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John Titor Hoax Debunked and Identity Revealed

John Titor Hoax Debunked and Identity Revealed

…Because George Noory is a moron deceiver.

  1. Ivan Najakov
    January 31, 2018 at 1:45 AM

    Oh yeah, I am a time traveller from the year 2189.
    Here are a few things from life in my time.
    Global warming is happening but in the future we will be able to slow it down, by using new ways to create energy and new ways to do things while using less energy. Pots and pans are now vacuum insulated, like stainless steel thermos bottles. They are heated by electricity INSIDE the covered pot. the cover is vacuum insulated too, so the same amount of heat goes into the food, but very little heat escapes into the air in the kitchen. Thus less electricity is required and less air conditioning is required to keep a house cool.
    THE MAJORITY OF Buildings are near water like an Ocean, lake, sea, harbor, or river. Water is pumped thru pipes and onto the tar roofs of flat topped buildings. The Sun’s energy goes into evaporating the water, not heating the roof, a lot less heat then seeps thru the roof. So less air conditioning is required, refrigerators have the cooling machinery outside the house, this cools water with anti freeze in it, this water goes to heat exchangers inside vacuum insulated refrigerator cabinets,Thus less electricity is required, so there is less fuel burned. and less exaust fumes.
    Coal and oil are not burned to generate electricity. The majority of power in the U.S. comes from the caldera under Yellowstone park. Many deep holes are drilled into the ground there. Water goes down these and turns into steam that pushes turbines next to generators. The lava in that caldera is a limitless supply of heat. This also cools the rock and the lava. The lava has “frozen” solid and the rock is much thicker. This stopped the super volcano from erupting. There are also fusion nuclear reactors that don’t have the risk that the fission reactors have now, they provide the rest of power needed.
    There are fewer airplanes now . we have something like a subway that connects cities There is vacuum in the tunnels. Maglev trains there don’t have to push thru air, so little energy is turned into friction, and these trains go so fast That people use these instead of airplanes. All that pollution the jets now spew forth is greatly reduced.
    Unfortunately there will be many earthquakes and tsunamis near the pacific coast of Oregon, as well as many other coastlines of the Pacific.
    BTW this is not real, it is all from my imagination. Hey, compare what I said to what other time travelers have said. Those guys just made it up too.
    Time travel was invented by Jules Verne and H.G. Welles, you would think it must be true but these are just good stories for many movies.

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