 2012 Leave a comment

I have a theory, which is, if Iran doesn’t have long range nukes, and has at least three short range ones, and knowing that Israel could easily shoot them down, will attempt another method of devastation: attack the world power economies closest to them: China, Japan and South Korea. Would they do this? There’s no reason for them not to unless their leader is really a greedy man who cares more about money than his personal prophet, Mohammed. The asian countries are mainly Buddhist or atheist, and China is no friend of Islam, but rather, money. Evidence of this is their hard persecution of Muslims in China since Mao’s time of mass murdering to get his way (see Furthermore, they might time the attack to any Israeli attack on them, to make it hard to determine who made the attack. The Chinese might think Iran launched against Israel, but then Iran sneakily redirects the it’s missiles over China, South Korea and Japan. Iran’s leaders may be hoping that no one would retaliate against them for such an attack as there would no tactical reason to, but only a reason of revenge, and hope that China would launch EMPs or nukes against the Allied Forces in some bitter or paranoid attempt to prevent them from attempting to seize China’s resources and land in their crippled state. My guess is if Iran did make such an attack, that just in case Iran planned to try and seize some of China, that they would get hit with an EMP too, unless they saw that Israel already struck them with one. Russia also would have no tactical reason to hit Iran it Iran was in a crippled state and even if not, probably wouldn’t do so if they could see that Iran had no troops positioned for any kind of invasion of Russia. Russia’s attention would also be focus on retaliation from allied forces (if China had launched its nukes), and probably would get hit with multiple EMP strikes from the Allies anyways. Basically, most of the world would be electronically crippled within hours or perhaps less than an hour.

As the pie chart above shows, such an attack would cause an immediate and very long lasting supply/demand disruption. And suppose they are able to sneak into Mexico, and fire a nuke above Mexico as a sure fire way to do damage, it would cause an additional 19% disruption to the US economy, a total of a 40% long term disruption. America then would be immediately forced to choose between two options: stop sending money to other countries, including Israel, putting Israel in a much weaker position to defend itself, including maintain it’s military technology and use that money instead to start taking down it’s stupid environmental and trade regulations so that we can use our own resources, or use it to repair the electronic infrastructure of the devastated countries, which would cost trillions of dollars, or rather than repair, attempt a take over of the disabled countries. But being that Americans are sick of war, it is more likely they will pull in all their troops from all over the world, even Afghanistan with it’s precious rare earth materials. Iran’s leaders may also hope that by causing such a massive disruption, that the US would go into a civil war, perhaps between the liberals, moderates and conservatives, and the states permanently becoming smaller countries. They may hope that then that the Feds will try to enact a martial law form of government, and revert to an oppressive communist or dictator form of government like Obama and the super rich seem to hope for, and even if it doesn’t happen, a civil war might be caused by the attempt, a second American Revolution. A great internal war in America, would devestating I think, because the Feds would in my opinion release any and every hardened criminal from jail and prison and fill them instead with those directly opposing them through the use of those very same criminals they released, or not care if those criminals kidnapped or murdered rather than turn them in for imprisonment. They may even just allow chaos by release those criminals, and then after everyone has spent all their bullets, come in with military force and easily make slaves of everyone who survives. Whatever happens, a 40% disruption would be severe, and make things much worse than it was during the Great Depression, at least for a month, during which tens of thousands of people may die from panic-rioting and panic-looting.

Such attacks on Asia would also help fulfill the prophecy in the Bible, which says that the kings of the east will head for Israel to attack it, by foot (rather than by plane). If it were by plane it would indicate that the Asian countries I mentioned were not crippled by an EMP, and still had use of their electronic planes therefore. Either that or the Bible is only mentioning the ground forces, and not the air, because the air is not significant in comparison to the ground forces (and also because God doesn’t mention certain things so that not everyone will believe him, being that he doesn’t will/want/wish for everyone to be saved, as the Bible indicates.)

As with the situation that could happen from one superpower launching a nuke at another, an EMP attack could provoke China to strike back with an EMP retaliation itself: in order to protect itself from invasion after such an attack, China might commit an EMP attack on its enemies and competitors: Russia, Israel and the USA. So then, by attacking China, Iran could provoke China into attacking its main enemies. And, if Israel is attacked by an EMP, and a high altitude one, rather than very specific one, the countries around Israel would also be affected. Russia might also launch EMP attacks on the European countries, in order to prevent any of them invading or plundering them in their severely diminished power. All this would seem to fulfill Biblical prophecy perfectly, by mostly reducing the world back to the sword and bow ages (the Bible doesn’t hint at guns, electronics or airplanes being used), which the Bible seems to imply will come about again by the language it uses about how Israel will be attacked and the statement that whoever kills by the sword will die by it. Ironically, some of the weakest nations might become the strongest, even if still weak. It would be those of Africa, especially South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Britain, and various island nations who have military jets, fighters, and electronic equipped boats all over and around them. However, that would also put them in danger of being prime targets for invasion and plunder by those seeking to regain their former glory and power.

Update 9/1/2012:

Something I realized months ago, but forgot to mention till now, was the likelihood of an EMP attack against the US occurring (and now these other countries I mentioned). I think it is almost certain that it will happen. I believe this because the Bible seems to imply that the world will forget the meaning of 666, what it stands for, and the danger of taking that mark. The only ones who use it in their name at this time seem to be, not surprisingly, psychopaths and extreme ignorants. However the Bible seems to imply it will be accepted world wide. I don’t think that could happen any time soon because even the psychopaths and ignorants would have to know at this time, because of the Internet and huge amount of Bible’s and it’s mention everywhere, including the Internet, of the danger of taking the 666 mark. So then, I think what would have to happen is an extreme disaster that would cause the Internet to be disabled and riots and panic looting causing churches and book stores and libraries everywhere to go up in flames, and Christians fleeing their personal houses/homes with their Bibles to escape looters and rapists. The same would go for hotels which also have Bibles in them. And because of fleeing Christians, there would also be a lack of verbal preaching. So, no literature about the 666 mark or verbal preaching about it. Now, during such a time the lifespans of many people in the world might be about 25 or 30 years like it used to be for a while in the past, due to uncleanliness. An EMP strike would leave all kinds of toxic hazards around in the cities and factories using dangerous chemicals for whatever, that might be tampered with or leak from poor maintenance and break ins, resulting in the deaths of many if the chemicals get into the ground water. And hospitals harbor many dangerous diseases that might spread like fire in an EMP devastated country if people were to go into the hospitals looking for supplies, and ending up being infected with something that resists everything except hard to find herbs and electronic technology.

It could be argued though, that people would take the mark if they were under extreme pressure. For example, in Nazi Germany, most of the population took the mark of the swastika as their national flag even though Hitler was doing clearly very evil things along with his soldiers. And the Bible mentions the truth that a starving person would commit some grievous sin just for some bread. Bribes can also corrupt a person to do extreme evil, as was the case with Judas, and Judas was with Jesus, knew he was good and saw the miracles all about him. Likewise, there are many traitor-like Christians today, over a billion of them, and many ignorant about obvious things the Bible says, and thinking any religion is okay, so long as it doesn’t say of theirs, “You’re religion is wrong” and especially, “And you’re going to Hell if you don’t choose my religion instead.” But because the Bible also seems to imply that the world will go back to a sword and bow age, I think most likely, is that this stupidity of taking the 666 mark, will be due to ignorance. This verse also, seems prophetic to me, but it’s just my opinion:

“Where there is no revelation the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law.” – Proverbs 29:18. Something to note is that the book, Revelation (aka The Apocalypse), is the only book in the Bible that mentions this 666 mark.

A Test: 66 Questions for Philosophers, Mathematicians, Agnostics, Atheists and Evolutionists

August 9, 2012 3 comments

Note: this is copyrighted, and use of it for profit, for example, in a sermon or employment application, advertisement, written material for sale or any other items, including clothing, requires the permission of the copyright holder.

“For the most divine knowledge is… most worthy of honor. … other sciences… are more necessary than [theology,] but none more excellent… For by theology you may find reason to continue living and even obtain eternal peace.” Said by Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher, over 321 years before the giving of eternal life, Christ, was born into a human body.

Aristotle was wrong. Knowing and understanding God is the most important thing, because, as he said, it is necessary for achieving eternal peace. “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” “It is the spirit that quickens; the flesh profits nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” – Yeshua, Christ

The Questions:

1) The emotional system (spiritual heart). How many types of emotions can a human feel? Where are the emotions being felt, what location? Do emotions have a color, smell, and can they be felt or directly seen? What is the maximum emotional intensity a person can feel without becoming insane? What causes emotions? Why do humans or animals have desires? Why aren’t humans non-emotional, and simply like programs in an unemotional machine? How is the mind able to be connected to the heart? What caused this connection? What caused self-awareness? What caused the connection of the mind to the brain? Why do humans have different types of personalities? Why do humans interact with happiness, anger or dislike for each other? Why do they have concern of any kind for anything at all, why are they curious about anything?
2) The mental system (mind). What is the cause of human thoughts? Why does a mind think, reason? Where is the will located? Why do humans have a will, rather than simply a program like a computer with no will, that needs to be directly made to do something to perform another function? How did the human mind obtain the ability to create thoughts in the human brain and move muscles by willing/wishing to do so? Is this some sort of psychokinesis? How is the mind able to reproduce sounds and other sensations it’s heard? What caused this ability? How is the heart able to be connected to the mind? What caused this connection? What caused the connection of the heart to the rest of the body’s sensory system and how is it connected to it? Why do all living things, when repeatedly harmed, tend towards an insane/chaotic/disordered/illogical way of life, except humans, which need a guide and training to live a religious/ordered/logical of life and?
3) The neurological system (brain, including spinal cord). How fast is the human brain? How fast is the human brain? How fast are individual brain cells/neurons? What is its maximum memory capacity? How fast can it store a memory? How many neurons does the average adult have? How many functions does the human brain have. Can a brain grow new brain cells? How many regulatory functions (how many systems in the human body) does the brain monitor and control and how complex is this task and how many neurons does it require for the brain to do so? How is the mind able to reproduce sounds and other sensations it’s heard? What caused this ability? Why don’t damage brain cells regenerate faster?
4) The digestive system. Is it simple or complex? How complex is it? How many types of food can be digested?
5) The lingual system. Where did language come from? How many languages can a person speak, how many types of tastes can the tongue taste, and how much heat can the human mouth withstand without being burned, or coldness, without being damaged? And how many types of chemicals can be put in the mouth, and at what level, without it being damaged, or beyond the point of healing, for example, pepper and toxic wastes from various types of bacteria?
6) The optical system (eyes). How many colors can the eye see, and how many mega pixels? How close and far away can optimal eyes see? How many different color combinations do eyes come in? What is the maximum amount of light a human eye can withstand without being damaged?
7) The nasal system (nose). How many smells are discernable? A small simple number? And how is it possible?
8) The touch system (skin and nerves), including sensations from body hairs, which also makes possible the euphoric feeling of feeling fine hair brush against skin and sexual contact.
9) The auditory system (ears). What is the frequency rance of hearing?
10) The nervous system (nerves, including spinal cord). How many nerves does the average human body have, and how many types of sensations can it feel, and to how many organs does it connect to and how fast can a nerve respond to a sensation?
11) The immune system. How are immune cells know how to defend themselves? Why do immune cells not attack each other, helpful bacteria, or the body they are within, or anything? Why do immune cells only attack specific things? Why is it never beneficial for an immune cell to mutate if mutations are what caused immune cells to reach their level of complexity and abilities to defend themselves and the human body against countless types of bacteria and non-living chemicals and be at peace with countless other types of chemicals? How did immune cells get their ability to communicate with each other and other cells?
12) The cardiovascular system (lungs, throat, nasal passage). How many functions are performed by this system and how complex is it compared to that of the simplest known life form?
13) The gastrointestinal system (gall bladder, pancreas, intestines). What are the functions of this system? How complex is this system, it’s total number of functions?
14) The circulatory system. What are the functions of this system? How complex is this system, it’s total number of functions?
15) The skeletal-musculatory system (bones and cartilage). How many bones are in the human body? How many muscles are in the human body? How complex is this system? How many bones does a human have? Why does the body reduce it’s number of bones over time? Why and how does the body know to reduce the number of bones in its body? Why isn’t the human body armored? Why aren’t human skeletons made of titanium or some other extremely strong and light metal? Why doesn’t the human skeletal system regenerate faster? How many total muscles are there in the human body? What is required for a human to balance itself when standing and what amount of programming is necessary for it to be able to walk and to run and to do so while turning its head from side to side or up and down or even with its eyes closed?
16) The hair texture, coloration and pattern. Why do humans have different varieties of hair types? How many different shades of human hair are there? Why is there curly, wavy and straight human hair rather than just one type? How long can human hair grow? What are the total number of functions of human hair? Why is scalp hair different from eyebrow hairs, mouth and chin and pubic hairs, why isn’t there just one type of hair texture? How many different texture types of human hair are there? What are the total number of human hair patterns, why do some humans have different hair covering patterns?
17) How many types of laws of physics does the human body operate by to function?
18) The sleep cycle. Why do humans sleep? What is the average length of time a human sleeps, and why? How did the human body get the ability to continue breathing, moving to keep from blood clotting and suffocation and keep from going to the bathroom, while sleeping, and ability to cease when a person needs to urinate or defecate?
19) The life cycle. Why do humans live on average 70 to 80 years, and at most 250 years? Why don’t humans live indefinitely or even longer, like turtles, alligators, crocodiles, Redwood and Joshua trees and other long-lived trees?
20) The human genetic system (genes, DNA and RNA). How complex is the human genetic system? How many total functions does the human genetic program contain? How does DNA and RNA cause certain molecules to form structures, or entire humans or perform tasks? What caused DNA to form?
21) The human reproductive system. Why are there male and female humans as opposed to non-sexual humans? How many functions do the reproductive systems have? How complex are the female and male human reproductive systems? Why does it take many months for a human to be born?
22) Why don’t human body parts regenerate faster and why only finger and toe tips and other small amounts of skin and muscle parts? Why does it regrow scar tissue instead of the former tissue?
23) Why are some living things born self-sufficient, like ants, bees, caterpillars, spiders, beetles, worms, bacteria, fungi, mushrooms, crabs after hatching, not needing a guide or training, and others needing them, like humans, apes, monkeys, dolphins, whales, birds, dogs, rodents, cats, scorpions, some crabs, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, pigs, cattle, goats and sheep? How do animals that require milk to feed know to suck on a teet for milk, or a baby human on a nipple for milk? How do animals know what to eat and drink? Why do animals run, hide, attack, pretend to be dead or stay still to avoid danger, even when very young? How did they learn to do these things? Why do most animals protect their eggs and angrily if they sense the eggs are in danger? Why do some animals show concern for each other, and others not? Why do some animals get along with other kinds of animals, and others not?
24) How many functions are there in Earth’s ecosystem? How complex is Earth’s ecosystem?
25) The second heaven: How many stars are there? How many planets are there? How many galaxies are there? How many stars far outside of galaxies exist? How many types of stars exist? How many types of planets are there? How many known physical universes are there?
26) What difference would it make if there was one galaxy containing all the stars, planets and comets in the universe, rather than none, and if no star or planet or comet ever diminished, or collided?
27) How many physical laws are there? How complex are all of these laws together, or what is the total amount of information of all of the known laws? How many letters or words would it take to list all of the laws and the total number of ways in which they affect other things?
28) What is science? Can science teach anyone anything?
29) What is religion? Can religion teach anyone anything?
30) What is a human? Can a human teach anyone anything?
31) What is an animal? Can an animal teach anyone anything?
32) What is the Bible? How many books are in the Bible? How many words are in the Bible? How many laws are in the Bible? What are the main laws of the Bible? How many events are in the Bible? When was the Bible written? How many different people are mentioned in the Bible? How many countries are named in the Bible? How many cities are named in the Bible? How many races are named in the Bible? How many languages are mentioned in the Bible? How many concepts are there mentioned in the Bible? How many emotions are mentioned in the Bible? Does the Bible say anywhere to reason? Does the Bible say anywhere to make judgments? Does the Bible mention anything similar to the scientific method? Does the Bible say anywhere to not assume things? Does the Bible anywhere say to take disobedience to God seriously? Does the Bible anywhere say not to take disobedience against God seriously? How seriously does the Bible say to take disobedience against God? What are three other words the Bible uses to describe disobedience to God?
33) Can you show, even by the scientific method, what the world would be like if there Bible was never written, besides people merely not knowing what the Bible was?
34) Can you show, even by the scientific method, what the world would be like if no one ever said what was true, besides that they always lied?
35) Can you show, even by the scientific method, what the world would be like if no one believed in any spiritual or alien being with the ability to imprison or kill any animal or human, besides that no one would believe in such beings?
36) Can you show, even by the scientific method, what the world would be like if no one ever made a judgment? Do you need to know the scientific method or perform it to know what would happen if no one ever made judgments?
37) Can you show, even by the scientific method, what the world would be like if if no one ever pointed out whenever someone lied, stole, murdered, showed hatred towards another person for an unjust reason, or never obeyed their parents?
38) Can you show, even by the scientific method, what the world would be like if everyone believed they were merely an animal, besides that everyone believed they were an animal, and not human?
39) Can you show, even by the scientific method, whether or not an animal is more important than a human, or if any living thing is more important than another? How do you measure “importance”?
40) Can you give twenty historical and twenty everyday examples of what most people would consider evil when humans believe they are merely animals and not beings who are responsible to a god or God?
41) Can you give twenty historical and twenty everyday examples of what most people would consider good when humans believe they are merely animals and not beings who are responsible to a god or God?
42) Can you give twenty historical and twenty everyday examples of what most people would consider good when humans believe they are responsible to a pagan god, including “Allah” and the Yahweh said to have only written the Old Testament?
43) Can you give twenty historical and twenty everyday examples of what most people would consider good when humans believe they are responsible to the Yahweh said to have written the Bible through humans?
44) What is a Catholic? How are they different from Calvinists?
45) Do you know the definition of all of what are commonly called “the major religions of the world” and the alleged origins of and a short history of each?
46) Do you know who the top 50 scientists of the world were, and what their religion or “way of life” was or that of their parents or ancestors?
47) Do you know who the inventor of the pyramid was, when and how all the known pyramids were built, how long it took to make the ones that still stand and what their functions were, or who made the first magnifying glass, microscope, telescope, hot air balloon, blimp, steam engine, gasoline engine, electric motor, modern battery, calculator, telephone, radio, light bulb, airplane, car, bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, refrigerator, tape recorder, television, computer and satellite were, or of their parents or ancestors?
48) Can you show, even by the scientific method, what difference it would make if everyone believed that Earth was not the center of the universe or not?
49) Can you show, even by the scientific method, what difference it would make if everyone believed in Relativity?
50) Can you show, even by the scientific method, what difference it would make if everyone believed in abiogenesis?
51) Can you show, even by the scientific method, what difference it would make if everyone believed evolution?
52) How many generations of creatures would it take
53) How do you define beneficial, good and evil and why?
54) Is your definition of beneficial, good and evil the same as everyone of every culture, religion, philosophy, city or country?
55) What is the definition of “proof”?
56) What is the definition of “evidence”?
57) What is the definition of “fact”?
58) What is the definition of “truth”?
59) What is the definition of “transitional fossil”?
60) Did you realize how unfathomably complex this universe and the living things in it were? Do you know? How much more do you understand and why should I care? How much do you really know and understand, you who don’t believe in God, who believes the universe was always here, or came from an explosion, and that living things formed without intent and that at least one living thing turned into humans? Do you know and understand as much as you thought you did after reading these questions?
61) Are you my God? If you don’t believe in a god or God, should you tell me right from wrong or command me to do anything?
62) Is there any point in loving anything or getting angry at anything or being curious about anything?
63) What is “circular reasoning” and can you give examples of it?

Three more questions:

64) If evolution truly happened, than how many generations of creatures would it take, starting with the first ancestor of humans, and how long, to evolve into us unfathomably complex humans, along with our differing reproductive organs? Would it take a hundred years? A thousand? 10,000? 100,000? 1 million? 2 million? 50 million? 100 million? 500 million? 1 billion? 5 billion? 10 billion? 14.7 billion years? Think about how long it would take for everything to work out to get to us.

65) If there are no transitional fossils, due to Earth repeatedly having massive changes to its land and ocean scape, why are there many so called “living fossils” which haven’t changed from billions to millions of years? Examples: the giant triops, which the evolutionists at Wikipedia, headed by an atheist, deliberately erased from their triops article, even though a video of it was clearly shown and seen by hundreds of thousands of people? Did billions of people have to see it for it to be admitted what it was to be acceptable to the evolutionist, liberal, anti-Christian, narcissist atheists and greedy businessman who control Wikipedia? And that’s just one of many “living fossils”, which obviously aren’t living fossils, because there obviously is no such thing as evolution. It’s a made up story, believed or used by the bitter, the prideful, and cultists, like Mainstream Scientologists.

Would you like more questions to think about?

66) Animal behavior: Why do nearly blind scorpions, when repeatedly disturbed and not knowing where the location is of what disturbed it, stand tall while walking with their tails raised tall? Are they, which are nearly blind, thinking, “I will scare others with my height and the with the stinger and the poison in my stinger. I will cause them pain or kill them and eat them if they are small enough”? What’s your answer? How do birds know to keep their eggs warm, and at a certain temperature? Did other birds tell them, “It must kept at this amount of warmth, don’t let it get colder than this temperature”? So, who would you say is stupid and delusional? Who would you say is blind and hypocritical Who would you say is, “intellectually dishonest,” whatever that’s supposed to mean? Who would you say doesn’t think for themselves?

The 2 Peter 3 Prophecy

3 Above all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. 4 They will say, “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our ancestors died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.” 5 But they deliberately forget that long ago by God’s word the heavens came into being and the earth was formed out of water and by water. 6 By these waters also the world of that time was deluged and destroyed. 7 By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly. – NIV

The Romans 1 Prophecy:

18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.

24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator – NIV

The Prophecy Jeremiah Spoke to the Jews,
Concerning Their Punishment

This is what the Lord says:
“Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is,
and walk in it,
and you will find rest for your souls.
But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’
I appointed watchmen over you and said,
‘Listen to the sound of the trumpet!’
But you said, ‘We will not listen.’
Therefore hear, you nations;
you who are witnesses,
observe what will happen to them.
Hear, you earth:
I am bringing disaster on this people,
the fruit of their schemes,
because they have not listened to my words
and have rejected my law.

What do I care about incense from Sheba
or sweet calamus from a distant land?
Your burnt offerings are not acceptable;
your sacrifices do not please me.”
Therefore this is what the Lord says:
“I will put obstacles before this people.
Parents and children alike will stumble over them;
neighbors and friends will perish.

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Just Got Back From A Rock and Scorpion Hunt

9 Scorpions In a Yogurt Container Under UV Light

I left at around 1 AM because Coast to Coast AM was stupid again and God gave me way more treasures than I expected to find this morning, but still no UFO. First I picked up an interesting fluorescent rock not long after, then almost right away found a large scorpion like I had hoped. It was aggressive unlike the first one I found. Then I started digging, and didn’t find much of interest, but mostly pretty, but pathetic stuff, and lost some long tweezers around that spot, which I had brought along to pick up scorpions. At least I got a big one with it, and still had a small tweezer to use for a while, which later during my hunt I either lost or put in my backpack. Then I started finding small scorpions,  and then very beautiful fluorescent rocks in a spot I thought would be mostly empty, though which had a large amount of beautiful sparkling rocks. At some pointed, when I got on the ground to look at rocks, I’m not sure, some thing was buzzing my flashlight, both with the UV and normal light on, and I figured it was a fly attracted to my sweat and the light, some annoying fly, but then saw it land a few inches in front of me between some rocks, and on it’s side, as if injured. I saw it was one of those fly’s that looks like a bumble been, though it seemed greenish. I put it in my empty water bottle and it put up a good struggle forcing me to struggle a little get it through the small opening. Then I started heading back, and caught about three or four more little scorpions, and about two or three more nice rocks, and immediately went to type this all up. I even still have a bunch of rocks in my shirt pocket. It took me about seven minutes to write all this up. I will try to add pictures later of some of the things I found, especially that mushroom. Whoever heard of a desert mushroom?

Update, 4:44 AM: Desert Mushrooms: It’s still strange that I found this mushroom among rocks and beige, very poor soil; not nutrient rich soil like is shown on that website.

It’s now 7:57 AM, and I just finished making a gallery of the things I found. Not all the rocks are shown, because I was exhausted, my UV flashlight was running low on energy, and my hands kept shaking from exhaustion, and I was standing on my office chair to take pics of the rocks that I had put high on a shelf (which is actually a bed board) and so did not want to do that long. The camera I used is one of the best sold (I finally got a good one for macro), so all but about three or four of the many pictures are excellent. And about thirty minutes ago I turned an annoying and large box into a scorpion home. It took me about 15 minutes to make. I lined it with wax paper so they wouldn’t crawl up the box. I moved the large one into a plastic container so that it wouldn’t eat the smaller ones and so I could look at it without being distracted by the common small ones.

August 12, 2012: In the early morning, around 3:50 AM, I found an even bigger scorpion than the one shown in that picture, and unlike the one in that picture, this one had very thick prominent tufts of hairs near the middle of it’s arms, which makes me wonder if merely being large and having hairs on the scorpion isn’t enough for it to quality as a Desert Hairy Scorpion. And the bark scorpions also have hair. And about bark scorpions, their name is not appropriate, I’ve decided to refer to them as Rock Scorpions, as it’s a myth I’ve found that they stay under logs or branches and climb trees. Merely because they can climb trees well wouldn’t logically make it appropriate to then imply they are tree or bush dwellers. For about a month now I’ve been scorpion hunting, and have rarely found a bark scorpion near a bush, and if I have, it would be near the outer perimeter, and only once or twice a little further in, but not more than once did I have to dig one out from under debris. Rather, they are mostly among rocks, and less on dusty dirt. They seem to avoid moist dirt, and seem to hate getting wet. I’ve also never found them near a tree. So, I advice using the term Rock Scorpion. It also seems to be a myth that they are all aggressive. They seem to have different personalities. Some have to be much touched and hard in order to provoke an attack and even then may still just lie flat with their tail half curled to the side, and move first rather than fight or take on a scare-position (lifting up high on their legs and arching their tail and rear high to appear to be bigger than they are and frightening obviously), and others have to be provoked moderately. I’ve never encountered one that even came close to immediately stinging unless pressure was applied directly on top of their back or head so that they couldn’t move, and who wouldn’t get angry and attack over that being done to them? And concerning ants: it’s a myth that ants don’t work at night. After having read that myth last year or longer before that, I knew it was wrong because I’d seen plenty of ants wandering at night, and early this morning, saw a huge amount of them going in and out of a next, huge amount in comparison to my almost entirely usual sightings of them, which have just been them wandering usually, or doing their usual plant fiber gathering activities in a line of ants, though till now, not having seen their nest, except maybe months ago much farther away.

Back to bark scorpions: I know virtual a cure for their sting, and perhaps any scorpion sting. But if you want to know how, click the donate button to the right.

A Very Strange Experience This Morning

I had a very unusual experience a few minutes ago. I looked up a girl I’d met wondering what was going on with her, and found she’d been arrested recently for DUI. A little while later I sent her a long letter to try to compel her to get saved, but not because I had read what happened, but had suddenly had the strong desire to after getting about three hours of poor sleep. She has sweet face and voice, and I often think about how tragic it would be if she ended up in Hell. Yes, I know a person who isn’t  beautiful can matter just as much as someone who doesn’t, but I’m only human, and nothing close to a good Christian. But I do pray for those who are not beautiful, and just as much try and compel them to get saved so that you know I am not or hardly partial when it comes to that.

Then I tried to see if I could find another girl I met, to see if she was in jail too, but found nothing. And then I looked up an evil man I’d met 2 years ago, to see if he was in jail, and get this, he was arrested yesterday, since I last met him, and over the very things he boasted about doing before. And something a little interesting about him, unlike the many criminals I saw afterwards in jail after looking at him, over 306 a little while ago, he was the cleanest cut of all of them, and looked in excellent health. What a waste of a life. I knew he was a very evil person, and a narcissist psychopath after a few days of talking to him years ago. He’s also a former Christian turned Satanist. There truly is a God.

My Recent Mineral and Rock Finds

I discovered something strange and rare today today, and it was a first for me: I found botryoidal crystal layers of rock (or minerals?) on the inside of crumbling cement-like rock. What was so strange was their size, their good quality, and the most odd thing of all, was that they were right up against each other nearly, as in the half-spherical minerals were facing each other on the inside of the rock, unlike in a geode, in which there’s usually a large space in the center or cutting across the inside of the geode. In other words there was little space for these crystals to form. Perhaps, because this cement stuff crumbled so easily, it meant that it was porous enough so that air, required for the crystals to form, was easily able to get into the rock unlike a hard non-porous stone, and so the crystals were easily able to form even though there was no large air pockets anywhere. Most of the rock didn’t have these structures inside from what I saw, but only, and logically, the part that was closest to the surface. The farther I I got into the rock, which was at first by pulling the slabs out of the rock, the less there was of that good material, till I got to the bulk of it, which crumbled very easily at the bottom, or which broke easily against a few hammer blows past the good parts I pulled off. I don’t know yet if any of it sparkled, because I wasn’t in the sunlight, thanks to God, and haven’t shined my flashlight on the pieces yet I think, though I may have, but only under UV light, which doesn’t show sparkle as well as the usual visual spectrum. I said, “I think,” because I found so much good and similar material today, that I brought home much, and still being poor, and lacking the money I need to document my finds well, mix things up together and am not having to pile large good rocks on each other, so that it’s very hard or impossible to tell what came from what, and what was next to what when found.

If anyone would like to donate or invest in my research you may contact me via my email in the contact link to arrange for the donation. Or, if you would like to buy some of the rocks I have, contact me through that email too. In the past few weeks, most or many of my finds has been botryoidal minerals and what seems to be amorphous or concave salt like structures, which much of all three being phosphorescent or fluorescent. The salt crystals sometimes phosphoresce beautifully, so that there is a fuzzy white glow under UV light, which nearly mesmerizes me. There is a sad thing to all this though, that damage often occurs to my attempts to free up rocks and minerals, because of the bad damage to my right arm, which hasn’t healed much or well over three months now, and because of poor packing material, or not enough, and poor and miserable transport methods, and the worst: rocks end up being lost due to lack of a partner and the money to hire any help. I would put up an advertisement for help, but I don’t have the money to seal anyone’s lips as to where I’ve found these beautiful things.

Also, just before coming home with my finds today, I found a big smooth beautiful olive jade mineral, or rock, small enough for me to be able to get my hand around, but if a little larger, would be difficult. I noticed it as I turned my head while sitting and wrapping rocks and minerals, seeing one of its two large flat smooth surfaces just barely above the surface. When I took it out of the ground easily, I think I gasped a little at how beautiful it was. I’ve never found one that large and beautiful before or of its particular color, which was very pleasing, and could tell it was very high quality. It didn’t have any cracks or fractures or junk throughout it like a few others like it that I’ve found. I got a very good camera for macro photography yesterday, but don’t want to use it till I can first take a photo oh a beautiful cluster of white botryoidal crystals I found since every point and shoot camera I’ve ever had quickly got damaging dust on the lens after I got it and took it outside for a few hours, and so would like to get some good photos of this cluster before the lens is scratched or dust collects on and behind the lens.

I’ve been to the area of that cluster many times before, so I’m guessing it revealed by a recent and somewhat long episode of rain where I live. There hasn’t been hardly any high winds like there usually is, so I think it was mainly the rain. The cluster is unusually pure looking, and appears to be a take home size, but I decided to collect a large amount of smaller rocks, because those would be easier to steal from me had I left them there, then that one big superb one, and because I thought it would be interesting to show the superb one in the state I first saw it before taking it home.

The episode of rain is a very rare thing, and a little odd being that there has been a long drought here throughout the United States, including where I live. Where I live though is apparently usually dry, so it seems much better prepared than the states that depend on regular and many days of rain throughout the year. My state is however, one of the poorest it seems, so a lack of rain is not helping. If this article is published, it means I got that photo I wanted

It’s ironic that soon after Wells Fargo, cheated me, that I suddenly have a huge amount of assets. They cheated me and mistreated me (by refusing to let me close my account merely because I had lost my ID for the moment when I had plenty of other material to show that I was who I said I was, and when the manager knew me and had let me withdraw without ID) and by introducing that surprise bank maintenance fee (which was immoral and illegal, since I hadn’t agreed to that or such a change and they didn’t inform me and most others I imagine, properly) and eventually, after going against the law, which was to not charge bounce fees, charged me bounce fees and then finally closed on me, leaving me in about $167 in debt. I’ve not gotten any collection fee notices however. So, as usual, the stupid greedy bankers have shot themselves in their feet, because, had they not picked on the poor and disabled as these vultures usually do, at least not done so to me, I would have asked them for a very large loan to start up a very large mineral museum and jewelry shop. I would have also helped the local economy by hiring many people, some of whom may have signed up with them, especially since I would have recommended them. And of course, I would have continued banking with them by keeping large amounts of money in my bank. It’s a sick thing that Wells Fargo is doing well, and every other Vulture Bank like them, like Bank of America and Comerica and that one that places banks throughout the country under the names of the cities they place them in.

If you’d like to work as a jeweler with me, being paid commission, you must live near enough to me to bike to within ten minutes, and you must have your own rock shaping, sanding or cutting equipment.

I met a very sweet girl three days ago and another one yesterday, and met again one today, or it was yesterday night, and a few days before that, two others.

It’s 5:24 PM now, and I’ll publish this after I get the pics and bring home the cluster if I can, and other beautiful rocks and minerals I’ve piled up. I’m guessing it will take me about an hour or two.

12:15 AM (8/8/2012): I got home at about 11:50 P.M. It took much longer than two hours to do what I wanted to do. I got three pics of the large rock above, large I say because when I finally dug it out it turned out to be of a huge size, too big to take home. It was connected to a huge piece of ugly rock, which may have had pretty stuff on the inside, but I had no sledge hammer and didn’t want to damage the cluster, so I left it. I took three pics, but had to delete the last one to take a new one, because I forgot to take off these two vids on the flash card that unfortunately took up all the space leaving only enough for a single high res picture. The the tip on the bottom of the cluster looked cut off in the first pic, and wasn’t sure about the second, and finally got a full pic. But then I saw a strange cloud partly behind the mountains which the sun had gotten behind. It was about 7:15 PM at that time, and deleted the good pic, hoping to data recover it later, and took the pic of the strange cloud. Doubly ironically I can’t show the cloud pic without giving away my secret location, and the tip was cut off in the good pic, because the sunset pic apparently overwrote some of the data. You can see the missing part in the picture above which shows up as gray.

So, over the hours, I mostly spent my time digging out what looked to be a semi-botryoidal rock I had seen after wrapping some rocks and bagging them, but the rock was even bigger than the cluster rock turned out to be, and much heavier, but after a long horribly uncomfortable time of digging, finally was able to dislodge it, and it appeared to not have much good stuff on it, and was too solid to pull the good stuff off, which is a good thing, because it wasn’t like a cluster that would break up into small balls, but rather more like thick colorful frozen milk poured onto a rock.

While digging out the second rock a few small hand-sized pieces of decent looking fluorescent botryoidal rocks came out of the dirt above, which I was deliberately watching out for since I realized there was much underneath the dirt to be found.

There was also a piece of fluorescent druzy crystal that I found while digging out the second rock, which I think was nearby and not something I dug out, which was a little bigger than the width of my pointer finger and about as long, and was very beautiful, and as I gently moved it to put near one of my bags that already had many wrapped rocks in it, broke apart into two. I thought at first that would cause it to be ugly and leave dark non-fluorescent spots, but instead it revealed more druzy coating on both pieces, one of which was an oval shaped rock and the other sort of a wavy rectangularish slab, which had a recessed spoon like druzy covered spot where the rock had come out of. I pointed my flashlight up after nearly digging out the entire rock and saw to my surprise a little, a scorpion above, facing where I was digging, as if attracted to the vibrations. I messed with it a little, trapping it under a rock twice. A few minutes later I went back up, forgetting about it when I went around looking for more rocks for a little while, and then walking back up to look for some rocks, and then a short while after that wrapping some ones that I had gathered that morning and one or two days before.

One of those rocks was a fluorescent ball of botryoidal mud-like rock, not like the cement one, with similar material to the white crystals I think, that I show in the picture, though perhaps it was much more smooth. I only looked at it with UV and didn’t remember the appearance during the day. But while handling it, it fell apart like the crumbly cement one, and like that one, also revealed botryoidal material up against each other. It did so a a few more times while I handled it and didn’t look damaged, so I deliberately pulled some parts apart each time hoping to have multiple good pieces of rock from doing so and reveal more beauty inside of the largest piece, and eventually it stopped coming apart, and the largest piece that was able to be pulled apart looked great as it was, and so I didn’t want to keep dividing it and risk ending up with something ugly.

So, in one day discovered three different types of rocks that each broke apart in beautiful ways that I didn’t expect. 

So, now, my home is covered with rocks all over the place, and I have little room to walk around. I feel ill I think from the dust everywhere, repeatedly coating the inside of my lungs. I think it may be slowly killing me, as my sleep has become very poor, and washing anything has become very, very burdensome and a little dangerous, as I keep stumbling over rocks. My bed is very dirt and smells foul, so foul it’s disturbing my sleep. Bacteria and dust repeatedly gets on my face, making it both dry and greasy and itch, and making me extremely miserable. My composters are also making me feel sick, as the smell is horrible and gases out into my home when I have my sliding door window open. I feel much better when I’m outside, because the air seems much cleaner, at least it seems that way to me. I feel bad for the two scorpions I have left, because it’s difficult to feed them after exhausting myself and because it’s difficult to reach them with all the rocks in the way.

I haven’t taken out the many rocks I brought back yet in two of my panniers, and might not, because I have little space left to put anything, except perhaps in one corner of my deck that I cleared away before my last trip out today. I hope my deck doesn’t collapse from the weight.

Again, if anyone wants to donate or invest in my business venture, let me know. Provide a number for me to call you at, otherwise I won’t respond.

Atheist Liberals Are a Cult

Welcome to the anti-Church anti-Organized-Religion of Liberalism


Liberalism is an anti-church and anti-organized-religion. Liberals have no faith or belief in anything at all and therefore do not judge anyone or make decisions about anything or have any conclusive beliefs about anything and never preach. Rather, we just have random disorganized thoughts, yell at and get depressed and excited and bored at various times and just say random and disorganized stuff. Whatever we do is random and disorganized and chaotic. We randomly worship a flying noodle and meatball monster, Charles Darwin, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse, Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking. We don’t command people, unlike that stupid Bible thing that no one has ever heard of or touches, command people to donate or tithe or give money the disabled, needy, helpless widows or the poor, especially those blacks in Africa, or to help them in any way. We however do worship or praise the science-loving Stephen Hawking and deGrasse to show that we love truth and logic and are superior in kindness to those disgusting theists and fundies and organized religious people who don’t think for themselves. Yes, doing so makes us superior and will make us superior. We are also so logic and charitiy loving that we give most of our money to The Grand High Univeristies and Colleges of Liberalism, such as, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Duke, Oxford and many others, so that we are indebted to them forever and become poor and needly slaves ourselves, and wanting everyone including those nasty stupid religious people to feel sorry for us.

Fun: Unlike the detestable and grotesque hordes of theists and religious people who never heard of fun and don’t know how to have fun and don’t know what fun is, we the Liberals know and understand fun and live for fun. We have the Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic, Scientific American, Science Magazine, Discover Magazine, the Discovery Channel, observatories, astronomy and dinosaur museums all over the place, and all of them are super expensive as they should be. We even make money off them. We star at the stars all day and night long and one day we may even inhabit them all. We know the most about stars then anyone else and talk about them all day long. Those crazy astrologers can’t touch us, we are far above them. And the crazy UFO believing people are even dumber than them.

We Liberals invented science and all the useful inventions, religious people had nothing to do with them, they only murdered and destroyed and did these crusade things. In the crusades the religious Christians killed millions of witches and millions of atheists.

We build all the great buildings in the world, like the pyramids, wherever there are pyramids, those were our ideas. We made the Eiffel Tower, we made all the ancient Roman buildings, we even built Babylon. We teach the world about science even though they mostly do not listen. There’s even people so stupid, they believe that the sun goes around the Earth [sic] even though we showed them clearly it doesn’t by taking them into space and showing them that it doesn’t. Yes, we flew them up and sat them in the middle of space and showed them the sun is going around the Earth. We regularly do space tours too to prove that, but no one but us Liberals listen. We proved to the world that there was a giant explosion that happened for a reason we do not know, made of unknown stuff, that exploded billions of years ago. We proved it, but only a few people believe it out of the masses of stupid religious people. We proved that life could come from electrified mud, and we made life that way, but no one but the smart Liberals listen. We proved that the electric mud creatures could turn into other creatures, into fish, fish into monkeys, and monkeys into men, but only the smart Liberals listen. In the Soviet Union, China and Vietnam, we massacred over 100 million people who opposed our beliefs and wouldn’t let us shove it down their throats. And even then, the world still wouldn’t submit to our disOrganization. We even came up with Communism, Socialism, Nationalism, Humanism and Positivism to make them feel better about abandoning their stupid religion – those dumb religious people – but they wouldn’t listen. In America we eventually took control of the highest places, the schools, book stores, libraries, Internet content providers like Yahoo, Answerbag, MSNBC, CNN, banks, news providers and many other places and promised them riches if they would give us there money. We were very successful and impoverished them so that we grew even stronger than them. Sadly, many Liberals apostatized. They are traitors and shun, blacklist from our gatherings, congregations, covens and parties and insult them regularly, especially through our force of mentally ill disorganized Internet trolls.

That is because they are brainwashed with stupid thoughts about morality and religion. They care more about people then science and are all global warming deniers. Yes, they are as bad those Holocaust deniers. They deny climate change, pretending that it never rains one day and is free one rain the next day. They pretend the sun never goes down or comes up. Though we tell them the weather changes, they won’t believe us, that is how stupid those little theists are.

The Sacraments of Liberalism:

Drinking fluoridated and aspartame-filled water
Vaccination with mercury and virus filled vaccines (which exists thanks to our virtual god, Darwin)
Getting rid of things that make carbon (lest the world become filled with more plants for people to eat and they overpopulate so much that we can’t control them as good as we do now, we need to kill most people off, abort them, so we can rebirth the world in a religion free Jesus free random world.)
Destroying some conservative or religious owned business, especially if bribed to do so or out of revenge
Painful baby sacrifices (killing babies before they are born without giving them pain killers first)
Trashing cut up babies in trash bags
Irradiating cancer ridden kids and adults till they hopefully die

Regular anti-church activies:
Watching Discovery Channel dinosaur cartoons and nature shows
Watching PBS
Watching MSNBC
Watching CNN
Reading Skeptic Magazine
Reading Discover Magazine
Reading the New York Times
Watching anime
Playing games
Riding roller coasters
Going to the movies
Vegan food sampling and wine gatherings
Shopping for expensive, silly and useless inventions
Gathering at universities to endorse some liberal point of view
Insulting religious people, UFO believers and creationists
Paying enormous amounts of money to learn at a liberal university
Pretending to be Christians on the Internet and joining Westboro Baptist Church and then acting very stupid to try and convince everyone that Christians are stupid and religion in general
Eating lots of meat
Paying a huge amount of money to exercise in an a gym, though most of us don’t losing much weight and end up fat
Having gay and promiscuous sex
Being random
Caring for dogs, cats and sometimes rats


Just believe us